FIFA: Re-Elect Blatter



FIFA is whacked. Looks like Asia and Africa voted in majority for this corrupt individual.

Ok UEFA. Over to you. You said you would break away if Blatter was elected.

Let's see you make good.

A good start would be to boycott Qatar.

I'm pretty sure if they and CONMEBOL boycotted their fans would support them.

I have zero respect or regard for FIFA at this point even given UEFA and CONMEBOL aren't exaclty pristine organizations.


Blatter says he wants to fix FIFA. Where the frick has been in the four previous terms? What was he doing?

Don't answer. It's meant to be rhetorical.


I Will Not Watch The 2022 World Cup; Sepp Blatter Must Step Down Immediately

And neither should anyone else for that matter.

An absolute disgrace and criminal enterprise that has led to deaths and will continue to do so in a country with excessive hot temperatures and no soccer culture of any kind.

Fuck FIFA and its corruption for giving the World Cup to Qatar. Cleaning up the mess means Blatter must resign as FIFA President. If he cares so deeply for the game as he claims, then this is the only proper course at this point with a criminal investigation now underway. And can I know how on God's green earth Blatter not among those investigated? Nothing gets done in FIFA without his tacit approval. He has more power than any political official in the world.

At this point, I don't see how Qatar and FIFA hold the World Cup given all the corruption that's taken place.

Time to perhaps hand it over to someone else.


Daily Derp From Japan To Methodists

"First, it would create a third-party panel of experts to investigate claims of hate speech against the city’s residents. If the claims are considered legitimate, the city would make public the names of individuals or groups engaged in such acts."

Because experts can't be tyrannical.

This won't end well and totally see this abomination coming here.


No matter how hard they try to make gold from shit through their myopic intellectual diarrhea, the left will forever be useless and pointless in the West's forward progress. 

Apparently, the Jews have killed enough Palestinians through official genocide to approach the levels of what the Nazis did to the Jews in which six million (nearly half of their population) were murdered. Never mind that the Palestinian population has, what, quadrupled in the last 40 or 50 years?

Yes. Let's equate the two.

Jesus save me. We're in serious trouble with idiots like this walking among us.

It's amazing how they refuse to look at the role of the Arabs in the mistreatment of Palestinians.


Okay. Here's how I see thing unfolding.

What's probably going to happen is left-wing progressives will continue to twist and ruin the facts of history to the point of not being able to distinguish between fact and myth where they will bleed into one.

Once that happens there will be a final 'darkening' (I happen to feel we're in an intellectual dark age) where the truth will wallow in nothingness awaiting rediscovery; a New Renaissance once the books are dusted off.

They will imagine how in the world such meek and weak minds could have exerted so much influence.

It's one way I see this unfolding.

Quote Of The Day: Of Death, Blood And Boom

"And then, thanks to World War II, we finally got the demand boost we needed, and all those supposedly unqualified workers — not to mention Rosie the Riveter — turned out to be quite useful in the modern economy, if given a chance. "

Holy crap! Demand boost on the backs of 100 million dead? Is this guy for real? Let's go blow shit up because economic boom!

The conscience of liberal right there. They unwittingly glorify death so long as it's for the 'greater good'.

Morally and intellectually bankrupted they are.

His interpretations of history are abysmal.

If there was any doubt Krugman is a silly intellectual this is it.


(Late) Monday Night Music: Eubie Blake

Daily Round Up: Derp Still In Full Force

Enough of Mattress 'I like it in the butt' Girl.

She's proven to be a liar. She sounds more like, as the story unfolds, a promiscuous woman scorned or something.

She's taken up more than enough space with that vapid display of 'art'.

Other than that, I'm rather disappointed it hasn't been reported if it's a memory foam mattress she's carrying around. I also hear her parents are psychiatrists.

What's that saying? The cobbler's children have no shoes?


Canadian and white?

Mind blown.


Obama arrogant?

Come on!

I no beleeb!

".To pick just one of countless examples, there was a White House summit on health care in 2010. The president invited members of Congress to discuss the issue in good faith. He then proceeded to treat every concern, objection, and argument from Republicans as dumb, dishonest, or emotional. They were, according to a column by Milbank, “stepping into Prof. Obama’s classroom.” Milbank marveled at how the “teacher” treated them all “like his undisciplined pupils.” Whenever someone said anything politically inconvenient, the president replied that those were just partisan “talking points.”

What if they are indeed "dumb, dishonest and emotional? Ever tink of dat? Hm? 

Tawt so.


Dumb news when you need it. The New York Times specialty it seems these days.

It's funny how liberals always accuse conservatives of being simplistic yet at the same time make blanket statements like 'your brother created ISIS.'

Incredible even. Nah. Obama dealings with Syria and own actions in Iraq had nothing whatsoever to do with contributing to that. No sirree.

Other than that, at 19, the paper of record saw not only fit to interview Sister Vapid not once but twice.


Allan Brauer dudeboy extraordinaire.

Wait. Hang on. Make that doucheboy extraordinaire.

"...Now. Perhaps you’re a big fan of this TPP plan. Perhaps you are a big fan of Obama. Perhaps you are not a fan of Elizabeth Warren or Warren Democrats. That’s all OK. Comparing criticism of an economic treaty to the lynching of a black child? Not OK. I mean I’m not even really sure what the hell that means, but clearly he’s equating a politician getting criticized for his political views with a teenager being murdered for his race. So people on Twitter, including me, told him about how not-cool that tweet was. His response tells you an awful lot about the ditch we’ve driven this left-wing movement into."

Read more here.

If you dare delve more into the dreadful world of progressive logic.


Some of you may be really wondering why I'm still on this ranty anti-progressive rampage. I'm not sure except to sing...


I recently purchased a 12 gallon compressor at Sears. While I was pleased to get it for $80 off the list price because it was a floor demo, I was still uneasy for some reason. The salesman (if you can call him that) assured me all the pieces were in place.

