Statement From University Of Saskatchewan

"The University encourages public debate of important societal issues. However, as identified in USask’s Medical Faculty Policy, our medical faculty are subject to the ethical and professional standards governing the practice of medicine, of particular importance for our learners, and USask is responsible to review concerns raised about its medical faculty in relation to these standards.

Time to drop the gloves.

No, you do not encourage public debate or else you would not have suspended and attacked Dr. Christian. I heard the audio. It was bullying a man into submission. It was, as noted in a previous post, straight out of the communist play book. It wasn't a good look for anyone in that video. In fact, you should all feel shame. 

You're lying straight up.


You do not encourage debate. At least be up front about it.

Be honourable by action and don't hide behind empty words.

This makes you cowards.

All Christian did was remind that informed consent is a basic law being violated by the very people who were interrogating him including Deam Preston Smith and Dr. Susan Shaw. 

The Spectacular, Incoherent, Incompetent Arrogance Of Quebec

Did you hear?

Delta is on the march.

It's more transmissible, see?

Not more dangerous. Just...transmissable. Allegedly.

But stay scared. Or 'vigilant' as the buffoons say. Wear that mask! It's what saves lives! Allegedly.

How they know this with such low deaths rates and in a low prevalent environment I don't know.

How people keep getting swindled I don't know. Some of these people would have bought the Brooklyn Bridge a few times by now. 

How can you be this clueless and accepting of the incompetence this far in?

Quebec is playing it 'cool' about the variant but don't be deceived. They believe in their own deception about the measures so you can bet they have that in their back pocket. 

'Cases' are shooting up we have to lockdown!

Last year, the government failed to beef up hospitals and we lost our liberties to protect a mismanaged and corrupted public health system.

We're in 2021 and Delta is threatening to do the same and what has the government done to mitigate against this? NOTHING.

They seem to be banking on the vaccines. 

And that's the problem. 

It's another corner they painted themselves into. It could be a concern for sure. But this is what happens when you stake you reps and gamble on ONE solution as opposed to an overall approach. All they had to do is 'Listen, the vaccines will work alongside natural immunity. At the same time, we will administer treatments to keep hospitalizations low and save some lives.

What's so hard here?

They have to see this gamble through.

So I expect more draconian nonsense. The rhetoric hasn't improved.

I have ZERO faith or respect in the public officials and academics in this country. 

Their hubris will be their downfall. And we will pay the price. As usual.

Meanwhile, in America.....

Daily Derp: Behold The Fury Of Derp-19

Quick note. The DD has been coming fast and furious of late. While most of these are usually articles, I've not posted too many studies from journals though I have in independent posts scattered throughout 2020 and 2021. The sheer amount of information and clips I get is overwhelming and can't get to them all.

There are hundreds of clips from around the world of people protesting and fighting to preserve our fragile democracies. In Australia and the UK, there are daily protests numbering in the thousands and in London far higher than that. But your fake news source - who are controlling what you see - of choice won't report on it. Unfortunately, many of the clips I get are cropped from other videos and I'm not intelligent enough to figure how to embed them here.


A few days ago a British review of the Yellow Card system called for the immediate suspension of the vaccine roll-out. The same now in France.


ICU doctor Francois Marquiss of de Maisonneuve hospital (a hospital that should be avoided like the plague) has to be the most foolish and ill-informed scare monger with access to a platform in Quebec. Every single time he gets behind a microphone he peddles shockingly inaccurate information and repeats nonsense as if it's 2020.

He still lies about super spreader events and 'worries' about them too much. The more recent one was when he opined and worried the virus was going to spread throughout the Habs after they coach Ducharme contracted Covid. Nothing happened.

These people are either operating on old data and refuse to evolve and are not paying attention to America or are just plain incompetent buffoons.

It is concerning how Canada refuses to evolve and keeps this country hostage over variants treating it as though it's a separate strain and thus pandemic. Nothing could be more misleading than deceiving a population in this manner. It's irresponsible and malicious medical malpractice.

I stand by Canada public officials are committing crimes against the people of Canada.

To the man and woman who actively do so by censoring people and those who are silent and complicit.

History will NOT judge this period very well at all. They think they will be able to write this history but they won't.

Too many of us have catalogued the facts and taken down names,


Djokovic, who was always a free thinker, has made public he would retire before taking the vaccine.

And that's how the game is played folks.

A global crime is being committed right before our eyes.


We've lost our humanity because of these effen vaccines.

An astonishing announcement from CEO Richard Davis of the Make A Wish Foundation saying they will only help vaccinated children.

Is this a good time to remind people these are terminally ill children?

He mentions all the people he consulted to come up with this idiotic decision. Know what? Then you all need to lose your jobs. The odd part is they won't ask for proof. So why do it then? Is this all theatre? 


Why you don't need to worry about mutations.


Eileen De Villa needs to knock it off with her lies and incompetence or resign. 

If all she can do is paint doom and gloom while engaging in unsubstantiated and unscientific nonsense then she should step aside.

This isn't public health.

It's medical tyranny. 


FDA set to issue warning on packages of mRNA vaccines and the risk of heart inflammation.

Keep this shit away from kids.


Watching MLB teams play in front of their fans and the province of Ontario taking advantage of Americans by letting the Blue Jays hop around like hobos. In fact they should rename them the Hobos. 


Canada is an unserious country. 


What the heck is in the water in Alberta?

Medical doctors are seriously still talking about spikes?


I think we need to have a nice hard look at what's going on in medical schools and follow the money for real. Either it's scripted or they're incompetent. Or just being plain old unreasonable.


The real experts and truth sayers are cautioning against the vaccines.

Those pushing it are quacks or on the take. 

But the shills and believers are a large list.


Judge orders Ivermectin be used, patient survives.

Denying treatments is murder.




Canadian Institute of Health Research. The health of Canadians on their minds.

