The World Is Run By A Fringe Minority Of Mad People

From Germany:

"The new recommendation is a “precaution against coming as-yet-unknown waves of infections”, explained paediatrician and STIKO member Martin Terhardt … Reinhard Berner, director of the paediatric clinic at Dresden University Hospital, also a member of STIKO, put it this way: “We dare to look into the future, and we want to prepare children for a third Corona winter, so that they come through this time as safely as possible.”

Read that very carefully.

You're always at war with Eastasia now.

I can't think of anything more frightening than preventative medicine and its hysterical misapplication of the precautionary principle for something that may come in the future. 

This is the very definition of dystopia.

This is exactly how the health technocrats operate here in Canada. 

And we're going to kill kids because the unelected and unaccountable authorities in charge are maniacs and mentally ill. The vaccination of children who are not in danger is one of the great medical crimes of our times. Kids who had Covid should not be given boosters which are all risk and no benefit. 

The FDA is not even consulting with its panel of experts anymore and just going straight to approval with very little evidence. The CDC and FDA want to do away with clinical trials altogether!

You can bet favours are being exchanged for that major move. 

A fringe minority is threatening the core of our democracy, freedom and ethics and it ain't the truckers or unvaccinated. 

Arkham runs Gotham pre-Bat-Man.

Prepare for battle.


Monkey Business Pox

Slowly they're grinding the fear porn. The fear pornographers at the WHO are having an emergency meeting. No doubt to figure out how to steal more power for its benefit. They did such a wonderful job with Covid-1984, right? 

But at least it continues to generate humour from critical thinkers.


Saw a meme today that said

Can’t believe it’s monkeypox season already.

I still have my Ukraine decorations up.

The goes with:

It's pronounced Money Pox. The 'K' is silence.



They Dehumanize Because They're The Extremists

When Justin gets up in the House of Commons and flaps his stupid gums about 'extremists' and 'racists' remember why he does that.

He knows they're acting like a bunch of totalitarian dicks. As he ruins Canada, he needs scapegoats.

He's not in it for you or Canada.

Always keep that in mind.

Justin Trudeau is an extremist and a bigot. 

Daily Derp: Monkey Derp

 Just some quick monkey business takes.

Remember. It's pronounced Moneypox. The 'k' is silent. Hat tip to the person who came up with this.

The message will be along the lines of: We don't want to scare but we're gonna scare you with this mild disease.

Already the WHO's regional director for Europe is playing the 'large gatherings can amplify the disease' game. Right out of the Covid playbook.

These people are MANIACS.


Promises are meant to be broken.

They promised you it would work. Never forget.

They either were too excited in a panic or they lied.

As for Tony Fauci - he's an incompetent narcissistic liar. And his wife a grotesque monster.


All planned

How else to see this?

They are criminals. 


Smallpox vaccine is a bad idea.

But 4 in 5 corrupt doctors say, 'They're great!'


Very strange stuff with the pox and mRNA.

Know the game.

Don't be played.

Passports, masks and lockdowns they want.


Stand strong, firm and FEARLESS. 

Governments Are About To Over React And Triple Down On Insanity

Now the media is pumping monkeypox.

I truly hope people aren't this stupid as to take the bait. 

Recall that fictitious planning was done in the previous post where the authors conclude governments should apply a 'no regrets' approach.

You're about to see it in action.

It's coming by way of using the smallpox vaccine (which was dangerous even when it was heralded and first used in the 20th century) to be used to fight monkeypox.

The smallpox vaccine led to more deaths and cases. They don't tell you that. They just tell you 'safe and effective. See, most of these diseases recede naturally on their own. And when they're below the baseline and petered out, that's when they give the vaccine. To 'prevent' more outbreaks. And then declare victory. 

Know the scam.

It's classic snake's oil salesmanship. 

It's absolutely brilliant. 

Psychotic. But genius how they've pulled it off.

