I know.

Soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo much has happened and is happening since September.

Truth is, I hit a wall. It only took 19 years. The scale of what's facing our civilization has been challenging to process. 

I can't even keep up with the weekly scandals from this Mafiosi Trudeau government. I've been, well, gobsmacked by how deep the corruption runs in this colony.

Oh. Right. I've concluded in observing the behaviour of this 'country', that it's a colony beset with a colonial mindset.

It goes a long way in making sense of why Canadians are so apathetically immature. Few nations - that is, real countries - would have tolerated such insolence and incompetence from its leader and the party he leads. Greater men have fallen for far less.

And our institutions. What can be said of them?

A reflection of its colonial heritage I reckon.

The courts have proven to be absolutely and abjectly useless where upholding the Charter rights of Canadians and their medical autonomy are concerned. Worse, they've repeatedly and openly shown bias. 

Law enforcement, for its part, is incapable of protecting the rights of Canadians. 

Now we're seeing mayhem in the streets because of October 7. Real mayhem. Not the disorderly conduct of Canadian citizens justifiably protesting unethical and punitive mandates. The Canadian government, the bastards that fill the red side of the House, set a new low threshold for what constitutes a national security threat. They painted themselves into a corner and we're seeing why it was a really stupid fucking idea to invoke the EA and freeze assets.

But we're ruled by spectacularly stupid people. Mendicino, Lametti, Freeland, Joly, and of course Captain Poptart Lasagne and his drama queen act Trudeau. 

Despicably untalented and smug stupid people.

They've made a mess of our country. 

Are Canadians capable of rising to the task of finally emerging from their arrested development to become a mature and strong COUNTRY?

I'm not convinced.



A Quick Post To Say Hello

Came back from a 3-week Rt. 66 junket two weeks ago.

Posting will resume. So much to tackle. 

For now, a quick comment on Canada. This is not a country. It's a colony. I hope to expand on this shortly.

I see the usual faux-righteous outrage have emerged again this time for the Greenbelt scandal in Ontario. Oh, where would be without our heroic 'journalists' in Canada!? 

The sheer hypocrisy and croc tears are enough to hurl vomit into the wind splattering back into the face.

Let's ignore we have the most unethical and scandalous Federal government in Canadian history - and it's not even close -  under the hapless ideologue Justin Trudeau. 

But a run-of-the-mill real estate racket? Let's act with moral outrage! I'm never eating here again!

I'm pretty sure plenty of liberals in Ontario got greased in this story as well. But shhhhh.

It's enough to make you sick all this hypocrisy. 


Also a quote form Lyndon LaRouche:

“The rates of increase of energy-flux density in the concentrations of increasing rates of intensity of power per capita, must be now be restarted, and also accelerated; otherwise, the death-rates throughout the world are now already accelerating at rates which must be identified as a global trend in planetary human genocide… The nominal trend in rising rates of genocide is not the only aspect of this threatening trend. The inability to maintain a correlated set of rates of increase of the energy-flux density of the human persons per capita, must be correlated with the falling rate of intellectual development of the typical U.S.A. or European citizen. The so-called “green doctrine” is a doctrine of practice which results in not only human genocide, but a decadence in the mental powers, and also the relative sanity, of the individual human being.” 


Of The Amish, MAIDS And False Empathy

I find it quite the contrast.

On one side, we have the Amish who treated one another with courage, respect and dignity during COVID. And managed to come out of it with their community in tact. 

On the other, we have Canada where we elevated cruel one-size fits all coercive policies erasing people's rights and dignity levelling the civil order as a result. 

To add to the pain and suffering, we went ahead and loosened the requirements for assisted suicide (MAIDS) making it the most permissive policy in the West.

When not even Belgium and The Netherlands go that far, you know your society has lost its moral and intellectual compass.

Which society was more empathetic?


Out Of Character

Everywhere Justin Trudeau goes he's met with protestors. 

Yes protestors.

Not domestic terrorists but protestors. Protesting styles range from peaceful (ahem, 'mostly peaceful') all the way to violent. Some are polite and some not. 

The ones confronting Justin are largely loud and impolite. Apparently, this is enough to spark the fanx-righteous partisans. Regardless of what you think or believe, we live in a free and open democracy (sort of) and what those people are doing is venting a lot of frustration.

We've arrived a very bad place where Canadians accuse each other of being domestic terrorists.

It's unhealthy.

How did we arrive here?

For me it goes like this.

Once upon a time in 2020, a virus scared the living crap out of people. And then everyone lost their minds, became authoritarian cowards refusing to evolve with the facts that we were not in danger. In fact, they became even more stringent in their strident demands to 'defeat' the virus. Public policy reflected this irrational and impractical mindset.

What we got were the most restrictive mandates in medical history. So unnecessary and rooted in pseudoscience the low Middle-Ages blushed. No disrespect to the people of that period because we match them pound for pound when it comes to believing in magic and quackery. We've barely moved the enlightenment needle.

The mandates and measures - among the most restrictive in the West -  were extremely divisive and therefore created a toxic atmosphere in the civil order. Many appalled Canadians of sound mind couldn't stand it and left the country. Some permanently. 

At every turn, the academic, medical, political and media classes screamed with the fiery screams of banshees for still more restrictions. We weren't crushing civil liberties enough. Because the best public health policy is a one-size fits all one taking a sledge hammer to the Bill of Rights.

Like I said, we're not too bright.

Dividing society into 'essential' and 'non-essential' and along medical status lines was not a very good or enlightened idea. Not to me. It was bound to have untold and unseen consequences lasting a very long time. 

But it's ok. I'm sure 'experts' like Timothy Caulfield will Tweet some bogus study weaponized with conflicts of interest and shoddy methodology telling people it wasn't that bad. Why, children actually did better under lockdown!

If it feels it defies logic and reason it does.

People lost their jobs. Millions. The stress of not having a pay check will have a pernicious impact on the psychological of people, no? Right Colin Furness and Isaac Bogoch? 

The unvaccinated were scapegoated. There was no tolerance or respect for the fact many people could not take an experimental vaccine or wear amulets otherwise known as masks. Did you care about their concerns that sometimes were life-threatening? People were told despite an advert event clearly correlated and confirmed by doctors to the first shot to take a second one anyway. This strikes you as normal or empathetic and sound health care? We obliterated common sense and ethics. Notice how religious concerns were mocked. 

Yet, the 'expert' class continues to ignore or deny this is happening. And that's why you're seeing what you're seeing.

What the fuck did you think was going to happen?

This left a bitter taste in people's mouths. I still hit the keyboard a little too hard typing this.

You think because you followed and obeyed all is well and you won't be touched by the catastrophic response? Na-ah. You will be touched in ways you may not see yet. And what you do see, you have to connect the dots and trace it back to whence it started. 

Then Justin Trudeau decided it was time to politicize COVID. That's when he kicked it up a notch with repugnant hate speech toward fellow Canadians, brought in passports (that so-called 'experts' supported) , and imposed a domestic travel ban. 

Do you have any idea what this did to people?

Put down your pronouns, come out from behind your Ukraine flags, and your rainbow 'love is love' empty jargon.

People's lives were interrupted and some of it for good.

You have no idea what this did to a high number of Canadians. It's enough to get them in the streets. To have lost faith and trust in our institutions. And even among each other.

Justin thought this was a good ticket into a majority government in 2021.

Not even the Chinese could deliver it for him.

Now he has to deal with the consequences of his decisions.

He fractured Canada.

Like his father did.

People now yell at him.

Could you blame him?

Canada cannot move forward as long as he's in power. 

A decent, courageous and honorable man would see this and resign. 

Justin Trudeau gambled and lost.

Yet, like the drunk card player in a saloon, he refuses to acknowledge he lost his hand.

Now he's acting like Yosemite Sam shooting his mouth off guns blazing lecturing Canadians they're misinformed victims for not going along with his ideological schemes.

I've never seen this kind of animosity toward a leader in Canada.

It's deserved in my view.

It's very much out of character for Canadians.

And we know why. 


Stupid Beyond Words

16 millions trees were cut down to make way for wind farms in Scotland.

240 000 cows were slaughtered in Ireland. 

For climate change. 

Humans are repugnant ignoramuses.

Dehumanization And Disinformation

There's a clip of Justin Trudeau at yet another one of those idiotic town halls where he lectures the public about his ideological nonsense. In it, he can be seen asking police to throw out five or six people for speaking out of turn (or line). Basically, protesting. At one point, after he thought he had things under control with his goons, his infamous short fuse emerged as he yelled, 'Oh come on!' at another person who dared challenge him. 

His behaviour was unnerving stating 'democracy is messy' as he once again asked police to remove the person. 

