Simplistically Speaking

I know, I know.

I'm waaaay behind. I have all these pent up posts I want to get to but time and laziness have conspired  to prevent it. Yes, I will get to Jordan Peterson.

Anyway. Quick comment on the SofU last night.

1) Trump did fine. Strong economy, lower taxes and secure borders was the basic theme.
2) The Democrats did a fantastic job looking smug and disconnected. Heck, even anti-American. That's the vibe they're giving.
3) Joe Kennedy's response was sophomoric SJW nonsense. I have no idea what country he was talking about. And go easy on the chap stick next time Joey.

Bottom line is this.

Trump talks about how great America and its people are. That's all you need to do. Let the American people take over from there. The West is about individualism; not collectivism so it's not surprising his message resonates. There is no real rational reason to explain why the stock markets are on record pace with, to be frank, the likelihood of it continuing or the economy growing as it is.

Sometimes the simple perception of who is the leader can instil enough confidence in people and this is what Trump represents it seems.

By contrast, Obama was about how bad the country and its people were and needed to repent. His message was cynical and killed morale. The economy was lethargic because their President was enacting all sorts of cumbersome rules and regulations to stiffen and slow it down.

And for once can we knock it off about how great a speaker/orator he was? He was terrible. His rhetoric was clicked left-wing mumbo jumbo laced with ums and uhs. Bill Clinton was a vastly superior speaker. So much so, you can't even compare the two.

Good riddance. Obama. Not gone enough.

Trudeau is the next that needs to go up here. He's having the same sagging and lagging effect on Canada. Him and his pyjamas and lame emotional identity politics rhetoric.

Canada needs a real leader and the Liberals should be ashamed and embarrassed by their behaviour since their undeserved (to me anyway) majority. One of the silliest things we did as Canadians was to give an inexperienced, smug individual the full reigns of power inexplicably rewarding him with a majority.


Is The FBI Treasonous?

Man oh man this is some scandal brewing over at the FBI.

As time goes on and the facts come out, Trump looks less and less crazy.

Sounds like there indeed is a deep state (this is basically an attempt to organize a coup) that needs to be cleaned out. Okay, I profess to being a little obtuse here. Not one of my better posts. I really need to find my footing again.


What these two nitwits did directly threatened the sanctity of the United States. They should face the consequences of their actions. Enough is enough.

At this point, I would pay to know what Obama's lectures about the Constitution were like out of interest.

"WikiLeaks tweeted a story Monday claiming Hillary Clinton asked in 2010 whether it would be possible to kill the group's founder, Julian Assange, using a drone strike.
True Pundit reported Sunday that State Department officials revealed that Clinton asked, "Can't we just drone this guy" at a Nov. 23, 2010, meeting with other officials. The report said Clinton's suggestion was met with laughter, but also said Clinton was clearly "fuming" at WikiLeaks' continued leaking of confidential State Department cables that she had signed."
The United States of America dodged a gargantuan bullet when Hillary lost.
She would have been an utter and depraved disaster.
A more dangerous person without a conscience they don't come. 


RIP Father Emmett Johns

"Remember the street you grew up on? Some weren't so lucky."

A simple but powerful phrase utter by Father Emmett "Pop" Johns that resonates and evokes imagery.

Founder of Dans La Rue,  he was a Montreal institution and legend he was.

A force for good and reminder of we all can do our part to strengthen our communities.

He will be missed.


Quote Of The Day

"Let truth and falsehood grapple"

John Milton.

No need for the government to come in and regulate free speech and expression.


Mansbridge NDA Scandal And Its Cover Up By The CBC; Are Newspapers Colluding To Control The Narrative?

It's been alleged hush money was paid to some women who Peter Mansbridge romped around with (high five!). Nothing out of the ordinary right?

Except it was paid by the CBC with taxpayer dollars.

Here's where I get all goofy and demand to know why and why this isn't being properly investigated. Suffice to say I have little faith in journalists looking into this because to Canadians Mansbridge for some reason is an untouchable god.

To me, he's just a guy on a screen.

It's worth noting to Canadians he read the news. Is he really worth losing integrity over? Would the media really jeopardize its professionalism and ethics and dignity for one guy?

And I sure as hell don't appreciate our money being used to cover his sins up. He made his bed. He's a big boy. He was compensated with a nice salary (again on our dime). Time for him to pony up with his own money.

Like an honourable man would.

Privatize the CBC.


The Left Are Fools

Looks like the buzz word for the week is 'shithole' among the pant shitting remedial pearl clutchers.

To wit: Someone told me Sean Penn Trump represents a 'threat to humanity'.