Pharma companies no longer have scientists as CEOs like they used to. They have SALESPEOPLE.

Know the game.

Can't you see they're denying approval of helpful medicines but giving the ok to vaccines left, right and centre despite the obvious lack of data and possibly even fraudulent data? Can't you see the revolving door politics? That it's Ottawa and Washington who have taken over public health? This is what we call medical tyranny. And there is no shortage of corrupt and criminal scientists willing to play for a price. Pay close attention the next time you see FDA or CDC officials resign and see where they end up. Usually with a comfortable job with a pharmaceutical company. The conflict of interests is staring right at you. 

I'm sure a similar pattern happens in Canada except we don't notice. Maybe we should. 

As it stands. we're seeing more cases of Covid because of the vaccine. We're not seeing very good evidence it does prevent infection or hospitalizations or death. 

The same is about to happen with monkeypox.

I'm not an expert. I'm just an observer sitting on top of the mountain following the flow. I caught the wave having done my historic research. 

This is what the pattern shows.

Follow. The. Money. And always ask: Cui bono? Always.

We'll see.


Flailing Sophists And The True Extremists

 "The tyrant will always find a pretext for his tyranny" Aesop. 

Justin Trudeau is a tyrant lite. Joe Biden represents an oligarchic force that relies on tyranny.

The two are sinking our nations.

One thing the Ancient Greeks didn't have was a compliant mass corporate print and social media willing to disseminate state or government propaganda in order to manipulate the masses. 

We can add lazy, sluggish and arrogant media to it.

There are sophists among us. Did you know? Just not the kind you're being told.

You may have heard that 'domestic extremism' is on the right, allegedly, in North America if you listen to the Liberal and Democrat establishment who walk and work in rhetorical and policy lockstep.

The media brings words to the flapping gums of politicians and their lies.

Academia, who revealed themselves to be authoritarian cowards in masks embracing unethical diktats from rogue elements in the Canadian and American body polity. partnered with media to act as court jesters. 

Recently, I read some journalists in Winnipeg arguing freezing bank accounts of protestors is not enough after they gave Jagmeet Singh a piece of their mind.

Journalists are clutching their pearls demanding people be polite.

Except, as free sovereign citizens we don't have to be polite to civil servants who we perceive to be breaking their oath to the Charter and to its people. 

In fact, Singh got what he richly deserved. As does Justin Trudeau. And media. They all deserve to be told to 'fuck off'.

The premise is that journalists and academics have accepted vaccine mandates as acceptable and reasonable. But millions of Canadians have seen their lives ruined and beg to differ. Canadians are also questioning how it's come to be where we've uprooted and ignored decades' worth of ethical and moral standards and mores.

We're at the point medical experts, scientists and journalists think it's time to eliminate religious exemptions for vaccines. They argue it's ok for someone to lose their career and deny them the right to earn a living for....vaccines.

Vaccines they erroneously and possibly maliciously maintain 'protect others'.

The vaccines do no such thing.

At best, they may reduce severe disease. Now, there are concerns they may be triggers for other diseases.

And then they wonder why anger simmers and stews?

Just who are the extremists exactly?

When BLM/Anitfa, protested, were they not 'extreme' in their tactics? I don't seem to recall journalists reacting in outrage and moral indignation when Rand Paul was beaten and ended up in the hospital or when Steve Scalise was shot. Both at the hands of Democrat extremists.

Rather, they applauded and whistled in approval for the most part. 

Conversely, parents who protest critical race theory, gay propaganda, and pornography in grade school are considered 'extremists' by the White House and FBI. Truckers, canary in the coal mines if you ask me, demand an end to vaccine mandates and are treated like criminals for honking and committing parking infractions. Any person who rails against rising inflation created by government irresponsibility and baby food shortages is also monitored. Unvaccinated Ukrainian refugees are allowed in but unvaccinated Canadians remain prisoners denied access to transportation. 

Try and make logic of this.

Up is down.

Evil is good.