Unfortunately, when I brought my toy home my brother-in-law noticed it was missing a small oil cap which is easy to miss.

No big deal. Just go to Sears and get one, right? Ha,ha. When I got there, some poor shmuck was overwhelmed in the Craftsmen department but was accounting for himself quite well. Originally he informed me I had to call Sears parts to get it. When I called them, they sling-shot me back to his department. Surprised, he took initiative and said he would order me the piece. Mission accomplished with little blood and sweat shed.

I waited a few days and called to follow up regarding the status of the order. He informed me he could in fact not do it and that I had to call Sears parts department. Mildly annoyed I did.

The piece was $4. Shipping $20. This is when I laid into the representative for the utter unprofessional and clueless process Sears has customers go through. Not only did they sell me a product missing a piece, nobody wanted to take ownership following some stupid policy of 'it's not me' nonsense. Not one person stepped up to say, 'sorry sir, we will pay the shipping.'

I'm thinking of going back to Sears to show them the bill and insist they pay for it but I don't know if I feel like going back to waste my time only to be told some idiotic excuse why they can't.

I don't need the stress.

The once iconic Sears should change their name to Putz.


Being white is micro-aggression.

Too funny.


Apparently, minorities can't be racist they say. Koreans and Chinese are known to be pretty racist societies in Asia but they're minorities here. They can carry their prejudices here but all is good because minority.

A bit of a hole in the argument I think.


Russians remember their Second World War dead.


Quote of the day:
"In like manner, we answer those who are perpetually puzzling their brains with questions as to what shall be done with the Negro, “let him alone and mind your own business.”
 Frederick Douglass


The way I see it, if you go through life demanding trigger warnings, I think you have deeper psychological issues.

"...The clinical psychologist Barbara O. Rothbaum and her colleagues assessed the symptoms of 95 survivors of rape or attempted rape over the course of several months. Although 94 percent of the women met symptomatic criteria for PTSD about two weeks after the trauma, that number dropped to 65 percent after approximately one month and to 47 percent after approximately three months. The data indicate that about half of rape survivors recover naturally from PTSD within three months of the assault. "

"...Trigger warnings are designed to help survivors avoid reminders of their trauma, thereby preventing emotional discomfort. Yet avoidance reinforces PTSD. Conversely, systematic exposure to triggers and the memories they provoke is the most effective means of overcoming the disorder."

 Should that have come with a trigger warning?


Why does Thomas Sowell make so much sense?

And writing for a Jewish journal! The shock! The horror!

"Totally ignored was the fact that a black policeman in Alabama fatally shot an unarmed white teenager, and was cleared of any charges, at about the same time that a white policeman was cleared of charges in the fatal shooting of Michael Brown.
In a world where the truth means so little, and headstrong preconceptions seem to be all that matter, what hope is there for rational words or rational behavior, much less mutual understanding across racial lines?"

"...The "legacy of slavery" argument is not just an excuse for inexcusable behavior in the ghettos. In a larger sense, it is an evasion of responsibility for the disastrous consequences of the prevailing social vision of our times, and the political policies based on that vision, over the past half century..."
Overplaying your card is always risky.


In the no-shit category:

"It’s not every day that left-leaning academics admit that they would discriminate against a minority.
But that was what they did in a peer-reviewed study of political diversity in the field of social psychology, which will be published in the September edition of the journal Perspectives on Psychological Science."


Yukon Ho!

What do a Chilean mining company, an Illinois-based pharmaceutical firm that just sold for $12.8 billion, and a gold producer from Colorado operating in Turkey have in common?
They're all registered in Yukon.

Well, I know you don't do it in Quebec; particularly when the hillbillies in the PQ are in power. Then they do all sorts of nasty linguistic nonsense behind the scenes.

Heard a Pequiste on the radio say 'Montreal is on the right path economically because bike paths.'

Not. The. Place. For. Entrepreneurs.


It's not the protest or strikes per se the problem.

It's the mind set and narrative behind it that's worrisome.

“...Nonsense!” the critics reply. “Only the rich can afford to work for no money and therefore nobody should be allowed to do so.”

A federal contest to design a logo for Canada’s 150th birthday sparked a furious online protest under the slogan “My Time Has Value.” The winner of the contest would have received $5,000 and a certain amount of valuable exposure, but the losers would not have won anything, in spite of having worked for some period of time, and that, according to the protesters, is unacceptable.

Similar online campaigns attempt to shame anyone who would ask a musician to perform at an event without offering decent monetary compensation. No, we are told, “exposure” is not compensation. Can’t the musician make that determination? No, and it’s wrong even to ask.

I’m sometimes told that I go too far afield in drawing these comparisons. Sure, a minority of students want to be paid to go to school, but in 2012 they were protesting a tuition increase and now they’re protesting “austerity” and that’s it—there’s no point reading more into it.

But the same could have been said, only a few years ago, about the very idea of a “student strike”—ask someone from outside Quebec!—whereas now it’s becoming commonplace. The leader of the opposition wants it to be formalized in law. A change in terminology becomes a legislative change before you know it.

If we don’t fight this pernicious tendency now, we might very well come to regret it later.


Opinion on why Democrats dominate Maryland.

Indeed it's not the only state it controls. In addition to progressive states like Massachusetts and California, Democrats had a nice run in places like Louisiana, Alabama, Mississippi too.


Loaded laws and loaded questions.

"The NRA's vision for our country is simple: guns for anyone, anywhere -- no questions asked. The Loaded Laws they're pushing in state capitals across the country are really frightening. Now is your chance to weigh in by picking one of the two options below. "

Of course this is not true. NRA members are, like most organizations, have differing opinions. But as far as I can tell, the NRA doesn't support additional legislation taking the position there are already enough restrictions and feel those should be enforced.

Far cry from 'guns for anyone, anywhere - no questions asked.'


Pew Research on the NRA and guns.


More facts on the NRA. The more you know...

