Mid-Term Elections Near

Par for the course.

The average net loss for Presidents is 28 seats in the House and four in the Senate.

The only question is will Obama break a record? In 1946 and 1994 respectively, Harry Truman and Bill Clinton lost 54 seats in the House and 12 and eight in the Senate.

The interesting thing for two term Presidents - Truman, Clinton and Ronald Reagan - they usually (with George W. Bush and Dwight D. Eisenhowser being the exceptions) improve their mid-term gains during their second term.

Will Obama be so lucky?

Happy Halloween One Last Time

With Halloween just about over...

Dressed Up As Students

That hilariously stupid wonky law preventing teenagers from trick or treating reminds me of a story when we went ringing door bells on Halloween.

While we were in University.

My friend walked up to a house, rang and a man answered. He looked at us and said, "what are you guys supposed to be?" To which my friend anwered, "We're dressed up as University students." We burst out into laughter and lucky for us the chap at the door enjoyed it and handed us each a candy.

Think of the laughter and joy lost because of such laws!

*Clears throat. Steals candy from daughter's loot*

Classic B-Flicks

The Deadly Mantis (1957).

Oh sure, like you don't think it's possible.

Age Limits For Trick Or Treaters

Once again the tyrannical 'once size fits all' disease has hit some municipalities on this fine continent.

Apparently, it's against the law to go for candy after the age of 12. How sad. How pathetic. How useless. Let's add more bull shit on the plates of cops. That's all we need, some over zealous cop wrestling some poor 13 year-old to the ground after spending the night id-ing them.

So far, I've never witnessed or read about an incident involving teenagers on Halloween. I know there's Mad Night (which I used to participate in) where I'm sure some kids have gotten into trouble over the years, but to justify banning teenagers from Halloween? Now watch. Because they've set up a cop v. teenager narrative, we're likely to see trouble.

Did you say we live in a free society?

These morons on boards making these decisions can bite my...Kit-Kat.

Presidential First Pitch

Apparently, Obama threw a curve ball. So says the guy who sent me this video.

I think he was doing a Rick Ankiel impersonation.

In any event, it looks to me that Dubya was more natural and confident pitching the sucker.

I leave it to the sports fans among us to decide.

Lame post. I know.

What I would like to see for our Prime Minister (s) is not to drop the puck at ceremonial events. I want to see them lace up and take a slap shot.

Restore Nothing

Thanks Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert - for something.

"Restoring sanity" is a tougher thing to accomplish than one might assume.

This video is interesting because, for me, it lays to rest once and for all that only the Tea Party are policy illiterate. In fact, these sorts of things are nothing but a conglomeration of people who are attracted to a general attitude. Among them, you'll always find idiots. The trick is to get the general overall "sense" of things.

It's interesting to see that Stewart/Colbert attract a mostly liberal, youngish crowd.

Judging from the video, is this the sort of folk expected to "restore sanity?" If so...the tasmanian devil is on the loose and unless you're Bugs, run.

As some of you know, the one thing in the liberal-conservative dichotomy that grates me incessantly is how liberals actually claim to be awesome critical thinkers. Huffington Post likes to delude itself with self-assuaging flatulence along those kines. Somehow they're the torch carriers of our Enlightenment heritage.

Pish posh.

Not to use this video to disparage an ideology, but can anyone debunk the fact that the financially-challenged kid at the 5:20 minute mark talking about the need to spend money to fix things represents the general liberal outlook?

It's a total breakdown of basic knowledge of finance.

Other things that I still don't get:

-The idea that liberal democrats are "weak" and that's why their ideas never see the light of day. Sorta like the "the wrong people implemented communism" routine. The older I get (and it remains to be seen if wisdom is growing along with it) the more I lose patience with this position.

-Which leads me into the bizarre belief that liberals "can't do anything because of the party of no" when in fact, they have total control in Washington.

-Love that the interviewer called out the guy with the "Good Rush-Bad Rush" t-shirt. Specifically, about Rush being fans of Ayn Rand. Deer. Headlights.

-Liberals are just as libel to be ignorant of issues as The Party. One believes in spending restrictions, the other in no spending limits looks like. Maybe with some regional accents to differentiate them.

-No liberals, "science is not on your fucking side." Science is, well, science.

-A friend of mine once told me he believed "smart" people watch Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert. So much for that.


On Second Thought

I think Mr. Mudgett (H.H. Holmes) was more insanely evil than Myers.

Wow. America's first serial killers was truly stuff of murderous legend.

Halloween With Michael Myers

Did I just stumble upon a comedy sketch?

It doesn't get much more terrifying, terroristic or horrific than Michael Myers. Dude's got a bone to pick.


Glaciation Period On Its Way

From "Science Matters" by Robert M. Hazen and James Trefil. It's an excellent, readable, apolitical journey into the heart of science. It's certainly perfect for a refresher. It's a book that could have been written by your science teacher. Nothing but science.

Of course, they lose me in all those sub-atomic particles and quantum parts, but hey, I'm slow that way. Given the debate surronding global warming, I found this part interesting in the chapter discussing 'Earth Cycles' and ice caps and glaciers in particular:

"The most recent ice age was in full swing 20 000 years ago, when glaciers extended as far south as Chicago. Today we live in what geologists call an interglacial, a term we find chilling in every sense of the world. On a shorter time scale, chance events also affect the glacial cycle. Major volcanoes can spew dark matter into the atmosphere, blocking sunlight and cooling the planet for a year or two, which creates brief periods of growing glaciers. Increased atmospheric concentrations of carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases, whether man-made or natural, may have the opposite effect. The best prediction available now is what we are (or should be) heading into another period glaciation, although the advent of global warming by the greenhouse effect may introduce a temporary glitch in the grand cycle of freezing and melting."
There you go.

Cartoon Noire

Honor Killings

The interesting topic of honor killings from East to West.

The article takes a special look at Italy.

I've been hearing honor killings are crimes of passion. Perhaps in some cases, but why does it sound like a cop out to me?

CFL Drops Ball


Soccer players in Europe have been wearing pink shoes and NFL players have also worn pink to support breast cancer. Not one of these players were fined.

Is anyone thinking in the CFL tower?

I swear. I can't stand when people apply "policies" to the letter in special human interest circumstances.

Unesco's Weird Moment

I don't know the ins and outs of this but I was under the impression Rachel's Tomb was Jewish. For UNESCO to designate it a Mosque is odd to say the least.

The Changing Face Of England

Is this a glimpse into the future for the West? Or at least for us here in the New World?


Speaking of England, it's interesting to see the difference between the English and their continental neighbours (and historic enemy and rival) France through the prism of pensions. England increased its retirement age without much fuss among the Brits. By contrast, France increased it by two years and there was a revolt to the point of slowing down the economy.

You know the saying, the English (and other Northern nations) are deferent to authority whereas the French (and Italians) aren't.

Suspicious Packages And Terrorism

A reminder.

It is a war.

The President, I notice, keeps saying "extremism" as opposed to "terrorism."

Shoot, they say Rush Limbaugh is an "extremist." Are people unwittingly equating them?

It's silly of course but how we use words can be a silly exercise.

Also, Yemen is known to be a major base for Al-Queda operations. Is the United States going to invade that country too?

Forgotten Adventurers

In school we learned about the French-Canadian adventurers known to history as the Coureurs de bois. There were, however, another group I don't seem to recall reading about. They being The Overlanders who travelled from Ontario to British Columbia in pre-Confederation Canada.

