Of The Amish, MAIDS And False Empathy

I find it quite the contrast.

On one side, we have the Amish who treated one another with courage, respect and dignity during COVID. And managed to come out of it with their community in tact. 

On the other, we have Canada where we elevated cruel one-size fits all coercive policies erasing people's rights and dignity levelling the civil order as a result. 

To add to the pain and suffering, we went ahead and loosened the requirements for assisted suicide (MAIDS) making it the most permissive policy in the West.

When not even Belgium and The Netherlands go that far, you know your society has lost its moral and intellectual compass.

Which society was more empathetic?


Out Of Character

Everywhere Justin Trudeau goes he's met with protestors. 

Yes protestors.

Not domestic terrorists but protestors. Protesting styles range from peaceful (ahem, 'mostly peaceful') all the way to violent. Some are polite and some not. 

The ones confronting Justin are largely loud and impolite. Apparently, this is enough to spark the fanx-righteous partisans. Regardless of what you think or believe, we live in a free and open democracy (sort of) and what those people are doing is venting a lot of frustration.

We've arrived a very bad place where Canadians accuse each other of being domestic terrorists.

It's unhealthy.

How did we arrive here?

For me it goes like this.

Once upon a time in 2020, a virus scared the living crap out of people. And then everyone lost their minds, became authoritarian cowards refusing to evolve with the facts that we were not in danger. In fact, they became even more stringent in their strident demands to 'defeat' the virus. Public policy reflected this irrational and impractical mindset.

What we got were the most restrictive mandates in medical history. So unnecessary and rooted in pseudoscience the low Middle-Ages blushed. No disrespect to the people of that period because we match them pound for pound when it comes to believing in magic and quackery. We've barely moved the enlightenment needle.

The mandates and measures - among the most restrictive in the West -  were extremely divisive and therefore created a toxic atmosphere in the civil order. Many appalled Canadians of sound mind couldn't stand it and left the country. Some permanently. 

At every turn, the academic, medical, political and media classes screamed with the fiery screams of banshees for still more restrictions. We weren't crushing civil liberties enough. Because the best public health policy is a one-size fits all one taking a sledge hammer to the Bill of Rights.

Like I said, we're not too bright.

Dividing society into 'essential' and 'non-essential' and along medical status lines was not a very good or enlightened idea. Not to me. It was bound to have untold and unseen consequences lasting a very long time. 

But it's ok. I'm sure 'experts' like Timothy Caulfield will Tweet some bogus study weaponized with conflicts of interest and shoddy methodology telling people it wasn't that bad. Why, children actually did better under lockdown!

If it feels it defies logic and reason it does.

People lost their jobs. Millions. The stress of not having a pay check will have a pernicious impact on the psychological of people, no? Right Colin Furness and Isaac Bogoch? 

The unvaccinated were scapegoated. There was no tolerance or respect for the fact many people could not take an experimental vaccine or wear amulets otherwise known as masks. Did you care about their concerns that sometimes were life-threatening? People were told despite an advert event clearly correlated and confirmed by doctors to the first shot to take a second one anyway. This strikes you as normal or empathetic and sound health care? We obliterated common sense and ethics. Notice how religious concerns were mocked. 

Yet, the 'expert' class continues to ignore or deny this is happening. And that's why you're seeing what you're seeing.

What the fuck did you think was going to happen?

This left a bitter taste in people's mouths. I still hit the keyboard a little too hard typing this.

You think because you followed and obeyed all is well and you won't be touched by the catastrophic response? Na-ah. You will be touched in ways you may not see yet. And what you do see, you have to connect the dots and trace it back to whence it started. 

Then Justin Trudeau decided it was time to politicize COVID. That's when he kicked it up a notch with repugnant hate speech toward fellow Canadians, brought in passports (that so-called 'experts' supported) , and imposed a domestic travel ban. 

Do you have any idea what this did to people?

Put down your pronouns, come out from behind your Ukraine flags, and your rainbow 'love is love' empty jargon.

People's lives were interrupted and some of it for good.

You have no idea what this did to a high number of Canadians. It's enough to get them in the streets. To have lost faith and trust in our institutions. And even among each other.

Justin thought this was a good ticket into a majority government in 2021.

Not even the Chinese could deliver it for him.

Now he has to deal with the consequences of his decisions.

He fractured Canada.

Like his father did.

People now yell at him.

Could you blame him?

Canada cannot move forward as long as he's in power. 

A decent, courageous and honorable man would see this and resign. 

Justin Trudeau gambled and lost.

Yet, like the drunk card player in a saloon, he refuses to acknowledge he lost his hand.

Now he's acting like Yosemite Sam shooting his mouth off guns blazing lecturing Canadians they're misinformed victims for not going along with his ideological schemes.

I've never seen this kind of animosity toward a leader in Canada.

It's deserved in my view.

It's very much out of character for Canadians.