In the sophist clown world.

No. The mandates are not reasonable and are not rooted in science.

They are cruel and punitive and they are unscientific. 

I do question someone's morality if they support them.

What the ruling classes are refusing to notice is that they're creating this atmosphere of animosity and angst. 

Not truckers. Truckers just want to work.

As do the people who outrageously lost their jobs. Let's not forget the Federal government fired them around Christmas.

Try and tell me they have empathy and compassion.

The government is incapable either because psychopathy drives it.

Any honest person possessed with moral and intellectual clarity can see it's the government who has ruptured the civil order. 

I think the sophists and the buffoons are flailing in their sophistry. There's a pushback. That's why they call for more censorship and draconian government coercion and aggression against fellow citizens. 

They're slowly losing grip and the plot.

They have to. 

Their outlook and positions are unnatural, irrational and unreasonable.

They would have sided with the British in 1776 and the Nazis in 1939.

Benjamin Franklin once said, 'Rebellion is obedience to God'.

The reaction we're seeing was inevitable. And it may grow more.

It has to. 

When it does. Get out of the way. 

We need to nourish the tree of liberty. 

The middle finger is a good start. 


Now Is The Time To Reaffirm Our Values And Commitment to Freedom, Democracy And Ethics

We're in a free fall.

It doesn't need to be.

Clearly mentally ill and/or corrupted criminals are using public health to usurp power from the people.

They're writing articles about how we need more punishments than freezing bank accounts for people who dare be impolite to politicians who richly deserve their comeuppance. They're writing papers about how it's 'ethical' to ostracize people who decline medical procedures or that it's ethical to deny a person's right to earn a living.  There are doctors who want to eliminate exemptions for vaccines and 'bio-ethicist' who says it's ok to not give medical services to civilian Russians.

We're broken in the heart and in the head.

And the medical class is playing a huge part in uprooting our sense of ethics and morals. 

These are just a couple of disturbing examples. We've taken a troubling darker turn for the worse.

It's happening right before our eyes yet too many sleepwalk.

The time now is not to submit to unresponsive and unelected global entities surrendering our rights and values to elites who claim to want to protect us but don't care about anyone other than to preserve their power.

It's an opportunity to straighten the CORE VALUES we've forgotten. We should not be going along assuming this is how things will be. We should be asking harder questions more than ever. We should be galvanized into action to demand our civil rights and ethics and morals remain intact. 

We should be enacting laws that reject the current medical tyranny trend. We don't need to give those up for public health. Truth is, other than forcing you into a vaccine or some other medical procedure or sending you to a camp, there's not a whole lot they can do to protect you. Lockdowns and masks do nothing but they will continue pushing these.

It's only when WE the people put a stop to this that will they stop. 

It may be too late. I don't know. 

However, what will you tell your children or grandchildren when they read about freedom and yearn for it after they ask how did this happen?

'Sorry kiddo. I took the shot because they threatened me with a passport to travel. I wasn't thinking beyond my own self-entitled and selfish calculus".

Now they have plans for us after what they've gotten away with.

This is why we must never forget. It was NOT normal what just happened - and continues to take place.

It's not public health or safety.

It's the usurping of the democratic element. 

The Boy-Men Who Run Canada

In this pic you will see Marc 'We have a strong mandate bullshitter' Miler (third from left), consiglieri Gerald Butts (to Justin's right) and the goofball with the grimace is Sean O'Regan. How he looks there pretty much summarizes his career as a Minister. Of course, the one being held up is - cough - Castro's - cough - son wishing he be fed grapes. 

There they are. The Fab Four Bozos. Wo the country that allows this crop to rise to the top.

Real men don't vote Liberal.

Remember that. 

Time to recover Canada from these talentless extremists. 

Here We Go: Global Criminal Inc. And Monkey Pox

They fooled you the first time.

Did you think they were going to stop?

Heck, you gave them the world: YOUR BODY.

