Trudeau A Danger To Canada; Time For People To Wake Up And Cease Being Useful Idiots Over Russia

An article on why Trudeau is more dangerous than Trump (though I don't subscribe to the notion Trump is a danger to American politics). Trudeau on the other hand...he's definitely problematic.

I fall into the category of having known precisely what Trudeau was about and made it clear on this blog well before election night.

Trudeau left a trail of stupid, vapid, faux pas well before his election and it's baffling how people chose to ignore this. I *get* the whole 'weary of Harper' angle but at the very least Canadians would have been wise to at least give this twit a minority government if anything to keep him honest.

As for Trump, here's a great interview with Fred Siegel on Spiked! Online and the complete bust of modern progressivism in dealing with the masses they so deride.


Speaking of progressivism, at this point if you still believe in the whole fabricated Russia narrative conjured up by criminal elements within the cynical DNC, give your head a shake.

When you have progressives like Jimmy Dore and now The Nation - not to mention liberal journalists like Glenn Greenwald coming around to the sad reality Obama's administration was corrupted (Intelgate is much worse than Watergate. Never mind that Obama was all about Obama first and not the country. Politico ran a great story about his shenanigans in the Iran deal. A President that fully deserves to be fully investigated and revised where necessary), it's time to stop the spinning and own it.

If you're still digging your heels, just stop.

It's over.

The question now becomes, just how deep did this go, will Obama and Hillary explain their actions and perhaps face justice.

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