Common Sense Knife Control Has Arrived; London Mayor Brings Progressive Lunacy To Warp Speed

It's truly remarkable how easily predictable the left thinks. I remember as far back as the 1990s us joking about 'knife control' whenever the discussion about gun control would come up; which was rare but it did from time to time. Particularly when the Canadian government would inexplicably angle for more 'control' in a country that had already been emasculated and quelled by the state.

It seems with each violent outlier, the government took it as an excuse to pile on gun control.

The individual impulse in Canada experienced a lonely death long ago.

"Liberals constantly sneer that we are “insecure about our masculinity” and “need guns to feel like men.” Leaving aside the millions of gun-owning women out there who don’t seem to fit within that stupid paradigm, and the irony of leftist doofs opining on manhood, liberals miss the point.

We don’t need guns to be men. We need guns to be free men."

This is a perfect example why the Americans needs to protect the 2A. It will never stop....

Then they'll go after the 1A. This you can almost be sure.

I wish it were parody but London and its mayor are playing their own caricature I'm afraid. That he can ask for knife control is astonishing really.

Some comments from the Internet:

People are overreacting here.  No one is trying to take your knives.  London is just looking to ban assault knives.  Nobody needs assault knives.  You can just as easily cut a steak with a serrated butter knife (given that the steak is cooked properly).  The mayor has expressed his commitment to the right of the people to bear knives within their own homes.  

You can be flippant about it or we can have a real discussion about common sense knife reform.  Nobody needs an assault knife 

We can't allow the knife lobby to dictate our knife laws.  The knife lobby has blood on their hands or something.

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