Simplistically Speaking

I know, I know.

I'm waaaay behind. I have all these pent up posts I want to get to but time and laziness have conspired  to prevent it. Yes, I will get to Jordan Peterson.

Anyway. Quick comment on the SofU last night.

1) Trump did fine. Strong economy, lower taxes and secure borders was the basic theme.
2) The Democrats did a fantastic job looking smug and disconnected. Heck, even anti-American. That's the vibe they're giving.
3) Joe Kennedy's response was sophomoric SJW nonsense. I have no idea what country he was talking about. And go easy on the chap stick next time Joey.

Bottom line is this.

Trump talks about how great America and its people are. That's all you need to do. Let the American people take over from there. The West is about individualism; not collectivism so it's not surprising his message resonates. There is no real rational reason to explain why the stock markets are on record pace with, to be frank, the likelihood of it continuing or the economy growing as it is.

Sometimes the simple perception of who is the leader can instil enough confidence in people and this is what Trump represents it seems.

By contrast, Obama was about how bad the country and its people were and needed to repent. His message was cynical and killed morale. The economy was lethargic because their President was enacting all sorts of cumbersome rules and regulations to stiffen and slow it down.

And for once can we knock it off about how great a speaker/orator he was? He was terrible. His rhetoric was clicked left-wing mumbo jumbo laced with ums and uhs. Bill Clinton was a vastly superior speaker. So much so, you can't even compare the two.

Good riddance. Obama. Not gone enough.

Trudeau is the next that needs to go up here. He's having the same sagging and lagging effect on Canada. Him and his pyjamas and lame emotional identity politics rhetoric.

Canada needs a real leader and the Liberals should be ashamed and embarrassed by their behaviour since their undeserved (to me anyway) majority. One of the silliest things we did as Canadians was to give an inexperienced, smug individual the full reigns of power inexplicably rewarding him with a majority.

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