Know When You're Being Played

Do you notice how whenever a conservative or Republican gets into power the left really hates shows and art works start to pop up 'resisting' the leader?

I can remember how the media portrayed Reagan as being a dumb idiot with access to the bomb. It's how we got stupid TV films like 'The Day After' which I can only imagine were created to scare the population about Reagan.

And to this day I consider the people behind that to be assholes because they scared people not to educate but to sell their narrative; to engage in propaganda.

We saw the same thing under Bush and now we have Trump and the story is repeating itself.

Progressives will counter conservative did the same thing under Obama. Yeh, to a certain extent they did and the fringe elements could go over board.

But it pales in comparison to what we see right now under Trump. I musta missed the part when the entire talk show circuit, the NBA, large segments of the media (including once proud organizations like the ACLU who are little but a mouthpiece for the DNC) went after Obama like they do Trump.

The celebrity class are especially galling in their hypocritical hubris. Bono, Springsteen, Penn, Madonna and so on.

Yeh, please. People kinda have tuned out to whatever message their trying to send because they know they're just millionaire shills for the DNC. On one end they talk about the 'masses being down on their luck' but support a party and progressive mindset that simultaneously loathes them. It's the base root of left-wing policies really. You had a Presidential candidate who called half the country 'deplorables' and they saw nothing wrong with it; mostly because they agreed with the sentiment.

And these are the people that are going to unite a country?

Come on. Get real.

It's not even close for the simple reason the left - progressives - control most entertainment mediums as well as social media.

So what you're seeing on TV or in the newspapers isn't real intellectualism or hard news. It's just a scam to scare you like TV shows that go nuclear on your emotions.

There isn't a single thing they can point to with any real proof to justify their unhinged and irresponsible behaviour.

How they could be so silent under Obama's incredibly inept, cynical and scandalous administration while losing their marbles under Trump (which started before he even got into office and did anything) is beyond me to comprehend.

Thankfully up here, Trudeau's antics are so sophomoric and ridiculously tacky, Canadians aren't that willing to fall into line defending his actions like the left did with Obama in the USA.

It started out as a claim that 'Canada is back' but Canadians realized Trudeau and the Liberals weren't bringing anything back. Rather, they were just reengineering the county in their image.

I can't but help to think and hope this will ultimately fail.

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