Smog Fog Brain Farts Overtakes Canadian Minds

There is no country in the West quite like Canada at the moment.

It's a county in a complete free fall. It's a complete clown-shit show the Liberals have put on. 

The lines between outrageous incompetence, malicious intent and conspiracy are now razor-thin. 

Several issues are in play simultaneously, making it very hard to decipher exactly what in the world is going on. It's so dysfunctional it's no wonder people are pointing to conspiracy because they can't conceive of their own government being this patently stupid and arrogant. For if they are, is this not a reflection on a country they may ask? 

I'm in too much of a stunned state of disbelief at the moment. I replay the day's event at night with the intent to write a competent and cogent post about what I'm observing. But it's mind-numbingly overwhelming. The level of mad tautological circular logic on display is right out of an asylum in the comics. 

It feels like mental illness is rampant right in our government.

It is not normal the way they're acting. 

There's no sense of national unity to face serious issues. Last year, we got a taste of the inner workings and mindset that grips our cabinet during POEC.  I covered it with some detail offering my views on what I witnessed.

It was, for lack of a better word, just plain concerning and troubling.  

Every word that spewed out of the mouths of the cabinet was absurd, arrogant and a lie. It was preposterously obvious this government played the Canadian people on their way to shredding the Charter - already weak under a sludge of wishy-washy language. It was, it turns out, there for the taking all these years. It just needed a tinpot wannabe despot to take a sledgehammer to it. 

And it was all so shockingly easy. One can easily ask is our Charter stronger after 2020? Was it ever strong? The answer is an obvious no. 

One of the sad revelations throughout the COVID fiasco and our hysterically noxious futile response to it is that we don't have a court system that will defend the civil liberties of Canadians and uphold the Charter. It will only serve the interest of the state while doling out inconsistent justice based on dubious government diktats.

Welcome to Canada. The fair-weather democracy in name and appearance only.


The COVID response led to a trucker's rebellion (while most of Canada slept) and the government media conspired to attack truckers to form public opinion against them. It mostly worked. To the extent, it led to conditions 'favourable' to the government in order to invoke the Emergencies Act ultimately leading to one of the most grotesque and despicable actions undertaken by any 'free' democracy in freezing the bank accounts of Canadians. Unfortunately (and unsurprisingly thanks to media lies and propaganda falsely depicting the situation) enough Canadians supported these measures. Then Paul Rouleau, like a good little partisan gimp-lackey, rubber-stamped the entire sickening episode. 

The Liberals are good at, if anything, making good political hay off any crisis. And make no mistake about it, this is entirely on the Liberals and NDP - and to some extent Bloc Quebecois. 


In 2020, as the world lost its collective mind, fair and sober minds were warning about what the possible consequences were on the horizon. Nothing comes for free. Nothing comes without a trade-off. That's why you conduct a cost-benefit analysis to try and mitigate any negative ramifications and impacts on your decisions. 

None was ever conducted - and still hasn't - in Canada. Worse, we already had a pandemic handbook in place that was updated in 2015 I believe. It was all ignored. A good mind will ask, 'Why?" We haven't even begun to ask serious questions. As a result, we keep hearing incorrect 'data-tropes' like '50 000 Canadians died' (yes, this is the official figure but is it accurate or true? It's not looking like it is). All conversations are framed in a way such that it will not consider our response to COVID choosing instead to lazily and speciously blame a virus for any negative impact on society - and culture. 

What's the cost of this? What's the cost of not asking the right questions? It distracts from identifying the true causes of what we're experiencing today. 

You get Chrystia Freeland (who lives in a world I scant comprehend), making spurious and sophomoric claims blaming inflation on COVID and Putin. Did one reporter ask her to DEMONSTRATE how both caused inflation here? She took a page right out of Biden's book. Only the American public didn't buy it. Will Canadians? 

Why is violence on the rise? What is the cause of inflation? It's unacceptable to blame COVID. COVID did not lockdown leading to millions of job losses and wreaking havoc across not just the economy but the lives of people. Humans did that. Humans in charge that is.

Again. No thought to overall public health went into the calculus.

From day one, people who questioned all this were labelled 'conspiracy theorists' (yawn) and 'recalcitrants' (in Quebec). Yet, they were correct every single step of the way.

Among the earlier predictions they made way back in early 2020 was that COVID was just a dry run to test the limits of complacency among the population and its role in how many would consent to health orders. Few questioned it and a new baseline was set. The government got what it wanted. People will consent with the right dose of fear. Just like Rouleau threw Justin a life-line and hook he needed - think 'met the threshold' - the government got its cue to invoke measures never seen in human history.

For a virus with a 99.985% survival rate. This can't be stated enough.

Sharp and alert minds attempted to use logic and pleaded with people to not bite. They warned that vaccine passports weren't a tool to get things back to normal but a bigger play into digital ID. Big Gates himself said health passports would be needed. What was the response? To mock people doing the warning. This past week, the WHO unveiled along with the EU digital health certificates for future pandemics. 

Just like the 'conspiracy theorists' said would happen.


Another thing they astutely observed was that COVID lockdowns were the free rehearsal for climate change lockdowns. Governments were going to measure people's compliance to determine how likely they'd fall into line with a lockdown for climate. This is the big prize world elites were gunning for all along in their quest for a neo-feudalistic (ie dystopian) new world order brought on by the 'Global Reset'.

The people who were saying these things weren't doing so out of a vacuum. They had been watching this play out for years if not decades. All that was needed was  'trigger' and that trigger was COVID. And with people showing themselves to be incapable of governing their own lives, it would make them vulnerable to climate hysteria. 

We need to lock you down for Mother Gaia.




It's already beginning. And once again, the teachers - those arbiters of 'critical thinking' - are swallowing the fear propaganda up whole. Again.

At the expense of children. 

As predicted in 2020. 

They said passports, quarantine camps and climate fear were coming. All in an effort to keep people in place. 

It's been said COVID was an IQ test. I believe it was. We failed spectacularly. 

Climate is another test. It's been 30 years of steady climate change fear-mongering based on utterly useless junk models and science. It's time to make good on it.

And they will.

Are you awake? 

Will you fail? 


In all this dysfunctional jamboree of insidious inept governance is the raging saga of Chinese interference in Canada's elections (and yes, the Liberals absolutely benefited from it). I won't go into detail here but let's just say if you're not extremely worried, you're not paying attention. It's extremely troubling to realize we're an unserious country run by immature and incompetent public officials.

Justin Trudeau's appointing of 'Rapporteur' David Johnston was his ACT 11 from POEC. Just stick a Liberal shill in there to make it all go away with a shoddy and absurd 'report'. Once again, Justin got the soundbite he was looking for No public inquiry was needed.

This is despite Johnston barely asking any of the hard questions in his investigation and sounding like one confused old man in trying to explain his report.

It was a sad display of what passes as 'leadership' in Canada. I stand by we have politicians who have betrayed Canada. This is a situation where must all stand together as Canadians. 

We can't even do that when our flag needed us most. 

Truly appalling.




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