When It Mattered, Canadians Failed To Rise In Defence Of Their Anthem

I have to admit I'm quite disappointed and sore that Canadians met with the changing of the lyrics with a collective shrug.

Not that I'm surprised. Canadians are an apathetic bunch. We're good to talk a good nationalist game (that you keep your ethnic identity paramount while waving a stupid little flag is not true pride) while engaging in puerile anti-American rhetoric (at least they fight for their flag) that does little more than point to our general insecurities. But when it comes to standing on "guard for thee', Canadians usually take the easy street to 'whaddya gonna do? Hey, look at those dumb Americans, eh?'

We're not a serious country. How can we be when we don't fight for the very symbols that define us?

Trudeau mocks us to our faces and Canadians don't seem to care. Even before he ran for PM, he made all sorts of gaffes and comments that weren't exactly inspiring and soaring in its pride for this country (please do not conflate a faux-value system rooted in identity politics as love for country) yet Canadians still saw it fit to reward him with a majority.

It should not shock a single person that the man who revered dictators and communist countries, would govern with an authoritarian streak. Harper was a piker next to this guy.

And with this majority, Trudeau is going to make sure he ushers in 'transformational change' and will do so whether you like it or not. Remember. He knows what it means to be Canadian.

There's nothing inherently improper in wanting to change the lyrics of an anthem. I myself find such things somewhat over-wrought and dated but they mean a lot to people; to a nation. As such, it deserves the utmost care and respect. I don't believe the Liberals showed class or reverence in their push to change the lyrics. They did it not for love of country, to forge a new way forward that we can all be proud of. No, they did it for the wrong reasons. For identity politics and little else. They did it under a false sense of being inclusive but in reality just turned the anthem into just another 45 rpm 'one hit wonder'. Something to be easily disposed of at the whims of a shallow progressive mindset chasing ever-changing ideological trends.

I heard the anthem sung last night. I cringed at 'in all of us command'.

It didn't resonate. It doesn't carry the same ring as 'in all thy sons command' which just sounds better.

In all of us command is limp and without identity. Which is the point of course for the post-modern relativist.

In all thy sons command beckons the call of a nation to rise and defend its values and identity. It is truly strong and free.

At this point, with Bill C-16, 103, their ISIS reintegration policy, the lyrics change as well as their  bullying of Church's threatening to pull funding if they don't submit to Trudeau's 'pro-choice' agenda among other things, one can hope the Conservatives get back into power and do what Trump is doing to some of Obama's more nefarious Executive Orders and simply over turn them.

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