Another Question: Lost Art

Should countries who possess works of arts that don't belong to them return it to the country of origin?

Admitting May Set Me Free

Admitting publicly I blog is still a difficult thing. You can sense behind the "Oh" people say in response is a "how nice, you keep a diary like a little girl who still believes in princesses" or "do you really believe people actually give a shit what you think?"

Nonetheless, like a lone warrior in search of victims, I march on with no real sense of purpose or direction.

Person: So. What are your interests?
T.C.: Depends. I think it's important we control all the oil in the world. I spend a lot of time, you know...plotting.
Person: Oh. Other than that?
T.C.: I blo...er, let's see, I gar...den?
Person: Really? Me too!
T.C. (to self): Shit!
Person: What do you plant?
T.C.: Beans?
Person: Beans?
T.C.: Grass?
Person: Oh, I get it! That's a joke! What about flowers?
T.C.: You plant flowers?
Person: You kidder.
T.C. (on cell): Hoeny, I think I know why the flowers keep dying.

Classic Films

Joseph Cotton is one of those "I can't believe he's not in the Hall" type of actor. Rush, Andy Kim, Ron Santo...those types.

Shadow of a Doubt (1943) is Hitchcock in American form. Great flick. I love character, plot driven films.

It never ceases me to amaze me how many Canadians appear in Hollywood films either in major or minor roles. Hume Cronyn starred as "Herbie" in this one. Another one of those, "hey, I know that guy!" actors. He's not as memorable as Michael Ironside but hey...



Why don't credit cards have picture ID?

Classic Rock Album Covers

Album covers that speak to me:

Bon Scott: What will be your choice of transportation into hell, sir? We have a vicious Dodge Challenger or a Prius. Gotta think global warming, you know? Although I'm not sure it's having much of an impact. Still. Lucy feels we gotta do our bit for public relations purposes.
T.C.: I see. Oh, I don't know, Bon. How about that?
Bon: Charon's ferry it is!

About the guy to the left of the picture. Yeah, the one who looks like his mind just discovered acid or the quantum version of Einstein's theory of something, something.

How many of you had a guy in class that looked exactly like that? Raise of hands. I know I did. They were usually wearing tobacco shoes.

Just Curious

About things that will have absolutely have no impact on my life.

I was bumping along the Open Secrets website and decided to punch in 'Tea Party' to view who contributes financially to it.

Of course, there is no "one" Tea Party but several chapters. The only ones listed were for Louisiana and Cincinnati.

The University of Cincinnati was its biggest contributor followed by a bunch of, I assume, local businesses. At least it's a good sign the amount they raise (240k) still exceeds the amount they spend (by 20%). 65% of expenditures are on campaigning.

Lousiana's operation is far smaller having raised 12k but, again, they only spent about 8k. Among its "major" contributors include Holiday Hallmark.

More On The Tea Party

From The Morning Sentinel. A look an in-depth look at the Tea Party:

At this stage, it's a rustic, unrefined, loose, heterogenous conglomeration of disaffected individuals motivated by a few factors including small government, less taxes, race and religion.

Only time will tell if it has legs and whether a more an intellectually adept generation will move in or merely revert back into the two-party option.


...Seventy percent of the grass-roots groups said they have not participated in any political campaigning this year. As a whole, they have no official candidate slates, have not rallied behind any particular national leader, have little money on hand, and remain ambivalent about their goals and the political process in general.
"...We're not wanting to be a third party," s...aid Matt Ney, 55, the owner of a pilates studio and a founder of the Pearland Tea Party Patriots in Pearland, Tex. "We're not wanting to endorse individual candidates ever. What we're trying to do is be activists by pushing a conservative idea..."
...There is little agreement among the leaders of various groups about what issue the tea party should be most concerned about. In fact, few saw themselves as part of a coordinated effort.

If anything tied the groups together, it was what motivated their members to participate. Virtually all said that economic concerns were a factor, and nearly as many cited a general mistrust of government. Opposition to President Barack Obama and Democratic policies was a big factor, but only slightly more so than dissatisfaction with mainstream Republican leaders...
...While the tea party groups may lack a unifying direction or vision at the moment, the results show that they are ripe for action. A remarkable 86 percent of local leaders said most of their members are new to political activity, suggesting they could be turned into a potent grass-roots force heading into the 2012 elections....

"...Some of the local group leaders may find such tactics distasteful. Fifty-seven percent said they want to operate as a network of independent entities. And many organizers said that the lack of coordination and the independence of the groups are what drew them to the movement, even if it is a liability when it comes to turning their beliefs into action...."
"...If you're an opponent of the tea party, we're not an easy target," he said. "Some of the groups want to take on prayer in school. Some of them want to take on voter education. Some want to be endorsing candidates. But there is no particular person, at least in the state of Ohio, who is the president of the tea party; it just doesn't exist. That's a disadvantage for us because we can't move quickly on things. We can't always agree...."
"...The tea party has been accused of racism by its political opponents, after comments from some prominent members and signs at several major rallies this year that attacked Obama for either his race or the false belief that he is a Muslim. At rallies, for instances, organizers have kicked out questionable members and have sought to project a more tolerant image.
But the interviews found that Obama's race is, in fact, important in more than one in 10 tea party groups.

Andy Stevens, 68, a video producer and a founder of the Tea Party Patriots in Anacortes, Wash., said he described Obama's race and and religion as "somewhat important" to members of his group because they remain troubled by what they see as the president's un-American and un-Christian behaviors.

In Stevens's view, those include Obama's "socialist" policies and intentional failure to mention "the creator" when talking about inalienable rights..."


The Phone Call

Earlier this evening I accidentally answered the phone. I never answer the phone except for the matriarchs in the family who have earned the respect. Everyone else - Fucking waste of time.

Most of the calls are for my wife anyway. My calls come on my cell during the day and that's sufficient talk for me in a day. Me and my buddies, when we have to, communicate by email and the odd phone call.

After putting my daughter to bed - she fell asleep at 7pm. A new record - the phone rang. Ring, ring. I saw it was my wife's friend and former colleague but had no intention of answering but instead of hitting the "no ringer" button I accidentally put her on speaker.

And of all people! This person is going through a massively difficult time. What could I possibly say? Here's a girl who: Couldn't conceive, her husband cheated on her and is suspected of have given her HPV. She contracted diabetes thanks to a diet set by a naturopath, weighs under 100lbs, is anorexic, clinically depressed and suicidal.

What could I possibly say or add my wife can't? She's the one who used to devote free time to running all sorts of workshops including for anorexics. She's far more qualified than me that's for sure.

Not that I'm selling myself short but really. This girl is not in a good place at all.

Actually, I met her and my wife at the mall a couple of weeks back. She doesn't look well. Once a vibrant, strong girl with a teaching career, she looked like she aged several years. It was sad.

My intellectual prowess failed me. I couldn't find the proper words and even if I did I couldn't frame it in any coherent, particular manner.

The word is awkward. Like it was on the phone. I got out of it relatively unscathed but minutes later she called asking me to do some research on the internet (she has no access) about some clay thing called Montmorillonite. It's something my wife usually does but now I found myself feeling empathy.

I know, I know. Me. Empathy. Get it off!

Seriously. If anyone knows anything about this clay and its supposed healing properties especially for viruses like HPV and for those stricken with diabetes feel free to comment.