"...In 1934, the NRA supported the National Firearms Act, which served to regulate and tax firearms that were considered used by gangsters at the time. They also supported the Gun Control Act of 1968, which expanded on the system to license firearm dealers and prohibit criminals and those with mental impairments from owning firearms."

"While African Americans were being terrorized by the Ku Klux Klan, where the Klan were sometimes aided by local law enforcement, the NRA setup charters to help train local African American communities to be able protect themselves. The most prominent case being in 1960 in Monroe, N.C. where the local National Association for the Advancement of Colored People head Robert Williams also chartered an NRA Rifle Club that successully defended an assault on one of their leader's homes by the KKK without casualties."

"According to FactCheck.org, nearly half of the funding for the NRA comes from membership dues alone...." (Isn't that usually the case with non-progressive entities? They have full support voluntary support of people)

"...The NRA's current stance on gun control is to enforce existing laws more aggressively. In 2008, in response to the Virgina Tech shooting, the NRA helped to pass the "NICS Improvement Act," which would provide increased funding and grants to states to report vital information to the National Instant Background Check System (NICS), such as mental health. The NICS is used for background checks of potential gun buyers. Unfortunately, the system has been woefully underfunded (receiving only 5.3% of the authorized funding) and reporting has been lackluster. In addition, the NRA has pointed out that those who lie on their background checks when purchasing firearms are for the most part not prosecuted. In response to this, Vice President Biden claimed that they "don't have the time" to prosecute such violations, which, by the way, carries a minimum 5 year federal sentence, if convicted under the Gun Control Act of 1968."

The NRA clearly has a rich history in American life. It really is a shame how it's being depicted these days all for a narrow issue.


A new Conservative ad has taken a different track. Rather than attack it chooses to focus on Trudeau's experience closing with 'Justin Trudeau. Just not ready.'



Free speech. Media still doesn't get it.


"To celebrate Cinco de Mayo, the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim decided to set a Guinness World Record for the largest gathering of people wearing sombreros."

Where's a SJW when you need one, eh?


Frederick Douglass on self-made men.

Well-worth the read.


Killed by police and race.


Charlie Hebdo: Shock is part of the debate.


What do IRS tax cheaters get as punishment?



The Clinton Foundation and Haiti.


T.C's Advice: Whatever

Remember kids. Saying 'whatever' in a debate is weak. Avoid it.

It wreaks of an arrogant tone implying the person who uses it knows better.

It's been my experience the sort of mind who insert it in a debate often possess little or no valid arguments. It's akin to rolling your eyes on someone.

God I loathe people who do that. It's infuriating and insulting.

And you look like a dumb ass when you do that.


Quote Of The Day

"...Mass civil disobedience as a new stage of struggle can transmute the deep rage of the ghetto into a constructive and creative force. To dislocate the functioning of a city without destroying it can be more effective than a riot because it can be longer lasting, costly to the larger society but not wantonly destructive. Finally, it is a device of social action that is more difficult for the government to quell by superior force.

The limitation of riots, moral questions aside, is that they cannot win and their participants know it. Hence, rioting is not revolutionary but reactionary because it invites defeat. It involves an emotional catharsis but it must be followed by a sense of futility."

Martin Luther King, Jr.  Conscience for Change, Massey Lectures 1967.


Of course, Reverend King was correct. A natural wisdom and understanding of history that permitted him to assess human nature with a sober and smart mind.


What to the nouveau-pseudo intellectuals, media and political masters focus on? Words.

Citizens are burning their own communities down and what do we hear? That it's racist to call them thugs.

How this doesn't strike a sensible mind as being vacuous designed to detract from the violent actions, is something that befuddles me.

They mistakenly, in their infinite ignorance and determination to detract from the truth and reality, and obsessively attempt to change or amend the vocabulary and vernacular.

This is like putting cologne to deal with body odor.

The riots we have seen in post-Luther America are the strict domain of thugs and criminals - and a few misguided souls to be sure - for as the Reverend King pointed out, they know it's not productive.

And the media and politicians and pundits alike who childishly scream we must change the vocabulary are complicit in this reactionary act; this lie.


Quote Of The Day

“Who’s responsible for the immigrants who come and settle in Quebec?” he asked rhetorically. “It’s the federal government. It’s true it’s a shared jurisdiction, but they swear allegiance to the Queen.
“So we don’t have 25 years before us. It’s now that we have to get to work. It’s right now that we have to ask Quebeckers the question and make all the proper efforts to convince them.”

Pierre-Karl Peladeau.

Oh shut up you xenophobic buffoon.

Jesus Christ the PQ are a bunch of hicks.

This from a guy who once said to shareholders:

“I firmly believe that companies that do not have a global vision do not have a future.”

When it suits him, he's a man of the world.

Except for Quebec. Quebec has to remain the stagnant and insular entity in order to seize control.

Let's just say he's more of a attention-seeking opportunists than a visionary.

A Peladeau led PQ would be a one-way ticket to Smallerville.

Get To Know T.C.

Alternate View On Omar Khadr

From Le Quebecois Libre:

"Now that Khadr is a free man—of sorts—perhaps he will have a chance to demonstrate whether he is indeed a victim of circumstance or the caricature of evil described by his critics. In his first public appearance after his release, he came across as articulate, thoughtful, and entirely unthreatening. If Khadr manages to build a normal life for himself and becomes a productive and peaceful member of Canadian society, it could go a long way toward changing the minds of those who see the war on terror as a Manichean conflict between the US and its allies who can do no wrong and the forces of darkness who are pure evil. If Omar Khadr—the poster-child for Dick Cheney’s shameless lie that Guantanamo Bay housed the “worst of the worst”—turns out not to have horns and cloven feet, then perhaps the entire edifice of the war on terror is rotten. And maybe—just maybe—the best way to prevent terrorism and keep us safe is not to pursue endless war and adopt draconian legal codes, but simply to mind our own business and engage with foreigners not through violence but instead only through voluntary cooperation."

