As a life long Eagles fan since 1980, all I can say is congratulations to the city of Philadelphia. All that passion and love for the team is finally rewarded. Amazing.

I absolutely adore this team and all the adversity they overcame. Particularly with the injuries to key players most notably starting QB Carson Wentz.

When he went down, the feeling of this team being cursed crept back in. Losing key starters at key positions would naturally sink most teams. But the coaching staff refused to let it take them down and the team marched on. That they had so much depth is testament to the competence of the personnel in this outstanding organization.

As they limped into the playoffs, not too many people thought they could do it but they did it against strong NFC rivals and ultimately triumphed over the best organization in all of sports in the New England Patriots. Belichick and Brady are champions personified and doing it against them just goes to show the fortitude and strength of the Philadelphia Eagles.

The Eagles had to wait a long time to win their first title in the Super Bowl era and their first championship since 1960.

That's what makes it especially gratifying.

It was a great, great game. Just like Rocky Balboa and Apollo Creed slugging it out trading punches.

And what more can be said of Nick Foles? What a journey since 2013. He almost considered retirement just prior to this season, decided to play for the Eagles, took over from Wentz and struggled and ends up Super Bowl MVP. All because the Eagles organization supported and believed in him.

Wentz tweeted out before the game:

My bro is gonna shine bright tonight! So excited to see him & this team go out and compete tonight. Been through it all this year as a team, & yet, here we are! WE ALL WE GOT. WE ALL WE NEED. God’s writing an unbelievable story and he’s getting all the glory!


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