What's still more troubling, people applauded. But this is a Canadian mindset (and we see it in the USA too) people are just too polite and obedient. They just think it's 'inappropriate'. Take it outside as it were. Except, in Canada, it's become increasingly dangerous to protest in public. The bottom line is they reinforce his antics and behavior. 

Watching people being whisked away as he cooly and arrogantly stated 'democracy is messy' was to me a defining example of his despotic mindset. 

Canadians don't like Justin Trudeau and the fact they're expressing themselves in ways I've seen is telling. Justin can't take a hint.


Well, his immense ego for starters. Justin exhibits the qualities and traits of a narcissist. 

But there are a couple of other reasons why he's able to act with such utter contempt toward people.

2021 is the year when Justin decided to make vaccination a political wedge issue for the election. He proceeded to divide the country along 'unvaccinated and 'vaccinated' lines. Similar to how the authorities separated so-called 'essential' and 'non-essential' businesses. 

In the process, he spewed and uttered venomous rhetoric towards people reaching a Hileresque 'do we tolerate' these people on a Quebec talk show where the dingbat hostess chimed in with an unsolicited 'they're extremist' comment. This was followed by a domestic travel ban on people who decline a medical procedure as is their right. This was a punitive act not backed by science not seen anywhere in the developed West. Canada was an outlier.

Democracy is messy. 

But Justin knows how to clean it up.

By dehumanizing people, it's easier to assault them and their rights.

If you don't see a person before you, it doesn't take much to do as you please. Those icky people. 

It's on the line between psychopath criminals and how they view their victims.

Peter Hotez does the same thing. As other 'experts'. Rather than stick to the damn facts, they go off on a political tangent calling for the arrest of people claiming they're 'killing people' with disinformation and misinformation. 

Unperson the human. It then opens up an avenue for you to abuse power.

The terms disinformation and misinformation are weapons to be used against not just the dehumanized individual but anyone who has questions or exhibits skepticism toward authority.

We just saw a classic example of paternalistic condescension when Justin 'tranny-splained' to Muslims against the smut and pornography being forced down the throats of kids. Of course, Muslims are right to be upset as this has nothing to do with education any more mandates had to do with public health or carbon taxes or green initiatives with the environment.  What was especially obtuse was Justin telling them what their faith should be. It showed how little regard the left has for religion. It was shocking in its arrogant ignorance. 'Cure religion you have there but this is what you're going to think.'

Time and again, Justin reveals he's nothing but a goofball Marxist with no inner-core values or principles. He's an ideologue through and through.

The other part of that interaction was the stark hypocrisy. He spoke about people's rights. Of course, except for truckers and the unvaccinated. But they were dehumanized. They don't count. Their loss of rights don't matter because they 'threatened the collective greater good'.

This is not conspiracy or disinformation or misinformation. This is plain to see in his actions and rhetoric. 

If you dare challenge Justin, it's because you're misinformed or a victim of disinformation. In this case, 'American right-wing extremists'. Another favourite pastime of Justin's is to link flat-earthers with 'anti-vaxxers'. It's a weak, if not insipid analogy, but what do you expect from a guy who looks to constantly divide people with his pseudo-intellectual toxicity? He does the same with the law always looking for ways to circumnavigate it using his lapdog Lametti to find loopholes to avoid the law. Justin already abused the rule of law with SNC with no consequences. He's already highly unethical so it should surprise no one he will continue abusing his powers.

At this rate, Justin is going to run out of scapegoats. It's despotic.

That's how he's able to deal with it. By creating a thick outer layer of dehumanization and the myth of disinformation.

Life is nothing but a flow of information. No one is an expert on the information. Anyone who claims this is a shyster and a liar. A good example of a misinformation fraud is Timothy Caulfield. All they represent is the establishment seeking to control the flow of information and what Canadians see, read and hear. That's the ultimate objective of Bill C-11. They all project because it is they who peddle in disinformation trafficking. It's getting to a point where Justin has the inelegant audacity to chastise political leaders blindsiding them with his disinformation as he did with Meloni. 

The unvaccinated in Canada have no more rights. That was the ultimate price they paid. They've been stripped of all ethical codes and standards set up in the post-war era as the Canadian courts have made clear. It was a coup d'etat against the rights of Canadians.

It was a direct assault on the Bill of Rights.

The vaccinated also paid a high price.

It came in the form of a loss of dignity. They were carefully and cynically nudged into behaviour they instinctively knew was wrong. They were cajoled into an act based on a sustained diet of fear. They were coerced. They were denied information and informed consent. 

Many took it the avoid problems. It's a weak excuse justifying their decision but it just may be a coping and defensive mechanism for some who know they were lied to.

Our government lied repeatedly to us. And continue to do so.

And when you see and call it out, they gaslight you by first making sure you're dehumanized and then a victim of 'disinformation'. They're trying to break you. People's confidence in critical thinking was shattered.

Once you recognize this. You can regain your dignity. Self-consciousness. And ultimately your rights as a free and sovereign human being.

But first. Canada has to rid of itself of this tin-potted small-minded buffoon.


Spot The Game

Do you see the nudging in real time?

They're preparing you.

Manipulating your fears.

They're conditioning you be constantly scared of climate change and viruses. 

Climate lockdowns are a real plan. Not conspiracy. They first have to prep you.

Notice how they're slowly cranking up the fear over COVID for the fall - again. 

Normalize masks. 

And take that magic new booster.

Or else.

I'm not speaking to the paranoid hypochondriacs. Whether in the general population or medical and scientific fields. Or the mentally ill.

I'm talking to you normies.

This only stops when stop being vulnerable to their bull shit. 

And you know who they are. It's the same tiresome cycle of TV dinner experts since the beginning.


On The Carbon Tax

It's a no-brainer that the three - you read that right - carbon taxes need to be repealed as soon as logically possible. Taxes are regressive and won't do a single thing claimed. Correction. It will mean more cash flow for the government.

It's the Great Swindle.

You should be able to spot crony climate grifting by now. 

This government is an optics and ethical disaster. Recently, for example, the spendthrift Governor-General has been seen jet-setting around the world in jets and limos like her boss. 

I'm sure she's conducting crucial business on our behalf.

Like the Senate, the Governor-General is nothing but an appointed crony.

They offer nothing to Canada. 

So how do we know Canadians are getting fleeced?

Look at the countries without a carbon tax.

India, Russia, China, Brazil and the United States. 

I'll let you figure out the point here.

Any questions? 

Canada's democracy and prosperity are eroding and dwindling.



Meet Canada's Social Disorder Experts

It's always nice to see the names and faces of the people who helped to fragment the civil order. We know in the UK 'nudge units' ravaged and potentially irreversibly ruptured British brains with their Svengali schemes so it was only natural Canada - being nothing but an unoriginal and unimaginative colony - would copy the UK.

And the colony did.

Here. These are the people who manipulated you.

I would love to know what was said between this Rodney Ghali character and Cabinet. 

Try to be a bit more fucking critical and skeptical next time out, ok? Because they absolutely will rinse and repeat this game plan scheme. 

Be impervious. Be punk.

Don't let them mock and break you.


Roads To Tyranny

The wars on climate change, disinformation and viruses can lead nowhere but to tyranny.

Every single one of these alleged threats demand citizens give up their liberties to 'fight'.

Climate change, laws  for example, won't result in its reveal. Rather it will lead to mobility rights being curbed or eliminated as well as lockdowns. Disinformation laws will lead not to the defeat of false information but in the lost of the right to information and free speech. Pandemic 'preparedness' and 'prevention' can only only be achieved by removing informed consent and medical autonomy. 

They've already begun to normalize it all. Through language. Listen to the language and jargon. 

15- minute cities. Vaccine passports. Digital ID.

All mechanism needed to control populations in the modern age. 

They use fear and insecurity to play on your nerves. It is used to manipulate you.

There is no climate, disinformation or virus threat to us.

And always look at who funds all of this.

There are roads to tyranny.

Not freedom.

Think about this on Independence Day.


About The Amish

Those crazy weird Amish. You know. Those icky religious people the state loves to maul.

They came out of COVID far more intact as a community than we allegedly enlightened secular observers of scientism did. 

Weird my ass. When faced with a challenge they showed way more sense than we did. 

There's something we should all admire and appreciate (if not envy) about how they handled COVID. They didn't turn on each other choosing instead to rally together as a community. They faced the health crisis with courage driven by faith in God. They didn't turn on each other shaming people into spooky acts and habits like masks and forcing abhorrent vaccine passports (which unbelievably is becoming an actual health feature with the WHO). They ignored The Science TM.  

We, on the other hand, lost our sense of courage and faith in one another choosing instead to rally around empty jargon and slogans enforced and coerced by the state. We put blind faith in the manufactured 'consensus' of scientism. Our God was a man-made vaccine. We bowed before it.

We were, in essence, weak.

And we continue to be pathetic. 


