Trudeau Liberals Are A Sanctimonious Bunch Of Know-Nothing Blowhards Who Can't Answer Simple Questions

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MOMG. These questions about Butt’s tweets are the dumbest line of questioning I can ever recall an official opposition pursuing in 13 years of watching this place. 

You know. Me and Akin must be seeing two different kinds of Parliament. All I've seen is amateur hour on the part of the Liberals with their performances in Parliament. Akin can't possibly think in his 13 years this is a government that respects Parliament with their most unbecoming trait of not answering questions. Worse than that, Trudeau is not even good at it. He's clunky and awkward and without much depth. He's uninspiring and puerile. He's not Prime Minsisterial at all.

But thanks for letting us know where - OMG! - you stand. At least we're slowly getting to see that the claim the media is 'objective' is a lie.

And what kind of professional mocks a question some of us want answers to because a high ranking official did call citizens 'Nazis'. After all, Trudeau is the one that said something incredibly stupid and sanctimonious with his 'mansplaining people kind' quip?

How dare you take this stance as a journalist? 

The PM claimed it was a Rebel media smear. Hm, did the Rebel Media hack Butts' account?  And Akin thinks it doesn't deserve grilling in Parliament? This two twits travel on OUR behalf and on OUR dime and yet they feel it's okay to call people who disagree with them 'alt-right' Nazis? 

Own it Butts and Trudeau. Justin wasn't joking. He was serious and you Mr. Butts have a lot of nerve and much to answer for. Particularly engaging in immature SJW rhetoric without thought to what Nazism actually is. How am I not to come away with the thought you're an ignoramus? 

The lesson to take from this joke being torqued by Infowars and other alt-right nazi friends of the Rebel is they're paying attention. Game on, .

Who is this clown? The arrogance is shocking.
The way it works, Gerry, is you show deference to the people of Canada. And you do that by showing us respect. Not mocking and calling them names. If you think I'm going to respect you after this, think again pal.
We're all 'alt-right Nazis' now.

Let's recap this ordeal wholly created by the PM's childish lack of judgment:

1) Justin makes dumb comment.
2) People react. World makes fun of him.
3) Claims it's a joke.
4) Some guy named Butts attacks citizens with an ad hominen when answers are demanded.
Throw the bums out in 2019.

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