The NFL Disrespects Its Fans And The 'Bravery' Of Millionaire Athletes

Adam Schefter offered this little emotional play during an NFL pre-game show:

‘It’s time for everybody to choose their side….without hesitation we are choosing the side unity, CIVILITY and humanity.”

There you have it.

The unhinged reaction to Trump has evolved a few times in nine months and the virus of irrational thinking has spread to the NFL of all places.

If there's one sport where the fan base is likely to not accept all this faux-principled nonsense on display, it's them.

Worse, owners are getting in on the act. On one side you have owners, coaches, players and the media and the other fans and Trump.

I gotta tell ya, I like Trump's odds on this one. The demographics are definitely on his side.

It blows my mind how owners or companies find it wise to alienate any of their customers. The latest act by Jerry Jones yesterday. I run a company and NEVER get involved in politics. Ever.

I have too much respect for my clients. And to me, what Tomlin and the Steelers, and the owners are doing is disrespectful to the FANS.

No one cares about your sense of righteousness; especially on this issue where it's become clear it's just an anti-Trump diatribe. 

Which is really too bad because police abuse and the need for reform just got sideswiped with all this noise.

It goes to show they don't think. No one sat back and said, 'hm. Am I likely to sway people's opinions doing this?'

The answer is no.

It's not. I'll tell you another sure way to turn people away (despite the thinking they're ignorant deplorables. It's the easy way out). Not sticking to the facts and obsessing over a narrative.

BLM and Antifa egged on by the stupid useful idiots in the media exist via narratives. Not facts. They rely on historical revisionism; not established and accepted history. They use violence; not the force of intellect to further their agenda.

Statistically, white cops aren't killing black people. In fact, they shoot white people more.

In both instances, violent police shootings are unacceptable and they should be held accountable. This was what reform hinged on before BLM came along. BLM are the ones that made it about one race and not about meaningful reform for all citizens.

Blacks may feel like they're profiled or targeted (which is something credible and legitimate black activists have worried about and sought to bring to the attention of citizens. Alas, it's absurd to tag an entire race and nation as 'racist'. Do people who do this not realize there will be push back? No one who is not racist likes to be called one and it's especially preposterous to be a white person and assume and make the same generalization. It's lazy and dangerous. Never mind about things like the war on drugs and decades of Democrat policies that have not helped black Americans. If black athletes truly cared they would look at those things. Trump is waaayyyy to convenient a scapegoat though) but statistically they will not pay for it with their lives.

This is the part that sends the narrative (all kicked off by Kaepernick in 2016 while Obama was President) into a tailspin in all its unproductive, divisive, symbolism where kneeling and raising fists by millionaire athletes leaves the average apolitical person rightfully upset. And this will push them into Trump's arms.

Statistically they don't have anything to back them up.

Once you get into the 'grey matrix sphere' you end up nowhere.

I don't know what the fallout (if any) will ultimately be. If there is one, I don't expect talking heads or ESPN who played their part to fairly and introspectively examine where the blame squarely sits. Lemme help you along. It's not with Trump who just flushed out the hypocrisy and faux-self-rigtheousness of people. Heck, I even expect virtue signalling to get more nauseating and insufferable at award banquets like the ESPYs. I can see pseudo-intellects like Shaun King or Jemele Hill getting an award for 'telling it like it is and making white people squirm and feel uncomfortable'.

All while enjoying a lifestyle and quality of life that's substantially better than the average American of any race or ethnicity.

It's all so brave to raise a fist as you bite into your fine food and ride off in your custom Ferraris leaving all folks living in the real world behind.

So Adam. Spare us your false choice and your blithering, blathering musings and DO YOUR JOB.


Quote Of The Day

"To have good leaders you have to have good followers -- able to recognize just authority, admire it, be grateful for it and emulate it."
-- David Brooks
Brooks looks like the little twerp with the slimy smile and clip board behind the judges handing out illegal prison or death sentences for the gulags based on no evidence. Just, you know, doing his job admiring 'good' authority as he recognized it.
Or. He'd be the useful idiot writer gushing over communism. 
NYT finest right there.