Delusions Drive The Liberals

Melaine Joly the other day - by far the worst foreign affairs minister in history - was babbling about how Canada needs to regain its 'influence' on the world.

Are these people this delusional and clueless?

Stupid people don't recognize their own incompetence.

I've written before how completely in out of her element Joly is. It's troublingly embarrassing really.

This country is a a complete shit show under the Liberals.

Canada has lost whatever influence it may have had because of its immature and unserious antics. Maybe Canadians are too oblivious to notice but the world isn't.

The Americans have known for some time China is embedded in our politics. Yet, our government has never moved to do anything about it. Choosing instead to act like drug addicts refusing to acknowledge their addiction. Justin's reaction was a prime example of how and what not to handle it. Using it instead to once again play petty partisan politics.

Our parochial decisions come at an international cost and countries are reacting.

The UK, Australia and the United States recently formed its own spy and national security alliance without notifying Canada. I've been observing political and history for a very long time. This is a first to my knowledge where Canada was kept out of the loop among our allies. It signals we're not to be trusted and taken seriously.

This is not Poilievre's fault. It falls squarely on Trudeau - and years of Canadian inaction and sheer apathy towards a very serious issue on national security. 

It's the Liberals in control of foreign policy. Not the conservatives. 

Another example is the fact we're no longer taking part in NATO military preparedness exercises and the fact we no longer commit peacekeepers to war zones. Never mind we can't properly feed and equip our soldiers. This makes the recent deal with Ukraine where Canada guarantees Ukraine's protection. How? We don't have the capabilities to defend our own country. It's actually a stunning gesture rooted in arrogance that this country and its idiotic belligerence can stand up to a nuclear power like Russia militarily. I'm not even sure if Ukraine takes it seriously. Surely, the word's out that Canada is a bit of a joke within NATO. I also find it hard to believe anyone takes Justin Trudeau, Joly and Anand seriously. 

These decisions have consequences.

Which makes Joly's statement all the more baffling and stunning. Canada, true to its incompetent form, actually had the audacity to apply to join AUKUS according to Defence Minster Anand.

They can't even read the room.

No one feels like getting lectured by a gallivanting buffoon about climate change as he jet-sets the world leaving a gaping carbon footprint the size of his narcissistic ego.

He has no moral authority to speak about freedom and democracy after the decision to invoke the Emergencies Act and the subsequent freezing of accounts.

Our leaders and their cognitive dissonance is being noticed.

This is a government that makes bad decisions and wonders why it's being mocked. 

This is precisely what this country deserves. To be mocked mercilessly. 

Regressive Canada Continues Its Corrupted Assault On Health

It really is impressive how backward this country is on health.

It really doesn't want you making decisions about your own health.

Duclos and Trudeau have become a pair of paternalistic tyrants and ignoramuses on matters of health.

It's all political. 

And financial.

Consider this blurb I came across:

Survey on Homeopathy awareness and usage in Canada: 10.3 million Canadians used homeopathy in 2022.

A new survey shows Canadians are using homeopathy in increasing numbers!

The survey found:
• 68% of Canadians are familiar with homeopathy.
• 83% of Canadians who have used homeopathy in their lifetime were satisfied.
• Canadians have used homeopathy:
o To care for a child (35%).
o In the context of a chronic disease (30%).
o As a result of ineffective treatment (23%).
"This is data that we have been waiting for and that speaks loud and clear! Why did more than a quarter of Canadians choose homeopathy in 2022? Because probably, for these 10 million people, it is an option that suits them." says Mr. Paul Labrèche, homeopath, president of the Coalition pour l'homéopathie au Québec (CPHQ) and vice-president of the Syndicat professionnel des homéopathes du Québec (SPHQ).

Did you read that carefully?

10.3 million Canadians.

And growing.

That's telling you Canadians are losing trust in allopathic medicine.

Of course, rather than conduct an introspective as to why this is the case, the powers that be are lazily and cynically blaming 'disinformation'. Whatever that means.

By acting this way, we will never have a meaningful debate and discussion about the state of Canadian public health. Without it, we can never reform our second-rate and demoralizing system.

Instead, all we'll continue to get is bad service and more authoritarian diktats from a corrupted and arrogant medical class.

This has nothing to do with health.

10.3 million people is a lot of customers taking business away from doctors. 

Can't have that.

Always follow the money.

Cui bono?

The attack on natural products is about CONTROL and MONEY.


A Country In Free Fall

Two drag shows entertaining CBSA and the RCMP.  Two examples of an unserious country reflecting an unserious government. 

The thing about these shows is that they're so utterly boring and talentless.

But there they are, thinking they're all so cool 'wooing' bad, cheap entertainment.

None of these people evidently went to real drag shows like I did in NYC during pre-Giuliani years.


Bill C-11 And 18. A Rubicon That Can't Be Crossed

I'm going to keep this as simple as I can.

If you're still going to consume mainstream media despite the passing of Bill C-11 and 18, then you will not be consuming real journalism but pure propagandistic junk.

The failing and flailing media giants wanted these laws because their business models can't adapt - though they do maintain influential power currency as we saw with COVID -  like alternative media can. Which is what these laws are aimed at. It's also a neat way to censor what Canadians see.

This puts normie Canadians in a bind.  Having not taken the time to invest in new media and built trust with them, they will find themselves twisting in the wind with this dilemma: They have to be informed. But the places that will inform will provide misinformation or disinformation - ie propaganda.

Remember, what the power broker tells you is 'disinformation' is the opposite of reality.

A guy like Timothy Caulfield and the armada of 'trust initiatives' (often financially backed by Gates and Soros) are the ones who want to funnel and peddle state propaganda and pass it as 'truth'.

The irony of these stupid laws is experts contend the media giants will come right back and ask for more money once social media tech companies block their news. Imagine demanding tech companies to pay to use their services. They completely miss the point of how social media works. Government must absolutely never involve itself in such things. It's way above their pay grade to grasp. 

You can't fight the flow of information without suspending or outright gutting freedom of speech and expression.

And this is exactly the path Canada is on.

Look, C-11 may not end up being as bad as it appears. It's a lethargic bill in many ways in that it's unclear exactly how it will be used. I don't think this is a censorship bill per se but it certainly leaves the door open to become one. It's hard to see how anyone benefits from this. Like all ambitious and poorly thought-out bills, there will be unintended consequences. 

This is a poisonous anti-freedom mindset gripping not just Canada but the USA and the entire West. Up until 2015, it wasn't so bad in Canada. But Justin Trudeau made sure to change that course and trajectory. 

An example of this perversion is the latest rantings of a foolish University of Manitoba Ass. professor named Sean Carleton and an NDP political flunky wanting to outlaw 'Residential School denialism'.

And given the complete freak out over mass graves, the federal government is jumping in on the act. Marc Miller and David Lametti find it an interesting thing to outlaw this 'denialism'.

You will follow what we say or else. 

There is to be no questioning. Asking for evidence about the graves is off-limits. 

We need to ask a simple question: Why?

Canadians need to start to pay closer attention. Had they taken the time to watch POEC, they would have noticed a troubling theme to this government. It is rabidly anti-freedom. It is rotten from within. 

Like anything else, this will expand to climate 'denialism' and other forms of 'denialism' the government deems dangerous.

This won't -can't - possibly end well. 


Canada's War On Health

And the beat goes on in a country that has lost its mind.

You may have heard the Health Canada - an agency every bit as incompetent and corrupt as the CDC/NIH -  wants to tighten regulations on health products and natural supplements applying, basically, rules and regulations for chemical pharmaceuticals. At the same time, they're making it easier for pharma to bring their products to market without the usual guardrails and testing we've worked diligently to create to protect safety.

Let that sink in.

There isn't a more corrupt country than Canada. I know the EU is planning to do the same but this has nothing to do with health and everything to do with ensuring pharma's power to control health. It's a war on health allopathic has been waging against the industry for decades.They want insane authoritarians  like Hotez running our health. 

That's all this is about.

It's being claimed this will decimate the natural products industry. 

I don't know. But it wouldn't surprise me if this is done on purpose.

All because, remember, the people consented to the most anti-science restrictions in medical history based on specious empirical evidence bordering on witchcraft. 

It's all connected. 

Yadda, yadda, yadda....they want to take away Vitamin D and A so to speak.


C-11 Is For Oblivious Normies

Bill C-11 is a terrible bill. One barely properly articulated by Pablo Rodriquez. The claim is the bill forces social media to correct 'market imbalances' by tying Canadian news services for their work. One snag, Canadian media needs social media more than the other way around. The clowns running the government act like traditional media is being taken advantage of by social media. But media don't have to play and can always opt-out. 

No. This bill is to reward a lethargic media increasingly dependent on tax dollars to survive. In this arrangement, they have no problem being whores to state narratives. The CBC and CTV News showed they're good little servants for the elites. Not a single alternative view point was allowed on these organizations - and they weren't alone - and this suits the state (and normies) just fine.

