Irrationalism Reaches Crisis Level At The CDC

The CDC is once again issuing convoluted guidelines that visitors must be vaccinated to enter America. 

In 2023.

No major advanced nation is doing this anymore.

It's quite beyond comprehension really.

Coming from the so-called 'freest' and 'most scientific' nation in the world.

The United States is acting anything but and has abandoned whatever moral authority it had to lead enlightened Western nations.

If the White House and/or TSA go along with this, it's the last straw for me. It will permanently leave a black stain on how I view this once great and mighty country I admired.

To watch it act so stupidly letting talentless and low-caliber people like Walkensky and Fauci take it down is a remarkable thing.

And the lack of accountability is stunning to the point I think it's a crime.

Notice how they're trying to distance themselves from having pushed one of the most catastrophic and unscientific of all the restrictions in masking children and closing schools in spite of the fact evidence was clear early in 2020 to not do so and that any measures should be age specific.

But they didn't heed the science and clearly, they didn't care.

I was listening to this crazy woman Weingarten screech about how she worked hard to keep schools open. We all remember 2020-22. NO ONE fought hard to keep schools open other than the 'recalcitrants'. The people on this side only to be called nasty names like 'anti-maskers' and 'callous' and 'cruel'.

We have the fucking receipts.

Nobody fought for the children. Not the teachers. Not the unions. Not the politicians. Not the media.

Parents were barely better. When a protestor like Francois Amalega in Quebec - a math teacher - courageously and energetically fought school closures and masks, he was soundly ridiculed by the clowns in Quebec's so-called intellectual classes. 

Guess what? Amalega was right and had all the science on his side. The amount of papers and studies posting on this is staggering. 

But it was ignored. This blog is filled with links to the evidence pleading for people to act like leaders and not give into fear. 

Every single one of you acted like fucking cunts. 

And worse, you're now trying to pretend you wanted schools opened all along. 

So you don't get to go and ask, 'wha happened?' This only angers us more. You assholes refused to listen because you fabricated a fake consensus running to the same rotation of idiots like Juni and Vinh who did nothing but fan the flames of fear. 

As you can tell. I remain angry. Fuming doesn't cover what I think of these people. These 'experts'.

Arrogant, petty, vindictive little shits who peddled nothing but futile bull shit like masks and passports.

A group of cowards incapable of humility.

What did you expect from academic scientific technocrats? True leadership where if they made mistakes they'd admit it?


What you get is gaslighting and insulting spinning. 

This latest ignorant stance by the CDC - and let's be clear. The only callous, cruel and selfish actors here are the people in charge of this disaster. A mess they created on their own - will end up in the same boat as the errors made with children.

And no one will be held accountable.

If there's no accountability how can we possibly fix the mistakes we made? You can't have Fauci and any of his minions anywhere near a commission or hearings into examining what happened. Same with Tam and PHAC here.

These people won't be honest and they won't take responsibility. 

If they had any sense of decency and dignity, they'd resign.

And that goes for the politicians too. 


You sorry lot of rotten losers. 


National Citizens Inquiry

Watch the videos here.

Do your part. Be informed. See for yourself the disinformation this government peddles.

Look at the real human cost of the COVID response. The media won't do it for you as their ignoring of NCI can attest.

Canada: Free Falling

I never thought we'd be a pseudo-despotic nation run by an obscenely incompetent political class given to all the banal 'current things' of the day. We don't have anyone with courage and vision in this country. Anyone with integrity and decency. Nothing we have.

I'll just touch on a couple of examples for today. I'll tackle Tucker Carlson in another piece. 

Justin Trudeau simply doesn't stop harassing Canadians. Here's a guy who has no mandate of any kind to act like he's acting; His source of power is correlated to the NDP who inexplicably continues to prop up a clearly toxic leader. The Bloc is barely any better.

This week, the government announced a gun buy-back plan. I'm not overly concerned about this. This has all the markings of a boondoggle and more waste that will accomplish absolutely nothing. A Liberal government specialty. What matters is the appearance of doing something. The cost be damned.

The government literally doesn't know what it's doing and I expect this plan to fail.

