Trudeau: The Childish Psychopathic SJW PM Running Rampant - Update.

I keep looking for the perfect phrase to describe the puerile, remedial nonsense of Justin Trudeau but this cocky man-child is so remarkably absurd and embarrassing, I've hit a wall.

By now, you've probably heard of Trudeau telling someone in an audience he prefers the term 'people kind' to 'mankind' because it's more 'inclusive'.

I guess he never heard of the word 'humankind'.

In any event, equally as puzzling, if not troubling, is some in the audience cheered while others thought this to be amusing. As if it was a self-evident, witty interjection.

At this point in 2018, it's hard to believe the Liberal party of Canada is actually on board with this remarkably dimwitted stupidity.

This is a national party acting like a lousy university student body association.

Trudeau once boasted under a misguided belief he was bringing equality to a barbaric Canada it was '2015' when asked about his choices for Cabinet.

Having observed this man in power (and I really can't believe we gave him a majority. It's like giving an irresponsible, immature kid the keys to the convertible T-Bird), I think he would have been more on point had he said it was 1984.

His behaviour is troubling and most unbecoming for Canada.

Above all, I reckon the sad part of all this is no one is going to remember his antics. No one is going to switch to "people kind" or any other identity-term he uses - unless he legislates it.


He now claims it was a joke. Perhaps it was but people can be forgiven for not giving him the benefit of the doubt. He has clearly set a precedent and pattern of engaging in this kind of identity politics.

Never mind he takes himself a little too seriously and never really displayed a sense of humour.

I'm not entirely convinced he was joking. Is it that out of the realm of possibility he actually believes what he said?

I think, and this is just a guess, he saw the reaction and decided to try and neuter it.

What better way than to say it was 'just a joke'!

Progressives always claim that when caught with their pants down.

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