This bill won't correct market imbalances. That's just communist jargon. As usual, the details are in the jargon. This bill is about controlling the masses and what they see. And not surprisingly, Canadians - being the useless seals that they are - are all too ready to accept being told what news they should read as told by Justin Trudeau.

Everyone with an ability to think outside the box has warned this is a really bad precedent. This goes beyond politics. Yet, there are the CBC commenters in their usual smug Canadian arrogance saying stupid things like, 'buh-bye Facebook'.

Always missing the point we Canadians, eh?

The government knows non-normies - hovering around 20% - won't ever buy their junk. So rather than bother to bring us to heel and submit, they will just control the 80% who buy into being lied to about things like Ukraine and 'disinformation'. 

People like me will always find a way. We're now the Russians who smuggled in blue jeans under the regime of the Soviet Union. They used to smuggle in American news too.

Well, guess, what. Welcome to the Gulags Canada. We're gonna have to fight and work that much harder to gain access to real news.

Conversations at the table with normie friends and family are about to get much wider. So wide they're going to think you're literally from another planet. That's how much more ill-informed Canadians are about to become. They're going to regurgitate CBC talking points at breakneck speed now. You, the anti-normie, are about to be tagged Alex Jones for being much better informed. 

My contempt for the Liberals is reaching levels I never thought I could reach. These are not honourable people. 

A party that allows Paul Bernardo into medium security is a morally bankrupt one.

I've got nothing else to say about these buffoons. 


In The Bowels Of Mediocrity And Degradation: Welcome To Cruel Canada

Canadians allergic to reality and truth need to be pulled our from under their maple saps and made to see what's actually going on in Canada.

And it's not good.

Two more stories that should embarrass Canadians to their core.

Assuming we haven't completely lost our common sense, and sense of decency.

Some days it sure does look like this a country that prioritizes rules over humanity. 

2020, as I've written often, exposed Canada for what it is. A cruel, unethical, backward, slow witted and apathetic country. What can I say? It's what I think be listening, reading and observing our 'intellectual classes', media and the average comment at the CBC.

I want to believe this is because of Justin's venomous, corrupted and incompetent buffoonery but I'm not sure.

I always believed that at the core, we all shared basic fundamental values. Freedom being one. But 2020 showed us, Canadians are not that into liberty. They've bought into government disinformation about freedom being a threat to their security. I always thought when and if the state or some other malevolent entity would threaten us, we'd stand up for what's right. Again. Crickets.

Freedom, informed consent, medical autonomy, the right to assemble, freedom of religion...all the basics we were taught were Canadian values, 2020 obliterated and incinerated.

We didn't do a single fucking thing to protect those values.

In the process, we've condemned the Charter to nothing but a piece of paper with words on it.

Blah, blah, fucking blah.

What good is a Charter if the courts simply won't uphold it allowing the government to abuse it at will?

I may be generalizing and exaggerating but not really. Time and again, major court battles have been lost. Some smaller ones went our way but the general COVID madness and hysteria remains and connotes to drive our policies in several ways.

Take this story of a transplant patient denied an organ because she's unvaccinated. 

This in Canada. In 2023.

I thought we were supposed to be an advanced, enlightened nation that follows science and is nothing like those uncivil barbarians in the USA.

Yeh well, a U.S. hospital has offered to give Sheila Annette Lewis the transplant. At a cost. $100 000. 

Proud yet Canada?

Take a bow. 

We're nowhere near more civil than Americans.

We're the barbarians. And remember this the next time you assholes go on the internet to brag about our second-rate public health system and how great everything is. We've become an anti-humanist society between the COVID hysteria and the introduction of MAIDS. 

Embarrassingly shameful. 

Still no talk of any of this among our journalists and writer-heads. I read them on Substack. I listen to them on Sirius. A more clueless batch I scarce conceive of. Canadians have become whimsically articulate in justifying mediocrity and cleverly nuanced in ignoring our degrading social conditions. There is no one in Canada's intellectual classes willing to courageously tell it like it is. Things SUCK at the moment. And bad. Oh boy do they hate Jordan Peterson, but maybe that's because he's more on the mark than we care to admit. Maybe they loathe him because he was the guts to do so and has become an international sensation. They all manage to miss the point. Or at least, become skillful at ignoring what's staring us all in the face. 

But this is Canada. Where Rogan, Tucker and Peterson are seen as dangerous lunatics. No one is sitting back and asking: What if they have a point? Nope. Our first instinct is t lash out - without getting the facts. 

Then comes the story of B.C. where pretty much all the most lethal drugs and opiates on earth are legal thanks, well, to the idiot sitting in Ottawa wearing his clown suit and the fools in B.C. But let's blame guns.

No one is thinking anything through in Canada. 

Justin is taking a torch to the civil order. 

For some reason, no one has the courage to confront him.

Why is that?

Abolish The Senate And The Governor General's Position

It's becoming increasingly harder and harder to keep track of all the obscenities that emerge from the Liberal Party. It's a party that has descended into one of Dante's circles of hell.

The rot and stench of corruption are palpable. The incompetence and arrogance are grotesque. 

A party of stupid people for stupid people. 

It must be said. 

It won't stop. The rot begins at the head. The poison trickles down to the bottom. 

This past week was another series of lows for the Liberals. 

In another display of hysterics, David Lametti (who gave one of the most pathetic and arrogant testimonies I've ever seen at POEC. He came off as a sad and weak individual), publicly stated he'd be open to "outlawing denialism" for those who question the Residential School narrative.

How, erm, authoritarian of him, no? 

Why not? It's not like facts and evidence matter? Did it with the COVID mandates? Nope. Does it for climate change? Of course not. So why not for everything else the government takes up as an issue? There is no evidence whatsoever to support the claims about the bodies found. None. Yet, we're being forced to believe whatever the government says something is if this ragged bunch of buffoons get their way.

Soon it will be illegal to criticize pretty much anything if we continue on this track. 

Heck, my days blasting these losers are numbered. 

These examples are sects of an overall religion. The religion of the state. We've seen all of this before in Nazi Germany, Fascist Italy and Soviet Russia. The true purveyors of disinformation are the STATE. 

And democracies like France, the UK and USA also engage in it. Canada is asking the world to hold its beer.

Then comes yet another scandalous and arrogant Governor General dippy-doodling around the world spewing Justin's irrational climate crap. Why is Mary Simon speaking of such things abroad? What's the point of a Governor-General if all it does is play gimp to the PM? Climate change is not a threat to us. 

We're a threat to ourselves. 

Then came the absolutely despicable revelations that Paul Bernardo was moved from maximum to minimum security. The government fought the families of Mahafy and French (two precious teenage girls murdered by Bernardo and Karla Homolka who now walks free) won and billed them. Then we had to watch the immature antics of another coward Mendocino threaten Poilievre like a schoolyard punk to take Poilievre's questions 'outside'. The Liberals say 'wheels are in motion' and are looking into why the families were sent a bill.

Nothing will happen. Nothing ever happens in Canada.

This is the soul of the Liberal Party. And don't you forget it. It's dark, bleak and pathetic. 

You vote for them, this is what you get. I will judge you for it. 

Finally comes the idiotic threats of a career parasite, Ian Shugart, telling the Senate to not think for itself. That its job is to rubber-stamp the government's demands. If you read his comments carefully, those with a sufficient grasp of history, know how this played in authoritarian regimes. 

So why do we need you, Shugart? Go home. You're useless to us.

In fact, just abolish the Senate altogether. What's the point if it can't act as a conscience to the House of Commons and the government of the day? 

I've just about had it with these hopeless cowards and corrupted buffoons who do nothing but seek to steal our civil liberties to please their immature ideological impulses. 


The rot starts at the top. 


When Pseudoscience And Mental Illness Collide

The quacks, crackpots, and criminals are ruling the day.

No science. None of that is on the menu.

Just obsessive dogmatic stupidity on full display. 

They're "nthing" down to infinity. They will never admit mistakes or revisit the actions they took. They don't have honour, humility and courage to do so.

Not only will they repeat the catastrophe they created, but it will be worse. The next time out the message will be "Remember when we didn't act fast and hard enough in early 2020?' As they call for harsher restrictions than in 2020. Camps are coming. This isn't over.

The courts didn't help. By rendering all challenges as 'moot' this denies the people the right to be made whole. It prevents any kind of evidential discovery so as to let the truth speak.

Without it, we're condemned to the loopy-headed response to a virus with a 99.985% survival rate.

There are still doctors out there spreading complete falsehoods about kids dying from COVID as they continue to call for masking.

Not a stick or shred of evidence to support any of it. 

Here's the Director of HHS acting like a complete fool and asshole answering questions about masking two-year olds.