Wednesday Night Music

Nice tribute to Motorhead. Great cover to a great song:

Hillary's Last Stand

Er, no. Obama and Hilary have not 'mostly stayed out of the media limelight' since Trump's election. Does the media think we're obliviously dimwitted?

They've been yapping left, right and centre from Obama's tweeting about the current administration's policies and his speaking engagements (who would pay to listen to such a trivial snore-bore fest?) to Hilary's interviews and book tour. Where she blamed everyone and everything from Russians to misogyny to Comey for her loss. I think she may have even mentioned Gazoo.

I've never seen anything quite like it and has taken insufferable arrogance and classlessness to new heights. Them staying in the spotlight has been the rule and not the exception.

I think they both deserve at this point to be told 'shut up already'.

Especially Hilary. Lord, what a pompous, self-entitled, arrogant, miserable, black souled, sore loser this chick is.

Every time she speaks she reveals why she indeed wasn't fit for the job. She would have been horrible.

Her mental state is just not healthy.


And can we just stop it with the popular vote already? Remove L.A. and NY from the equation and she was soundly defeated. The Electoral College did its job.

Squawking on and on about the popular vote is like saying you had more yards and first downs in a game despite the final score. That's what it is.

It's winning a battle; not the war.

Still, like mentioned, remove two cities and this isn't even a discussion. Not that it should be to people of sound and literate minds.

Generational Contradiction

I don't know what exactly the statistics are but I'm guessing tattoo parlours are doing very well these days.

In general, and at least how I came to understand it here in North America and Europe, tattoos are/were symbols reflecting one's individualism or iconoclastic world view. For us, tattoos are about expressing one's self whereas in other cultures (or tribes) it has more cultural significance dating back centuries.

Getting a tattoo is a defining feature of the millennial generation and often strikes me more of a 'herd mentality' if not narcissistic trend. It's a generation struggling to find an identity and tattoos has been a great source for this.

Except and ironically, on the way it became less of an individualistic proclamation and more of a collectivist affirmation.

What I find interesting is the more they attempt to exert a unique tag via a tattoo, the more they reveal themselves to be anything but. What's the point if everyone has one? Moreover, where it counts most - in the intellectual and philosophical realm - millennials have no concept of what liberty entails if polls and surveys showing them accepting socialist ideals and theories are to be believed.

In other words, the more they try to be individualists the more they're tribal.

It's not uncommon to hear millennials say 'I believe in the right to express myself' while in the same sentence accept the cracking down on free speech for others (i.e. hate speech).

Intellectually, they haven't thought things through and may explain in part why they think 'shouting down' their opponents (and in the case of Antifa the use of violence) is an acceptable form of argument.

It's looking more and more like they haven't brushed up on their Aristotle or rational and critical thinking skills. Of course, where this ignorance is pointed out, they just claim it's all derived from a 'white racist' culture and call it a day.

There's no question - really there shouldn't be a debate - as to who threatens Western culture at the moment and sure as hell ain't 'Nazis'.


The other day I passed by a public high school and flirted with the notion of public schools being fortresses of propaganda.

While doing so a line in Bruce Spingsteen's 'Never Surrender' popped into my head: We learned more from a three minute record than we ever did in school'.

Of course, Springsteen probably didn't see this as a criticism of public education (anymore Roger Waters likely doesn't think 'another brick in the wall' is really a product of progressive policies and thinking). In fact, Springsteen is likely to show up at a teacher's union rally in support of them.

Such is the power of Howard Zinn's revisionism, eh?


Trump Calls The Shots; Probably Winning People Over

Once you get past the bluster and noise, one can begin to see that Trump 'gets it' and is willing to call out bull shit:

"Trump: "The problem in Venezuela is not that socialism has been poorly implemented, but that socialism has been faithfully implemented."

