Bill And Justin's Big Adventure

The Morneau and Trudeau economic class warfare social justice act is wearing thin. The latest round of proposals has small business in a tiff.

It's an irritation so please forgive this scattered and disjointed post.

The proposed tax small business tax changes by the Liberals is short-sighted in my view. If small business struggles, the entire economy hurts. When small business does well, we all do well.

You may not 'see' the benefits to you because the left conditions people to look at 'that Audi' the 'rich' guy bought 'stealing your labor'.

It's poison-toxic rhetoric.

And there seems to be too much of a scoldy do as I say not as I do streak among the modern progressive politician and Morneau and Trudeau are no different. If we're not paying 'our fair share' then they're a couple of millionaire socialists who never had to sweat or worry about their lot.

Bill and Justin’s Big Social Justice Adventure – from the back of their yachts.

From Huffington:

"Earlier this week, Finance Minister Bill Morneau said the government has noticed a huge uptick in the number of people incorporating themselves — 300 per cent over the past 15 years.
He makes it sound like this is the only reason why.  I don't know why this is happening but there are plenty of reasons why this may be happening.

And so what anyway? That's a god thing. Stay out of the way. Let Canadians and the market regulate who decides to get into business.  .
"There's some elements in our tax code that provide advantages for people to do that," he said. "We're concerned that if we don't move forward with some changes that create a level playing field, that we could find ourselves down the road with two classes of Canadians: a class of Canadians that are able to incorporate and find themselves in a lower tax situation and a second class that aren't able to incorporate and end up paying a higher rate of tax."
While he understands that many small business owners use their investments to save for retirement or help expand their businesses — which in turn creates jobs — Morneau said he just wants "to make sure that there's no situation where they have a much, much better retirement income as a result of an approach to tax planning not available to other Canadians."
And? What's wrong with that? Shopowners aren't always millionaires, They go into business for many reasons including valuing autonomy. It's one less person (s) to worry about, no?

Conservative MP Scheer nailed it: "tax advantages exist to offset the risks that entrepreneurs take and the lack of benefits"

Basically, it's a retarded take on 'in accordance to their needs' at play here. Of course, it doesn't apply to Morneau since he's taken care of with his off shore and shell corporations, right?

Heaven forbid the group that takes the risk, has to repay loans can't contribute to UI have a small ability to fund for their own retirement like true independents. We can't depend on (in some cases) guaranteed and generous pensions like they get in government or with large corporations.

Somehow SME's have to pay a price for this 'imbalance'?

Gotta make sure everyone is 'equal' and dependents on the state. It's asinine Marxist nonsense god mad.

Communism by other means folks.

This all it is. Whistling to their class warfare ideals.

The Liberals are bad news for small business, the middle class and the economy if they keep this up.

I have to digest this further and do some research because it has unnerved me to hear such talk rom Morneau. I may post further details on this.

Basically, the Liberals because of their spending nonsense need money now and this is one way to plunder. I just don't understand why they want to discourage savings through investment income. Companies save for a rainy day all the time. It's crucial for periods of downturn.

They're all about spending and the way they plan to eventually pay for is to set things up as if  SME's are taking *advantage* of *loopholes* when in fact we're just following tax law as it's written. I'm told it's to stop the abusers of the system. Well, focus on them then. Or else this will be just another one-size fits all approach that's doomed to fail - and hurt people who follow the rules.

And let's get one thing straight. YES, the business owner should take precedence over the worker. We're starting to over rate the employee by making a villain of the person who takes the risk. Worse, by framing the narrative as though we 'steal' from labour.

Enough of this shit. I'm tired of it. We do no such thing.


In the meantime....

Another example of why it's urgent we teach finance and business in schools. One of the reasons why we face such rubbish is because we're too disconnected from what business really is. We have a distorted, cynical and unhealthy view of business.

Thankfully the CFIB are fighting on our behalf against this.

The Liberals need to put a cork in it.

And let's talk about the perks politicians have. Don't think we haven't notice Justin's little vacation escapades. Ah! But he's allowed to have a perk! He was elected! Suddenly it's not a loophole!

What about people like Justin (like Obama) leveraging their fame to earn millions off book deals? Leveraging is sooo unfair. I mean, I can never go to a publisher and get that kind of advance. So why is that fair? Let's stop it!

See where I'm going with this? Politicians sure love the economic and capitalist system when it suits them and gives them an edge. You in the middle class? Not so much. A politician would look at you funny if you threw their logic back in their faces. After all, equality is equality, no?

Maybe politicians need body cams at this point because I can just imagine what they do behind the scenes. And I bet it's more sophisticated in its 'loopholing' than any small business can muster.

Loophole is another word I've learned to hate. It's code for 'I can't get that so stop someone from getting it because unfair!'.

While we're at it. Let's have a look, as mentioned above, at Morneau's off shore investments and his own activities that contradict his 'equality' bull shit.

Unfortunately, millennials will probably realize too late what the Liberals are doing is fucking them down the road.


In accordance to their needs....

While the Liberals play left-wing economics without admitting to it, NYC mayor Bill DeBlasio doesn't hide the fact that he philosophically identifies with socialism or communism. Who knows? And quite frankly who cares?

Alas, New Yorkers may very well vote this socialist in again.

Hey, it's their bed.

We have enough of our issues with Coderre who thinks saying things like 'it's not waste, it's an investment' is cute and intelligent when defending spending tax dollars on babelles.

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