While partnering with three pharma giants including Pfizer.

Conflict of interest?


As I've said. Follow the damn money.

We clearly see Canadian universities are on the take and boards of physicians more than willing to bully doctors. Follow the damn money.

There's no damn excuse for not using treatments and for this they will have to face justice for medical malpractice. 

Doctors are just as political and greedy as any group out there.

What the hell is PHAC thinking? No wonder they don't conduct independent studies on vaccines. Look at their bosses  partners. 


Dr. Hodkinson on The Highwire.

Excellent conversation.

Del Bigtree is summarily ignored and tagged as an 'anti-vaxxer' by the mainstream normies and establishment, but he's been excellent throughout this hysteria. 

Wonderful insights.

It's shocking what has happened but keep fighting the good fight.


Panda lays out why there's little benefit to vaccinating children.


Controlled opposition.


You're not alone.


The mRNA technology is awesome but still rustic in its evolution. 

These vaccines remain a huge question mark and we're experimenting as we go along while simply lying to people that they are 'safe and effective'. In the end, they prove to be so but there is NO evidence except for some early trials from the manufacturers. Doctors and officials saying this are violating informed consent. PERIOD.


All this point to the shortcomings of centralized power. Democracy need to devolve straight down to the local level. In this manner, the American system is proving to be more effective where rights are concerned if not outright superior.

In the USA, they are citizens protected by the Constitution.

In Canada we are subjects of the Crown. 

Quite the nuance there.

It makes for a more difficult time in dealing with the ineptitude of public officials. 


Daily Derp: The Derp Is Worse Than The Virus

We'll see.

But before ya'll get excited two things. Recently a UCLA study said it immunity would last only a few months and Nature showed natural immunity produced antibodies lasting years.

Nothing beat the human body and Mother Nature.



While we slept: 

In 2015, the Aviation Industry Corp of China (AVIC) acquired Henniges Automotive.  This acquisition is significant because Henniges Automotive provides stealth technology for the F-35 program.  AVIC’s U.S. partners in this acquisition were none other than Hunter Biden and Chris Heinz.  The acquisition was approved by the Committee on Foreign Investment in the United States (CFIUS).  Secretary of State John Kerry was a member of the CFIUS during this decision.  He is also the stepfather of -- surprise, surprise -- Chris Heinz!  Dong provided details of how China was able to acquire stealth technology after the U.S. approved its purchase of Henniges Automotive.


Dr. Ezra Kahan is good folk.

9000 votes. 96% say 'less'.

I'm in that boat.

I don't trust the medical establishment. They showed who they are during this pandemic. They are authoritarian shills.


Canada is awful.

I live here. Yes, it is at the moment. Never has a country sank so low and turned to communist rhetoric so drastically in such a short period of 16 months. It's extremely troubling. So much so the United States has taken notice and rumours persist Amnesty has us on some watch list.

And justifiably so. When you have a head doctor in Nova Scotia saying lockdowns are needed to stop misinformation, you know there's a damn problem.

What Dr. Strang drinks I don't know but he's a clown like the rest of the bums running this show including Arruda and Shaw. And the arrogance. It's palpable. 

I'm glad people on Twitter use the power of truth to challenge these charlatans.

To think soldiers fell for this sad bunch.


Singapore reverses course. Realizes lockdown approach is stupid. Also halting vaccines. Time to live with Covid.


Canada will be the last major country to wake up. A combination of incompetent morons running the show and apathetic Canadians swallowing fear up will see to it. Well, Australia and New Zealand are far worse in their quackery. Science in the Commonwealth is so healthy. 

Europe you can understand because it's a different demographic/geography/urban set up. Canada is lucky to be so big with a light population density. We didn't need to do go this far off the track.

Worse, the rhetoric is getting worse. They're showing no signs of lightening up because variants.

Epidemiologists and ICU doctors should be tarred and feathered.


Look. A sensationalist narcissist.

Feigl-Ding - or is ti dink? - has been wrong and misleading so often it's a miracle he still gets air space.

Get a new fear mongering shtick Eric. This act has grown tiresome.

Case in point about his 'OMFG MOTHER OF MARY WE'RE ALL GONNA DIE BECAUSE VARIANTS' bombastic nonsense. 

No context.

He doesn't even specialize in infectious diseases.




The CDC does not care about you or health.

It's all about money and corruption.

Not science.

It's time to take a closer look at the data around vaccines.

There has to be some sort of link to the sky rocketing rates of autism and ADHD and other neurological issues.


The Medical Establishment Has Lost All Reason And Credibility

At this point, Canada's healthy authorities including academic epidemiologists have lost the plot. 

Listen to Nova Scotia's medical chief Dr. Strang say lockdowns are necessary to keep people from gathering and spreading misinformation.

Let that sink in.

Still think this is about public health?

And wait until I weigh in on Saskatchewan Premier Scott Moe's recent screed in another post.

It's all so out of control and vile this mania.

I already viewed the medical profession with one eye open but this pandemic has shattered their credibility in my view.


Canada's Health Authority And Academic Classes Playing With Fire

I'm noticing a slow uptick in the claim that variants are caused by unvaccinated people from the usual suspects including Theresa Tam. 

This is a troubling turn of events and something 'conspiracy theorists' asserted in 2020 this would be a tactic used.

Here we are.

There is no scientific base for this claim but they haven't followed evidence since this hysteria began so why begin now?

How can people in positions of power permit themselves to divide people this way? They said 75% was the sweet spot and they'll get to it.

There's no science backing the claim unvaccinated people cause variants. Indeed, just on its face we know this false and foolish. All it would accomplish is to trample of people's rights.

The whole purpose of inoculating people is to protect those who are not. It's how you reach herd. You don't need to vaccinate everyone. They're literally arguing the opposite of established science. A theory is the source of infection is actually from the vaccinated and thus where the variants emerge. The unvaccinated are quite inconsequential. But they want to make them part of the problem and the question is why?