This should outrage everyone. But it won't.

I don't know what it's going to take that the authorities do NOT care about YOU. They care about money, power and control. They simply don't care we now know they're corrupted buffoons. We're expected to shut up and listen. 

Now here's a doctor suffering from COVID trauma from Alberta demanding masks remain in hospital settings. Despite the fact many studies over the last 100 years actually show masks do little in BOTH hospital and community settings. Especially community settings. 

Apparently, to him/they/him/xe/misc./etc. it's not fascism if you mean well. "It's ok for me to use force against you because I'm a good person" is the calculus.

Of course, communists, socialists and fascists, modern progressives all believe they mean well. For your own good. It's amazing how they can't grasp the second you demand the state to coerce citizens into an action you demand, that's precisely the definition of aggression on your fellow man. How is this no different than what the brown and black shirts did? It's also cowardly since you want someone else to do it because you dogmatically believe you're in the right. 

We didn't physically beat people up this time around. Nah. No need to go door to door and drag people into the streets and beat them. We're too advanced, compassionate and intelligent for that. We just scapegoated, took away jobs, used passports, and psychologically terrorized people. No need for baseball bats.

This is no longer about evidence or reason now. There's something more disturbingly profound in play. Both politically and psychologically.

These two examples are where unchecked pseudoscience and rampant mental illness is guiding "public health."

We should all be concerned.


America Fallen

In two stories.

One from Alan Dershowitz about a nefarious lawyer's group threatening lawyers daring to defend Donald Trump. At this point, if this is not making you ask: is Trump that bad that he's being treated worse than a common criminal, then you're dead in the head and heart. If you can't see this as political, then you shouldn't be permitted to vote. Even Rachel Maddow of all people expressed as much. 

This is very, very serious. This is EXACTLY what you see in lawless banana republics run by dictators who claim to be 'protecting democracy.'

You think getting Trump is a good thing? Then you're not seeing the precedent being set here. 

And Tucker lays this out very well here. I don't know what more we can say or do to convince people to get off this carousel and not vote Liberal or Democrat. These people are mocking all of us. Tucker is really finding his voice and stride since he's gone off on his own. I watched his first four videos. I defy anyone to conclude it's 'extreme' and not on point. Because it's precisely on point. Normies be woken!

The Fox News producer had it right. Biden is a wannabe dictator just like Justin Trudeau. I try to give as much rope and benefit of the doubt with these two but there's no left to give. They are who they are. Petty despotic figures. 

Have chills down your spine yet? 

It should. 

We're in a bad place in North America.

Very bad place.

It could happen here? 

It just did.

What now?

What Does An Intelligent COVID Discussion Look Like?

Like this:

Not like the utter horseshit that happens in Canada. It's still one-sided narratives here. We haven't even begun to have debate and discussion. We're so far behind it's embarrassing.

What did you expect with groups like CPSO out there?


CPSO Is Everything That's Wrong With Public Health

To get a sense of what occupies the mindset of allopathic medicine, just visit the Twitter page of medical boards and orders. 

CPSO is making headlines in North America for all the wrong reasons. Recently,  it permanently revoked the license of Dr. Patrick Philips for daring to act in the interest of his patients. They claim he was engaging in 'misinformation'.

This is from a medical organism that coloured its logo with Pride colours. Because nothing screams science like supporting the 'current thing'. I reckon this organization is cool with the genital mutilation of kids, right?

What caught my eye was a clip from an episode on 'Transforming Health''. The line in the title that followed was 'Personalized care'. This intrigued me. 

If so, does CPSO support medical autonomy and informed consent?

It doesn't sound like it. 

In fact, this board advised doctors to send people who declined the shot to psychiatric treatment.

Nurse Ratchet is alive and well.

Modern allopathic medicine is part cult, part unethical, part ideological, part political and part authoritarian. It is wholly beholden to its pharmaceutical masters.

There's not much we can do but not play and consent.

The health authorities badly misplayed their hands with COVID. They without a shred of evidence, destroyed informed consent and medical autonomy.  It still hasn't hit them.

It's our job to do so. 

Do they think we're not paying attention?

Quote Of The Day

 Once a government is committed to the principle of silencing the voice of opposition, it has only one way to go, and that is down the path of increasingly repressive measures, until it becomes a source of terror to all its citizens and creates a country where everyone lives in fear."

― Harry S. Truman [Special Message to the Congress on the Internal Security of the United States, August 8, 1950].

Sound familiar?

It should.

Your government under Justin Trudeau is a prime example.

He's a menacing and poisonous figure in our country today.


Justice For The Coutts Four

What a scandalous disgrace our country has become. 

Four Canadians arrested languish in prison with no charges and no due process.

Stuff you hear about in undemocratic countries.

It appears we've joined the ranks.

It's what you get for being run by arrogant ideologues who have little popular support. You get a soft tin-pot dictatorship trampling on civil liberties and the law. Laws our own damn courts can't even uphold.

The government of Canada is committing a crime against four Canadian citizens.

And remember, if they can weaponize and politicize justice arresting a former President, they can literally do it to anyone.

You shouldn't be smiling because it's Trump.

You should be worried and asking what it means for you and the future of our countries.

Are You A Kapo?

Did you support people snitching on their neighbours during COVID? Did you yourself rat a neighbour or family member or friend out? All of the above perhaps? Did you quietly want to deny unvaccinated people health services or to tax them? Did/do you think there was a 'pandemic of the unvaccinated'? Were you in the c. 40% group in North America who wanted to imprison the unvaccinated? Or put them in camps? Did you support vaccine passports?  Did you embrace and follow all government orders? Did you only listen to The Science TM and The Experts TM? Did you support the censorship, banning and demonetizing of voices who offered and maintained an opinion contrary to the established official position? Did you agree with banning unvaccinated people from travelling domestically? Did you support masks? Did you support curfews? Did you feel officials didn't lockdown or restrict enough? Do you share flawed scientific studies riddled with conflicts of interest? Did you accept the government's propaganda against the truckers? Did you agree with police using excessive force against protestors in Ottawa? Did you support freezing the bank accounts of Canadians? Did you make it a point to social distance? Did you think closing schools was appropriate? Did you agree with masking children? Do you still believe asymptomatic spread is real? Do you think the virus is transmitted through formite/touch? Do you know the virus is aerosolized? Do you think the vaccines are sterilizing? Do you believe they are safe and effective? Do you believe in times of crisis civil liberties should/must be curbed or even removed? Do you agree coercion is a legitimate method of dealing with a crisis? Have you refused to consider vaccine side-effects leading to injuries and deaths is real? 

Congratulations. You would have been selected as a Kapo in a Nazi concentration camp and would have turned Anne Frank in. 



Know Thy Fascists

 The term 'Prviate-public partnerships' is a euphemism for fascism.

People have it exactly backwards levelling accusations of fascism in all the wrong places. The word has become almost meaningless (like 'racist') if not tedious and tiresome. But it doesn't mean it's not present.

It is.

Just not in the way the media and culture hucksters assert.

Right now what we're experiencing in the West is pure fascism not even Mussolini could imagine. It comes with a smile and under the cloak of 'compassion' and 'progressivism.'

Corporations and the sate merging is the textbook definition of fascism.

With pharma and the government fusing into one, we're getting a clear taste of this. 


Disgraced David Johnston Resigns. It Doesn't Matter.

David Johnston did what he should have done from the beginning. Not take the job.

He should have recused himself the second it become news he was nothing but a waterboy for the CCP.

The optics of Johnston from the onset were bad and we all knew the 'whitewash fix' was in. It was straight out of the Rouleau POEC playbook.

Rouleau got off easy compared to Johnston. But both are disgraceful in their failure to uphold and defend our country's interests in the face of obvious aggressions against the integrity of institutions by this sleazy government run by imbeciles.

All have betrayed our nation.

For stupid political partisanship. And of course, money.

Hope it's all worth the coin Jean Chretien and the Laurentian Gang of bums.

These people are parasites. They've done nothing but turn Canada into a dumping ground for Chinese products while they make money. 

This is not a country. It's a colony.

And still months after this outrageous story broke, Canadians remain oblivious. 

You still have fools going on rafting tours praising what a 'great guy' Justin Trudeau is. He smiles as he rips your children's future. For a chance to have a better Canada than you had.

But we too as citizens have been complete and utter failures and losers.

We have this buffoon three mandates. Even with no popular support and propped up by a third-wheel party, he pretends he has some kind of moral authority as he sells out the country.

Johnston's resignation is meaningless. He gave the lifeline Justin was looking for. Rouleau gave him 'met the threshold' (which he absolutely did not) and Johnston gave him 'No public inquiry needed'.

Too little, too late. Damage done. Business goes on as usual. Just like the little "legal" Mafiosis they all are.

Canada has no self-dignity or self-respect. It's just a whore for its own sake.