Truth Is

I have nothing in common with:

-San Francisco liberals
-Vermont liberals
-Polygamus Utah Mormons
-Bible belt conservatives
-Quebec nationalists
-Montana militant libertarians
-European socialists
-Hollywood millionaire socialists who nag like assholes.
-Alberta conservatives
-Communists and Marxists wherever they fucking live and lead their miserable bespeckled, goateed lives.
-Hearse drivers
-Gay leprechauns

The Spite In Me

I'm not a spiteful person nor do I hold any grudges. I'm pretty good that way.

But, I gotta tell ya, once this business takes off and it accomplishes what I set out to do, it'll be tempting to send a note saying "You coulda had this" to all those fucking assholes in human resources who somehow determined my resume wasn't worth a call back.

So with that:

A big f-you!


Mind you, it would have helped if I'd adjust my style a little:

Rufus T. Firefly Law

I hereby declare The Rufus T. Firefly Law (I can't think of anyone one better to pay hommage to. Do you?) whereby the longer a conversation goes about anything, the chances of you being accused of being bilked and fooled by Fox News - regardless of where you live or watch it - increases dramatically once all factual avenues to amateurishly defend a point have been frustratingly exhausted.

Then, as a non-sequitur, Godwin's Law kicks in for good measure.

Truths About The Commentator

I've never had a Big Mac.

I got the idea of keeping water on my night table from watching The Pink Panther.


Just Too Cool

I was at the grocery store taking in the fresh scent of anis when I noticed, while waiting in line to effen pay, a fairly handsome gal dressed in hot black trying to balance several items in her arms as if they were all about to come crashing down to the floor. She was quite the multi-tasker as she was talking on her Blue Tooth phone.

Didn't think much more of it until I walked out where I was met with a silver car parked with its hazards on in front of not only a No Parking zone reserved for firetrucks but on a cross walk as well. Like the hazards will really make a difference when the firemen come.

It was a rather selfish thing to do when you think of it. Reminds me of that scene on Seinfeld when George parked in the handicap spot after Kramer argued the odds were against a handicap person really parking there.

I don't see how someone can be so busy as to not park, what, 10-12 feet in a real spot. "What if" there was a fire? Suddenly it's a "Costanza moment" all over.

All this to say, she was too cool for Milan and the grocery store.

Everything New Is Old

I've often mused about the myth of originality on these pages. Not that I don't think some ideas are so and that people come up with unique concepts, but as a whole, everything has been said and done. It's just that the packaging and ribbons change. It only comes off as "original" because we have short memories or just plain ignorant.

This article is basically as realistic as it can get - well, to the extent it's what I've observed.

The article focuses on management but it can very easily apply to any field especially the arts.


C'est N'est Pas Juste

France is basically screwed.

End of the line. Please get off.

The Commentator Indicted

Poor, poor dude. Sure. Itsokay. Shhh. I know. Dodo. Shh.

Judge: How do you plea on the charges of racketeering, illegal gambling, prostitution and murder!"
T.C (to lawyer): Racketeering? Like, he means tennis right? 'Cuz I do got a sweet one-hand backhand.
Judge: Mr. Carter please advise your client to enter a plea.
T.C.: Not guilty.
Judge: Do you understand the charges made against you? I'm asking because you don't look, well, bright.
T.C.: It's all a misunderstanding judge.
Judge: Oh? How so?
T.C.: It's guilt by association.
Judge: Really? Sez here Gary 'The Paper Clipper' Randazzo ratted you out.
T.C.: Gary? I can no be-lif! Me and Gar go back. Way back.
Judge: Do explain.
T.C.: One time, Gary had a pocket knife and was hungry. So he decided he wanted an Aero bar. Wait...bad story.
Judge: Mr. T.C., I don't think you quite grasp the seriousness of these charges. Randazzo says you are the head of a criminal global enterprise.
T.C.: I don't understand.
Judge: He says you are the king of the mafia.
T.C.: Well, they used to say I was king of...
Lawyer: You're honor we request bail to be set at $1000. Clearly my client is incapable of running a kitchen let alone a criminal enterprise.
Judge: I'm not so sure. I've seen mobsters play dumb before. He seems clever to me.
T.C.: Thank you your honor.
(Looks back at wife and sticks tongue out. She face palms).
Judge: Bail is set at $500 000 and Mr. T.C. will surrender his passport.
T.C.: Holy shit! For slide tackling Randazzo on the pitch?
Lawyer: It's ok. I'll fix it.
T.C.: That's what you said last time.
Lawyer: Last time? It's the first I'm representing you.
T.C.: I looked into your brief case. Nothing but phony papers and an apple.
Lawyer to wife: We have problems.
(Bailiffs take T.C. away)
T.C.: I'll be back. I swear. I didn't mean to charge into him that way. Randazzo!!!!

Jewish Revival In Southern Italy

My father's lawyer is Jewish (here we go with the stereotypes). Alas, it's true. Great guy. He and my dad, who hails from the rustic region of Calabria, always got along great. A few years back he went to Rome to trace back the Eternal City's Jewish roots.

He may have to pack his bags and head to Calabria and Sicily now.


Quintessentially Canadian

Can't get more Montreal than April Wine. Heaven. I must've seen them live at least five times:

Yeah. When the Habs "mattered" we'd play shinny out on the ice while blasting the Wine. Do I detect...a cow bell? More cow bell!

Dated a girl from Calgary. For true.

Trooper are one of those bands with a loyal fan base:

More Words I Hate


It's to the point an innocuous opinion can be deemed "extreme."

If you hold a position different from someone be careful...you will be made...extreme!

The New Man Of Terrorism

Meet the new bosss, Ilyas Kashmiri.

Same as the old boss, Bin Laden.

Where in the world is Carmen San Diego anyway?


Kashmiri is quoted as saying in the article, “They know their enemy well,” he said. “They know what I am really up to.”

Just don't tell deluded socialists and liberals to take him at face value.

The disturbing part of the article is something that I'm sure is in everyone's mind: When and if they'll hit stadiums.


American Jihadists.

March Against Police Brutality

Took place this week-end.

Love the story, heard on the radio, about how cops converged on a black man. When asked why they were accosting him for no reason one of them replied, "go back to your country if you don't like it."

This still enrages me. I couldn't continue watching it. They didn't have to do this. They took a life for all of us to see. To me, this wasn't security.

Guess what else? Nothing ever came of it.

Wikileak War Log

Over 391 000 secret war documents were released by wikileaks on Friday. You can view them here.

Music Sunday

Still active, The Stranglers are, I guess, an experimental, punk, new wave UK band.

Quebec 'Tea Party"

Let's call it Le Salon de The.

As mentioned in the past, the Tea Party movement is resonating around the world including here in Canada and in Quebec in particular.

Once again, it's up to Quebec to make things interesting in this country.

The message of the Tea Party is smaller government and lower taxes and all that jazz. Of course, to some, this is nonsense and its origins is rooted in not only racism but astro turfing.

Either way, the message is what's striking. In Quebec, the realignment of conservative politics began with the ADQ. It's a few years now, in addition, I've observed the rise of Quebec libertarianism as well.

The Quebec Freedom Network is now up and running. It's so new it doesn't have a website. Its first "star" speaker is conservative MP Maxime Bernier

The question is, is this happening because we've reached a "tipping point?" In other words, liberal over reach and people are merely reacting to it? Or is this something that's been around except these voters never had a political conduit to voice their concerns?

One thing is for sure, it's gonna be tough linking them with the "racist" tag. They don't carry that sort of baggage.

While I do think taxes are elevated and there's an excess in government agencies, at least here in Canada we're not engaging in "modification" payments for mortgages like in the States. That's a serious social malaise.