This march on the vaccine has taken a more cynical and dogmatic tone. There is no debate but just orders. Don't you dare voice opposition.

This is problematic and dangerous and it must stop.

Just swap 'Jews' with 'unvaccinated. And you get how Nazi Germany did it.

They did it slowly and deliberately by moving goal posts as we've seen for 16 months.

The virus can't be eradicated and you can vaccinate 100% of the population and you will still see variants. That's because a mass vaccination campaign puts enormous pressure on a virus and it finds a way to escape the immune system. They know this and that's why they talk about boosters.

The question is why go after people in this manner? It's unethical and idiotic.

People need to start putting their foot down.

Alas, they're too comfortably numb to grasp what's going on.

How A Cult Works: Courtesy Of The University Of Saskatchewan

These days, universities must be myopic insufferable bubbles of self-congratulatory, faux-righteous, intolerant, assholes. 

Same for boards of physicians. 

Thanks to Dr. Francis Christian, we got a glimpse into the inner-workings of this group and the mindset that drives their decisions.

And it's not pretty.

Appalling in fact.

Have a listen for yourself.

The first thing that jumped out at me was the unnervingly arrogant tone from the people involved. 

They are Dean of Medicine Dr. Preston Smith (who penned a letter on the U of S website talking about misinformation and 'conspiracy theories'. You know, the usual unsubstantiated poppycock we've come to expect from clueless academics. I bet you Dean still thinks Fauci is a super guy and the nature theory and that Ivermectin is an urban myth), Dr. Brian Ullmer head of the Department of Surgery for the college of medicine (with friends like him who needs enemies) and Chief Medical Officer Susan Shaw (go take a look at her avatar on Twitter. It's all you need to know. The masks choked off oxygen to her brain). 

They all played their Nurse Ratched very well I must say. I wonder if they exchanged notes and choreographed on TikTok.

Indeed, it played exactly like you would see in a movie where the villains gang up on  the dissenter who knows the truth but they all had to protect their careers and their bribes.

The group think in this troubling meeting of the Blue Caps was strong.

But what really disgusted and angered me was their attempt to gaslight Dr. Christian by questioning his mental health. It was all so eerie and right out of Solzhenitsyn's 'The Gulag Archipelago' with a good dose (sprit, sprit) of Orwellian Big Brother is watching malevolence. 

All for the 'crime' of questioning the vaccines for children.

And quite frankly, whenever I see or hear stuff like this, it makes me wonder what the authorities are tying to hide. Shaw was being disingenuous about the WHO. The WHO absolutely said kids shouldn't get vaccinated and then adjusted it (after Bill Gates called them I reckon) to it's not urgent. 

Still not a ringing endorsement. Shaw sounds like she was engaging in projection and didn't come across as someone who was informed. She was unprofessional and emotional.

In fact, they all were feigning calm professionalism.

They should spare us crocodile tears about how compassionate they are and be out there lobbying to use Ivermectin and other treatments that have proven to work rather than peddle an experimental vaccine. Worse, push it on kids like panicked drug pushers looking to me their quota to please their bosses. 

That's how I see all this. The push has been so hard and unethical,  it should put the entire medical establishment on trial.  

Bluntly? They're al full of shit. They know jack shit if these vaccines will succeed or what they long-term implications are. All they see is Covid before them blind to all consequences.

If there are consequences, they should be made to explain.

Denying people the right to informed consent is inexcusable. 

It's about time all these authoritarian quacks come out and DEBATE before the Canadian people rather than hide behind their shields of credibility. 

Personally, the entire medical establishment has lost a good deal of credibility.

God bless Dr. Christian.

May he and others like him daring to challenge the lies never relent.

If you can expand that, he nails it perfectly. 

Vaccines Won't Save Us

Vaccines and masks are the last things that will save us. Useless in the grand scheme of things. 

T-cells, diet and treatments will. 

Don't buy a stick of the propaganda you're reading or hearing from the University of Bill Gates be it UBC,  Univ. of Manitoba, Univ. of Saskatchewan, McMaster, U of T, McGill or Univ. de Montreal. 

These people are out of their minds with arrogance and fear. 

Ultimately, Mother Nature will decide.

And we'll be fine.

Once this great moral panic passes, one of the greatest hysterias in history, then we clean out the rot.


Daily Derp: Canadian Public Officials Make The Honkler Honk Harder

The internet is forever WHO. 

How fo you go from not recommending the vaccines for children to 'little urgency' in a matter of a few days?

I know the WHO is disorganized and corrupted but man....


Trust in vaccines were eroding. Some truth bombs here.

Nothing like a plandemic pandemic to change that.


Majority of physicians in the U.S. decline the shot.


Texas hearings on vaccines.

Too bad Canada, the pretend country, isn't open for debate.


The media is lying - especially Yahoo! - claiming only unvaccinated people are getting sick and filling the hospitals. 

At least some are reporting more accurate information.

Israel and the UK are good indicators proving this claim wrong as most of their populations are immunized and still panic over variants.


Graphene nanoparticles in the experimental vaccines?


Interesting look at the pandemic at Canuck Law.

On controlled opposition.


Nice web doc on Peter Daszak.


Justice Centre on the outrageous dismissal of Dr. Christian. 


Go fuck yourselves.

What happens when the 'immunity' wear off assholes?

Back to square one? Keep buying that horse shit health officials are feeding you.

The Honkler commands!

Canadian public officials. A profile. Honk.

Thoughts On The Covid Moral Panic

Just like the New Deal likely prolonged the depression - by as much as 10 years by some claims - it is very possible the same massive interventions with Covid will have extended the health crisis needlessly.

A combination of lockdowns and not administering early treatments all but assure this.

We're in masks because of very stupid, arrogant and incompetent people.

I've saying this for 16 months now and I stand by this assertion. 