A thought take on Khadr. As contemptible his parents were - and there's indeed something to be said of having been thrust into such a violent situation as a 15 year-old was unfair - he is a Canadian citizen and deserves to rebuild his image and life.

Are we not an enlightened society that believes in second chance?

I got the same impression when I listened to him. I know. You never know and I walk the 'useful idiot' line but the whole affair was mishandled by both the USA and Canada.

Time to move on.

Book Covers: Marijuana Girl

Marijuana Girl.

Now that's a woman!

Bizarro Meets Kafka

Saudi Arabia - fresh off a round of barbaric beheading sessions - aims to get a seat, get this, on the Human Rights Council.

And they'll probably get it.

If Israel sought the chair, you can bet your ass all the left-wing pansies on University campuses would be out in force protesting.

Saudi Arabia?


Climate Change Monsters Under The Bed

So Obama is concerned about climate change.



Despite controlling the narrative, scientists in Canada claim to be muzzled by the government.

Muzzling, censorship, whatever, all bad. I'd rather they just have their say. You know where I stand on this issue. I'm consistent. Unlike the middling, paid pundits with a platform to spew their tiny little ideas. Like, I don't know, people like Jonathan Capehart - Washington Post's finest - and his 'extremist' gibbering.

Let them own their words.

Nor do I go unhinged like the climate cultists asking for people to be imprisoned for having a different opinion.

Particularly given the horrible track record of accuracy on their side. Imagine putting people in prison for, say, having challenged Erhlich's assertion that 'England would cease to exist by 2000'?

Think about it.



In 5 or 10 or 15 years I bet none of their doomsday scenarios come true. Just like in the 1970s.

We must act....NOW!

/looks at watch. Looks at calendar. Days, weeks, months and years pass.

Ok. NOW!


Oh. About that accuracy.

Temperature tampering still happening.

Call me old fashioned but thank God for people who investigate and question what's being fed.

Joke Of The Day

A blonde is watching the news with her husband when the newscaster says “Two Brazilian men die in a skydiving accident.”

The blonde starts crying to her husband, sobbing “That’s horrible!!! So many men dying that way!”

Confused, he says, “Yes dear, it is sad, but they were skydiving, and there is always that risk involved.”

After a few minutes, the blonde, still sobbing, says, “How many is a Brazilian?”

Quote Of The Day

"Understand, climate change did not cause the conflicts we see around the world. Yet what we also know is that severe drought helped to create the instability in Nigeria that was exploited by the terrorist group Boko Haram. It’s now believed that drought and crop failures and high food prices helped fuel the early unrest in Syria, which descended into civil war in the heart of the Middle East."

Except the weather in Nigeria hasn't changed all that much for quite some times. This anti-intellectual shtick of assigning climate change to all sorts of global problems and issues is rather discomforting and disturbing. Who in their right logical mind would correlate Boko Haram's rise and violence to climate? It's almost as if we've become incapable of understanding such organizations for what they are.

I'm getting the distinct feeling Obama, faced with an uncooperative Congress while mired in a state of lame-duckness, is just gonna speak from the heart. And as we saw with his speech to Coast Guard graduates, it's immature as it is unprofessional as it is irresponsible.

I mean, to flat out claim climate change erodes national security is waaaay out there.

Too much for me anyway.


The Passing Of A Blues Master: B.B. King Passes

Among the greatest of all blues musicians B.B. King passed away at the age of 89. Needless to say, there's no shortage of out-pouring of thoughts and emotions following his death.

American blues and rock legends were the roots and architects of the British invasion. Without them there is no Rolling Stones, The Kinks, The Faces, Led Zeppelin, The Who, The Yardbirds, Cream and Eric Clapton, Pink Floyd, The Beatles and countless others. 


You Oughta Help

There's plenty of evidence that humans are naturally 'communistic' creatures. That is, they voluntarily come to help thy neighbors. The idea that we must have the state interfere on our behalf is a fairly recent phenomena. This political socialism has proven to, if anything, bring much misery through coercion. Even its benign 'democratic' form has not provided the results intended. And therein lies a huge problem. Whenever confronted with the reality (backed by statistics) we choose to throw more money at a problem rather than offer any meaningful or innovative solutions so committed to the progressive collective. Make no mistake about it, ours - the West- has been a progressive experiment for well over 100 years now. The so-called 'neo-liberal' policies are more the exception than the rule.


I do not accept the notion of redistributive wealth without proper consent. Admittedly, I sway to and fro with the concept of 'the wisdom of crowds'; the notion that a majority of people possess the wisdom for our collective mutual benefit. I reckon this may be plausible in certain instances but how could seven out of 10 people actually profess to understand or know the particular and personal circumstance of the other three?

And as the video argues, where the minority resist, is it 'fair' or just to use force against them thus violating their rights; nay, moral conscience?

Currently, in contemporary times, we're witnessing tyranny of the majority. Be it Christian bakers being mauled by lynch mobs, cartoonists merely depicting a religious figure in ways not accepted to some, to people who absolutely can't tolerate other views (and I squarely and frankly assert the left are the worst offenders of such anti-intellectual that directly threaten civil liberties) publicly shaming them on social media and campuses.

Freedom of speech and expression is a preciously young concept. It must be defended at every turn.



The town of Granby has made American news.


Quebec only seems to matter whenever we attack freedom of speech and expression.

And we do this very well. Too well I fear.

All of you - look at me. Every single one of you out there.

We're one step closer to being in a situation where criticizing politicians will be outlawed.

This is precisely why we must absolutely and unequivocally not allow politicians to control the internet. They will use it to muzzle the people.

Are you listening?

Let Granby be a retarded derelict among towns. As long as we don't let them become the rule. We must keep them as the exception.

It is absolutely staggeringly outrageous this law passed.

So. Without further ado let me stand and be heard on this matter.

