Trudeau And Trump: A Case In Sharp Contrasting

As America's morale continues to recover and rise after eight years of the bureaucratic reign of mediocrity under Obama, Americans are also seeing a remarkable increase in wealth and wages through simple tax cut (and tax reform) measures.

Sometimes it's the simplest of things that work.

Trump's message is simple: America is great because of its people; not the bureaucracy. Trump doesn't want people living vicariously through the state. Where the state should impose itself, as proper, is security and he's attempting to do this with immigration reform.

Why, it's almost as if perception matters.

Contrast this to Canada under Trudeau where the perception of the PM is creating a low energy country.

The Liberals under him are undermining actual Canadian values by ham-fisting their own vision and version of reality on the rest of the country. The fact remains on most of Trudeau's social justice issues the majority of Canadians don't support him.

Trudeau preposterously claims to speak for "all" Canadians when, for example, he curbs free speech, ignores people who support pro-life, changes the lyrics of our anthem, eulogizes communist dictators,  and makes criminals of Canadians should they not follow the government's gender laws.

Never mind his trade and economic policies have not been a success and having a negative effect on wealth and prosperity.

That's how you kill morale.

Canadians should demand for more come 2019.

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