PM's India Mess: The Twitoocracy Continues

Slow down Justin. I can't keep up with you anymore.

From far and wide, near and narrow and around the globe, Justin Trudeau's latest antics in India left him once again the centre of ridicule. 

No one is impressed. He's become a gif and meme machine onto himself and this is not a good thing.

See, that's the thing about vapidness. You can't keep the charade up forever. At some point, people are going to expect something substantial. Eventually people catch on and see these actions for that they are. They're borderline cynical if you ask me.

Does this man not realize he's running a country? He acted like he was visiting Epcot Centre while acting like really tacky tourists....on our dime.

I've never seen anything like it.

Above all, and incredibly troubling (to the point I feel the Cabinet should remove him. Except the Cabinet is filled with bigger jokers than him. He chose wisely) is the scandal surrounding Jaspal Atwal.

It's a major miscalculation on the part of the Trudeau government (specifically the High Commission and even the PMO who should have got this error) and one that just might stick a fork in his ass once and for all.

And how has this remarkably inept and immature government responded? By doubling down and even claiming the Indian government sabotaged Trudeau. Which was denied by India.

What a mess and of all of the PM's doing.

Notice the tone from these journalists. They're at a lost for words. Even The Toronto Star can't spin this favourably for the Liberals. Paul Wells is always fun as usual.

But the CBC won't go down without a fight in defending their darling. This is just embarrassing:

A couple of Americans chimed in with these gems:

"A long time ago The Beverly Hillbillies went to England.  Jethro dressed up like Robin Hood. So he wouldn't look like "some kind of a dumbbell " when he got off the airplane in England."


"Justin Trudeau: Canada's Jethro Clampett."

This is the image Trudeau is painting for himself. 

Meanwhile, despite the average Canadian who gets their information about America via liberal mediums like MSNBC, CBC, NPR and the like, the fact of the matter is Trump's tour of Asia was an unqualified success without a single scandal. 

How can that be? How can a 'woke' PM fail and an alleged 'crazy' President succeed according to the narrative?

My advice, if you still have to ask the question, is get CNN off your cable package.


Said, like no one ever!

Trudeau governs with little respect for the Canadian population as a whole. He seems to think he can project his values onto the country.

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