Fuck you, Riel and the Granby council.

Undo this law. Now. It will take us places we don't need to go.


From the comments:

"Canada, Quebec, everywhere here, is moving so fast to the far right that pretty soon no will trust anyone. 1984 was supposed to be a work of fiction, not a guide for Canadian politicians."

No, honey. Socialism - the left - was the target in 1984.

And Quebec. Moving to the right? Surely you jest! Because of 'austerity'? Give me a break. Don't worry, hon. The thick veil of Quebec Scandinavianism remains in tact.


Fall Of The West: Exhibit 4959596677

I'm not sure what to make of protestors rioting in London because of Cameron's election.

Other than the full blown decrepit and deranged state of the modern left.

Other than, of course again, the left's love of mayhem and destruction.

They truly want one-party rule. Which of course makes them authoritarians.

Then again, we already knew this, right?


Speaking of one-party rule, this worked out great in places like Detroit, Chicago, Newark, St. Louis and Baltimore, eh?

Not to mention Arkansas, Louisiana, Alabama and Mississippi.

All Democrat bastions over the years. 

Quote Of The Day

"Where there are progressives there is (love of well-intentioned) destruction."


Britain Votes Conservative

And people lose their minds.

What else is new?

Same thing happened in Canada when Harper was elected. The ignorance on display back then was shocking as it was utterly sad.

Whatever. The country could use a little conservatism. It was pulling waaayyyy to derpy and progressive.

Equally good, that anti-semitic, left-wing jackoff George Galloway lost his seat.


Alberta Votes NDP

How can a province that depends on the oil and gas industry vote for a party that stands for policies that work against the industry?

A bitter and remarkable disappointment.

What the heck Alberta?

You're awash in all this oil cash and now you've just permitted an entity to loot it. You've built an entire budgetary legacy on resources - much to the envy of North Americans - only to dangerously put it all in the hands of the redistributive NDP. What happens (if) once the wells dry up in the midst of an expansionary welfare state under the NDP? See Venezuela.

Have you not seen how all this plays out in Quebec and Ontario?

I don't think this will end well.

Daily Round Up: Piss Off Dumbass Progressives Because Freedom Of Speech Edition

I really need to churn these things faster. I know. Not timely but here we go.

Honoring forgotten Canadian war hero Wilf DeMarco.

DeMarco bombed Hitler's retreat in Austria.


"Joe Oliver addressed critics of his decision to nearly double the limit for Tax Free Savings Accounts in a speech today at the Canadian Club in Toronto, saying it would be good for the economy for the government to have less and Canadians to have more.

The finance minister shrugged off the potential cost of increasing the TFSA limit from $5,500 to $10,000, which its own estimates put at $85 million in this tax year and more than $1.1 billion over five years."

It's always refreshing to hear this from politicians. I just don't understand folks who criticize such a move. It's good for us.


Blast from the past. May, 2007 to be specific:

"Governments are running out of time to address climate change and to avoid the worst effects of rising temperatures, an influential UN panel warned yesterday.
Greater energy efficiency, renewable electricity sources and new technology to dump carbon dioxide underground can all help to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, the experts said. But there could be as little as eight years left to avoid a dangerous global average rise of 2C or more."

Looks at watch. Hm.


One of these predictions, I swear, will pan out.


Fall of Britain. Liam Byrne and Tom Watson are a pair of political numbskulls.

Oh. They're Labour. Figures.

"Senior Labour politicians attended a rally where Asian men and women were apparently separated along gender lines.

UK Independence Party leader Nigel Farage said the event, which was attended by Liam Byrne and Tom Watson, was rejecting “a century and more of advancement for women’s rights”.

No wonder UKIP is doing so well. Other than that, Brits were to invested in the Royal couple (what's their names) and the name of their new baby to care.


Sweden sucks Ikea (meat) balls.

"However, the new logo has not sat well with all fans and it stirred up a debate in Sweden this week after a self-proclaimed Native American reported the team to the Swedish Equality Ombudsman (Diskrimineringsombudsmannen, DO).
He wrote: “I want to report their logo to you and I want to demand that it is changed because it is offensive to all Indians and it uses a stereotypical image of Indians.”

Oh shut up you idiot. What the fuck do you know?

I tell ya, people like this dink are really getting on my nerves.

Equality Ombudsman. Get the fuck out of here!


The Detroit Red Wings name and its roots in Montreal.

"Norris had been a member of the Montreal Amateur Athletic Association, a sporting club with cycling roots. The MAAA's teams were known by their club emblem and these Winged Wheelers were the first winners of the Stanley Cup in 1893. Norris decided that a version of their logo was perfect for a team playing in the Motor City and on October 5, 1932 the club was renamed the Red Wings."


Free speech aside, why would anyone do something as provocative as hosting a "Muhammad drawing contest"?

As an aside, this chick is a winner.

Provocative enough honey?

It still hasn't hit slow-witted progressives - mostly because they have a fetish for state power - that provocation is in the eye of the beholder.

I somehow doubt she gives a shit whenever Christians and Jews are mocked and attacked.

I don't understand why people - especially women - insist on dropping to the level of Muslims when it comes to freedom of speech and liberty. They have no clue what it's all about.

And for fuck sakes you idiots, IT WAS A TERRORIST ATTACK. How they've spun this to make those two dead assholes the victims is beyond me.

Then again. We shouldn't be surprised. They're progressive.


Speaking of which...


But it's Pam Gellar the 'problem' in the media.

Yeah. She's a real 'mental case'.


Free speech under fire.


Watched on the news the other day a report on a father who was asking the city to rescind a parking ticket given to his recently deceased son.

When asked if he could intervene on humanitarian grounds by a reporter, Mayor Coderre cynically responded he 'could do nothing.'

Bull shit. He's the fucking Mayor in a thoroughly corrupt city infamous for being run by megalomaniacal dictators.