Now we have Leblanc going around babbling on about how we need to get above partisanship and that he wants the opposition to 'get serious' about these threats.

Do these clowns grasp that they're in fucking power and that the buck stops with them? Particularly since it's the Liberals who made this mess? Their message is "We know we're in trouble and made this mess but are in too deep. You fix it. And if you don't you're betraying Canada."

That's how low the Liberals have sunk. Justin isn't a leader. If he was, he would have spared this country the David Johnston Vaudeville Hour starring Fatty Arbuckle. He would have lead the people.

But as it were, his own father was a servant to China and an admirer and friend of Cuba. You're not going to get patriotic leadership out of the Trudeau clan. What you'll get is a group willing to hollow out Canada Venezuela style. Canazuela as I've written in the past. 

This party needs to nuked PC 1993 style. The Trudeaus need to lose their 'street cred' reputation. The electorate needs to reduce this party to ashes so it is forced to rebuild its stained brand laying in tatters. But it won't. To some extent, we've become nothing but a reflection of this political ugliness. 

The Liberal party of Canada has failed Canada on a scale I scarce believe.

Now what do we do?

The Jargon Is In The Details

"We're reaching a point where climate change will be irreversible."

Read carefully that claim I heard on the news. 

Is it stating the change in climate patterns is permanent? The very term 'climate change' suggests climate changes. Does it change in one permanent direction? No. It doesn't. 

This is a trick designed to frighten people into 'action' or to accept whatever 'action' or policy people in charge want to implement to 'prevent' this 'irreversible change'.

Can you see the madness? Do they think people are stupid? Perhaps, inattentive? Nothing like preying on people who aren't paying attention. 

We need to take a second and just process and THINK about what's being said. Only then will you see the absurdity. 

Focus on the details of their words.

Then match it to the action undertaken. 

Be free.

Don't let them make a fool of you.


No Sympathy For The Unvaccinated Remains A Reality In Canada

As I've said many times over, Canada is not a kind land. It's a cruel and regressive one under this regime.

Imagine being comfortable with condemning a Canadian to death for opting to not get vaccinated. 

Welcome to Canada.

The death cult machine.

Sheila Annette will become an important figure in the future Unfortunately, her story will only be heard once she passes. There will be a day of reckoning. Future assessments will ask how Canada lost its way.

Our courts are pathetic and the sense of justice evaporated. 

Canada is a second-rate backward society. 

Good luck to Sheila. 


Smog Fog Brain Farts Overtakes Canadian Minds

There is no country in the West quite like Canada at the moment.

It's a county in a complete free fall. It's a complete clown-shit show the Liberals have put on. 

The lines between outrageous incompetence, malicious intent and conspiracy are now razor-thin. 

Several issues are in play simultaneously, making it very hard to decipher exactly what in the world is going on. It's so dysfunctional it's no wonder people are pointing to conspiracy because they can't conceive of their own government being this patently stupid and arrogant. For if they are, is this not a reflection on a country they may ask? 

I'm in too much of a stunned state of disbelief at the moment. I replay the day's event at night with the intent to write a competent and cogent post about what I'm observing. But it's mind-numbingly overwhelming. The level of mad tautological circular logic on display is right out of an asylum in the comics. 

It feels like mental illness is rampant right in our government.

It is not normal the way they're acting. 

There's no sense of national unity to face serious issues. Last year, we got a taste of the inner workings and mindset that grips our cabinet during POEC.  I covered it with some detail offering my views on what I witnessed.

It was, for lack of a better word, just plain concerning and troubling.  

Every word that spewed out of the mouths of the cabinet was absurd, arrogant and a lie. It was preposterously obvious this government played the Canadian people on their way to shredding the Charter - already weak under a sludge of wishy-washy language. It was, it turns out, there for the taking all these years. It just needed a tinpot wannabe despot to take a sledgehammer to it. 

And it was all so shockingly easy. One can easily ask is our Charter stronger after 2020? Was it ever strong? The answer is an obvious no. 

One of the sad revelations throughout the COVID fiasco and our hysterically noxious futile response to it is that we don't have a court system that will defend the civil liberties of Canadians and uphold the Charter. It will only serve the interest of the state while doling out inconsistent justice based on dubious government diktats.

Welcome to Canada. The fair-weather democracy in name and appearance only.


The COVID response led to a trucker's rebellion (while most of Canada slept) and the government media conspired to attack truckers to form public opinion against them. It mostly worked. To the extent, it led to conditions 'favourable' to the government in order to invoke the Emergencies Act ultimately leading to one of the most grotesque and despicable actions undertaken by any 'free' democracy in freezing the bank accounts of Canadians. Unfortunately (and unsurprisingly thanks to media lies and propaganda falsely depicting the situation) enough Canadians supported these measures. Then Paul Rouleau, like a good little partisan gimp-lackey, rubber-stamped the entire sickening episode. 

The Liberals are good at, if anything, making good political hay off any crisis. And make no mistake about it, this is entirely on the Liberals and NDP - and to some extent Bloc Quebecois. 


In 2020, as the world lost its collective mind, fair and sober minds were warning about what the possible consequences were on the horizon. Nothing comes for free. Nothing comes without a trade-off. That's why you conduct a cost-benefit analysis to try and mitigate any negative ramifications and impacts on your decisions. 

None was ever conducted - and still hasn't - in Canada. Worse, we already had a pandemic handbook in place that was updated in 2015 I believe. It was all ignored. A good mind will ask, 'Why?" We haven't even begun to ask serious questions. As a result, we keep hearing incorrect 'data-tropes' like '50 000 Canadians died' (yes, this is the official figure but is it accurate or true? It's not looking like it is). All conversations are framed in a way such that it will not consider our response to COVID choosing instead to lazily and speciously blame a virus for any negative impact on society - and culture. 

What's the cost of this? What's the cost of not asking the right questions? It distracts from identifying the true causes of what we're experiencing today. 

You get Chrystia Freeland (who lives in a world I scant comprehend), making spurious and sophomoric claims blaming inflation on COVID and Putin. Did one reporter ask her to DEMONSTRATE how both caused inflation here? She took a page right out of Biden's book. Only the American public didn't buy it. Will Canadians? 

Why is violence on the rise? What is the cause of inflation? It's unacceptable to blame COVID. COVID did not lockdown leading to millions of job losses and wreaking havoc across not just the economy but the lives of people. Humans did that. Humans in charge that is.

Again. No thought to overall public health went into the calculus.

From day one, people who questioned all this were labelled 'conspiracy theorists' (yawn) and 'recalcitrants' (in Quebec). Yet, they were correct every single step of the way.

Among the earlier predictions they made way back in early 2020 was that COVID was just a dry run to test the limits of complacency among the population and its role in how many would consent to health orders. Few questioned it and a new baseline was set. The government got what it wanted. People will consent with the right dose of fear. Just like Rouleau threw Justin a life-line and hook he needed - think 'met the threshold' - the government got its cue to invoke measures never seen in human history.

For a virus with a 99.985% survival rate. This can't be stated enough.

Sharp and alert minds attempted to use logic and pleaded with people to not bite. They warned that vaccine passports weren't a tool to get things back to normal but a bigger play into digital ID. Big Gates himself said health passports would be needed. What was the response? To mock people doing the warning. This past week, the WHO unveiled along with the EU digital health certificates for future pandemics. 

Just like the 'conspiracy theorists' said would happen.


Another thing they astutely observed was that COVID lockdowns were the free rehearsal for climate change lockdowns. Governments were going to measure people's compliance to determine how likely they'd fall into line with a lockdown for climate. This is the big prize world elites were gunning for all along in their quest for a neo-feudalistic (ie dystopian) new world order brought on by the 'Global Reset'.

The people who were saying these things weren't doing so out of a vacuum. They had been watching this play out for years if not decades. All that was needed was  'trigger' and that trigger was COVID. And with people showing themselves to be incapable of governing their own lives, it would make them vulnerable to climate hysteria. 

We need to lock you down for Mother Gaia.




It's already beginning. And once again, the teachers - those arbiters of 'critical thinking' - are swallowing the fear propaganda up whole. Again.

At the expense of children. 

As predicted in 2020. 

They said passports, quarantine camps and climate fear were coming. All in an effort to keep people in place. 

It's been said COVID was an IQ test. I believe it was. We failed spectacularly. 

Climate is another test. It's been 30 years of steady climate change fear-mongering based on utterly useless junk models and science. It's time to make good on it.

And they will.

Are you awake? 

Will you fail? 


In all this dysfunctional jamboree of insidious inept governance is the raging saga of Chinese interference in Canada's elections (and yes, the Liberals absolutely benefited from it). I won't go into detail here but let's just say if you're not extremely worried, you're not paying attention. It's extremely troubling to realize we're an unserious country run by immature and incompetent public officials.

