Missing The Point On Florida Shooting

As more comes out of the tragic Florida shooting, the more the picture starts to come into focus.

And it's not what the media is trying to paint.

Comment from the internet:
"Destruction of family – Most likely the fault of the stateIncompetence – Hallmark of the stateHelpless victims cage liked prisons – 100% fault of the state"

Whenever something like this occurs the first reaction is to find a scapegoat. In the case of the media, it's usually guns and/or ideology. It's the easiest (and laziest) pathway to riling up people's emotions to get them to come to whatever narrative or agenda you may have - ie gun control or even 2A abolishment.

Except, in this case, as with others in the past, we're seeing basic human incompetence and cowardice  played a principal role. From the police and FBI shockingly failing to act on several bits of information about Cruz right to the revelations of one Scott Peterson who was an armed officer present during the rampage but chose to do....nothing. Never mind the low character of the cops who were living on premises for free.

Moreover, very little talk is entered on how this man arrived to the point of his madness and alienation or how the school district apparently had a deal in place with LEO to go easy on minority juvenile crime.

Instead, all the town halls and radio talk inexplicably revolves around gun control. What we have is obscene negligence on the part of law enforcement and all we get is the chastising of gun laws?

Talk about wasting energy in the wrong places. You can crack down all your want on gun laws, but it seems to me if you don't examine and even fix a LEO system that clearly failed the community as well as the social cues and conditions (including parenting) that allowed the alleged killer to fester and grow into a monster, you're condemned to more of these events moving forward.

Adding "more layers of regulation and bureaucracy to this inglorious clusterfuck of incompetence" as one person put it, is not the answer.

At all. 

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