Trust me, if he had to bail out a pal, some crony or family member he'd do it in a flash.

Way to go Denis. Go pave another bike path.


Derps to the left of me, and derps to the right and I'm stuck in the middle.

Swift in particular has been conflicted for some time over the curious situation that arises when a parent wants to do the best for her child but in the process makes the playing field for others even more lopsided.

‘I got interested in this question because I was interested in equality of opportunity,’ he says.

What's this guy philosophizing about?

Apparently being part of a loving family is an unfair advantage.

These people are unhinged. Read at your own risk. I barely made it through it without being tempted to smash a kiwi.

And fuck Plato.


"My area of research is in Whiteness Studies and Critical Discourse Analysis, explicating how Whiteness is reproduced in everyday discourse. 

“I grew up poor and white.  While my class oppression has been relatively visible to me, my race privilege has not.  In my efforts to uncover how race has shaped my life, I have gained deeper insight by placing race in the center of my analysis and asking how each of my other group locations have socialized me to collude with racism. In so doing, I have been able to address in greater depth my multiple locations and how they function together to hold racism in place. I now make the distinction that I grew up poor and white, for my experience of poverty would have been different had I not been white”



Poof! Goes the narrative.

Half the cops charged with the murder of Freddy are black. Never mind the police chief is black.

But hey. Why look in the mirror when you got Republican whitey to blame, right?

Liberals weep.


Please note. I can't verify the source for this nor the site it originally appeared. With apologies. If anyone knows please let me know and I will be glad to link it.

Other than that, wouldn't surprise me one bit if this is accurate.



"What glass ceiling? The gender gap appears to be closed: At least when it comes to CEO pay.
So far, 21 of the 22 current female CEOs in the Standard & Poor’s 500 have reported their latest compensation, including Yahoo (YHOO) CEO Marissa Mayer, defense contractor Lockheed Martin’s (LMT) Marillyn Hewson and CEO Carol Meyrowitz of retailer TJX (TJX), and they were paid an average of $18.8 million during their latest fiscal years, according to a USA TODAY analysis of data from S&P Capital IQ and Bespoke Investment Group. That far exceeds the average $12.7 million paid to the 455 current male CEOs in the S&P 500 that have reported compensation data for the same time period."


More on the Clinton slush fund.

Here's a chart of how the money got distributed. Similar to the image above.

What difference does it make at this point?


Alex Ovechkin is the coolest thing since sliced raisin bread.

He's having a great post season but still has time for the more important humanist side of life.


For Baltimore:


So. Is Tanya Cohen real or satire?

If she's satire, she must take a bow. Now. Come out and say it already!

She had this guy fooled.

Then again, it may not be satire.


George Soros faces a big tax bill.

And liberals everyhwere weep. Wonder where roads will come from.


Denmark's withering and weakening welfare state.

A single mother can get up to $2700 a month on welfare. That's a small salary!

That's not helping; that's enabling.

No wonder the Law of Jante prevails over there.

Oregon has lost its fucking mind.

Judge orders $135 000 fine to be paid by bakery who refused to serve gay couple.

".Rachel Bowman-Cryer should collect $75,000 and her wife, Laurel Bowman-Cryer, $60,000 from the owners of Sweet Cakes by Melissa, an administrative law judge for the Oregon Bureau of Labor and Industries said in a proposed order released Friday, April 24."

These two clowns should receive jack shit. I guess the judge isn't worried want kind of precedent this can set. If I'm an unscrupulous gay couple (and I'm pretty sure they exist) I'm ambulance chasing this to the bank. Why not? Pieces of shits like Sharpton and Jackson have made cynical, opportunistic and evil careers out of it.

The judge, furthermore, and this goes for people who support this crap of demanding people act against their conscience, is fine with destroying a family's source of income. When you ruin a business, you take away a family's ability to live and when you do this you weaken your community.

So in this way, the judge can go rot in a hole somewhere.

“emotional, mental, and physical suffering” and claiming they felt “mentally raped” when the Kleins refused to bake them a wedding cake."

My never have I felt so compelled to tell two people to go fuck themselves.

Wait. The story gets worse. When people tried to raise the money to pay this outrageous fine on GofundMe, the website apparently had changed its policies (and I paraphrase) not permitting raising of funds for companies or person who promote hate.

Swell. Just fucken swell.

GoFundMe has thrown its hat into the madness.

These sorts of stories piss me off soooo fucken much. 


Why the forces of good are losing:

"A senior United Nations aid worker has been suspended for disclosing to prosecutors an internal report on the sexual abuse of children by French peacekeeping troops in the Central African Republic. "

The United Nations. Man, now there's an organization that has jumped the shark.

A little too comfortable with evil regimes if you ask me.


Sadly this isn't satire: 

I don't like what you say so you must be fired!

And censored!

"Katie claims she 'doesn't care if migrants die' which is an opinion she is entitled to, despite it being a sad and selfish one. I am not attacking her right to an opinion, however I do not believe The Sun newspaper should encourage these poisonous opinions. Presenting these extreme views as normal is dangerous and only encourages further demonisation of immigrants in our own country"

Yes, you are ATTACKING her right to her opinion you fucken dolt.

Yes. I'm swearing a lot in this post. But it's deserved.


Unique names of Canadian places.

Always laughed at St. Louis du Ha-ha in a ha-ha way.


The U.S. under Kissinger supported the Kurds? This scholar seems to think so.

"...In his forthcoming book, Sold Out? US Foreign Policy, Iraq, the Kurds, and the Cold War, Gibson rejects claims that the US backed Iraq’s 1963 coup and says the US was more supportive of Kurd forces in their 1970s battles with Baghdad than was previously thought.

“From 1958-75, US foreign policy in Iraq was designed to prevent it becoming a Soviet satellite,” Gibson told Rudaw. “This led to a series of covert operations to support groups inside Iraq that were opposed to Moscow’s imperial designs, like the Baath Party in the early 1960s and the Kurds in the 1970s.”

