Trudeau and the Liberals are a national disgrace.

This should have been taken it to the people. Of course, liberals don't like taking things to the people because you know, "icky". You can't trust the people do vote the *right* way.

How dare the Liberals do this on something that affects us all?

The thing that really grates me is liberals always lecture about the 'democratic process' and 'democracy'. They demanded Harper be 'democratic' and bring this or that to 'the people'. And this included faux-intellectuals like Margaret Atwood who applauded this absurdity; this travesty.
Yet, here they are unilaterally changing the words of a cherished anthem WITHOUT THE CONSENT OF THE PEOPLE where a majority (around 65%) did not want the lyrics changed.
2019. Boot the bums out. They're doing a lot of major PC damage.

This is exactly how your sullen the morale of a nation.

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