Buffoons run the show.


When I called PHAC a few months ago to find out if they're conducting any independent studies on masks they told me they weren't.

Isn't this irresponsible? Wouldn't the government like to know whether masks work or not? Alas, I think they know masks are ineffective because it's impossible to know be aware of the gigantic body of evidence stretching back decades showing this. The whole purpose of the mask is to keep people in fear and in line. And it's an effective tool to get them vaccinated.

Cynical control power game is all it is. And if you're still buying into this narrative and haven't done any research you really are sheep and fools. Sheep of fools.

Know what else they don't study?


You think PHAC has your back? Think again.

All public officials, medical authorities and academics aren't working off independent studies and data. They're parroting what the manufacturers are telling them. And where Pfizer says 'safe and effective' the FDA repeats as a subsidiary of big pharma. The CDC, for its part, has on its stained record having already rushed out vaccines to the detriment of innocent people on its resume.

I'd fact check the 'myths about vaccines' segments you see on CBC or other outlets. I'd question the source of those making those claims. 

How can a public health agency not be studying the vaccines? 

Pfizer: Pills are good. Doctors: They sure are! /passes credit card.

This is where we're at. I no longer accept vaccines as a means to a medical end. I don't like the conflicts of interest, the silencing of dissenting views, and the creepy and arrogant authoritarian demands to shut up.

I don't like Fauci and the revelations of this being a bio-engineered virus and I don't like the seedy and shady characters behind Fauci. I don't trust the FDA and CDC and Health Canada.

None of these entities have the right to be trusted.

'I don't like you' as the old punk saying goes.

Canada is not a serious country. They're just watching what the USA/UK does for the most part and then copy and go along.

That's probably why our masked up health officials sound so ridiculous as they mislead the public.

The masks are blocking oxygen to their brains. 


Follow The Money

Like many 'conspiracy theorists' and 'white supremacists' (sure, why not?), I like to question things and watch dispassionately from atop a mountain current events observing the zeitgeist.

In quiet thought, I observe contemporary language and rhetoric to assess the mood and tone of life and society.

From the onset, Covid never sat well with me. It was apparent to me early on this was a moral panic and it worried where all this was going to lead.

16 months on and it's not good.

We've learned a lot since 2020.

The science and data is crystal clear: This is no longer a threat to us. It's a virus we must learn to live with.

We also learned some troubling realities about this being bio-engineered in a lab through Fauci's NIAID funding and intermediaries like Eco Health Alliance run by Peter Daszak as well as an obscure sciences Dr. Ralph Baric from UNC who was a gain of function researcher. Daszak's is knee deep in this possible crime. 

Public officials are lying to the Canadian public - by not contextualizing the threat - and unethically coercing them into an experimental vaccine that was probably already in the works before the pandemic was declared. 

There's not only a fog of fear at play but a global criminal conspiracy.

And now it's time to seek out who the culprits are. Hopefully we will find out but we already have a decent list of names. 

Bit for now, let's take a look at the Canadian universities most vocal peddling pseudo-science like masks and lockdowns and now the 'vaccines'.

It's worth mentioning Dr. Bell at Astra-Zeneca was interviewed on CTV in May and he's another shady character who should raise an eyebrow or two. That goes for any pharma CEO or scientist. 

This is all about money.

So let's follow a basic simplistic trail of universities toeing the narrative who received grants from none other than the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. 

The biggest player in keeping this crisis going is the University of Toronto. The university has received $12.5 million plus an additional $10 million in 2005 for a running total of $22.5 million.

For all Toronto institutions getting Gates money totalling about $125 million see here.

And here's all grants for Ontario.

McGill U. has received around $7 million (just for 'Discovery and Translational Sciences').

The Universite de Montreal has received $12.1 for 'Family Planning' and 'HIV'.

See the full list of Montreal institutions (total of about $37.4 million) who have taken Bill Gates funding.

And all of Quebec.

The University of Saskatchewan is also another institution big on masks and vaccines. They received around $6 million. The province of Alberta getting around $8.4 million. British Columbia got $50 million of which $38 million went to UBC.

In total, Canada got based on five provinces around $210 million. 

But the king of Gates grants is the University of Manitoba. They've received $185 million! Gates owns that university and explains why they push so hard for vaccines and masks and why the CBC runs to them for expert opinion. 

Given his public proclamations about vaccines, I'd say there's a conflict of interest at play as academics have fallen right in line with this narrative while others who question it have been censored or dismissed.

Masks and variants....

Bill Gates is a business man first. A convicted felon to prove his ruthlessness. He wants to see a return on his money. He expects these institutions to build his image and power.

Not saying all funding is bad. What I'm saying is in this case, be attentive, wary and skeptical.

Follow the money.


Daily Derp: Canazuela Rising

Just a reminder on who is dying in the United States and Canada.

95% over 60 years in Canada.

80% in the USA.

But they want to vaccinate the kids.

Fauci and all public health officials and academics pushing this are vile human beings.


Great news as tickets are getting dropped by the Crown in Canada.

God bless the Justice Center.


Another potential problem with masks: Byssinosis. 


Ditch. The. Masks.


Oh look who woke up and smelled the coffee. Canada acknowledges what's been known since April of 2020 as I've written about extensively. SCHOOLS ARE SAFE.

Which adds another layer of why it's unnecessary and cruel to vaccinated kids.


Know what else? Myocarditis and other serious issues are at play for children. 

Don't worry. The incompetent CDC says it's only 'mild' even though there's a 'likely' link.

Canada is stating to see an uptick.

Remember. We will permanently harm kids for something that poses no risk to them which makes the CDC's claim 'the benefits outweigh the risks' all the more preposterous and criminal. Fauci is still out there, despite he had a role in creating this bio-engineered virus, say to vaccinate. The man is certifiable. 