According to Gibson, the CIA and President John F Kennedy’s administration are widely-viewed to have backed the February 1963 Baath Party coup that toppled Iraqi Prime Minister Abd al-Karim Qasim and paved the way for Saddam Hussein’s eventual rise to power.

“Declassified documents and interviews with former CIA officials, who had been involved in plotting against the Qasim regime, raise questions about the extent of US involvement in the 1963 coup,” said Gibson, a former London School of Economics scholar..."

“...It was previously thought that the US had willfully sold the Kurds out, but declassified documents suggest that the US, Secretary of State Henry Kissinger in particular, was actually more committed to the Kurds than previously believed,” Gibson said."

"...There is no question that parts of the US government were opposed to the Kurdish intervention, but Kissinger showed no interest in scaling back US support for the Kurds and, on more than one occasion, increased US assistance to the Kurds despite resistance from the CIA,” Gibson said."


I found this baseball meme referencing the Orioles playing in front of no fans and starring Brian Williams hilarious.


With the advent of European Central Bank quantitative easing, what began four months ago when 10-year Swiss yields turned negative for the first time has snowballed into a veritable avalanche of negative rates across European government bond markets. In the hunt for apparently “safe assets”, investors have thrown caution to the wind, and collectively determined to pay governments for the privilege of lending to them. 

On a country by country basis, the statistics are even more startling. According to investment bank Jefferies, some 70pc of all German bunds now trade on a negative yield. In France, it's 50pc, and even in Spain, which was widely thought insolvent only a few years ago, it's 17pc."

Germany isn't exactly in great shape either.


Office sex parties?

Why don't I ever get invited to these things?


A tale of two recoveries:


Mother of the year. All is not lost in Baltimore.


All these stories attacking free speech and expression got me thinking about witch hunt movies.

Saw Mark of the Devil at Fantasia back in the 1990s.


RIP Jim Fanning. Fanning was a key figure in bringing baseball to Montreal. He is an undeniably important figure in the annals of this city's sports landscape.

Fanning lived minutes from my house in the 1980s.

I've said it before and will say it again. When the Expos skipped town, Montreal ceased being a major sports town.



Looting a real shame. But FAR MORE shameful is pattern of police violence against black community! Perspective, people. #BaltimoreRising

Baltimore isn't rising any more there was an Arab Spring you left-wing ding bat and your lame moral equivalency.

And since when does looting your own community equate to justice?

Progressive sure love to make violence into a virtue don't they?

Equally disturbing in the prosecutor who arrested the cops so as to appease the violent mob. Not a precedent you want to be setting I reckon.


The House of Clinton by Victor Davis Hanson.


"The de Blasio administration is set to fork over more than $1 billion to resolve a handful of budget-busting court cases, according to internal government documents obtained exclusively by The Post.
Looming payouts include a $300 million to plaintiffs in a long-running civil-rights suit against the Department of Education, $80 million to Nissan if the city fails to roll out the “Taxi of Tomorrow,” and $20 million to victims of the NYPD’s infamous “Mafia Cops.”


I'll just leave this here.

Mattress Girl quotes.

Behold the voice of...something.


"At Johns Hopkins University this week, capitalism was trumped by political correctness.

The Student Government Association there approved a resolution that called on administrators to put to a halt any discussions or plans to bring a Chick-fil-A to campus, citing the company’s support of traditional marriage and saying the restaurant, if allowed at Johns Hopkins, would be a campus “microaggression.”

Fucken losers. Microaggression. The evil word of our times.

We look forward to going there every year while vacationing in Delaware.


More tyranny by PC zealots on college campuses:

"...Leaders with the Student Government Association at Youngstown State University said they decided to act quickly this week when posters showed up on campus promoting “Straight Pride” week next month.

The posters contained profanity, which our station has blurred for viewers. The posters promote the event as a way of not showing the differences between students.

Campus leaders said while they believe the posters were meant more as satire, especially since no names were associated with them, they determined the flyers went too far with their message.

“When you are talking about minority activism, it is very easy that if you are in the majority to say ‘well, this sort of activism is not necessary. This sort of zeal in your activism is over the top.’ For minorities who experience discrimination, that is not the case,” Student Government Vice President Jacob Schriner-Biggs said.

After consulting with the Vice President of Student Life, it was decided to take the posters down, not necessarily because of its topic but because of the coarse language."

I weep because some of these idiots will manage to somehow be in positions of real power taking decisions.

But at least The Onion gets it.

Pop culture likes to mock stuff from the right but there isn't a greater source of material to spoof and parody than what exists on the left. And few capitalize on it like The Onion.

"College Encourages Lively Exchange Of Idea

Students, Faculty Invited To Freely Express Single Viewpoint"


Laws are for the commoners:

"Republican congressmen are no strangers to fighting for gun rights, but did a Colorado representative break the law by bringing his AR-15 to a Capitol Hill office?

Rep. Ken Buck of Colorado is causing controversy after tweeting a photo of himself and South Carolina Rep. Trey Gowdy holding an AR-15 rifle on Capitol Hill."


Places that fluoridate in Quebec.

Not many do.


This guy is priceless.

These religious nutbars really are annoying in their woe is me smugness. They just don't get or don't want to grasp what freedom of speech means. The guy was awesome though. He basically told them to fuck off.

I think the comments are pretty good as far as youtube goes.


Freedom once upon a time meant 'freedom from debt'. The concept of 'freedom of speech' is a relatively young concept.

Hence, all the fucking idiots who attack it. You know, the 'what are the limits?' crowd.


The forgotten racial attitudes of Woodrow Wilson.

"...Wilson is widely and correctly remembered — and represented in our history books — as a progressive Democrat who introduced many liberal reforms at home and fought for the extension of democratic liberties and human rights abroad.  But on the issue of race his legacy was, in fact, regressive and has been largely forgotten.