Just like the VW battery plant scam will falter and the vaccine facilities. But people have been handsomely paid off I'm sure.

The reason why it will fail is because it has no specifics. Nonetheless, this leaves merchants in a bind because it leaves them with a degree of uncertainty on how to operate their business. This is not good for anyone and it's certainly not how a democracy should function. All for a scheme that law enforcement says will do nothing to solve anything. Just like carbon taxes won't lead to changed habits in order to "stop" climate change. The very idea these people think they're intelligent enough to defeat Mother Nature points to their misplaced hubris and foolishness. 

Bill C-11, on the other hand, has the potential to be far more problematic. This bill is extremely ambiguous and unclear. Many experts, content creators, and other people who stand to be impacted by it have all eloquently explained why this bill is not only a bad idea, but wholly unnecessary. 

Basically, this bill gives extraordinary powers to the CRTC to regulate the Internet on both the user and content side. Content creators in Canada will likely lose here and if the CRTC ever decides to exercise these powers, users could also be hurt.

It's not likely to happen because public consultations are likely to continue fighting it and the reality is that the CRTC simply doesn't have the resources to enforce these powers.

Right now, all this is theoretical but on the books. And that's problematic enough.

We can easily find ourselves in a situation where a government official may find content offensive and demand the CRTC intervene at which point a YouTube channel could suddenly find itself subject to Federal regulation. And just like that - freedom of speech. Gone. Meanwhile, a channel that government official likes could be promoted. Again. Nor a way to run a democracy. In fact, it's precisely anti-democratic.

What did you expect from a government and its coalition partners who have done nothing but behave anti-democratic? They've broken every norms of decency and ethics at this point that this country has lost sense of its essence and purpose.

Another problem this bill could lead to is a trade dispute between USA and Mexico. The Canadian government is basically forcing entities like Netflix to provide Canadian content (heaven forbid we do it ourselves. Always mooching off others in this country) but apparently will refuse access to that content. No company in its right mind would agree to this and it's likely going to create trade problems as this is covered in the recent renegotiated trade deal. The government is bringing on unnecessary problems onto itself. It's remarkable that Freeland didn't warn this could be a problem. But again, these are ideologues and not competent bureaucrats. 

They simply didn't think this through and kicked it over to the CRTC to deal with it.

A quick word on the Senate. It was a body that was 'this' close to serving Canada but it failed. It sent back to Parliament the Bill requesting amendments and the Parliament refused. The Senate then simply rubber-stamped the Bill. To the 52 who voted for it. Shame on you. To the 16. I thank you. 

So why is the government doing this? Why are they constantly trying to ram through anti-democratic bills? How else to view this other than perhaps it's true there is foreign influence on our government? Notably the WEF and CCP? Spare me the conspiracy stuff. There are plenty of documented articles and comments that pretty much point in that direction.  

Justin Trudeau, I believe, isn't serving Canada. I had to get this personal opinion in before Bill-36 gets ratified. I didn't believe the government of Canada would ever turn on its citizens. But it is. The Mandates and Emergencies Act was a dress rehearsal. Will they do something about the Federal workers who are 'occupying' the streets of Ottawa? Will their bank account be frozen?

Now they're moving on to other ways to turn Canadians into criminals. 

Once the perception of justice is misapplied, it's game over for our democracy. 

Show me the man and I'll show you the crime.

I would ask MPs and the PMO if they served the PM or their country. But that's not necessary. 

After all. We're a post-national state with no identity as per Justin himself. 

We have no ideals or values. We're just a series of 'current thing' hobos and vagabonds.

We're in a bad place.


Following Failure

 The three pillars on which the success of the pandemic response rested were:

-Social distancing.




Three of the four are NPIs. 

All four constitute the so-called 'multi-layered approach.

We now know - contrary to the misinformation spreaders representing the official narrative - three of the four had no basis whatsoever in science. We have more than enough information and data showing they failed. This should surprise no one because that was already established science. 

The vaccines are tricker. But the preliminary data is showing also a failure. Whatever success it may have had has long dissipated. There's no information that bivalent shots work. 

The claims made that they 'saved' millions' is specious. There's so much manipulation going on, it's near impossible to see the truth. And it's deliberately done so in my view.

