American Media Are Shameless Whiners

There's something depressingly ghoulish listening to the American media whine like bitches about Trump and his alleged crack down on the media that 'threatens to undermine faith in journalism'. A media that pretty much declared war on Trump by the way.

I think that faith has been lost for some time pals.

They refuse to look at their own behaviour in the state of affairs; not to mentioning not having the courage to discuss Obama's own crack down on the press.

Cowards. That's what they are.

Especially compared to what goes on elsewhere. 

Try here. 

Or here.

How's that for some perspective? Embarrassed yet? You should be.

Keep acting like you're victims American journalists. A more lazy, pampered bunch of babies you can't find.

And before we Canadians get on their high horses, our press hasn't been all that impressive with the way they fawn over Trudeau. 

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