Justin Trudeau's appointing of 'Rapporteur' David Johnston was his ACT 11 from POEC. Just stick a Liberal shill in there to make it all go away with a shoddy and absurd 'report'. Once again, Justin got the soundbite he was looking for No public inquiry was needed.

This is despite Johnston barely asking any of the hard questions in his investigation and sounding like one confused old man in trying to explain his report.

It was a sad display of what passes as 'leadership' in Canada. I stand by we have politicians who have betrayed Canada. This is a situation where must all stand together as Canadians. 

We can't even do that when our flag needed us most. 

Truly appalling.






Why are there no women transitioning to be men?

I've asked this before embedded in an article but I've made it a dedicated post now. 

Why don't women have an urge to want to go the men's bathroom?


Vaccinating Animals Is Grotesque Quackery

Prior to 2020, I was indifferent to vaccines.

Post 2020, I no longer am.

It's one thing to engage in questionable medical practices experimenting on people (no, it's not settled science) but to do so against defenceless animals who pose no threat to us is shameful and repugnant.

The list of animals dying in zoos since humans began jabbing them is tragically long.

Now they want to vaccinate cattle. You would think we 'progressive' humans would leave animals alone. Sadly, it's not the case. 

They want to prick everything in sight. Pregnant women, children and the food supply. 

This has nothing to do with public health and everything to do with money.

And it's maniacal as it is anti-science. 

It's grotesque quackery. 


Johnston Delivers

Right on time.

David Johnston has determined that a public inquiry is not needed to look into China having embedded itself into the fabric of Canadians politics. It has been happening for so long it has become normalized. I haven't read the report but it sounds like it was scathing about the situation which is indeed alarming. How bad is it? The Epoch Times reported there are more Chinese diplomats in Montreal than all of France. 

Let that sink in. 

It's not surprising given the stupendous corruption of Quebec. But Canada too has outed itself as a naive, incompetent and corrupt place run by hacks and bums.

But Johnston gave the rope Justing needed to justify not have an inquiry. Mission accomplished. Now Justin will go out there and spin this as a witch hunt by Poilievre. 

The Liberals under this guy are if anything but capable cynical smooth operators. They know how to spin like masters.

Anyway. More to follow as I try and find time to read into this. I was more involved in POEC. There we got to see the true soul of what governs us. The Rappoteur story was just a sequel what we already know.

These people don't serve Canada's interests.

They serve their own interests. 


Full Throttle Fear

Are you feeling anxious? 

Thank ACME We're To Help and Protect You  Industries. 

The good people who tell us we're (and our 'democracy') under constant direct threat from:

-Cyber attacks. (Particularly Russians).

-Pandemics (Suspiciously expected to be a regular occurrence now).

- Climate change (The ever-changing climate). 

- Hate (and free) speech and white supremacy. 

Who wants to be a victim of identity threat, watch kids die from a virus and Mother Earth be destroyed by white supremacists and 'freedumbers'?

But have no fear. The good people at ACME will protect us from 'disinformation' and the dangers of oil and gas and all the hate.

Just sign here on the dotted line. Don't mind the details. 

It's just a formality.

Nothing comes for free, right?


An Undignified State Of Military Affairs

The military isn't doing so well.

If these facts are accurate, this is what we call in the business a 'crisis'. 

Just like our decrepit public health system can't afford to lose a single doctor or nurse, the military can't afford to lose a paper clip let alone soldiers.

We in effect, don't have a fighting force to protect the second-largest land mass on earth.

And what's our response? Not revisit the vaccine mandates. Nope. Let mercenaries into the military. 

Interesting given we don't let doctors from other countries practice. 

Mercenaries offer a short-term solution but as Rome showed, loyalty is fleeting once the promise of spoils run out. Macchiavelli also went into detail as to how mercenaries were impeding the unification of Italy. 

But who needs loyalty in a post-nation state run by China? The whole country appears to be compromised. It's been reduced to a colony of other states and interests. 

Maybe Canada needs to be put in trust until some adults come back into the room. 

It's all so undignified even for a goofy country like Canada. 


A Predictable Canadian Response To Carlson: Tucker Springer

I'm backed up so I'll try to be brief, lucid and concise. 

I generally avoid commenting on everything I hear during the day because, well, it's impossible to respond to everything. The effort needed to think and write on a daily basis when you have a day job is a challenge. I sometimes get into - in the past anyway - a zone and type away. But lately, the issues at hand are so complex and demand so much thought, it's next to impossible to keep up.

So I have to pick and choose my battles. Here's one. A discussion on Matt Gurney's radio on Tucker Carlson caught my ears.

I don't watch or listen to Fox (or any network) except for clips and whatnot. I don't mind Carlson. He's just another voice among many.

No worse or better.

But he did two things that drew the ire of the establishment. He went against Ukraine and vaccines. Already treading water there, his comment about the Tennessee shooter - which was heavily misrepresented if you ask me. 

His positions are hardly extremist but in today's charged-up hyper-partisan loony bin, he is. 

You dare question any of these and you're a deranged far-right extremist. Whatever that means.

Few Canadians actually watch Fox. They barely know the personalities or that the network offers a large roster of personalities with broad perspectives. Canadians rely on second-hand information on this point. Canadians mostly watch left-wing 'news' networks like CNN and MSNBC. So, it's no surprise they'd react as they did with Tucker. 

It's all par for the course and nothing was offered differently by Gurney and his guest. They essentially put Tucker on par with Springer and took a passive-aggressive jab at Rogan expecting Tucker to go on his show to tell his side. And what's wrong with that? It sounded like they weren't fans of Rogan. I don't know why. Rogan has one of the best long-interview shows out there. He interviews everyone from all walks of life. As opposed to radio shows with the same roster of 'voices' giving the impression of broad social consensus. Rogan obliterates this lie and they don't seem to grasp it.

Gurney knows better which is why I was disappointed. But then again, he'll bring on Bogoch but not someone with a countering view. He'll interview Timothy Frye on Ukraine but not other Russian history experts like Mearsheimer. Always one side of the coin. I don't know if this is done by design but it's tedious. 

You'll hear a whole lot about how divisive we've become (without any mention of vaccine mandates of course). But it's always one way. Fox is the sole villain in this act.  Not MSMBC, CNN or WaPo who all perpetuated bigger lies Fox could ever pull off from the Russia collusion lie to Covington to Hamilton 68. And the list is long. One just has to listen to Shellenberger and Taibbi's work on the Twitter Files - another seismic event in media mostly ignored by the mainstream media complex. 

Canadian shows go strong on the 'lies' bit about people like Carlson and Trump. But less on Maddow and Lemmon. If at all. The double standard is plain and obvious to see. 

And then there's Justin Trudeau and his endless stream of vile divisive bile and disinformation.

It does feel Tucker was simply lashing out at all the bullshit. And we're just not ready to hear it. 

It appears to me, Tucker's crime was to counter the narrative. That's it.

I invite you all to see for yourself. Go watch Tucker including his comment about the Tennessee shooter. Then match it to what they told you.

It should be fairly obvious at that point they only tell you what they think you should know. They do it because they know you won't go seek the information firsthand yourself. It's important because they're banking on you not doing so. It forms the basis of their 'disinformation is threatening us all' lie. Just like how 'pandemics threaten us all' and 'climate change threatens us all'. See the pattern?

The best way to avoid this is to be informed. They're doing their best to keep you from doing that. One way is to dehumanize, downplay, attack - whatever - certain ideas and personalities. 'Don't go there lest you be a domestic terrorist. Stay in this lane we created for you. Why would you go in that lane and threaten the rest of us?'

It's all so, well, a dark age.

Here's Tucker giving a speech. What a monster. 


Freedom Will Soon Be Gone In Canada

Odd isn't how no sooner Bill C-11 is unceremoniously and arrogantly rammed through the House and rubber stamped by a weak Senate (Senators should be elected not appointed I think), a well-funded (part of it coming from government agencies) mysterious group called Egale calls not for the firing of Tucker Carlson (which he was) but for the outright ban of Fox News from cable news packages. 

What may be an odd coincidence stinks of a conspiracy to others. 

I fall in the latter group. Why? Well, have you see how this government behaves. It is the poster child for saying one thing and doing another. There are endless clips of Justin Trudeau defending gun rights, and freedom of speech when he was in opposition. He even didn't support vaccine passports. And then went full blown authoritarian with mandates - even though he claims he never mandated anything. Yet, he thought it prudent to mention them during the Liberal convention.

I could write a book. And maybe I should. About the obnoxious and obscene unethical hypocrisy of the Justing Trudeau and every single Liberal. 

But Bill C-11 - a bill that screams China - is just part of an overall disturbing trend in Canada. There's an incoherent gun grab attempt. There's Bill C-36. And there are the revelations being outed by our intelligence community that all our leaders since Mulroney have been compromised by Chinese influencers.

