And Trudeau's Mask Falls As He Threatens Facebook Regulation

It's funny. As I read the comments expressing disgust over his 'Italian immigrants are like ISIS', I thought to myself this can't be too popular among the upper brass in the Liberal party.

And sure enough, like the little dictatorial man-child that he is, Trudeau is reacting as come to be expected from a pseudo-Marxist buffoon.

Not only are he and his hyper-sensitive lackeys crying about how Facebook (Facebook itself is owned and operated by SJW liberals so he just may find a sensitive ear or two. I don't expect Zuckerberg to side with liberty here given Facebook - like Twitter - have no qualms with suspending conservative view points while leaving progressive (who are often far more prone to violent rhetoric) ones alone) is helping to spread 'fake news' (never mind we have him saying the words Canadians are unhappy about on fricken tape or audio), they react the only way they know how: To threaten shutting down free speech.

Lemme ask my fellow Canadians: Is Trudeau's 'vision' of Canada the same as yours? It sure as hell isn't mine.

And to think this man laughably claimed Harper was 'secretive'.

Trudeau is TERRIBLE for Canada.

Kick the bastards out in 2019.  These are not your mother's liberals. I've been telling you this since prior to the election. 

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