Man. The mind boggles.


True North Strong And Ready To Fight

Zeus left a comment on my blog that has since been removed by some nefarious entity. However, he asked a question that at least merited a post. It brought me back to a class discussion we had in high school about Canadians who served in American wars - Korea and Vietnam most recently.

They also served in the American Civil War for various reasons.

Canada, despite being a colony with no empire baggage, had no problem raising soldiers in the 20th century.


On a side note, since I open the Quebec-South discussion, not too long ago, Canadians relied on American interpretations and facts to learn about their on history.

I reckon this began to change during the "cultural renaissance" and nationalist tendencies under Diefenbaker in the 1950s when a new generation of historians for Canadians by Canadians began to take root.

Quebec And The South

SE posted this video about Southern nationalism. It got me thinking about Quebec.

As I've said in the past, Quebec shares many similarities and aspirations with the Southern states - though Quebec seems a little more hedonistic and progressive - in other words more liberal. There's certainly no right-wing Christian movement here.

Still, both face perceptions from different parts of their respective nations.To Northerners, the South is parochial. To those outside the Quebec nationalist ranks, Quebec is also looked upon as parochial. Interestingly, the link between Quebec and the south are the Acadians-Cajuns.

Nonetheless, self-determination is a parochial notion.

Quebec is indeed distinct from any other province. Depending how we define "distinct." Language, music, law etc.

But so too is Newfoundland and British Columbia. Asking to split a countrty because of this is tenuous at best.

The two main things, as far as I can tell, that separate us is language and our respective legal systems. We use the civil code while the rest of the country uses common law. The issue then becomes how much of a willingness is there to have one united nation under a federal government? Newfoundland, despite being the last to join Confederation, and B.C., despite the rise of Western nationalism, remain loyal to Canada...for now. Interestingly, Canada doesn't prevent Quebec from expressing itself on any level.

Sometimes I wonder if Canada will simply disintegrate under the growing forces yearning for independence.
It's interesting to note just how many nationalist/secessionist movements there are on the continent. Vermont has one for cripes sake.

Canada is the most decentralized federal state in the world. It's been claimed this is its strength given the sheer size of the country. Ironically, the provinces, by the sounds of it, have more power than U.S. states have. Canada already operates as 10 isolated island groups with Ottawa serving as a unifying, political (and symbolic to hard core Quebec separatists) boundary.

For example, there's no real free trade between provinces called inter-provincial barriers. In fact, we still have labor and trade wars. Another example is that medicare cards are not transportable. Yet, they all clamor, Quebec first among them, like spoiled children to see who gets their hands on Federal equalization payments.

Quebec has pretty much full control of things on its own. Yet, it does to its people what the Federal government what they claim did to Quebec: Impose its will. The Quebec state, more ironies for you, would be no different than an overbearing Federal state. Don't think so? Just listen to the xenophobia around immigrants and the repressive education laws. Some argue what's protecting citizens outside the "pure laine" ranks is Federation.

I don't join Quebec's aspirations because, A) I don't like nationalism and B) I don't share into their value sysyems. I don't agree with its business models and I certainly don't agree with its human rights record with regards to education and language. I have, to say the least, concerns. The PQ say they're democratic and pluralist and then turn around and talk like crazed populists shut out of reality.

To not join it doesn't mean I don't deny its unique position. I don't believe it's a reason to leave Canada. It's just that right now, they haven't done anything to reach out to me. I simply don't trust Quebec to protect me. Already they don't show too much concern, is it that much of a stretch once free from Ottawa they would unleash still further?

Canada serves as a convenient buffer.

Which makes me wonder. How many people in the south are like us "allophones" who exist in obscurity between two national states struggling for supremacy to control me? Would the south vote, if given the chance, to opt out of the Union? Quebec did this twice and lost both times.

As they should have.


For Every Debit There's A Credit; For Every Penny Borrowed There's Interest

I don't know if any of youzzz have had a chance to view the 'A Private Universe' video (I recommend it with some cranberry juice), but it made me think about something.

Namely, you can make the same video for finance. If there's one thing I learned 10 years in the bank is how financially illiterate people can be. Even those could with numbers come up with some zany concepts and preconceptions about the "laws of finance."

It's not surprising given how many stupid "how-to" books are out there. It's enough to confuse the bejesus out of just about anyone including Casper. Don't know why I mention him. Man. I hated Casper.

I've witnessed cases where a person has $500 000 in savings but is carrying a $100 000 debt never once thinking to pay it down. In fact, I've had to explain to people the number one albatross in their life (outside a shitty fantasy hockey team and an infatuated stalker) is debt and if not reigned in properly you'll wallow in abyss for the rest of your life.

For example, one client had recieved an inheritance of $250 000. He asked me to do all sorts of things without mentioning his debts. I asked him about them and told me he had Visa's and personal lines of credit totalling $40 000. He had been paying the minimum balance for years!

After showing him (with rudimentary stick persons) how that deal he got on his TV for $500 actually cost him $800 his eyes opened wide. They just don't think of it that way.

I'm not suggesting people sit and figure out how interest is calculated. What I'm advising is to learn the basic overall tenets of how interest work. Maybe then they won't think branch managers can actually manipulate interest rates. Mebbe they'd actually grasp the stock markets are complex but delicate eco-systems with anarchastic tendencies and not so easily given to controllable factors. Though sometimes...The more I delved into the world of stock markets the less I understood. Markets are like science. We can state simple principles or laws but the "clock gears" behind them actually making things work are marvelously complicated. I digress.

And we're not talking about stupid people either. The aforementioned individual was a professor. My father-in-law, God rest his soul, was in business. Yet, when I looked at his investments I noticed he did the same thing. He preferred to manage his debt as if it was "independent" from his investments. To him, his money was "tied up" and couldn't be used to pay debt. The idea of seeing his balance go down for the month (he was retired) didn't appeal to him I reckon.

It's all psychomological.

It's no different with governmet by the way.

The credit culture is another problem. It's crazy but people actually think credit is currency that doesn't need to be paid down. In fact, the concept of borrowing and (credit lines, credit cards etc.) completely eludes people. When they do manage to get one, they fill them up. At which point they fail to distinguish between paying the principal and interest amounts.

In addition, cognizance of how cash flow (debit/credit, liabilities/assets, plus/minus, ebb/flow, Mork/Mindy) functions and how it can help manage a household budget and business is dormant if not plain dead; probably murdered.

A more psychological issue, sense of entitlement poses another problem. Although hard to quantify with any empirical evidence, it is an observational leitmotif of our times. I've met people who were indignant about having to pay for a student loan oblivious to the fact someone has to pick up the tab (ie me and you). They've fooled themselves into thinking they're actually doing society a service by getting an education. Great. Not only are they delusional but dependent as well.

Someone close to us in the family operated on this faulty premise. Not surprisingly, she ruined her credit. My parents had to help pay down the debt to clear her name. To her (and many others), she was entitled to an education but didn't compute that post-secondary education is a privilege that should be viewed as a product and not a right viewed as an entitlement. In addition, credit was cash. She was ignorant that maintaining good credit is akin to maintaining a good reputation in general.

Which brings me to another point. I don't really blame the "children." After all, it's not like someone was setting them straight. So they fill their empty heads with all sorts of nonsense. I wouldn't be surprised if some of them had Bat-Man as "lender of last resort."

When confronted with the reality of life they lash out in many ways. Some vent on blogs, others blame capitalism, a bunch may sink into the the neter-world of Larouchian conspiracy theories, a few may even go Postal - and so on.