They will keep this infernal psychotic pandemic scam going until you wake up and say no.


This is precisely the game plan.

Keep you in perpetual fear in lockdowns and masks until you either say 'Uncle' or hit back and stop them.

Those are the only two options.

There are no political solutions. Your government hates you. And I mean even single one of you. 

The ones who complied with the Covid vaccines may want to pass on this magical monkey pox vaccine (the company that developed it was given $100 million from NIH/NIAID. Who rules NIAID? One Dr. Anthony Fauci. The dots connect themselves now. It's in your face. You can choose to ignore it but medical tyranny and the medical pharma complex is in full bloom and they want your body)  will find out soon enough they never had the choice the day they consented to the forced cab and passports.

And you were indeed forced into it. Stop deluding yourself. They manipulated the living daylight out of you. Fear, FEAR and MORE FEAR. Then they played with the data with classic 'don't look here, look there' tactics.

You were asleep. There will be consequences.

But there's no time for that.

Notice they're already prepping you.


It's the same exact playbook only this time they will refine their 'response'.

This is imply about money, power and control. That's it.

Nothing complicated. Universal vices in the laws of man.

This is a new-feudlist world now.

But there's hope IF you don't bite. That means you will not be able to enjoy life for a while. They will squeeze you to the point of stealing your life.

You must stand strong like the people who read the Covid scam from the onset who tried to warn you. You ignored them believing the true purveyors of fake news. Corporate media and the government.

Now is a good time to go in and get off your lazy asses and go read up on all those names you've been hearing about but who have been disparaged and unfairly and inaccurately maligned by the Global Criminal Inc. They're the heroes in this plot. They're your Jeff Goldbloom. Fauci is your menacing monster.

Still think there are coincidences and conspiracies?


Never mind world nations are about to sign over our sovereignty where public health is concerned over to the W.H.O. (the notion they will be given more authority but no power is wrong. They will be able to flex their muscles. All we need are 'WHO friendly' leaders and they will get what they want. It's naïveté on Trojan Horse levels) in a couple of days. Naturally, Canada is on board because Canada no longer exists as we once knew or understood it. You re-voted for a globalist criminal bully, remember? You slept and were to concerned about your trips to Santa Banana to care that there's a global coup unfolding before your eyes.

They have been planning this for decades.

Notice in the following document how they never talk about PRIVACY AND CIVIL RIGHTS in their recommendations. 

Here you go from 2021. An example (bold mine):

  • Develop and institute national-level triggers for early, proactive pandemic response
    • National governments must adopt a “no-regrets” approach to pandemic response, taking anticipatory action—as opposed to reacting to mounting case counts and fatalities, which are lagging indicators.
    • To facilitate anticipatory action on a no-regrets basis, national governments should develop national-level plans that define and incorporate “triggers” for responding to high-consequence biological events.
What if they anticipate wrong? We all know how terrible experts are on their prognostications and assessments. What can possibly go wrong?  Oops? Sorry we killed those innocent people or threw them in a gulag.

This is absolutely frightening garbage. 

It's a new spin on 'preventative' measures applying the precautionary principle in that it's saying do whatever it takes (and you can bet your bottom dollar it will go into dark places like gulags and camps. Look at China. This is what they want) for there will be no consequences.

We fought hard for our rights and they want to steal it under the guise of 'public health'.

Know the game.

Fight back.

And tell them to fuck off. 


Monumental Misclaculations

Mass vaccinations and Ukraine.

Two miscalculations the West will come to regret.


Message To The Governor General Of Canada

You must do your duty and dissolve this government.

You are the final arbiter of a stable and just Canada.

We're not being governed with truth, justice and mercy. 

We have a rogue Prime Minister who clings to minority status (and as such does not have a strong mandate) in an anti-democratic alliance with the NDP. 

You must do your job and preserve the sanctity of Canada.

It's All Done On Purpose

When the price of oil was well above $110, gas prices were never any heard the levels we're seeing. Now the price is around $94 and it's at $2.10 a litre. 

