Communism By Other Means Continued

Next time you hear someone squawk on about the 'shrinking middle class' point out its because the majority graduate to the upper class.

As for small business, if the Liberals have their way, this too will contribute to the middle-class continued diminishment. Their breathtakingly short sighted plan will hurt the middle-class who own small businesses and their ability to grow their businesses, save for retirement and achieve wealth.

Morneau said it himself. He wants to make sure 'owners don't gain a tax advantage' framing it as if small businesses are exploited 'loopholes'.

I argue what the Liberals are up to is not only a challenge to established law and acceptance of the reality of people taking on risk but an immoral one. The positive, net benefit for an economy small business generates more than makes up for whatever small tax advantages they get. I just don't see why they chose to pick a bone with us.

If people don't like they can't get 'perks', then they can go out and start a business. No one is stopping them. Nor is small business exploiting labor or stealing anything from anyone.

This vapid narrative has run its course and some one needs to 'fuck it to death.'

We're now in 'communist thinking' mode.

The rhetoric of the Liberals is essentially that. Morneau wants to bring the business owner down still closer to the employee. How is this not communism by other means? The government is threatening small businesses (and I do see it as that) all based on their vision of what constitutes as 'fair'.

It's not their place to do so.

If they think it is, then let's call it for what it is: Communist thinking.

Just like the Americans are absolutely without doubt correct to defend the Second Amendment (the government doesn't need to know where they guns are), we need to preserve the sanctity of the free enterprise system as best we could. Or else they won't stop.

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