You cannot make the claim they saved millions while ignoring the injuries and deaths they caused. The studies that claim this are mathematical models that do not consider the trade-offs.

People keep saying they're 'following the science'.

Even when there's no science to follow. 



We lost it all over a fucking overblown pandemic likely originating in a lab and a virus with a 99.985% survival rate.

We lost more of our freedoms. And above all our sense of ethics and decency. 

This had nothing to do with 'keeping people safe', And if it did, we did a lousy offing job of it. A catastrophic one.

Your Califfs, Tams, Faucis

et al of the world can babble all they want but they were wrong. 


Tactic Of Delay Works For Trudeau

It looks like Justin Trudeau hit the 'sweet spot' on how to avoid accountability that has led to his teflon reputation that has now reached mythical status. 

How does an untalented, incompetent and corrupt person deal with difficult issues and questions before them?

They sure as hell don't confront them. If they do, just don't answer questions or point fingers.

Another way is to delay.

And hope it goes away.

In a country where the populace is less apathetic and more activated, this wouldn't work.

But this is Canada. Where we're long on apathy and complaining and short on interest and converting our concerns into action. I apply this to the general population. Not the courageous truckers who took a stand and paid a massive incomprehensible price for it. Alas, half the country think what the government did was appropriate. Not much you can do with this. Like I said, apathy and ignorance is not a way to go through life. Hey. Did you see Antifa protestors starting a fire in the streets of Montreal? According to governments own standards set by their foolish arrogant cynicism, this constitutes a 'threat to national security'. Amirite Lametti? Where was the cavalry to come in and trample on protestors? Where were our heroes! Where have you gone Joe DiMaggio!? 

All confirmed by Rouleau who played his part as lackey very well. Here's your Scooby-snack, Paul. Now git.

The stark raving hypocrisy is sickening. This is what you get when you get less a system of governance that holds itself to account and more a band of ideologues who look to escape the consequences of their actions.

The country is bitterly divided. Whether it's with the CBC or the lingering COVID mandates, the Trudeau Liberals seem uninterested or incapable to deal with it. You can't govern a country that's this divided. And Justin has himself to blame for this. 

Cowards abound in Ottawa. Snivelling little Peter Principle acolytes interested in protecting their useless parasitical jobs and pensions.

Justin has preyed on this national character flaw and has used it to his advantage.

He wasn't kidding when he said Canada wasn't a real country. I have to concur. We're acting like it and proving his point.

No one is fighting to get this guy to account for the endless stream of scandals and corruption.

The amount of scandals is scandalous. 

Any problem that faces this government is health with simply: Delay. 

Delay until they forget. 

And it works.

Because apathy allows for it.

It's rather symbolic that Canada is without an ethics commissioner now, isn't it?

Why would a country without integrity, courage and a sense of ethics and morality need one?

Go Canada Go! 


Question For The Ideologue Dullard Justin Trudeau And His Climate Change Zealots

Justin et al, (hello Chyrstia!),

How much do you figure that the war you, Anand and Chrystia are prosecuting contributes to climate change? As belligerents who refused to engage in peace talks, what do you reckon is the emissions released through the tanks, jets and weapons? You speak of manufacturing and production of arms but remind me what do we use to build those? Oil and gas perhaps?

How do you square that?

Oh, but it's ok. Canada banned single-use plastics. A cheap, inexpensive material that keeps our food safe and our lives more manageable and convenient. 

We'll be replacing those with...paper, metal and bamboo.

An optimist will hope someone will invent another material. Perhaps.

Banning plastics and ramming carbon taxes will not result in the desired objective. You can count on this. 

But in the meantime, we're run by ignorant, punitive, petty, and immature dullards.

Best you understand this. 


The Stupidity Of Health Canada

Yup. That's a child in a mask.

In 2023.

Despite all the evidence since 1920 and about five solid studies since 2020 showing masks are mostly ineffective. 

Incredible this situation. 


The Liberal Party Is Creating Its Own Disinformation Commission And Other Thoughts About The Colony Of Canada

Did you really think tyrants weren't going to tyrant?

