The Canadian Press Showing Pride In Their Country; Morneau Calls A Conservative Woman A 'Neanderthal'; Trudeau Acts Like A Coward Refusing To Apologize

I am grateful (for the most part) to the Canadian press.

No really.

After years of bashing North American journalism, it's nice to see them actually challenging our politicians instead of stupid fluff interviews.

Canadian journalists are showing a pride in their country the American press hasn't shown for theirs. Under Obama they rolled over like a bunch of cowardly cucks refusing to report - or even criticize - his actions and policies. And heaven forbid they focused on his fibs and gaffes.

On this, their Canadian counterparts are standing up for Canada. There's a line our press doesn't seem ready or willing to cross with Trudeau. Speaking of which, on yet another example of hypocrisy, he refused to have his Finance Minister, the pointless and meek Bill Morneau to apologize for calling a female MP a 'neanderthal'. And as usual, looks like a jack ass in the process. It baffles me how MPs nod in approval.

 Morneau you smug billionaire prick and waste - eat a bag of rotten limes. And save some for that sad excuse of a PM. Could these two be anymore insufferable and full of shit?

Give them hell Lisa Raitt. I mean unleash fire and brimstone on their sorry two-faced asses.

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