The Left Wants War Based On Faulty Premises And Lies

I can't be more up front about it. It's not me being 'alt-right' or an 'extremist'. It's just a sober observation over years and years of reading and listening to the left. After 100 years, we must examining the result of their policies.

Leftists don't care about people as they are; they care about the ideals of what people should be. That may seem innocuous but it's a massively problematic gulf that has had real implications on humans.

That the progressive left has always sided and defended authoritarianism of various kinds over the course of its (roughly) 110 year existence should be plain to see. It's right there in the history books. In their own words. They, after all, love to tell us about needing to know history or else risk repeating it. Well, so long as you're on the 'right side of history'. That is, their version of it.

That version has to be reworked around reality.

They mask their totalitarian tendencies in romantic lingo of 'greater good' and 'social democracy' and all other left-wing jargon so creepily present in modern discourse.

But every single time you take a position they hold to its logical end it usually ends up in a cul-de-sac of nothingness. That is, you stand at an end with no moral or intellectual truths.

Why? Because the issues they 'fight' for are usually based on faulty premises and lies. They can identify a problem - as we all can - but their solutions to that problem is always - always - via coercion - be it taxes or curbing of liberties.


The cure is usually worse than the problem. The results of their forced solutions are rarely examined with any reflective or reasoned thought. It's a fait accompli. How dare you question the wisdom?

For example, public education as constituted (arguably no longer applicable) must stay as is. Reform must be resisted. Any attempts at improvements is generally frowned upon and seen as 'hating the children'.

Progressive ideals - sometimes in the form of smug paternalism - are about 'what's for your own good'. It's not about people living with their own agency because more often than not, they don't vote, act, eat, etc. the way a progressive wants them to live. We see this whenever they say things like, 'why do you vote against your own interests?'

This is why throughout their long, inglorious and destructive to the human soul existence, they've generally always supported dictatorships, genocidal regimes, cult figures, communism and other entities and ideologies not compatible with the West. 


``The growing hysteria of the administration's posture on Cambodia,'' declared Senator George McGovern, ``seems to me to reflect a determined refusal to consider what the fall of the existing government in Phnom Penh would actually mean. . . . We should be able to see that the kind of government which would succeed Lon Nol's forces would most likely be a government . . . run by some of the best-educated, most able intellectuals in Cambodia.''


It is no wonder they're mistaking genuine accommodation with unhealthy appeasement as they do in places like the UK, Sweden, Belgium and Germany. 

We've been made to believe we're the problem in our own respective countries and this manifests itself in concepts of 'white privilege' and 'Christian privilege'.

Still more, it's spilled over into the sciences with hopelessly manipulated climate change narrative and the passing of science into the cultural realm. A development progressive politicians are all too willing to exploit as we see with the Liberal party of Canada.

Pseudo-science is science now. All you need to do is feign passion, merely say you 'fucken love science', and share articles from hucksters like Nye and you pass off as a 'true blue' supporter of science.

Heck, know your narratives and if you're willing to push one, you'll get Federal Funding. 

Once this is understood, it's not hard to see why in some classes and courses on campuses the subject taken has a backstory of an irrational deep hatred for the history and heritage of the West.

To assert as much is to risk being labeled 'alt-right'. A term when left in, shall we say, less abled, enlightened and wise minds could be problematic to free speech (which they absolutely have abandoned) and threaten people's reputations. Something social media companies are grotesquely all too ready engage in as Twitter's CEO Jack Dorsey recently revealed. Shocking. I know.

Don't be deluded by their language of wanting merely to improve humanity. That's the last thing on their myopic minds. They're about power and control.

A free society can't be controlled and compelled to do what you want it to do.

Is it any surprise they mercilessly attack the 1A and 2A in the United States? Those two tiny but mighty amendments is what's keeping American from being just another shithole.

Just look at Great Britain and what it's become. Look at it.

Closer to home, one need only examine California (and Illinois and New York) to see where leftist policies from Democrats lead.

They imprison people for speech and ban people of the Commonwealth from entering their county.

This is not a democracy of free society we speak of anymore. This is a progressive dystopia.

If anything we've learned since the election of Trump it's that they're not interested in why they lost in as much as finding excuses and scapegoats. They've attacked their fellow citizens with frightful messianic and arrogant zeal and have taken their anger out on the very soul of America and its Constitution. So brazen their attacks, they no longer feel the need to sell a consistent message. For instance, they claim to speak for women but claim women who voted for Trump did so under the sway of the husbands; the patriarchy if you will. Never mind women who are pro-life.

They're, well, doubling down.

Which is why you're beginning to see two things. The marginalizing of centrists increasingly grouped into the 'alt-right' category. You disagree with them? You're a racist Nazi. That kind of disingenuous anti-intellectual insanity.

The other is the call for secession- spiritually/metaphorically/intellectually/geographically.

They hold such contempt for dissenting views and ideas, they'd rather start a war rather than evolve.

This indicates they're losing the plot. The battle of and for ideas.

This from the side that would plead for civil discourse. Code for 'agree with what we say'. Ironic the side who claims the other to be 'violent' ultimately is the side actually agitating for it.

Nor should it be surprising given the antics of Antifa and BLM and left-wing student bodies on campuses over the last few years.

Now that they see they can't win over the people, it's time to act and talk tough.

Therein lies the ultimate point. They've called people who disagree with them 'extremists' and 'racists' and 'ideologues' and 'deplorable' any other numerous nonsensically condescending names.

But it was projection all along.

The issues they're choosing to place their bets on are, among other things, pay equity, gender, the electoral college, Russia, climate change, guns and diet.

In each case, built on a weak bedrock of faulty premises if not lies.

It's impossible to bridge the principles of what America - and the West but particularly the United States - was built on with progressive ideals. They're incompatible and oxymoronic at this point. How can you have personal agency and be supportive of an action that takes the rights away of another?

The left - in the West - are nothing but soul less, screaming shills for big authoritarian government.

For our collective own goods.

Except for one thing.

They don't have two things on their side.

Truth and guns.

That's why they lie.

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