With the rise of socialists like Sanders (who holds ideas further to the left than even Scandinavian countries) and the tolerance for Marxism and Antifa violence, it was time a POTUS drew a line.
THIS is leadership. The West is classical liberal, free and capitalist.
And this is how we shall stay.
Add him calling that little fatso twerp in North Korea 'Rocket Man' as he trolled the UN, I'd say this was a highly successful day for Trump.
The United Nations and its bee hive of corrupted incestuous collection of defunct players deserves all the scorn it gets. And then some.
We've been making fun of it through different mediums for years. The Simpsons parodied it, Dr. Strangelove mocked it. So it was time a mirror was put to its face and Trump is the guy to do that.
It's refreshing compared to the carefully crafted cynical drivel about how much the UN is needed from past leaders including Obama; which made him an excessive snore-bore with his empty platitudes.
I don't see what he did as juvenile at all. In fact, it should pull people to his side. I mean, we're all racists now so may as well, no?


Quote Of The Day

"Okay, I'll shut up.  I'm not one that has to keep talkin'.  Some fellas just have to keep their mouths flappin', but not me!  I was brought up right, my pa used to tell me "shut up" and I'd shut up!  I wouldn't say nothin'!  One time, darn-near starved to death.    Wouldn't tell him I was HUNGRY!"

Foghorn Legorn.

The Intellectual Dereliction Of The Left

I think most intelligent and observant minds knew it was a matter of time before the remedial classes would turn their attention to Thomas Jefferson and eventually all the Founding Fathers.

And so it was at the University of Virginia (the university founded by Jefferson), BLM covered Jefferson's statue with a tarp and enumerated their (absurd and irrational) demands.

There's something malignant and off about contemporary left-wing ideology. It's anti-intellectualsm is in plain view for all to witness.

Their behaviour reminds me of this passage in 'The Gulag Archipelago'.

The People’s Commissariat of Justice issued a directive, dated August 25, 1920, for the liquidation of relics of all kinds, since the were a significant obstacle to the resplendent movement toward a new, just society. p. 327.

Think Taliban. Think Sweden destroying Viking relics. Think removal of Confederate symbols.

Cultural cleansing to erase a past but the past is there whether we like it or not. It's already written in the minds of people; of a country. That's history. Words and symbols are just giving life to our memories and are part of the historical process. Censoring or removing them are shallow bits of actions with no real purpose.

Guess who BLM are in this scenario. 


Meanwhile, another group that doesn't speak for the majority - Antifa -  were asked by KC police to disarm at a rally. 

Right to self-defence they claim.


The whole race card angle is pretty much reaching a tipping point. At least I hope and trust it is. 

Saying 'boob = white supremacy" is what passes for intellectual currency in their ranks.

As if this wasn't preposterous enough, Hillary 'Black Soul' Clinton has been keeping her tired and pointless ass in the news in a pathetic and sad effort to remain relevant. It must be quite the miserable existence hers. Living to lust over power and control and not getting it clearly has left her one crusty and bitter woman.

She has quadrupled down on her assertion a combination of Russians, misogyny and racism did her in. Can there be anything more aggravating than a loser not accepting defeat while blaming others for it?

She was creamed yet she doesn't have the inner-strength and class to just remover her self-entitled ego from the public view.

The more she talks the more she reveals herself to be a loser. Not to mention showcasing her ignorance:

"Attempting to define reality is a core feature of authoritarianism," the former secretary of state wrote in her new book, "What Happened." "This is what the Soviets did when they erased political dissidents from historical photos. This is what happens in George Orwell's classic novel Nineteen Eighty-Four when a torturer holds up four fingers and delivers electric shocks until his prisoner sees five fingers as ordered," she added.

Clinton concluded her line of reasoning with this rather confounding bit: "The goal is to make you question logic and reason and to sow mistrust toward exact the people we need to rely on: our leaders, the press, experts who seek to guide public policy based on evidence, ourselves."

