NHS Is Run By Evil People; England Holds Baby Hostage - Canada Needs To Pay Attention

This reads like a hostage note. The staff had spoke on background to the press, saying Alfie's isn't going home until there was a "sea change" in the father's attitude, i.e., submission to his social betters. Nurse Ratched comes to mind.
England is a cult. An evil cult.

The lack of basic humanity is astonishing.

I had plans to one day visit England. Forget it. It has no soul.

“Sometimes, the sad fact is that parents do not know what is best for their child,”…
And you do? Nurse Ratchet would be proud.

Professor of Medical Ethics, Director of Medical Ethics, Oxford Uehiro Centre for Practical Ethics; Consultant Neonatologist, John Radcliffe Hospital; Senior Research Fellow, Jesus College
Ugh. That's ugly stuff right there.

'Bio-ethics' is a way to justify murder. All it does it let hyper-rational calculations erode our sense of humanity. Know what they are? Bullies.

What chance could people possibly have against such a well-oiled monstrous machine? My family had to fight against a hospital too. After a few carefully choice words, we managed to save our father the doctors wanted to kill. 15 years later he's still with us. If we listened to people like Wilkinson who purport to be reasoned and rational, he'd be gone. Sometimes it goes a little beyond such a calculus. Humans aren't damn robots.

Yes. Yes, I would grab him by the collar if it were me. Absolutely.

It doesn't take a genius to see where it can and will end up. England is on an awful path and Canadians can't afford to be aloof. We have a universal public health system and already our family rights are tenuous and do face the bureaucracy when it comes to sensitive issues.

Under no circumstance should the bureaucracy EVER take precedence over the family. EVER.

Once we get there, you may as well set up the gulags and be done with it.

What good is a system if it lacks compassion and respect for families?

Why is England so dead set against leaving these people grieve in their own way? Why prevent them from going to Italy? To protect the reputation of NHS? What reputation? It already made clear it will tolerate the death of kids.

Are they not free to do as they see fit?

I don't know what it is about this story but it really, really, really fucken pissed me off on so many levels.

It should open our eyes to asking the government to take care of our needs. The government doesn't give a shit about you or your family.

You know. The Americans are 100% correct to defend the 2A. With jerkoffs like Wilkinson lurking among us, the people need to stay free. And for the love of God....don't fall prey to the likes of Bernie Sanders. This is where it all ends up with left-wingers.

It's a kind of death panel. Palin was correct all along. A social system allows for people like Wilkinson to enter and take over your family.

Stay away from that shit.

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