Born in Virginia and raised in Georgia and South Carolina, Wilson was a loyal son of the old South who regretted the outcome of the Civil War.  He used his high office to reverse some of its consequences.  When he entered the White House a hundred years ago today, Washington was a rigidly segregated town — except for federal government agencies.  They had been integrated during the post-war Reconstruction period, enabling African-Americans to obtain federal jobs and work side by side with whites in government agencies.  Wilson promptly authorized members of his cabinet to reverse this long-standing policy of racial integration in the federal civil service.

Cabinet heads — such as his son-in-law, Secretary of the Treasury William McAdoo of Tennessee – re-segregated facilities such as restrooms and cafeterias in their buildings.  In some federal offices, screens were set up to separate white and black workers.  African-Americans found it difficult to secure high-level civil service positions, which some had held under previous Republican administrations.

A delegation of black professionals led by Monroe Trotter, a Phi Beta Kappa graduate of Harvard and Boston newspaper editor, appeared at the White House to protest the new policies.  But Wilson treated them rudely and declared that “segregation is not a humiliation but a benefit, and ought to be so regarded by you gentlemen.”

How in the world did African-Americans come to support Democrats?


Scumbag unions. They're the lowest of the low. Them and their degenerate tactics.


Pen's 145 Can Go Fuck Themselves

No seriously.

You're a bunch of assholes. Do you care whenever Christianity (Piss Christ anyone?) or Jews and Judaism are attacked.

Of course not. Because you're hypocritical assholes.

This is the exact same mindset that appeased Hitler, praised communists as they murdered their way through Europe and defended Mao.

It takes a remarkable world view to deliberately ignore satire when it comes to Islam.

Fucken sickening. 

But BRAVO to The Daily Beast. A liberal site I thoroughly have come to respect for their integrity:

"Charlie Hebdo would seem a rather obvious choice for a prize celebrating journalistic courage, considering the newspaper was firebombed in 2011 for producing cartoons satirizing militant Islam, lived with a heavy—but not heavy enough—security presence, and continued to raise a middle finger to those who threatened its journalists with death. But the award was an obvious choice that annoyed more than 200 PEN members—including Eric Bogosian, Wallace Shawn, Junot Diaz, and Peter Carey—who responded to the honor with a campaign of defamation against the dead. Charlie stood accused of, among other sins, trading in “selectively offensive material: material that intensifies the anti-Islamic, anti-Maghreb, anti-Arab sentiments already prevalent in the Western world.”

It was an odd sight; gauche caviar left-wing writers aligning themselves against slain soixante-huitard left-wing cartoonists, all while expressing sympathy with “devout” religious conservatives “humiliated” and “suffering” because of silly drawings from a low-circulation satirical newspaper."

AMEN, pal. Amen.


Thug Is NOT The New Niggar

Seriously go fuck yourself if you're going to try and pull this shit.

No one, no community, owns a word.

I'll be damned if I'll be told what words to use because a community feels it targets them.

Thug is legitimate word to describe a criminal or asshole.

Those people in Baltimore are lootets; rioters and thugs.

When you burn your own community to the ground (200 businesses were destroyed) thug is an appropriate word.

Did I say go fuck yourself?


The Cult Of Scaredy-Cat Nut Cases

From foie gras to sugar to salt to plastic bags to guns. From homeopath products to coffee to alcohol and cigarettes to recycling. From GMO to climate change to vaccines. From race to racialism. From music lyrics to classic novels and films that offend contemporary sensitive sensibilities to the attack and sometimes destruction of freedom of speech. Never mind the disturbing trend of reversing our hallowed maxim of innocent until proven guilty. Nope. Now, it's all burn them at the stake before the facts come in.
It's a culture of fear and control (usually in the incompetent and nonsensical form of bans (for our own good), caps and trades (with negligible results and impact on the environment but a boon for eco-profiteers), taxes that help to spawn create black markets etc). Always has been. Once upon a time we were terrified of gods, witches, technology, and Jews (well, we still are apparently). We just made a trade is all. We're far more ambitious with this climate change thing.

Point is. Aspirin (and Crestor) works.

Irrational behavior (always masked in self-righteous crap or scientific jargon) is a key feature of humanity. Guys like Bloomberg are nanny-ninnies who seek to control in the name of protecting. In the end, all they contribute to the 'greater good' is irrationalism. Often graduating into surreal logic and behavior.

Release your inner reason I say. Appeal to your basic logic free of emotional input. No?

It also seems to happen quite a bit in capitalist systems. But I digress.

Nevertheless, be careful. Be very afraid.


The Law Of Suspects And 145 Intellectuals

How 145 intellectuals can be so stupid is beyond me. Quite frankly, I'm tired of pointing out why the way these people think is bankrupt, dangerous and plain wrong.

145 useless twats is what they are. 

We just have to keep fighting and forging forward.

I'll leave this here as a reminder:

"This law, passed on 17 September 1793, authorized the creation of revolutionary tribunals to try those suspected of treason against the Republic and to punish those convicted with death. This legislation in effect made the penal justice system into the enforcement arm of the revolutionary government, which would now set as its primary responsibility not only the maintenance of public order but also the much more difficult and controversial task of identifying internal enemies of the Republic—such as "profiteers" who violated the Maximum—and then removing them from the citizenry, where they might subvert the general will.

1. Immediately after the publication of the present decree, all suspects within the territory of the Republic and still at large, shall be placed in custody.
2. The following are deemed suspects:
1– those who, by their conduct, associations, comments, or writings have shown themselves partisans of tyranny or federalism and enemies of liberty"

They are enemies of liberty. Simple as that.

T.C. Update

In case some of you were wondering, my posts are not as frequent as in the past. Rather than read and post, I now collect them and put 'em in one gigantic post. Not sure why. It just happened that way.

I guess there's so much out there I don't have time to read them all so I just store the link and when I get around to reading it, they become a 'Daily Roundup'.


Like you give a shit.