Much has been said about Trump admitting he doesn't read but I consider what Hillary said here to be far worse. How can anyone come away with this lesson from 1984 is comical and depressing to me. It's par for the course when it comes to the left on how their interpret literature and history. It means whatever they feel it means and Hillary just flat out invented her own nonsense.

I look forward to what the angry drunk voices in her head tell her what 'The Gulag Archipelago' is all about.

Alas, Hillary's drivel-babbling is a contagion with no boundaries. Ask California lawmakers who think they can stop Trump in 2020 should he run.

For demonic and the children people. Remember.


Russia didn't defeat Hillary. Trump beat Hillary. Hillary was beaten because she was an unlikable phony who ran an incompetent campaign rooted in arrogance and more arrogance.

Maybe the DNC needed a distraction?


Oh and let's not leave ESPN off the hook. The double standard is pretty impressive. Jemele Hill, a hack with little talent or original thought, made the usual baseless charge of Trump's 'white supremacist' leanings.

I haven't gone to or listen to ESPN in a few years now. Who needs to be lectured from the likes of Hill and others at that network?


And just to remind that up here, we're not without our own examples of how contemporary progressivism serves to work against the working and middle classes. The Liberals, led by a couple of multi-miilonaires who inherited their wealth, have decided to add a dash of class warfare to the mix. The hypocrisy of it all is quite astonishing.


The First Amendment: The Fragile Dam Holding Back Tyranny

The First Amendment (from 1791):

Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.

45 words. That's it. These are the only 45 words in the entire world that protects by law full stop the right for all people to speak and assemble.

This basic universal principle humans have been fighting for over centuries is taken for granted for the tidal wave of tyranny continues to crash against the dams of freedom.

Speech isn't protected anywhere else - not in Canada, not in the UK, not in EU nor anywhere else - like it is in the United States of America.

And it's under severe distress.

For the time being, only the 'eternal vigilance' of a few are fighting for it (with a strong hand from the Supreme Court as it continues to generally fall on the side of the First Amendment) against reactionary forces. At the moment, the vast majority of that stress is coming by way of the progressive left. It is in their ranks we consistently see calls for either ignoring or rewriting or changing The Constitution. It is their claim it's an antiquated documented (despite its timeless and universal themes and principles applicable to all humanity) written by 'old, dead white slave owners' (further proof critical thinking and historical knowledge is on the wane).

I don't think people grasp what's at stake. If the 1A falls - free speech falls. Not the ones you happen to disapprove of (aka hate speech) but all speech.

My advice to all citizens is ignore outright a politician that ever questions, even peripherally, the 1A and the right to free speech, opinion and assembly. In fact, they should be swiftly condemned.

Do people not understand this?

The 1A was designed to protect YOUR RIGHT to speak.

It didn't specify anywhere (for obvious good reason and sense) speech is to be 'balanced' (which is just an example and symbol of where we stand intellectually on the matter). Nor did it make the point of parsing 'love' from 'hate' speech; 'beautiful' from 'ugly'. It didn't say, 'Only the written beauty of Moliere and Shakespeare shall henceforth be the standard by which all speech is measured.'

As I write this, BLM students have covered the statue of Thomas Jefferson at the very university he founded - the University of Virginia.

Jefferson held a nuanced view on slavery. He and his co-foudners did indeed consider it a foul institution but given the priorities of the times, it was first necessary to create an independent state given their limited time and resources. They couldn't dedicate all their energies to it. Rather, they put their trust into the hands of their compatriots to one day deal with the matter at a later time. It was, I reckon, a simple act of realpolitik on their part. Which is exactly what happened. It was the West that put an end to the practice of slavery - which still happens in Asia and Africa.

The calculus was simple: Establish the country, set in writing its governing principles and laws, and then tackle the ills that need attention. 

