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Question: If celebrities and politicians protect themselves with guns, if we protect our money (banks and Brinks) with guns, if we protect so much stuff with guns why in the world aren't we protecting kids with guns?  

The way I see it, teachers should have Active shooting training of some kind. There's nothing wrong with that at all. Designate a person or two with knowing the guns are and get rid of 'gun free zones' and give the children a fighting chance.

For crying out loud, our Sargent-At-Arms Kevin Vickers killed - with one clean shot -  a terrorist in Parliament potentially saving lives. Why is that any different?

People who are calling for (more) gun control if not full confiscation not only are asking the wrong questions and have it backward, but also exhibit a misunderstanding of human nature on a fundamental level.

The other thing irrational part of gun control/confiscation (aside from it being illegal where the 2A is concerned) is that people want to take away registered guns from lawful and peaceful citizens (numbering around 310 million guns) without a thought to unregistered guns estimated around 250 million.

Where's the humane logic in that?

I think Americans on the left need to chill and knock it off with the hyperbole every single time a horrific tragedy takes place. This 'the NRA has blood on its hands' is not only unproductive, but ignorant as well.

RIP to the victims and their families in Florida.

I can't even imagine.

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