This as protestors across Iran try to topple one of the world's most hideous regimes (which Obama tried to assuage and failed miserably) and are very happy with the way Trump has supported them.

What did Obama do? Nothing. He did bull shit. That's what he did.

Obama, it's worth recalling, said Libya had become a *shitshow* and then blamed the UK for it.

A 'shitshow' he and Hillary started with their monumental stupidity in Libya that helped to unleash a migrant crisis from its shores.

At the end of the day, after all the faux-oratorical vapidness, big smiles and antiquated progressive and divisive rhetorics, Obama was nothing, in the end, but a petty and small minded community organizer.

And what of, to get back to Penn, North Korea pissing off just about everyone in the region and who Trump had a hand in getting to the table to discuss talks with South Korea.

But you won't hear useful idiots (not that there's anything particularly useful about his idiocy) like Penn draw a connection.

Trump calls a couple of countries 'shit holes'. Big deal. Everyone knows most countries are shit holes.

Tin pot dictators in the Mid-East and terrorists organizations persistently call for the destruction of Israel to be 'thrown into the sea' and nothing from the left.



Onto Trump's alleged racism - as defined by the winners on the left.


Woodrow Wilson was a racist and yet the left (well, liberal academics anyway) still ranks him among the greatest of Presidents.

If you want overt proclamations of what real racism looks like, just read up on Wilson.

Heck, they ranked Obama 12th. 12th! 


Is 2018 Over? Grab Bag Thoughts

Has it been nearly three weeks since my last post? Longest drought since I've begun blogging.

No, I haven't stopped. In fact, I've collected - once again - numerous article and stories to share but finding time to read and offer a remedial comment has been tight.

Just a couple of things that I'd like to impart as I prepare another gargantuan 'Derp' links post.

-I notice the media likes to call Trump a 'reality star' and since Oprah's (full of shit) speech at some shitty award ceremony for people living in a bubble lacking oxygen, they've taken to calling her a 'business woman'.

Er no. It's the opposite. Trump is the business man and Oprah is the reality star. That she became famous and made money off it doesn't make her a business woman. One preceded the other. Trump first made his bones in business and then ended up a celebrity.

These things intertwined but keep to the roots of reality please.

Regarding her speech.


Not surprised the usual suspects are swooning over it.

They don't think.

Nor is it shocking at every turn media outlets like NBC don't even bother to pretend to be objective anymore:

Nothing but respect for OUR future president.

Oof. So much for 'objective' journalism.

From where I sit, it's interesting the most powerful woman in media in the last, what, 20-30 years never ever said anything about this stuff. I say this on the premise she had to have known what was going on. Everyone in the loop knows if they didn't, then they're either very bad journalists or just full of shit. Pick your poison. It's a little like sports journalists who had a hunch or inking baseball players were juicing up but rather than following the leads and story, they chose to turn the other cheek. And when it was safe to attack, they did.

It's what they call in the hood being a coward.

And Oprah was being a coward in my view. She would have scored major brownie points had she done it when it was 'uncool' to do it. That's what makes people like Assange and Snowden real heroes. They laid it out and let their principles guided them.

Look. The content of what she was saying was correct. Nor is this to disparage her backstory which is pretty impressive. A real rags to riches against the odds story. There's much to like about Oprah and she bothers me none but if she wants to get political it's I just hope she's ready for all the digging that's gonna go on in her closet.  And if she does run and wins if she goes the bull shit Obama narrative route, she will be called out on it.

In any event, he background stands in contrast to Trump's easy and comfortable upbringing couldn't be any more stark.

 We all know this. The point is where were you to speak out?

Oh, I know. Building your brand. I'm guessing lashing out at Weinstein and his ilk was not the 'right time'.

It's so easy to get up before a bunch of people who share in your same bubble and make a speech like that. You lay nothing down except to preach to the useful idiots choir.

I know Seal has his own issues but I'm kinda with him about her being a hypocrite. 

"....a new dawn is on the horizon'? Blech.

To me, Oprah in one speech showed me where her values actually lie.

And it ain't much.

Not to mention not terribly original.

Oprah 2020 wooooo!

As she kissed him she had to have known, no?


- Al Gore is some piece of work. A more disingenuous piece of lying jerk you can't get. So. To him, these extreme winter conditions are because of climate change? No shit, asshole. Climate changes all the time. But keep switching gears on the fly. I honestly don't know how anyone can listen to these doomsday Cassandra's and their manipulations anymore.

And for the record, I seem to recall the same conditions we're experiencing - up here in Quebec - anyway - growing up in the 1980s. Same exact thing. Wild weather changes from week to week.

This was before the climate change hysteria pimped out by shysters like Gore and the other numbskulls Nye and Suzuki.