It's a logical fallacy to obsess over slaver given the gigantic task facing the budding new nation.  One in which that defies the facts of history and going back to 'cover' it solves absolutely nothing. You don't attack the heart of a nation's identity. Without The Constitution and the Founding Fathers, there is no America. There is no right to anything as a sovereign human being. Nothing.

Ironically, BLM and Antifa - who are claiming to fight injustice and fascism - are attacking the very document and people who laid the foundation for their right to protest. They're, in effect, reactionary forces with a pointless nihilistic streak.

Jefferson was one of the last great minds of The Enlightenment in the Age of Reason.

In order for a society to truly progress, the minds that replace its ancestors have to surpass them. 

Do you think this is the case?

I don't.


Communism By Other Means Continued

Next time you hear someone squawk on about the 'shrinking middle class' point out its because the majority graduate to the upper class.

As for small business, if the Liberals have their way, this too will contribute to the middle-class continued diminishment. Their breathtakingly short sighted plan will hurt the middle-class who own small businesses and their ability to grow their businesses, save for retirement and achieve wealth.

Morneau said it himself. He wants to make sure 'owners don't gain a tax advantage' framing it as if small businesses are exploited 'loopholes'.

I argue what the Liberals are up to is not only a challenge to established law and acceptance of the reality of people taking on risk but an immoral one. The positive, net benefit for an economy small business generates more than makes up for whatever small tax advantages they get. I just don't see why they chose to pick a bone with us.

If people don't like they can't get 'perks', then they can go out and start a business. No one is stopping them. Nor is small business exploiting labor or stealing anything from anyone.

This vapid narrative has run its course and some one needs to 'fuck it to death.'

We're now in 'communist thinking' mode.

The rhetoric of the Liberals is essentially that. Morneau wants to bring the business owner down still closer to the employee. How is this not communism by other means? The government is threatening small businesses (and I do see it as that) all based on their vision of what constitutes as 'fair'.

It's not their place to do so.

If they think it is, then let's call it for what it is: Communist thinking.

Just like the Americans are absolutely without doubt correct to defend the Second Amendment (the government doesn't need to know where they guns are), we need to preserve the sanctity of the free enterprise system as best we could. Or else they won't stop.


Millennials: A Generation Without Perspective

Brendan O'Neil on millennials.

He pretty much nails it.

Notice the shot of one of the girls on the panel. The subtle look of clueless smug is priceless.


Bill And Justin's Big Adventure

The Morneau and Trudeau economic class warfare social justice act is wearing thin. The latest round of proposals has small business in a tiff.

It's an irritation so please forgive this scattered and disjointed post.

The proposed tax small business tax changes by the Liberals is short-sighted in my view. If small business struggles, the entire economy hurts. When small business does well, we all do well.

You may not 'see' the benefits to you because the left conditions people to look at 'that Audi' the 'rich' guy bought 'stealing your labor'.

It's poison-toxic rhetoric.

And there seems to be too much of a scoldy do as I say not as I do streak among the modern progressive politician and Morneau and Trudeau are no different. If we're not paying 'our fair share' then they're a couple of millionaire socialists who never had to sweat or worry about their lot.

Bill and Justin’s Big Social Justice Adventure – from the back of their yachts.

From Huffington:

"Earlier this week, Finance Minister Bill Morneau said the government has noticed a huge uptick in the number of people incorporating themselves — 300 per cent over the past 15 years.
He makes it sound like this is the only reason why.  I don't know why this is happening but there are plenty of reasons why this may be happening.

And so what anyway? That's a god thing. Stay out of the way. Let Canadians and the market regulate who decides to get into business.  .
"There's some elements in our tax code that provide advantages for people to do that," he said. "We're concerned that if we don't move forward with some changes that create a level playing field, that we could find ourselves down the road with two classes of Canadians: a class of Canadians that are able to incorporate and find themselves in a lower tax situation and a second class that aren't able to incorporate and end up paying a higher rate of tax."
While he understands that many small business owners use their investments to save for retirement or help expand their businesses — which in turn creates jobs — Morneau said he just wants "to make sure that there's no situation where they have a much, much better retirement income as a result of an approach to tax planning not available to other Canadians."
And? What's wrong with that? Shopowners aren't always millionaires, They go into business for many reasons including valuing autonomy. It's one less person (s) to worry about, no?

