The Pathetic Projection Of Progressives Has Boomerang Effect

Remember when Obama would say he never heard of a story that put his administration in a bad light having read about it in the newspapers like the rest of the electorate?

Much like Trudeau claiming his 'people kind' comment was a joke should have raised an eyebrow or two, the same skeptical antennae should have been raised when Obama claimed this. Aside from being hard to believe, it was condescendingly arrogant.

It would take a special kind of blinded rube (hello Marc Maron and Jimmy Kimmel!) to take what he said at face value.

The facts are fast revealing his administration was a culture of scandalous and corrupted behaviour and actions - which were the rule rather than the the exception it turns out - of shocking proportions.

Sounds like Trump was right all along. People laughed. The media howled. Progressives cried.

And they were all wrong.

Astute observers outside the partisan flock warned about hammering too hard against the fabricated Russian hacking narrative. Wink, wink, it was known the Obama administration and Hillary were well invested within the higher echelon of Russian intrigue. For example, Obama meddled in Ukraine, Hillary sold uranium in return for cash and influence, Podesta (the man who clicked on a Russian malware link spamming a fake narrative) and his brother profited off their own business deals etc.

Worse, the Obama apparatus were operating on private, unsecured servers. Gee, I wonder why?

Yet, they kept screaming without proof Trump was a puppet of Putin. That he was colluding with the Kremlin. That he was a stooge for Russia. They pimped and pumped a narrative pushed by the likes of Schumer and Pelosi that went as far as to potentially spark an unnecessary war with Russia.

That's how far they were willing to go.

Where has it gotten them?

Well, they did manage to keep on the farm true believers. Just read the comments via Facebook at Politico too see how cults form.

All it has done is reveal the DNC as corrupted, enemies of the people and cast Trump as an American patriot.

As the digging continues, we find that Obama was indeed the point guard to it all despite his claims otherwise.

Even Infowars got this right for the love of God as did Zero Hedge - and they weren't making it up.

I have no idea what's going to come of all this. If anything, I should hope, it should sullen the most over praised administration in recent memory.

It's interesting to note that Obama carefully crafted an image (much along the lines of how Marxist dictators do) of himself that is slowly being dismantled.

Free societies with inquisitive minds tend to do that in the long run.

That's the part of the equation he failed to carry the one over.


As if that wasn't enough, one of the world's most notorious criminals; a hero to the progressive cause, a man with an immoral shady past who helped Nazis round up Jews, owes taxes and is wanted in Hungary and France while having profited off the misery of entire nations is at it again.

This time he's interfering in Britain (a county he already raided and raped) over Brexit. I understand Britain has sold out and is a cess pool of political correct madness but how can such a once proud people with a brilliant civilization be so limp as to accept this?

Again, projection is at work here. They have on their side one of the most grotesque anti-humanists on the planet who bankrolls a few progressive websites including ThinkProgress, MoveOn and I believe Media Matters as well as paying trolls and protestors to agitate in the streets.

A true international villain.

But keep worrying about the Koch Brothers progressives.

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