Canada is just a democracy in name and appearance only. 

That the CRTC saw fit to even entertain this frivolous and dangerous request is concerning enough. What if this group is just a front for Justin to abuse the bill in an attempt to silence critics? As we saw with the Emergencies Act and the freezing of bank accounts, he's already shown his despotic impulses. To say nothing of the trend where freedom of religion and assembly is under direct attack. Well, for those who protest things the government doesn't like. 

Journalists and content creators should be worried.  And some of them helped create this monster. Or at least unleashed a vicious monstrous streak in a narcissistic Prime Minister. 

Banning Fox would be unprecedented in its stupidity and chilling impact on journalism and free speech here. 

People who keep harping on about Fox News being 'fake' are straight-up full of shit. The entire realm of journalism is filled with lawsuits, retractions, bad reporting, falsehoods, sleazy hit pieces, plagiarism and outright lies. From Duke Lacrosse to false rape and racist stories to Covington to the Russian hoax lie all the way back to the Time Magazine and the New York Times peddling praise for Hitler, Stalin and Mussolini.  The BBC, CBS, CNN, MSNBC and others all traffic in hardcore falsehoods or biased reporting. We all know it. They know it. And they know that we know it.

It's all a shameful racket. 

Bill C-11. If it quacks like a duck....expect things to get worse.

We're heading into dark waters. 


The Liberals Can't Let COVID Go

Canada is about to zoom ahead of all nations in their off their charts psychopathy regarding COVID.

As the world prepares to move ahead with the endemic phase of the COVID, Canada under the Liberals want to remain in perpetual pandemic mode. 

Notice how the authorities reacted and all their minions in academia (like Caulfield and Bogoch) reacted. The message is the virus is still with us. 

Yes. We knew the virus was going to never go away. 

That's why the goal was to go from pandemic to endemic. Which is where we are. We're in a stable epidemiological position now. No need of any discussions anymore. 

Yet, some recent developments have me concerned. 

For starters, Duclos spoke today to deliver the message that despite the WHO's declaration that the emergency is over, Canada was going to remain in COVID mode. Believe the WHO; don't believe the WHO. As I've - and many others - have said. This has NOTHING to do with public health. There's much more in play here. This is strictly political. 

Next to him sat "Dr." Theresa Tam. In a mask. She's literally the only health official wearing one in the entire fucking WEST.

At their convention, Justin Trudeau took aim at Pierre Poilievre for bringing up vaccine mandates with Joe Bide.

Why would he do that? Didn't he say he never mandated vaccines? He lied under oath at POEC saying he never attacked the unvaccinated and has been shown in recent interviews saying he never mandated or coerced anyone into a vaccine.

The hypocrisy and lies are so stark it really is a scary situation.

So why is this still up on the Liberal website? Turns out, this remains a topic of discussion within the party. They do have plans to bring back mandates. 

Remember when the lawsuit brought forth by Peckford et al. was thrown out for being 'moot'? They argued it wasn't and that the Federal government could restore the illegal mandates at any time.

And it looks like they will if they get a chance.

Add Bill C-11 to the mix and the picture is starting to come together. They will throttle the flow of information next time out because they know it will be harder to force vaccinate. One good way to soften this obstacle is to limit people's access to information. I have little doubt this party of looters and parasites is scheming along these lines.

It sounds as though a snap election is coming. 

The mandates are to 'finish the job against COVID.' Except we know COVID cannot be defeated. It's endemic now It's like any other virus. It's circulating. It will make us sick and it will unfortunately kill some. But it will NOT be a threat to us or our second-rate public health system.

I'm at a loss for words that I'm having to type this in 2023. 

Canada appears to have abandoned all common sense and respect for the dignity of human agency. 

We're in a very, very, very bad place with this despotic governance

Will enough Canadians this time be firm and courageous enough to push back and put an end to this?

If the Liberals get reelected. It will seal my fate. I will be forced into leaving this country at some point. Something I do not want to do. 

But I have family members who have. And the talk is 'we'll lay the tracks, you will follow.'

What a surreal situation. 

And a sad one.


A Man Was Honored Wiht A Fancy Crown in The UK

The coronation of King Charles captured the attention of Canadians this week. 

I wasn't one of them. Never was all that into the Monarchy. I'm one of those rare Canadians who wishes to be in a free republic. I'm weird that way.

Canada sent a couple of RCMP cops to lead the proceedings. While one can't deny the beauty of the spectacle, the fact remains the RCMP is an institution in tatters. It failed to protect the civil liberties of Canadians during the pandemic and turned enemy of the people during the Trucker's Convoy that shook the world.

To normies, the Royal family and RCMP remain proud examples of our traditions.

The rest of us feel differently.

Are we supposed to forget King Charles is a spreader of climate change disinformation? Worse, that he was a close confidante repeatedly seeking the advice of the notorious monster molester Jimmy Savile? 

Never mind that he's an adulterer and mystery continues to surround the death of Princess Di. And then there's all the interesting (and plausible) allegations made in the book of Dope, Inc. that the Royal family is engaged in the opium trade. And never mind about that freak Andrew and his links to Epstein. 

This is your King? Your Royal family? 

You can have him - and them. 

And his fancy crown.

Other than that....at least the RCMP didn't trample on anyone, right?

So proud to be Canadian. 


Up To No Good

There's a reason why they want to lower CO2 emissions (I never quite understood why given it makes up very little of our atmosphere. Something in the area of .05%. Even if half of it were man-made it hardly justifies the idiotic measures they cooked up in an effort to lower emissions) and nitrogen (which makes up around 78% of the atmosphere) while looking to remove informed consent and religious exemptions for vaccines.

There's a plan. And it has nothing to do with the environment and public health.

Connect the dots. 

Very, very stupid and dangerous quacks are in power.


Irrationalism Reaches Crisis Level At The CDC

The CDC is once again issuing convoluted guidelines that visitors must be vaccinated to enter America. 

In 2023.

No major advanced nation is doing this anymore.

It's quite beyond comprehension really.

Coming from the so-called 'freest' and 'most scientific' nation in the world.

The United States is acting anything but and has abandoned whatever moral authority it had to lead enlightened Western nations.

If the White House and/or TSA go along with this, it's the last straw for me. It will permanently leave a black stain on how I view this once great and mighty country I admired.

To watch it act so stupidly letting talentless and low-caliber people like Walkensky and Fauci take it down is a remarkable thing.

And the lack of accountability is stunning to the point I think it's a crime.

Notice how they're trying to distance themselves from having pushed one of the most catastrophic and unscientific of all the restrictions in masking children and closing schools in spite of the fact evidence was clear early in 2020 to not do so and that any measures should be age specific.

But they didn't heed the science and clearly, they didn't care.

I was listening to this crazy woman Weingarten screech about how she worked hard to keep schools open. We all remember 2020-22. NO ONE fought hard to keep schools open other than the 'recalcitrants'. The people on this side only to be called nasty names like 'anti-maskers' and 'callous' and 'cruel'.

We have the fucking receipts.

Nobody fought for the children. Not the teachers. Not the unions. Not the politicians. Not the media.

Parents were barely better. When a protestor like Francois Amalega in Quebec - a math teacher - courageously and energetically fought school closures and masks, he was soundly ridiculed by the clowns in Quebec's so-called intellectual classes. 

Guess what? Amalega was right and had all the science on his side. The amount of papers and studies posting on this is staggering. 

But it was ignored. This blog is filled with links to the evidence pleading for people to act like leaders and not give into fear. 

Every single one of you acted like fucking cunts. 

And worse, you're now trying to pretend you wanted schools opened all along. 

So you don't get to go and ask, 'wha happened?' This only angers us more. You assholes refused to listen because you fabricated a fake consensus running to the same rotation of idiots like Juni and Vinh who did nothing but fan the flames of fear. 

As you can tell. I remain angry. Fuming doesn't cover what I think of these people. These 'experts'.

Arrogant, petty, vindictive little shits who peddled nothing but futile bull shit like masks and passports.

A group of cowards incapable of humility.

What did you expect from academic scientific technocrats? True leadership where if they made mistakes they'd admit it?


What you get is gaslighting and insulting spinning. 

This latest ignorant stance by the CDC - and let's be clear. The only callous, cruel and selfish actors here are the people in charge of this disaster. A mess they created on their own - will end up in the same boat as the errors made with children.

And no one will be held accountable.

If there's no accountability how can we possibly fix the mistakes we made? You can't have Fauci and any of his minions anywhere near a commission or hearings into examining what happened. Same with Tam and PHAC here.

These people won't be honest and they won't take responsibility. 

If they had any sense of decency and dignity, they'd resign.

And that goes for the politicians too. 


You sorry lot of rotten losers.