And we know why. 


Stupid Beyond Words

16 millions trees were cut down to make way for wind farms in Scotland.

240 000 cows were slaughtered in Ireland. 

For climate change. 

Humans are repugnant ignoramuses.

Dehumanization And Disinformation

There's a clip of Justin Trudeau at yet another one of those idiotic town halls where he lectures the public about his ideological nonsense. In it, he can be seen asking police to throw out five or six people for speaking out of turn (or line). Basically, protesting. At one point, after he thought he had things under control with his goons, his infamous short fuse emerged as he yelled, 'Oh come on!' at another person who dared challenge him. 

His behaviour was unnerving stating 'democracy is messy' as he once again asked police to remove the person. 

What's still more troubling, people applauded. But this is a Canadian mindset (and we see it in the USA too) people are just too polite and obedient. They just think it's 'inappropriate'. Take it outside as it were. Except, in Canada, it's become increasingly dangerous to protest in public. The bottom line is they reinforce his antics and behavior. 

Watching people being whisked away as he cooly and arrogantly stated 'democracy is messy' was to me a defining example of his despotic mindset. 

Canadians don't like Justin Trudeau and the fact they're expressing themselves in ways I've seen is telling. Justin can't take a hint.


Well, his immense ego for starters. Justin exhibits the qualities and traits of a narcissist. 

But there are a couple of other reasons why he's able to act with such utter contempt toward people.

2021 is the year when Justin decided to make vaccination a political wedge issue for the election. He proceeded to divide the country along 'unvaccinated and 'vaccinated' lines. Similar to how the authorities separated so-called 'essential' and 'non-essential' businesses. 

In the process, he spewed and uttered venomous rhetoric towards people reaching a Hileresque 'do we tolerate' these people on a Quebec talk show where the dingbat hostess chimed in with an unsolicited 'they're extremist' comment. This was followed by a domestic travel ban on people who decline a medical procedure as is their right. This was a punitive act not backed by science not seen anywhere in the developed West. Canada was an outlier.

Democracy is messy. 

But Justin knows how to clean it up.

By dehumanizing people, it's easier to assault them and their rights.

If you don't see a person before you, it doesn't take much to do as you please. Those icky people. 

It's on the line between psychopath criminals and how they view their victims.

Peter Hotez does the same thing. As other 'experts'. Rather than stick to the damn facts, they go off on a political tangent calling for the arrest of people claiming they're 'killing people' with disinformation and misinformation. 

Unperson the human. It then opens up an avenue for you to abuse power.

The terms disinformation and misinformation are weapons to be used against not just the dehumanized individual but anyone who has questions or exhibits skepticism toward authority.

We just saw a classic example of paternalistic condescension when Justin 'tranny-splained' to Muslims against the smut and pornography being forced down the throats of kids. Of course, Muslims are right to be upset as this has nothing to do with education any more mandates had to do with public health or carbon taxes or green initiatives with the environment.  What was especially obtuse was Justin telling them what their faith should be. It showed how little regard the left has for religion. It was shocking in its arrogant ignorance. 'Cure religion you have there but this is what you're going to think.'

Time and again, Justin reveals he's nothing but a goofball Marxist with no inner-core values or principles. He's an ideologue through and through.

The other part of that interaction was the stark hypocrisy. He spoke about people's rights. Of course, except for truckers and the unvaccinated. But they were dehumanized. They don't count. Their loss of rights don't matter because they 'threatened the collective greater good'.

This is not conspiracy or disinformation or misinformation. This is plain to see in his actions and rhetoric. 

If you dare challenge Justin, it's because you're misinformed or a victim of disinformation. In this case, 'American right-wing extremists'. Another favourite pastime of Justin's is to link flat-earthers with 'anti-vaxxers'. It's a weak, if not insipid analogy, but what do you expect from a guy who looks to constantly divide people with his pseudo-intellectual toxicity? He does the same with the law always looking for ways to circumnavigate it using his lapdog Lametti to find loopholes to avoid the law. Justin already abused the rule of law with SNC with no consequences. He's already highly unethical so it should surprise no one he will continue abusing his powers.

At this rate, Justin is going to run out of scapegoats. It's despotic.

That's how he's able to deal with it. By creating a thick outer layer of dehumanization and the myth of disinformation.

Life is nothing but a flow of information. No one is an expert on the information. Anyone who claims this is a shyster and a liar. A good example of a misinformation fraud is Timothy Caulfield. All they represent is the establishment seeking to control the flow of information and what Canadians see, read and hear. That's the ultimate objective of Bill C-11. They all project because it is they who peddle in disinformation trafficking. It's getting to a point where Justin has the inelegant audacity to chastise political leaders blindsiding them with his disinformation as he did with Meloni. 