The way I see it, there are two sources to set kids straight: Education and parents. 

I'm a huge proponent of integrating basic finance classes in school. We had a Bookkeeping class in high school but it was an "elective" and not mandatory. Somehow teaching abstract economic models and Camus were deemed  "more important" than basic finance (true personal economics). There's nothing "liberal" in education anymore. It's just plain dumbed down.

Schools should be teaching the concept of "saving" money in grade school. They should, for example, discuss the basic tenets of how banks operate and what interest rates are and how it impacts money.

The home should be the centrifugal force to producing not only financially literate kids but all-round individuals. If you're not teaching your kids the basic principles of money, then where are they going to get it? On Facebook?

What service are we doing the yung'uns if they chitter-chatter profusely about nothing on social networking sites (butchering grammar along the way) while having little understanding of things that will eventually impact their lives? It's something we don't think to teach - and we should. Children today live in a time where technology is at its apex and so they live with an ability to effortlessly learn complex technologies.

We should take that advantage and transfer it back to basic, simple things they're overlooking.

Like shifting energy back and forth.

I've gone on enough. Blah, blah.

The end.


Link to the periodic table of nonsense. Again, shamelessly ripped from SE.

The one I hate is people who "detox."

Skeptic Extraordinaire

Link to noted Canadian-American skeptic scholar James Randi's website.

I read it from time to time. Been known to pick up a few issues of Skeptical Inquirer as well. As a larger mag in size, it hides the smaller Hustler well at the cash.

I jest, mama.

An Expressive People

Looks about right to me.


Hyperinflation In America

There's again concern among some commentators (e.g. Gerald Celente) America is heading towards a hyperinflationary period.

Heard that before. His name is Howard Ruff.

Say it long enough, you're bound to be right. And when you're not, move the goal post. Or blame a secretive, sinister, alien right-wing cabal. Or anything you care to scapegoat to deflect attention away from yourself.

Paul Ehrlich is betting on it.

One of my buddies still teases me about how every year on the first day of school for five years I'd proclaim, "This is the year for the Expos!" I came close. In 1994. But by then we were long out of high school.

Speaking of (over) praise (in the link). Plenty of people get awards for bull shit. Ehrlich is one. Michael Moore is another (John Steinbeck award for example). Which only goes to prove, awards are useless (and possibly corrupt in some cases) and the people giving them out are mindnumbingly clueless.

Moon Phases Explained

It's always good to refresh one's science memory.

As you can tell, I'm doing so.

Solar Eclipse

Solar Eclipse.

Political Science Departments

It's global rankings week on The Commentator.

Top Political Science departments in the world.

Columbia is king.

Canada's first appearance is University of Toronto at 93. Seven Canadian universities make it with one of them - Universite de Montreal - from Quebec.

Science Knowledge Or Lack Thereof

Link to a video made in the late 1980s titled 'A Private Universe.' Click on VOD at the bottom right hand side.

It explores how students (were) are scientifically illiterate and how they rely on their own personal perception of the facts. No one ever challenged them along the way. Interesting to see Harvard students fail.

No wonder so many people feel their opinions are "factual."


So. On a different level, how does Canada fare in science? In science in math not too bad.

Here's a profile at Sciencewatch.


Banning Campbell's

I don't eat Campbell's because A) I make my own soups and B) Too much salt, man. I do buy, however, their organic broth from time to time.

Jihad Watch believes (well, one American blogger anyway) there are other reasons.

Exposing Aids

From Exposing Faux Capitalism:

I post this because A) I felt like it B) Why not? At least it takes on an issue and C) It reminds me of my first ever class I took in Cegep. For some reason I elected to take a journalism class which I soon dropped. I was in over my head. "Things The Commentator won't become: Journalist: Check."

But at least it was memorable. In one of the three classes he attended he took on the entire class about how "Aids/HIV was a myth." One student challenged him, "Trust me. And as we move forward you'll know why."

It was quite an eye opener for me. Up until then I was a lousy washed up jock. Suddenly, I was in a class with budding reporters arguing about Aids.

I did want to raise my hand and ask "What's Aids?"

Hard Rockin' Woman

Merci Monsieur Skeptical Eye:

Love this vid of Springsteen:

When I got hitched I agreed to a videographer on the condition he'd allow me to pick the soundtrack. The last thing I needed was a video filled with Titanic type crap.

One of the songs that made the list was Summer Sun by the Swedish "electronica-jazz" band Koop.

The guy who edited the film said it was the best collection of music he ever heard for wedding videos.

I believe him because I've seen the stuff that goes on those things.

Freedom's Tricky Road

As posted earlier, Canada does well on "freedom indices."

I guess stuff like this doesn't penalize us.

Why, just today the Parti Quebecois vowed that they will "ban" (their lovely democratic word) future immigrants from daring to consider sending their own kids to an English school.

Total World Deaths

I love these resources. This one in particular is helpful.

It's in black and red too to add to the macabre atmosphere.

Number one killer: Heart disease and stroke. Biggest cancer killer? Lung. Lethal.


Just an off the hand observation that struck me. It probably means nothing (since tiny countries are also found), of the countries with populations of over 100 million, Japan is first overall and the U.S. is second; albeit in 30th. Mexico, China, Indonesia, India and Russia (in that order) are still further down the list.

Justice In Ontario

Southern rocker Steve Earle apparently sells more albums in Quebec than anywhere else in the world (I might have mentioned this in the past). Interesting that. I saw him live in 1992. A gay man tried to pick me up right in front of my girlfriend at the time.

I digress.

Speaking of Ontario in a previous post, Earle wrote a song called 'Justice in Ontario' singing about the infamous lynching of the notorious Donnelly family. It's not everyday American singer-song writers tackle Canadian themes.

The video, however, uses the song about Native unrest and how raising the Canadian flag led to three arrests. I have no clue about the facts of this story.

Shutting Down Wi-Fi

School in Ontario votes to shut down Wi-Fi claiming it's affecting their children's health.

More on the subject here.

It's nice to be diligent and all but it doesn't seem like the science backs them up.

Nazi Loot Online

A database meticulously storing lost possessions during WWII is now up and running.

Sweden and Switzerland were "neutral."



Canadian Show Going Yankee

CBC's Little Mosque on the Prairie going Fox.

I watched the first season but then I realized it wasn't racey or vulgar enough for my taste.

I consider this show interesting conceptually.

No Honor Or Justice Served

I don't know why Captain Semrau was charged in the first placed.

Once processed, they had no choice but to convict him.

Still, for me, what he did was more out of dignity for someone gutted and dying before his eyes. He could have turned around and said, "fuck him. Let him suffer and die like the terrorist pig he is." He didn't. He humanely put a bullet in his head. He didn't walk into someone's house and blowan unarmed person away. It was in the field of battle; something we commoners will never experience.

What's next? Have our soldiers lawyer up? We send these guys over to kill for our defense and "liberty" and then we turn around and charge them? Imagine how many soldiers in world history would have been charged!

Maybe the military and politics are calling it "dishonorable" but Canadians are having none of it it looks like.


Go kill the yellow man won't you please? For us. But don't forget to apologize first to your enemy or the state will fuck you up.

I stand by Captain Semrau.


This incident reminds me of one of the most misunderstood rock anthems ever penned.


Bill 103.


That's all it is. Strip it down to its core. It's ideology prevailing over the health concerns of private citizens.

Jean Charest and the Liberals are tyrants. They can claim all they want dressing it up with all sorts of strawman fallacies but they can never, ever claim to be true liberals in the classic definition of the word.

