Tactic Of Delay Works For Trudeau

It looks like Justin Trudeau hit the 'sweet spot' on how to avoid accountability that has led to his teflon reputation that has now reached mythical status. 

How does an untalented, incompetent and corrupt person deal with difficult issues and questions before them?

They sure as hell don't confront them. If they do, just don't answer questions or point fingers.

Another way is to delay.

And hope it goes away.

In a country where the populace is less apathetic and more activated, this wouldn't work.

But this is Canada. Where we're long on apathy and complaining and short on interest and converting our concerns into action. I apply this to the general population. Not the courageous truckers who took a stand and paid a massive incomprehensible price for it. Alas, half the country think what the government did was appropriate. Not much you can do with this. Like I said, apathy and ignorance is not a way to go through life. Hey. Did you see Antifa protestors starting a fire in the streets of Montreal? According to governments own standards set by their foolish arrogant cynicism, this constitutes a 'threat to national security'. Amirite Lametti? Where was the cavalry to come in and trample on protestors? Where were our heroes! Where have you gone Joe DiMaggio!? 

All confirmed by Rouleau who played his part as lackey very well. Here's your Scooby-snack, Paul. Now git.

The stark raving hypocrisy is sickening. This is what you get when you get less a system of governance that holds itself to account and more a band of ideologues who look to escape the consequences of their actions.

The country is bitterly divided. Whether it's with the CBC or the lingering COVID mandates, the Trudeau Liberals seem uninterested or incapable to deal with it. You can't govern a country that's this divided. And Justin has himself to blame for this. 

Cowards abound in Ottawa. Snivelling little Peter Principle acolytes interested in protecting their useless parasitical jobs and pensions.

Justin has preyed on this national character flaw and has used it to his advantage.

He wasn't kidding when he said Canada wasn't a real country. I have to concur. We're acting like it and proving his point.

No one is fighting to get this guy to account for the endless stream of scandals and corruption.

The amount of scandals is scandalous. 

Any problem that faces this government is health with simply: Delay. 

Delay until they forget. 

And it works.

Because apathy allows for it.

It's rather symbolic that Canada is without an ethics commissioner now, isn't it?

Why would a country without integrity, courage and a sense of ethics and morality need one?

Go Canada Go! 

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