A felon at the centre of this vaccination mania is Bill Gates. Columbia Journalism Review goes in-depth questioning and criticizing the way media covers and fawns over Gates.

This is not journalism. 


Wall St. Journal does the right thing and wonders if the vaccines are safe.


Someone got to the WHO. Previously, they advised to not vaccinate kids in the 0-19 group. Now they say it's ok but of 'little urgency'.

God dammit WHO: SHOW A SPINE.


Vaccines tester one month before Covid-19 unleashed. And there were suspicious emails that seemed to show there was some odd timing.

While Peter Daszak is a key figured in all this, a more obscure one is Dr. Baric. He seems to have shot his mouth off enough to warrant an investigation into his role in this crime.

And folks, we're looking at crimes here. They bio-engineered a virus that wasn't a threat to us that eventually leaked out to the world and off the mayhem they profited off vaccines and treatments (Remdsivir). 


It's probably nothing. Moderna CEO Zaks quit in February staying on until September.

Dude is cashing out.


Complain to the FDA directly.


Pallister is a clown and a bad liar.

Something very wrong is happening in Canada. 


Leaked cable shows Hilary warned France Wuhan lab could be used for bioweapon research.



Get science backed, independent, non-corrupted advice from doctors from the Canadian Covid Care Alliance.

Our college of physicians are corrupted, our schools beholden to Gates and public officials incompetent.

Do your part to REFORM the system.

Our lives. 

Take Your Lives Back From Medical Tyrants; Get Informed

Things are so bad in Canada, brave doctors and experts being muzzled and losing their licenses are forming independent alliances to tell the truth.

Public health officials, medical boards, media, politicians and academics are simply not telling Canadians the truth. They're barking orders and in the process acting unprofessional and unethically.

Covid-19 is now endemic and no longer an emergency threat but officials are desperate to keep the fear going in a rash panic push to vaccinate as many people as they can with an experimental drug.

I am aware of Dr. Shaw and the University of Saskatchewan firing Dr. Christian. I will address this in another post. It was quite possibly one of the more troubling incidences I've seen yet in 16 months of hysteria during this moral panic.

The situation is getting manic.  I will also ask: FOLLOW THE MONEY. This will also be for another post.

For now, inform yourselves. Public officials are denying INFORMED CONSENT. They will have to one day explain themselves for this but for now there are doctors telling the truth.

I am sickened and appalled by the continued unethical and Orwellian babbling of equating vaccines with liberty. They have no right to dangle our rights before a vaccine. 

Inexcusable. A strong, informed and enlightened society not living in fear does not tolerate this.

Start here: 

Canada Covid Care Alliance.


Glimpse Of What It Will Be Like

Impose incoherent measures, get illogical results.

Travel restrictions have never made sense and science has already shown transmission by travel to be low. But that hasn't stopped medical and public officials to impose draconian and immoral restrictions on mobility. 

Communism by other means.

Denying people the right to see loved ones is another example of the cure being worse than the disease.

It's illegal and as I mentioned immoral.

And demanding 'proof of vaccination' is straight up unethical dystopian madness.

All counter-productive and unnecessary.

We're already seeing cracks in the logic with the Euro as the UK government along with UEFA- just about the most irrational government out there along with Canada, New Zealand and Australia - gee, what do these countries have in common? - as it absurdly looks to give exemptions for VIPs to the tournament.

Peasants not welcomed and if we keep to this insidious notion of believing we're still in a pandemic and that we must social distance our lives away, we will have a TWO-TIERED existence just like in communist countries. They will still eat filet mignon. We won't.

It's like no one has ever read Animal Farm. Or at least forgot its lesson. 

Here's the last quote in the article linked above that caught my eye:

"He maintained however that UEFA delegates "cannot be ten days in quarantine, that's not possible."

You think? 

But it's ok for people who go for a one-week vacation to quarantine for 14 days, right? And even 14 days is absurd when we all know the more appropriate time is five days. Politicians will abuse this as we just saw with Justin when he came back from the G7 meeting where he partied and quarantined for only 12 hours.

Wake the fuck up people already.

This is just pathetic. 

Have we no honor and dignity? 


When We Move On

 Have you noticed?

The pandemic is gone. Sure, politicians are clinging on to it to maintain any scraps or extra power they've stolen here in Canada but the virus poses little threat at this point.

I mean, plenty of people of vaccinated and many others have natural immunity. So we're essentially at herd. Any public orders dictated from now on are just gratuitous power grabs.


You think you're getting your lives back? Ha!

You entered a Faustian Deal pals.

Like a gambler goes to a loanshark, they receive a moment of 'liberty' to go and 'score big'. Then in the morning they owe the loanshark more than they did the day previous - with impossible interest charges. 

This is what you've done here. You've given the mobster power and you're powerless. 

The state has removed all ciivl liberties through emergency powers thus turning the country into a detention facility. They did this under the guise of 'public health' and the only way you have your GOD GIVEN rights restored by a bunch of psychopaths is to play their game and that game is you must take an experimental vaccine - or else you can't travel or whatever.

This is highly unethical if not illegal and downright immoral.

But y'all been convinced 'you don't want to catch it' despite the low odds of even catching it in the first place at this point. 

You took the vaccine to 'get your life back'. Problem is, they won't declare this endemic for quite some time and until they lift the emergency powers way past their utility at this stage, we're at the mercy of incompetent public officials who can continue to spin this however they choose because you keep allowing it by buying the snake oil they're selling. Haven't you had enough of epidemiologists and virologists in control of your life? They're not public health policy experts. They're virus observers.

They're not trained in anything else but viruses. Not masks, not public policy, not anything. Everything they say about those things are mere opinion. Oh, right. 'Expert' opinion. 

Sorry not sorry.

The EUA and emergency powers stay in place because they're refusing to acknowledge treatments. See, a vaccine is unnecessary if there are treatments. And for Covid, there are several effective treatments available. What do officials do? Deny, ban and outright ignore them. So much for saving lives. The little known reality is vaccines are to be given in the absence of treatments. There is no absence of treatments. And the irony is those treatments are far more 'safe and effective' than the experimental vaccines.