They're tyrants dictating to parents what's best for their families. They're tyrants for eliminating free choice.

Ironic given the liberty they seek for their culture they deny it for citizens.

Let's make this crystal clear: This is not about the well-being of people. There's bound to be a negative social fall out from this I reckon.

Which brings me to Gilles Dushlepp. He was off running around in Washington talking nonsense about separation the other day. He asserted after being asked by the Fedex guy (no joke) about Quebec's patently repressive and restrictive language and education laws, "there isn't a better treated minority in the world than Anglos in Quebec."

Thanks Gilles. I guess.

First of all, source please? I would like to know what he based that on. Rwanda? It's all relative, no?

Second, I've grown tired and outright reject the "well treated" argument for a number of Roman numerals:

i) It stinks of arrogance and paternalism.
ii) It gives the impression we're renters (or squatters depending to what degree one supports independence)on "their" land. Of course, don't bring up the Cree with Quebec nationalists.
iii) Gee, I didn't realize Quebec was so kind to us. Last I checked, the English, Scots, Irish, Chinese, Jewish and Italian communities mostly built their own institutions with their own money during a time when Quebec wallowed in xenophobic behavior. Some claim we're not that far from that still today. What we've got we fought for.
iv) Because we're "well treated" doesn't mean a community should tolerate anti-democratic laws.
v) If Anglos are so well treated they would not have made (and continue to make) the extremely difficult decision to move. As we personally often do in this household. Land in Vermont! I'd rather pay taxes elsewhere if this is the mindset.
vi) Until I see a civil service that reflects the true cultural and lnguistic mosaic of Quebec, I won't accept this logic.
vii) It insults French speaking Quebecers who likely don't share this view.
viii) Because it's a stupid fucking thing to say publicly.

Thanks For Nothing

Some really smart people read this blog. I mean, really smart folk.

That impacts how and what I write. I try to be as respectful as I can because I feel respectful (and -giggle - thoughtful) writing is demanded of me.


Man, I gotta tell ya all this restraint is making Jack duller than a night out in Fredricton. I mean, who doesn't want to sometimes go batapeshit on something? Who's with me? Anyone? C'man!

Vulgar, profanity laced tirades poking fun at people that make you ill are good for the soul. No?

Anyway, thanks for the leash...and the whip.


Are We In A Dark Age?

If the Dark Ages are described as being a time where classical knowledge was lost, have we reentered an age where the wisdom and knowledge of the ancients have been pushed aside waiting to be rediscovered?

Or is it already discounted in our life manifesting itself in education, film and other mediums?

Put it to you this way, are people in position of power - media, corporations, politics - learned in the great texts of Western culture as they should be given their infuence?

Diff'rent Smokes For Diff'rent Folks

I couldn't come up with a better title for this post.

My friend's father went under the knife to plug a leaky valve in his heart.

The surgery was a success but they discovered a curious thing. As a lifetime, hard smoker, his lungs were basically "normal."

My father on the other hand, had turned yellow, black.

Smoking affects people differently. Even if the body of evidence suggests its strongly linked to various diseases, one size fits all laws against it are interesting.

Smoking is a foul addiction. But it's not illegal. Until then, stop treating people who smoke like second-class citizens. "Be like the rest of us or else..."

Alcoholics, in the meantime, can easily get behind the wheel of a car and directly have an observational impact by killing someone. Besides, I'm pretty sure the government still makes a killing off taxing tobacco companies. That's why they don't ban it. If it's such a public menace do it.

Cooking With The Commentator



What is?

A protein wonder grain basically first harvested something like 6000 years ago in South America. Peru, Boivia and Ecuador are the biggest producers of quinoa.

The beauty of quinoa (pronounced keen-wah), is that it's easy to cook (just boil it) and its taste doesn't taste like you're eating a piece of wood. It's actually great in soups and a substitute in a stew or ratatouille. I still giggle whenever I say that word.

Quinoa also comes in pasta form and believe it or not, it's not bad at all. Better than kamut or spelt pasta (used by the ancient Etruscans). "Better" in the sense it's easier to cook and get used to.

I'm familiar with all this stuff because A) I like food and B) my wife has severe allergies which has made her diet a defacto "Paleo-Ancient South American" one. She often complains she can't have a piece of apple pie or eat like us normal folk but as I've told her repeatedly (even after beatings) she probably has a better diet than the average person. I've never met someone who doesn't exercise with so much natural, healthy energy.

She thinks there are weaknesses in her diet. I say she'll live to a 102 - like her grandmother.

These are just guesses of course. Hey, you live with someone there's a lot of specious projections being thrown about.

My close friend's wife is Chilean of Native-Spanish descent. We often talk about this stuff. Incidentally, speaking of Chile. Is Michael Moore a complete ignorant boob or what? Wow. I watched part of his interview on Larry King and I had to stop. Not that I watch Larry King but the video was forwarded to me. King on his own is pain, him and Moore is torture.

Not only is it most unbecoming for taking that time to spew anti-American venom during a great moment for humanity, his knowledge of Chile is breathtakingly shallow and infantile. The irony is, Chile did use American, Australian and Canadian know how to pull it their well-organized rescue operation. Not only that, President Pinera is a Harvard educated media mogul who represents the right.

I still can't believe people still think this guy is worth the space he fills.

I studied Chilean history so I'm not all that lost on it. Moore, though, is. He reminds me of a superficial local sports writer who still opens his lame MMQ column with George W. Bush bashing. The mentality of an arrogant loser who doesn't know when to quit.

I digress.

What I made:

Adjust amounts to how much is needed. I'm just throwing the ingredients.

-Boil water and (red and white organic) quinoa with chicken (vegetable is fine too) broth. Add a bay leaf. Let stand for several minutes.
-Cut an onion (it doesn't matter what type), carrot, pepper and tomatoes. Heat with garlic, parsely and olive oil until brown. Add parika and tumeric as you cook.
-Add meat, poultry or sausage if necessary. If you want more protein in your diet go for it.
-Merge everything and stuff your face.

Happiness Is A Warm Machine

Bret has this post at Skeptical Eye.

It reminded me of the Italian Futursists of the early 20th century:

Italian Futurism was initially a literary movement created by Filippo Tommaso Marinetti in 1909 with the manifesto Le Futurisme [1]. The intentions of this manifesto was a wake-up call to Marinetti's countrymen to make them aware that they had been 'wearing second-hand clothes for too long.' It was time for them to create a new art for themselves, forged out of the beauty of speed and a glorification of war: Art, in fact, can be nothing but violence, cruelty, and injustice. That the manifesto was first written in French and published in the Parisian newspaper Le Figaro before any of the new Futurist art existed, typified Marinetti's understanding of the power of the media to work for him and disseminate his ideas.

F. T. Marinetti along with the artists that he gathered around him, wrote manifestos not only on literature, music, dance, performance, painting, architecture, etc. but also on almost all aspects touching everyday life, such as clothing, food [2], smells, war and lust [3]. Futurism was the first attempt in the 20th century to reinvent life as it was being transfixed by new technologies and conceive of a new race in the form of machine-extended man. Futurism succinctly reiterated a cognate set of ideas which reverberates all through a multitude of forms in 20th century art expression.

Watershed Moment: 9 A.D.

It's been 2000 years since Octavian shouted, "Quintcillus Varus, give me back my legions!"

