Justin Trudeau And the Entire Liberal Party Establishment Is Shameful

There's much to be disappointed about Justin Trudeau's ill-thought, childish, SJW antics of which the examples of legion.

While his puerile and pointless ideological musings threaten to throttle Canadian morale while at the same time catapults cynicism about his agenda, his recent performance has really put into spotlight the depth of his thinking.

'Peoplekind' is one thing but telling a vet asking why the government is still in court fighting their requests for more support, Trudeau responded because the government doesn't have the money. The same government who gave Khadr $10 million and spends on all sorts of rubbish including a reintegration program for ISIS members returning to Canada.

The first was just an example of a facile mind, the second of a poor statesman who doesn't even know how to lie to a veteran but it's the ISIS bit, which has not been reported in the media, that really has touched a nerve where I find it hard to believe Canadians would accept.

In responding to someone questioning his wisdom over his ISIS policy and how it can threaten the security of Canadians, Trudeau gave a bizarre, misguided and outright preposterous analogy.

He attempted to equate ISIS terrorists leaving wherever they are to Italian, Greek and Portuguese immigrants leaving war torn Europe in the post WWII era looking for a better life. He further made the claim Italians too were unwelcome for their dress and religious. It also does a disservice to actual Muslim families (as opposed to people who of their own free will joined a murderous gang of deranged barbarians - take Motion 103 and shove it up your arses because that's exactly what they are) looking for a better life. He conflates everything into one giant pointless mess.

It's a false equivalence of jaw dropping proportions.

First off, technically, Portugal, as a neutral, was not part of World War II. Portuguese immigrants were just escaping poverty. Italy and Greece were part of the theatre of war. North American Italians, it's worth noting, faced internment and strict curfews (along with Japanese, Germans and Ukrainians) under Prime Minister Mackenzie King and FDR - one Liberal and the Democrat as it were.

Second, Italians have been immigrating to North America well before the 1950s. For example, my maternal family came here in the late 1890s. And Italians were part of the first mass wave in the 1910s.

Third, Italians weren't ideologically driven immigrants looking to kill Westerners because of religious dogma. And this is where the Italian community has a legitimate reason to be outraged. The Prime Minister of Canada (whether it was intentional or not) basically said Italian immigrants faced the same kind of 'persecution' and had the same outlook as ISIS members.

It's, well, retarded.

Trudeau likes to claim he speaks for Canadian values. No he doesn't. He's attempting to social engineering our values and my guess is it's not going to end well for him and the Liberal party. At least, I hope so.

I find it extremely troubling if this is his mindset. It's an ignorant and dangerous one.

It's a marvel I still have people, smart people, tell me 'he's not as bad as Harper'.

His clunky false equivalence is an insult to those of us who pay attention to politics. It could but come from people who are at best observing things from afar.

No. Harper wasn't 'as bad'. Harper was a bastion of stable sanity for this country.

Trudeau and his cocky disposition is creating a confusing state of affairs.

The Liberals must be held to account. In 2019, boot the bums out.

If anything, to quell the disgraceful fall of this once proud party and save it from Justin Trudeau.

If I were a painter, I'd present an image of Canadians with their collective jaws dropped. 

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