Even the Fauci emails are filled with discussions about treatments. So they know about them.

They're just choosing profit over your life.

Physicians have always been merchants of medicine for profit. 


'Do no harm' is a suggestion now and has even moved on to 'it's for you own good and my bottom line'.

Governments can't reverse now. They have to see this through, They have to ram the vaccines out for as long as they're here. No amount of warnings and studies will shift. The greed and blind panic has us committed to a dubious plan of action.

They staked it all on vaccines and they will sink or swim with them.

More likely sink it has been argued.

But the masters; the cabal, the hands designing orchestral manoeuvres in the dark have gone into phase 2. While people remain inattentive and gullible and in fear, a world of 'climate lockdowns' is being rammed through. There's even a push to designate 'climate change' on death certificates. Pending famines are a concern as farmers have been left with fallow crops, Gates has bought up most of the land and cyber-attacks are on the rise. They've already herded you into a corner. 

Covid and climate catastrophe pending. FOLLOW ORDERS.

All planned.

Neither are a calamitous threat. 

I know. It sounds crazy but this is the Global Reset folks.

And best you pay close attention. 

Daily Derp: 16 Months Of Derpsteria And Counting; Canada Continues To Dismantle Freedoms

Every agency is now tying to capitalize on the Covid hysteria. Border Agency Canada is now the latest to step up with their move to create a biometrics system.

Um. Why?

Aside from 'safety' of course.

Bill C-10 gets closer to becoming reality. All it needs Senate approval. Which means it will pass since the Senate is a nepotist wasteland of people stealing a salary.

Sad day for Canada.


The media and 'experts' aren't telling you the full picture of the vaccines.

The latest data.

It's all a 'conspiracy' don't you worry.

And this is just what's being reported. More often than not, hospitals aren't even connecting the two. And it's been discovered Pfizer even has representatives in hospitals helping to diagnose people! What can go wrong?

"Within the terms of the Outcome Measures in the study protocol, as it is presented in Clinicaltrials.gov Pfizer determined that the research team selected by Pfizer will be the ones defining the adverse events as such: “As elicited by investigative site staff”.

This way, the company has in effect given researchers selected by them the power to define for themselves what the diagnosis will be, regardless of the diagnosis given at the hospital/ward which is not defined as the research site."

The scale of this scam and corruption just keeps getting deeper.

More on vaccines. 

It's probably nothing.

80% of kids over 12 complain of side-effects.


First post-mortem on vaccinated person in Japan. Looks like the spike protein does travel into the organs. More autopsies are needed to figure out if indeed the vaccines are killing people.


Dr. Ian Flemming on the vaccines. Another 'quack' and 'conspiracy theorist'.


Even the G7 has become a scandalous waste of useless time.

The hypocrisy is stunning. But keep believing these criminals people.

And yes, that's exactly what they are. Criminals.


Bats in Wuhan lab. But remember Daszak said it was all lies.

More conspiracies! 


A disastrous CBC article about the myths of vaccines. I think the CBC is a myth.

The mRNA technology is not the problem. The spike protein is the problem and the added features of prions and spions almost all but assure this is a disaster in the making. Nothing good comes out of making decisions in a panic. NOTHING.

Here's what spions are. Basically they're chemical transporters into the cells. 

Not meant to be injected into humans. 




Dr. McCollough. 


It's very bad what's going on.

Very bad.

Reviewing NIH grants to Wuhan.


More on Fauci.


Probably a must see. Dr. Malone - inventor of mRNA technology lays it out.


Remember, the same entities and people who said the lab theory was a conspiracy theory and silenced dissenting options, are now cheerleading a rushed experimental vaccine....and censoring opposing opinions.


The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation has funded the University of Saskatoon, McMaster and U of T. The last getting a cool $12 million.

Experts from these institutions are constantly on the news selling the narrative. I'm worried about how they're now setting up unvaccinated adults and children for the fall when the 'variants' continue. It's so beyond established science it's discomfortingly worrying. The motives have to be looked into.

HEALTHY PEOPLE DO NOT CAUSE OUTBREAKS or 'variants'. The vaccines, on the other hand, may in fact be the culprit.

There has to be a link.


Canada has medical tyrants. Quebec and Ontario have been two of the biggest bullying medical dystopias.

Doctors to me are now on par with mobsters.

This is all a racket to them.

If I get cancer, I will die in my bed in peace and dignity. 

Don't believe me? Nova Scotia doctor fired for daring to criticize the communist public health medical tyrants. 


It's been quite the spectacle watching people who in normal times treat 'big pharma' like a crime syndicate only to run to them uncritically as their saviors.

Ka-ching! off the hypocrisy of man.

Corporations and government can always rely on the greed and fear of humans. 


Peer reviewed data on all treatments including Ivermectin and HCQ.


PHAC lies good like CDC.


Dangerous pathogens found on masks.

I'm gonna have a really big 'Told you so' party.


Magnetism added to vaccines?


Chlorine dioxide effective against the virus.


Vaccines and depopulation.

I swear it's getting harder and harder to not think this is the end game.


How much you wanna bet the same doctors that prevent the use of Ivermectin would use it for their own friends and family?


I don't give an opinion on whether someone should take a vaccine. That's a personal choice. But I would caution people to do their own research about THESE vaccines - more like experimental liquids really.


Genome sequencing proves this was bio-engineered.

Remember, they're stealing liberties and forcing people into a vaccine for a CRIME.


Pentagon funnelled (laundered) $39 million into Wuhan lab.

Fauci is the Pentagon's bitch.


It would appear Wiki is editing Dr. Malone's part on the mRNA technology he invented.

All because he questioned the vaccines.