Conservative MP Scheer nailed it: "tax advantages exist to offset the risks that entrepreneurs take and the lack of benefits"

Basically, it's a retarded take on 'in accordance to their needs' at play here. Of course, it doesn't apply to Morneau since he's taken care of with his off shore and shell corporations, right?

Heaven forbid the group that takes the risk, has to repay loans can't contribute to UI have a small ability to fund for their own retirement like true independents. We can't depend on (in some cases) guaranteed and generous pensions like they get in government or with large corporations.

Somehow SME's have to pay a price for this 'imbalance'?

Gotta make sure everyone is 'equal' and dependents on the state. It's asinine Marxist nonsense god mad.

Communism by other means folks.

This all it is. Whistling to their class warfare ideals.

The Liberals are bad news for small business, the middle class and the economy if they keep this up.

I have to digest this further and do some research because it has unnerved me to hear such talk rom Morneau. I may post further details on this.

Basically, the Liberals because of their spending nonsense need money now and this is one way to plunder. I just don't understand why they want to discourage savings through investment income. Companies save for a rainy day all the time. It's crucial for periods of downturn.

They're all about spending and the way they plan to eventually pay for is to set things up as if  SME's are taking *advantage* of *loopholes* when in fact we're just following tax law as it's written. I'm told it's to stop the abusers of the system. Well, focus on them then. Or else this will be just another one-size fits all approach that's doomed to fail - and hurt people who follow the rules.

And let's get one thing straight. YES, the business owner should take precedence over the worker. We're starting to over rate the employee by making a villain of the person who takes the risk. Worse, by framing the narrative as though we 'steal' from labour.

Enough of this shit. I'm tired of it. We do no such thing.


In the meantime....

Another example of why it's urgent we teach finance and business in schools. One of the reasons why we face such rubbish is because we're too disconnected from what business really is. We have a distorted, cynical and unhealthy view of business.

Thankfully the CFIB are fighting on our behalf against this.

The Liberals need to put a cork in it.

And let's talk about the perks politicians have. Don't think we haven't notice Justin's little vacation escapades. Ah! But he's allowed to have a perk! He was elected! Suddenly it's not a loophole!

What about people like Justin (like Obama) leveraging their fame to earn millions off book deals? Leveraging is sooo unfair. I mean, I can never go to a publisher and get that kind of advance. So why is that fair? Let's stop it!

See where I'm going with this? Politicians sure love the economic and capitalist system when it suits them and gives them an edge. You in the middle class? Not so much. A politician would look at you funny if you threw their logic back in their faces. After all, equality is equality, no?

Maybe politicians need body cams at this point because I can just imagine what they do behind the scenes. And I bet it's more sophisticated in its 'loopholing' than any small business can muster.

Loophole is another word I've learned to hate. It's code for 'I can't get that so stop someone from getting it because unfair!'.

While we're at it. Let's have a look, as mentioned above, at Morneau's off shore investments and his own activities that contradict his 'equality' bull shit.

Unfortunately, millennials will probably realize too late what the Liberals are doing is fucking them down the road.


In accordance to their needs....

While the Liberals play left-wing economics without admitting to it, NYC mayor Bill DeBlasio doesn't hide the fact that he philosophically identifies with socialism or communism. Who knows? And quite frankly who cares?

Alas, New Yorkers may very well vote this socialist in again.

Hey, it's their bed.

We have enough of our issues with Coderre who thinks saying things like 'it's not waste, it's an investment' is cute and intelligent when defending spending tax dollars on babelles.