I'm talking about the Battle of Teutoburg in 9 A.D. where the Cherusci, aided by Arminius, were able to ambush and eradicate three Roman legions - the XVII, XVIII, XIX. To those of you interested in Ancient Rome and history in general, this is one of the most fascinating events in world history.

That the massacre shook Rome to its very foundational core and psychologically jolted an empire is well known. Less talked about is how the Germans viewed the victory.

For romantic and nationalist Germans, (one man's hero is another man's traitor) the subsequent after shocks of this battle is claimed to, among other things, have given birth to the German nation. Indeed, Arminius was praised in Wagnerian spirit as a mythical hero. For Rome, it is seen as perhaps the beginning of the end of Roman supremacy. A little over stated given there were other battles in which Rome won handily.

Indeed, were it not for Arminius's treachery (he was welcomed into Roman civilization as both a nobleman and citizen and was Varus's most trusted friend) permitting the luring of the Roman legions funneled into a narrow part of the forest where they could not apply their superiour organizational and fighting skills perfect for open-field battle, the result likely would have been reversed and history would have been none the wiser.

Alas, it was not to be and it has been posited the course of history would have changed - no Thirty Years' War, no Gaulic-Germanic wars, no World Wars. Makes you wonder about Ferguson's assertion, "empire can be a force for stability and good."

Although one would have to consider what would have taken its place?

Ironically, Arminius was later killed by his own.

What goes around...


Quote And Grabbing Cash

"Let the price fixed between two friends suffice."

Heriod. Works and Days.

It lends to the psychology behind pricing at its most basic point.


I bring up the state because Quebec is introducing new cash registers cracking down on restaurants for tax evasion. We're moving towards more and more a no-cash economy where the state will be able to control consumer spending on a whim.

Part of the perks and charm of finding your favorite spot was because you could pay "cash" and maybe get that free espresso or drink. Think of Heriod mentioned above. But keep those funds rolling to corporate bums! Say how much you love small businesses and then - WHACK! - baseball bat to the head.

All this from a government that deals and profits off our most vicious vices: Alcohol and gambling.

Colbert's March

Keep Fear Alive march.

Will be interesting watching the body count debate on this one.

Some Dietary Adjustments

Gonna buy me some spirulina soon.

Check out nutsonline.com.


I've moved on. I no longer eat 100% peanut butter. Now, it's almond and macademia cashew butter.

Terrorism Still A Threat

I was at a party today and a social friend of mine was there. He works for the RCMP investigating organized crime (mostly gangs) and terrorism. He was also an air marshall for a while.

As I usually do, I asked him what's the word on the street. Obviously, he couldn't give me details but he did say "it's not hype" when I queried about the terrorist threat.

The problem is that surveillance for terrorist cells is tedious as you can literally go months if not years before a threat is in development because they're extremely patient. They're so well integrated into society it takes patience to wait them out. There's more action with gangs.

He also told me in addition to many legitimate threats never come close to making the news, it's very easy to set up in Canada. This is very well known abroad. Which doesn't surprise me given the center of importance we became for the mafia.

It's hilarious to hear people say the terrorist threat is exaggerated. Like they would pour all their (scarce and precious) resources into something that's not real.


Over at Zeus I offered my thoughts on bullying. I told the story of how a bully tried his luck with me but failed. Not because I beat him up (he was three years older than me and in grade school that may as well be a 10 year difference) but because I stood up to him and took my licks. I even got in a few myself. It wasn't much of a fight but it was enough because it never happened again.

So it was with a slight smirk I met the news from a friend that the bum was recently convicted for an online gambling scam. 14 years in the slammer.

His brother, who was in my class, was another tyrannical sort. I still remember when he came into class for the first time. He was bitter and plain mean. The epitome of a scary problem child.

My buddy who came to our school at the same time of the thug introduced himself to the guy. It was met with a vicious, "fuck you." It was grade three. He died of cancer a couple of months ago. It was weird hearing that.

All the talk now is about bullying - as it should be. Personally, I'd make a public example of bullies. Beat the shit out of them. And if they're parents show no interest or remorse for the behaviour of their bum kids, they too should get a slap to the head.

Alas, I realize we "can't do that" but I know some parents who would do it vigilante style. There's no way they'd allow their kid to be terrorized while the "system" processes and rationalizes the problem; especially considering schools seem incapable of dealing with it. The silly solution is to ridiculously punish both parties.

My friend also told us about a colleague who confronted a parent whose son was beating up his kid. The father of the bully laughed in his face. Threats were exchanged. What can one do when the parent doesn't respond?

In this case, the father isn't waiting around to let his kid be psychologically abused and is teaching him to fight back.

Self-defense. It's the only way. That's why as soon as I can, I'll put my daughter in karate. The first go around didn't go too well but I'll put her back in it.


The Dead And Incarcerated Will Stimulate


Elmo's World

Thanks to Zeus for this.



What's a Timocracy? No, it doesn't refer to Tim Hortons.

There's not much information on it outside the fact it was mentioned by Plato and Aristotle.

The only (theoretical and experimental) nation-state that's a timocracy is New Azura.

Drink Up!

Once upon a time drinking radioactive water was a shameless fad rooted in pseudo-science.

"By the patented composition of highly selected and scientifically compounded radium ores of which the Revigator is made, this lost element is perpetually restored to all drinking water placed therein."

Plus ca change...

Flaxseed Benefits

I started eating flax seed years ago when it was discovered my doctor discovered I had high cholesterol. Interestingly, I was 18 and at my fitness peak. Going cycling in the morning for 60kms, playing tennis in the afternoon and hockey or soccer at night had little impact. Turns out it was genetic. My mother has high cholesterol. Thanks for nothing mom.

Ok, ok. Relax. It's a joke.

While not a serious problem, my count was on the upper-end of the scale but it persisted so 12 years after the first diagnosis he put me on Crestor. I took it for about six months and my cholesterol decreased and stayed down.

I've taken a few blood tests since then and even give blood and everything seems to be in check.

I read up a lot on cholesterol as I looked to improve my diet further but being genetic, I pragmatically accepted the limits.The bottom line is science doesn't know for sure its origins or what it can lead to. Just strong suspicions.

On my way to dietary knowledge I discovered flaxseed. I had been eating stuff like spelt and kamut (wife wife has a Qunioa/rice based diet because of severe allergies) before it ever became popular, but flax seed was new to me.

Flaxseed has been shown to lower cholesterol. More than Cheerios I reckon. Flaxseed is considered a "miracle food."

My advice if you plan to incorporate flaxseed into your diet is buy it whole but grind it as needed. The seed itself is hard to digest and you're likely not gain any benefits from it that way. Since it's a relatively inoffensive tasting seed when ground, I simply sprinkle it on oatmeal or my delux shakes.

The Interview With God

Click on 'view presentation.'


Canada Shunned

I'm not surprised one bit we didn't get a seat on the UN Security Council.

It's comical really.

As for the Americans, they abandoned us and I would like to know why.
And here I thought the world needed "more of Canada" and not less of it.


Measuring Economic Freedom

Heritage published its Economic Freedom Index.

Only seven countries are considered "free" and Canada is one of them in 7th spot. The U.S. is next but considered "mostly free."

Polygamy As Crime

It's weird but should people be thrown in jail for it?

If it's consensual and everyone involved is happy...

Daycare Update


I finally was approved for the loan I applied for.

It only took 35 fricken days.

Get this. After the bank assumed "ownership" of my file because they agreed it was mishandled, they resubmitted it on my behalf after it was prepared by a business specialist. In their opinion, what I presented was solid to begin with. The adjudicator returned it a whopping 4th time once again nit-picking on things. He even asked for a copy of my lease.

