Millennials: A Generation Without Perspective

Brendan O'Neil on millennials.

He pretty much nails it.

Notice the shot of one of the girls on the panel. The subtle look of clueless smug is priceless.


  1. Most "baby boomers" did, indeed, grow up in middle-class and working class environments. I've always considered such "growing up normal".

    Society's been taken over and "ruled by" by the "club-hoppers" and "arena vendors" for quite some time now.
    And these are NOT the "normal" type people that used to comprise "regular society" 40 and 50 years ago. They're way more snooty, anal, and monarchy.

  2. What do you mean by 'arena vendors' and 'club hoppers'?

    I agree with the last bit.

    1. The ultra-narcissistic suburbanite/upper-middle-class "civilian monarch" elitist types.
      The ones who race their BMWs down residential side-streets and through parking lots at 45 MPH (or whatever kilometers-per-minute equivalent).

    2. The ones who can afford to routinely attend concerts and sporting events on a weekly basis, and who eat out daily and go "clubbing" numerous times a week ....
      ...those types ....


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