Obama (And Trudeau) Are Gif Machines

On Obama's portrait.

Well, if you're gonna hire mediocre SJW artists based on race rather than competence, hey man, don't be surprised at the result and subsequent, erm, criticisms.

But of course, racism if you don't feign joy for the paintings.

To me, they seem to bland and uninspiring. Just hollow images of a subject with banal intellectualism. Much like his Presidency.

It's only fitting Homer Simpson is used. It does kinda exemplify how he managed the Presidency.

Worse than that, and far more troubling. The artist Kehinde Wiley is basically nothing more than a racist posing as painter. Don't believe me? Check his 'art' out with a black woman holding the head of a severed white person. Could you image a white President hiring such an artist only reversing the content? Cripes, the riots in the streets and media would last for weeks.

Wiley is an insignificant player in the wider scope of things but do yourself a favor and look him up. Then try and square this as to why Obama settled on a guy who described his works as a kind of play on the 'kill whitey thing.' And they say Western art is dead!

 That Obama would select him says a lot about him. None of it good. Obama knew exactly what he was doing; just like he did with Rev. Wright, Bill Ayers and his spying activities.

What's especially sickening about the Obamas is they go out there and smile and lecture about unity and peace all the while coyly engaging in class and race warfare through their under-handed decisions and actions. Look at it:

Folks. Obama is telling you indirectly where he stands. Hello.

Hey whatever. It's not like Democrat American Presidents weren't racist right? If we're comfortable with the fact Andrew Jackson and Woodrow Wilson were racists, then it's perhaps time for people accept Obama is equal to the task on the other side? And if Trump is considered racist merely by who he associates with (though I don't know who; a better claim is Trump has a preponderance to protect men accused of sexual assault which makes me wonder if there's some projection there), how in the world do the Obamas get a pass given a) they're own rhetoric and b) who they hung out with?

And that's fine. Just be open about it. I get they wanted to give some power to African-Americans given the history. However, they didn't do it with grace as been claimed. How can you be a graceful bigot?

I won't even bother with Michelle. Meh.

I will say this though. She too is obsessed with race. During her speech unveiling her, erm, painting, she said 'girls and girls of colour' would be (something along the lines of) inspired by. I wondered why divide girls that way? Why not just girls? It's just the way she's wired and the country is better off without this nonsense now. Here's more on Michelle's shallow world view. 

Like Trudeau here, they're just a drag on the morale of things.

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