The representative who worked on my file informed me and she herself was surprised by the request. I explained to her at this point the story had succumbed to being a farce. Why didn't he ask for the bail from day one if he was following "procedures?" That was all she needed to hear. She asked for her superior to step in and speak directly to the adjudicator's superior. Turns out, the application should have been approved from day one according to them.

They offered an apology and even gave me a Visa business credit card with a $10 000 limit for my troubles. They also thanked me for my "extraordinary patience" in the matter. Sniff, sniff. It's all I ever wanted!

Talking to the original agent who worked on my file, I found out the file was the talk of the office. I mentioned to him he has my blessings, if they were thinking of doing so, to use this case during one of their learning sessions. Turns out, he was thinking about it.

It was just one of those things. I get my share of those.


Onto more pressing issues.

Keep you posted.

Balance This

I found this article on Reason interesting.

It looks at how New Zealand and Canada balanced its respective budgets in the 1980s and 1990s.

I can only speak of the Canadian example. It is true the Liberals brought spending under control throughout their three terms. It was, I argue, their main strength. The rest...let's just say I wasn't much impressed. Still, I liked what they did on the economy and voted twice out of the three times for them.

After two terms, I felt it was enough as there were other matters they seemed to not treat with any political professionalism like foreign policy and the state of the military. Plus, they became way too arrogant and corrupt.

So. Out they went with my third vote.

The interesting thing is the Liberals cut many programs during their dynasty and increased taxes. PM Harper is pussy cat next to what they did to bring on a surplus. Now, of course, there were, if my memory serves me correct, pundits who charged all they did was cook the books, but for the sake of this post, let's just say they succeeded either way.

Ironically, the conservatives too want to curtail spending and when they've merely asked to cut some non-essential programs, they were villified as if they've gutted a goat and drank its blood on Parliament Hill. Interesting that.

Although, admittedly, they weren't all that fiscally conservative when they bailed out companies and continue to subsidize big oil and corporate bums like Bombardier.

The End.

Desperate Times...

A new enemy: Foreign money. From Factcheck.

Obama demonizes with the best of them.

Cicero believed (and proved) giving speeches to be treated as an art. Like drama.

Obama clearly likes drama.

Now they're stretching as November slowly ekes in.

I'm still waiting for him to go after big tobacco. Now that would be chemically rich in irony.

The Commentator On Canada AM

Excerpt from a discussion panel on Canada AM featuring moi:

Moderator: "If we look at the Norwegian case..."
T.C.: "Bah."
Moderator: "You have a problem with Norway?"
T.C.: "Come on. These people were Vikings! Vikings! Now we're supposed to believe they're all pristine and nice and...nice? Not buying it. They're plotting. Plotting."
Moderator: "Plotting what?"
T.C.: "You're kidding, right? No nation can dominate cross country skiing or speed skating like that. None.
Moderator: I'm not sure I'm following."
T.C.: "That's because I'm leading."
Moderator: "Moving along..."

Chuck Norris: Legends

My Chucknorrisfacts:

The Black Momba confidently slithers and slides its way in the African jungle instilling fear all around until, suddenly, Chuck Norris appears. The Black Momba injects itself with its own venom out of fear.

Chuck Norris is his own eminent domain.

If Chuck Norris owes the IRS taxes, they pay it for him.

Stephen Hawking's next book: A Brief Explanation of Everything: Chuck Norris.

Chuck Norris can hit a home run with his arm.


Latest Spam

Never saw this spam. Original:

Hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii, it’s Ashley here, it was such a long time , how is it going with you there ? I heard that you got a new job, didn’t you? Is everything ok there ? Hey, can you believe it! I got married to Brian ! Yes I did. I tried to call but you did not answer. You have changed your number, haven’t you? Just give me your current telephone number if you read this mail. It’s really a pity that we did not see you in our wedding. I wanted to invite you so much. Well, here I’m sending you a few pics taken in our wedding :

Let's keep in touch then.


Ashley & Brian

A link follows. No clue where it went since I didn't click on it.

Spelling 'Hiiiiiiiiiiiiii' that way suggests the person is unstable.

I have no idea who Ashley or Brian are.

Unless I do and it's all a misunderstanding. Maybe I actually did attend her wedding. At which point I may be missing some fab wedding pictures.

69 Days

From day one to 69, a full life cycle circumnavigates the flesh and penetrates the soul.


It was interesting to note, as each miner was slowly pulled from the ground, one common theme kept reocurring: God. Manifested like the gentleman who fell to the ground praying, loved ones telling reporters all they did was pray, like the miner with a talent for poetry saying, there wasn't just 33 men but 34 when you include the presence of God, and so on.

God is omnipotent to these people. They don't need to explain their faith to anyone. It just is.

Wonder how the sloppy sophist Bill Maher (I actually like Maher by the way. I just feel he's too judgmental about those who believe in religion. He should just ask God to grant him the power to accept that which he does not understand) feels about this. Maybe he should grab a film grew and go to Chile to ask the miners how they could be so silly by praying!

New Tenants


Our new tenant, a Muslim butcher and merchant as well as a television personality on the French side, had an official opening. I couldn't make it but my parents were there. From what they tell me, it was quite the affair. Local politicians (including Louise Harel and Justin Trudeau who apparently discussed tailoring suits with my father. How nice.) and television crews - among others - were present.

It's all for the better. I haven't been the same since my pharmacist suggested I lay off the Flintstone vitamins.

I hope he gives me free food.

I Admit

I confess.

I watched the Coons-O'Donnell Delaware debate.

Hey. I believe if you wanna comment about things, the least you can do is actually watch and read the participants in action live.


One thing that annoys me is people who comment on books they've never read or movies they've never seen or radio personalities they never listen to.

Besides. As a regular tourist to Delaware I felt like I had a vested interest. Like if the cost to access state beaches will come down. Or if Route 1's traffic lights will improve. Or if...ok that's enough.

Of Anthems And God

If anyone wondered about, or was skeptical of, what a national anthem and God means to people, they need only watch the images from Chile.

Some things can't be rationalized away.


Interesting review by Robert Pollin of former President Clinton's economic advisor Joseph P. Stiglitz and his book The Roaring Nineties.

The basic message of The Roaring Nineties is straightforward: from day one, the Clinton Administration’s economic agenda was set by Wall Street, primarily through its main spokespersons, Federal Reserve Chair Alan Greenspan, and Robert Rubin, who Clinton selected from his position as Co-Chair of the elite Wall Street firm Goldman Sachs to become his most Review of Stiglitz, The Roaring Nineties—2nd revised version influential economic advisor, and eventually Treasury Secretary. As Stiglitz states repeatedly, Clinton was elected to office on a platform of “Putting People First” and “Jobs, Jobs, Jobs.” But the actual Wall Street agenda became clear immediately. It was deficit reduction, low inflation, and deregulation.

One quote from the short review:

"First, businesspeople generally oppose subsidies, for everyone but themselves. For their own sector, there were always a host of arguments for why some government help was needed. From unfair competition abroad to an unexpected downturn at home, the stories were endless. Second, everyone was in favor of competition, in every sector but their own. Again, there were a host of arguments for why competition in their sector would be destructive, or why it needed to be managed carefully."

That's why, on a side issue, I oppose owners of sports franchises getting public money to fund their private operations namely to build sports arenas and stadiums. They want it badly? They feel it's good the local economy? Fork over the cash out of your own pockets.