It's a dangerous, dogmatic cult now.


Support Derek Sloan.

He's doing right by Canada.


Maybe it's a coincidence. Maybe it's not. But there are many coincidences about the vaccines.


Man who set up CDC vaccine tacking system dead after taking vaccine.


Please take the time to read this. Very long but packed with important information about the way Canada is misleading the public. It's a masterpiece of context and perspective.


Tine to revisit the Sherman murders. Rumor has it their plant manufactured HCQ,

The deaths of so many people in the lead up to this 'pandemic' is odd.


I didn't know who Pallister was until the pandemic. He seems to be a dimwitted fellow.

What kind of answer is that? Very. Troubling.


Springer: Mathematical modellers failings refuse to consider seasonality.


We said what one year to assess Sweden. And one year in, it looks like Sweden is the clear winner.

Excess deaths is probably the single most important metric in determining how deadly the pandemic really is.

So far, not very.

Sweden has less excess deaths than its neighbours.


57 doctors call for halt of vaccinations.

They can't all be crazy, right? Right, 'conspiracy theorists'.


Vancouver at herd immunity? 

Heck, I think North America is at herd.



Breathe in those cotton materials from the masks and this is what you can get.


Record children in hospital according to Tufts paediatrician. 


Here in Quebec it's been pretty sobering finding out our courts basically operate like a banana republic. We've done everything to challenge the public health orders but judges are essentially gutless hacks and shills for the state.

Just like in any tin pot entity. If it wasn't for Canada, Quebec would be on par with Central America. Problem is, under the Liberals Canada too is on its way. Canazuela is around the corner.

Don't ever fool yourself into thinking Quebec has anything close to resembling a just legal system.


Covid long haulers.


Gutless woke Harvard scientist didn't tell the truth for fear of being called 'racist'.

Scientists are taking a well-deserved beating during this pandemic.

The comic books and movies pegged them correctly. Nerds with no balls but give them power and they become menacing.


DON'T VACCINATE CHILDREN. It's not only scientifically unnecessary it's UNETHICAL. 

Stand strong. Let them threaten you. If we band together they can't do anything to you.

Sadly, I'm afraid it's too late for Quebec. The people here are too far invested in the fear and narrative.


Are the vaccines 'safe and effective'?

Quebec Cases: Year On Year Snap Shot

June 22, 2020: 69 cases.

June 22, 2021: 84 cases.

Those vaccines are magically effective.

Let's blame the unvaccinated! Wait....


WHO Says To Not Vaccinate Children

Did you hear about this? Of course not. This should have made headlines. Proof the media is evil and complicit in this assault on children. 

Canada's Collusion With China Catching Attention Of The United States

I never thought I'd see the day but here we are. The United States has finally begun to squeeze Canada as they have questions for Justin Trudeau and his attempt to 'soft peddle' Canada into an alliance with communist China.

We all know Justin is a treasonous, ideological, dimwitted obnoxious megalomaniac fruit sushi. Under his reign of stupidity this country has been run by a rag time collection of remedial and mediocre communists, ideologues and consultants. It's a horrible if not grim situation. 

We have to put an end to this. 

And it would appear the Americans have had enough. 


They have some questions and Canada will have to explain and answer them.

Vaccines: What If We're Wrong?

The Asch experiment may be in play here. Many people are getting the vaccine for all the wrong reasons. They've being coerced and shamed into doing and be threatened with not getting their lives back. The experiment reminds me of 'Extraordinary popular delusions and the madness of crowds' and 'True Believer'.

Millions of people shouldn't be taking it; especially children. Early data and reporting is pointing to potential consequences on the horizon. Some of it irreparable. 

Everyone is assuming they're 'safe' without asking questions. But they're not safe and are entirely experimental. There's a lot of corruption in play.

Physicians at the lowest level are just blindly following orders.

It's up to you to ask questions.

And DO NOT be bullied into being called a 'conspiracy theorist'.

The mRNA technology is not the problem; the spike protein used in the gene therapy is.

This is a classic panic move and being rushed and manipulated. 

We should pause the roll out and examine the results now.

Doing otherwise is unethical and possibly criminal.

The virus is endemic and poses no existential threat. Let's do the right thing. 

Quebec And Vaccines: How To Lie With Statistics

An internal email from the QMJHL leaked showed the league is making the vaccine mandatory for all players and staff. The assistant to the commissioner - Lavallee (I forget his first name) - made a remarkably ignorant statement to justify the measure. He said the low numbers prove the vaccines worked. Ergo, let's dive into it.

That's not true. 

And there's a simple way to prove this.

June 19 2020 - 167 cases.

June 19 2021 - 160 cases.

This statistic shows a couple of things. First, the virus was already seasonal at that point on its way to becoming endemic. 

Second, that's a 'savings' of a whopping seven cases. #safeandeffective; #getthejab; #pfizermodernaawesome.

We had no mask mandates and were emerging from illegal lockdowns to 'flatten the curve' in 2020.

In 2021, we were emerging from some of the most restrictive measures found on the continent and with 75% of people vaccinated.


Sort of corroborates with the study in The Lancet showing the ARR to be anywhere betweenn 1.2%-2.5%. That is, it's not 95% effective (which was the relative risk reduction rate) but 2% in the absolute.

Lies. All of it.

I would challenge anyone who makes this irresponsible and factually incorrect statement. Like we did with the curfew and masks, we're misapplying causation and correlation.

The virus is here to stay and it's seasonal. They all but tell you that because they're lying to your faces. They should be forthright and honest telling the people to prepare to live with it like we do the flu.

They can push all they want but not even 100% vaccinated people will end this. 

That's why we never did it with influenza I reckon. Too many variants and strains make it difficult. Even more so with coronaviruses. So why in the world would you consent to being herded and manipulated in this manner with a virus with a very high survival rate and a vaccine that now is the king of adverse events in vaccine history? 