The unvaccinated in Canada have no more rights. That was the ultimate price they paid. They've been stripped of all ethical codes and standards set up in the post-war era as the Canadian courts have made clear. It was a coup d'etat against the rights of Canadians.

It was a direct assault on the Bill of Rights.

The vaccinated also paid a high price.

It came in the form of a loss of dignity. They were carefully and cynically nudged into behaviour they instinctively knew was wrong. They were cajoled into an act based on a sustained diet of fear. They were coerced. They were denied information and informed consent. 

Many took it the avoid problems. It's a weak excuse justifying their decision but it just may be a coping and defensive mechanism for some who know they were lied to.

Our government lied repeatedly to us. And continue to do so.

And when you see and call it out, they gaslight you by first making sure you're dehumanized and then a victim of 'disinformation'. They're trying to break you. People's confidence in critical thinking was shattered.

Once you recognize this. You can regain your dignity. Self-consciousness. And ultimately your rights as a free and sovereign human being.

But first. Canada has to rid of itself of this tin-potted small-minded buffoon.


Spot The Game

Do you see the nudging in real time?

They're preparing you.

Manipulating your fears.

They're conditioning you be constantly scared of climate change and viruses. 

Climate lockdowns are a real plan. Not conspiracy. They first have to prep you.

Notice how they're slowly cranking up the fear over COVID for the fall - again. 

Normalize masks. 

And take that magic new booster.

Or else.

I'm not speaking to the paranoid hypochondriacs. Whether in the general population or medical and scientific fields. Or the mentally ill.

I'm talking to you normies.

This only stops when stop being vulnerable to their bull shit. 

And you know who they are. It's the same tiresome cycle of TV dinner experts since the beginning.


On The Carbon Tax

It's a no-brainer that the three - you read that right - carbon taxes need to be repealed as soon as logically possible. Taxes are regressive and won't do a single thing claimed. Correction. It will mean more cash flow for the government.

It's the Great Swindle.

You should be able to spot crony climate grifting by now. 

This government is an optics and ethical disaster. Recently, for example, the spendthrift Governor-General has been seen jet-setting around the world in jets and limos like her boss. 

I'm sure she's conducting crucial business on our behalf.

Like the Senate, the Governor-General is nothing but an appointed crony.

They offer nothing to Canada. 

So how do we know Canadians are getting fleeced?

Look at the countries without a carbon tax.

India, Russia, China, Brazil and the United States. 

I'll let you figure out the point here.

Any questions? 

Canada's democracy and prosperity are eroding and dwindling.



Meet Canada's Social Disorder Experts

It's always nice to see the names and faces of the people who helped to fragment the civil order. We know in the UK 'nudge units' ravaged and potentially irreversibly ruptured British brains with their Svengali schemes so it was only natural Canada - being nothing but an unoriginal and unimaginative colony - would copy the UK.

And the colony did.

Here. These are the people who manipulated you.

I would love to know what was said between this Rodney Ghali character and Cabinet. 

Try to be a bit more fucking critical and skeptical next time out, ok? Because they absolutely will rinse and repeat this game plan scheme. 

Be impervious. Be punk.

Don't let them mock and break you.


Roads To Tyranny

The wars on climate change, disinformation and viruses can lead nowhere but to tyranny.

Every single one of these alleged threats demand citizens give up their liberties to 'fight'.

Climate change, laws  for example, won't result in its reveal. Rather it will lead to mobility rights being curbed or eliminated as well as lockdowns. Disinformation laws will lead not to the defeat of false information but in the lost of the right to information and free speech. Pandemic 'preparedness' and 'prevention' can only only be achieved by removing informed consent and medical autonomy. 

They've already begun to normalize it all. Through language. Listen to the language and jargon. 

15- minute cities. Vaccine passports. Digital ID.

All mechanism needed to control populations in the modern age. 

They use fear and insecurity to play on your nerves. It is used to manipulate you.

There is no climate, disinformation or virus threat to us.

And always look at who funds all of this.

There are roads to tyranny.

Not freedom.

Think about this on Independence Day.


About The Amish

Those crazy weird Amish. You know. Those icky religious people the state loves to maul.

They came out of COVID far more intact as a community than we allegedly enlightened secular observers of scientism did. 

Weird my ass. When faced with a challenge they showed way more sense than we did. 

There's something we should all admire and appreciate (if not envy) about how they handled COVID. They didn't turn on each other choosing instead to rally together as a community. They faced the health crisis with courage driven by faith in God. They didn't turn on each other shaming people into spooky acts and habits like masks and forcing abhorrent vaccine passports (which unbelievably is becoming an actual health feature with the WHO). They ignored The Science TM.  

We, on the other hand, lost our sense of courage and faith in one another choosing instead to rally around empty jargon and slogans enforced and coerced by the state. We put blind faith in the manufactured 'consensus' of scientism. Our God was a man-made vaccine. We bowed before it.

We were, in essence, weak.

And we continue to be pathetic.