The Canadian cabinet is a rogue entity not in the slightest interested in protecting our God-given rights to freedom of expression.

There is no damn need for a stupid commission to monitor or regulate 'hate' on social media. This is just another organ within the thought control gulag Canada is erecting.

It all ends up in one place only: BIG BROTHER IS WATCHING YOU.

This is from a government that wants to legalize Fentanyl and cocaine as well as have 'lesser beings' commit suicide for 'compassion'.

The Liberals party's new motto:

“Ending is better than mending.”


Oh, look. The Canadian army has gone full woketard,

How nice.

I feel very secure and proud.

You actually think we're a serious colony? We don't even pay our soldiers to eat. But go die in our pointless proxy war.

For democracy.

And probably COVID or something. 


Apparently, Newfoundland and Manitoba had a vaccine passport in place.

I was completely stunned. I know the colony of Canadian and its hayseed colonial hayseeds had become  Branch Covidians incapable of challenging the narrative, but that we still have passports here is really a shame and national embarrassment. The only nation in the West.

I guess science and biology are different in this colony. We should be on National Geographic.

Just to make clear how out to lunch Canadians are about Covid and the useless shots. Businesses want to keep the app going.  

I have a list of places to vacation in the future. I can tell you it won't be anywhere in Canada. 

Damage done. Stupidity is contagious. 

There Will Be Consequences

The lawless gang operating like lawless thugs in Ottawa and Washington are running our two nations right into the ground. And there will be consequences to our actions.

The war in Ukraine is not going well for us. It may be a case of having overplayed our hand once and for all.

Mexico appears to be vulnerable to moving away from the USA as it ponders joining the BRICS. 

Russia and China are now joining forces to reorganize the global system. We made a fatal mistake in insisting Russia be treated like a pariah, not a partner. Trump was correct to assume this posture on foreign policy. Instead, the West drove Russia closer to China. Worse, as has Japan, Germany and Italy have quietly made deals behind the scenes with Russia for oil and gas. As has Japan recently. 

The West thinks they will outlast Russia in Ukraine. This is dreaming in technicolor. Russia remembers its 27 million dead during the Great Wats. They pushed back Napoleon and Hitler. It's in their national DNA to fight in protracted wars of attrition. Their patience is as long as a Tolstoy or Dostoevsky novel.

And the Americans are justifiably worried.  This is what 'Russia, Russia, Russia' gets you. 

Do Justin Trudeau and Melanie Joly comprehend this? We'll leave Freeland out of this for now. 

With the global system being reorganized, we're not reading the room right where the green focus is concerned. From where I sit, betting on a green economy is wrong. This is why we need strong and sound leadership now. The days of fluffy empty-headed ideological policies are numbered.

Canada: Incoherent Death Cult

This colony has gone off the rails.

You can't order Ivermectin. If you send it by mail, the authorities will treat it like a narcotic.

One of the most important medicines invented in medical history. A drug that's on the list of the WHO's essential medicines and has a Nobel prize.

Yet, treated like cocaine here.

But hardcore deaths leading in over dose deaths in kids? 

No problem. Toronto 'demands' to make Fentanyl and meth legal. FENTANYL. One of the most dangerous and addictive drugs from China ever devised. 

Let's decriminalize it. because George Soros says so.

What a fucking disgrace this country is. 


A Powerful Message

I don't know who this chap is but he gets straight to the heart of the MAIDS matter being pushed by the Liberals.

This party is managing to piss off everyone.  Except for dumbass wokesters, Torontonians, urban laptop cucks and transgender people.

The real 'fringe' minority.

Remember when liberals and progressives would scream Harper had to govern for all Canadians because 66% of Canadians didn't vote for him?

Harper wasn't anywhere near as divisive - if at all - as Justin Trudeau. Not a day goes by where Justin isn't taking dead aim at some group. Like the gentleman mentions in the clip. They want to control every Canadian. Be it through the internet, carbon taxes, MAIDS, or alcohol consumption  - there isn't a section of civil life Justin isn't trying to govern. 

The Liberals are a repugnant bunch of sowers of discord. 

I feel for this guy. We need to somehow break out of this Liberal/NDP deadlock and set this country back on a course of human decency.