Oh Quebec: Je Me Souviens

Case Fatality Rates (CFR) for selected states and provinces. I prefer Infection Fatality Rates (IFR) but it's longer and harder to calculate. 

Notice the difference between 'hard lockdown Blue states', permissive Red states and the rest. Why, it's almost as if 16 months of measures didn't matter. In the case of Quebec, we had 11 191 deaths. A vast majority of them - 75% - could have been avoided had we protecting the nursing homes. The balance could have been saved by administering early treatments. Same with most other places. 

Part of the reason Canada is acting incoherently and drastically relative to the threat is because of how we erroneously perceive the USA. We look at they gross numbers and think it's a runaway problem and we don't want that to happen here so we must lockdown harder and show how much more 'compassionate' we are. Never underestimate the power of 'we're not American' when it comes to a mediocre country like Canada. 

Criminal behaviour led to a virus. Greedy opportunistic snakes capitalized on it. Incompetence made it worse and tends of million of people paid the price. 

In any event, do pray tell explain how Quebec with one of the most restrictive measures in North America has the worst numbers among key states and provinces? 

This is what happens when you panic DO NOT follow science. You talk and act out of your ass.

End the madness now Canada. 

Quebec 3%
New Jersey 2.6%
Massachusetts 2.5%
New York 2.5%
Michigan 2.1%
Arizona 2%
Canada 1.9%
Georgia 1.9%
Texas 1.8% (1.75%)
United States 1.8%
California 1.7%
Ontario 1.7%
South Dakota 1.6%
Florida 1.6%
Sweden 1.4%
Tennessee 1.4%
Minnesota 1.3%

Winnipeg On My Mind; Media Are The True Conspiracy Theorists

So now the media has finally caught up to the Winnipeg lab connection to Wuhan and that maybe - just maybe - we have a treasonous PM in power.

The Wuhan-North Carolina-NIH-Winnipeg connection has been known for over one year now (if not longer among those in the real know). The people who were saying this were.....get this....conspiracy theorists!

The 'conspiracy theorists' have been right every single damn step of the way during this scamdemic. From the onset they said this was a bioengineered 'gain of function' virus that did not come from nature.

But the media was too busy being assholes venerating the very man who allowed it to happen - the great scientician Anthony Fauci - and attacking Trump. Another person who was right about early treatments (that Fauci denied) and the fact it came out of a Wuhan lab.

No one listened because 'Orange Man Bad'.

Think the media learned? Nope. Their latest attack (which should give everyone pause) calling people pointing to the adverse events from the vaccines as 'conspiracy theorists'.

This means be very worried about the vaccines. It's no joke these events. The writer from Global News here in Canada was attacking the VAERS system but he neglected to mention it's a felony to lie on it and who in their right mind would do so? But rising cases in paediatric care after vaccines were given is just a 'coincidence' and 'crazy talk'.

We've known about the prions and now the spions for a few months. I recall a study (I forget in which paper) asking about prions in the vaccines. 

Prions are attached to the spike proteins and are known to cause neurological damage including Alzeimer's and Parknson's disease. Here are some interesting tidbits related to that here  and here  (Montaigner is a Noble prize winning scientist who is now a, you got it, conspiracy theorist) and here.

This 'experimental' vaccine (as described in the Fauci emails) is not 'safe and effective' nor are they 95% 'effective'.You know it's bad when the inventor of the mRNA technology Dr. Malone has expressed concern. But of course, Wiki - ranter than be truthful - chose to be liars and moved to 'edit' Malone's role in its development. You have the inventor of mRNA and the inventor of PCR (Dr. Kary Mullis) who said PCR isn't meant to detect infections or tell people are sick, and the media ignores them. And it's simply not reliable.

The corruption is staggering in its depth.

As for efficacy, we just don't know but according to this study in The Lancet, I would stick to natural immunity. But the rush and push has been so aggressive and unethical, people aren't able to see or think straight. All they see are the extortion and bullying about not being able to travel. If many of us said no, they'd back off and we'd keep our dignity and freedom in check.

Never in the history of vaccines have we tolerated so many injuries and deaths. Fauci should have been let go as recent as September of 2020  - or at least when he admitted to the fake news organization New York Times he lied about herd immunity thresh holds to get people vaccinated. He's unethical like the incompetent buffoons up here. 

And the media, the very people who helped create one of the greatest hysterias in history, are once again misleading people.

They truly sicken me. Them and the governing orders of physicians for each province who are busy sanctioning and bullying honest doctors who don't toe the bull shit narrative their peddling.

Media are the gaslighting, true conspiracy theorists. 


Are Canadians Smarter Than The Average 5th Grader?

Judging by how they continue hysterically react to this idiotic situation, I'd say no.

And that goes for public officials and the people who make up the Immunity Task Force here in Canada.

These are the names and faces advising our government and have us in this unacceptable and absurd position. 

Epidemiologists, consultants and gutless politicians are pounding this place into the ground.


Is anyone watching Euro 2020? Do you notice, like in America, the fans are back in full force?

Yet we're still treated to the embarrassing sight and theatre of limited fans? Worse, the Canadian Football League is not in operation for the second year in a row, the Blue Jays are MLB's hobos not permitted to play in Toronto and the Impact and other Canadian MLS teams are forced to play in Florida.

This is an untenable position. The problem is Canada's play here is they will only open once the highly detestable and contestable 'passport' scheme they seem committed to.

America and Europe are blowing that idea up in real time since fans are not asked for any damn vaccine papers.

How fucken stupid are Canadians at this point?

This not about public health. We're not being 'prudent'. We're ignoring science and arbitrarily maintaining restrictions long past due.

WAKE UP CANADA for the umpteenth time. YOU'RE BEING LED TO.

It was fine to go along with it for 12 months but we're coming on 18 months. Two years pulled right from under us. Now it's just sad and embarrassing. 

What will it take?