This is not the laws of supply and demand at work.

This is an agenda and done on purpose.

They're crashing the economy deliberately folks.

The more Justin talks about the middle-class the more you know he's out to ruin it for the WEF.

The more they answer questions with 'conspiracy theory" the more it's over the mark.

There are no conspiracy theories.

Now we're in full conspiracy mode.

As the saying now goes. Conspiracy theories = spoiler alert. It's all plain for those who want to be awake can see. 

I accuse the Liberal government of Canada along with the NDP of traitorous action against the Dominion of Canada.

They are not serving the interests of Canada but of global organizations.

We're at the point the military is finding ways to ignore its own commands and directives. 

Canada is a card-carrying member of the New World Order which they've been very open about. Justin used the term himself: Global reset. That's NWO in drag.

My fellow Canadians. You're watching a coup unfold before your eyes and the courts and RCMP are allowing it to happen.

Canada is surrendering its sovereignty to the UN, WHO and WEF.

On May 22, it will all be formalized.


If the WHO does manage its health coup, it will be in the hands of a man who has been accused of genocide in his home country.

I want you to sit back and think if this story is accurate, what it will be like with him ruling the health of Canadians.

We already got a glimpse of it. 

Do you think you did the patriotic and 'right' thing? Wait what's in store. All you did was give them the ok to move forward with the plan. You showed them how easy it is to manipulate in order to usurp power.

This isn't about health. It's about power, money and control. Period. 

And medical tyranny in the hands of power-hungry and greedy maniacs is the ultimate aphrodisiac.

You will not have a say in what goes into your body. Right now you feel vaccines are meaningless but wait until you're forced to take something you don't want to take.

It's all on the table now. These are not paranoid ideas.

We're swimming in that pool.

Unless we all WAKE UP. 


Justin's Continued Folly. I Know. Par For The Course.

Why has Justin made Ukraine his pet project?

Not a week doesn't go by where he's somehow - there. Taking pictures. Maskless. Looking like a complete fool.

Why is Canada poking the Russian bear?

I can understand if a nation that can defend itself would do so (and why would you give Russia's capable nuclear arsenal) but Canada? With our pitiful military?

I speak not of our quality. Many countries have quality soldiers and special forces like Canada does. I speak of our defence capabilities and hardware.

We're useless on this front. A function of freeloading off the United States.

Sorry, Gordie. It's true. Don't take offence. We're loud mouth'd shnooks. 

At least the Americans can back up their braggadocio with power. 

Worse. We can't even be bothered to meet the 2% threshold in NATO.

Talk about not paying your fair share. But there we are in Ukraine. Poking fingers in the eyes of Russia.

What happens if Russia hits back? Will we run behind the United States screaming, 'hold me back!"

What kind of stupid diplomacy is this?

Right. Liberals. I don't know who is whispering in Justin's ear connected to his empty brain. Whoever they are, they should learn to code. 

Irony. Buffalo Shooting.

It's the same loop over and over. Mass shooting take place. The media and left make false claims about right wingers and Fox. Blame guns. Calls for gun control. 

Then, as facts trickle in more often than not we find out shooters are often on the authoritarian left and vote Democrat. It also comes to be discovered often the FBI failed to do its job in heeding known red flags (too busy being political and going after parents who challenge critical race theory in schools) and in this case, a school principal who failed to act on a previous threat by the alleged shooter.

This is a social-system break down. Another example of the people in charge are unserious, hyper-political and incompetent. The concept of personal responsibility is absent preferring to assign blame where there is none.

Until we take ownership of our actions, this will continue.

And as long as we have mentally ill people like Justin Trudeau and career hack cronies like Joe Biden in power and all their ilk, we will continue to devolve in an abyss of unethical and immoral actions and behaviour.

There's your irony. The left calling for gun control because one of their own do the killing.


$40 billion for Ukraine but there's no baby formula.

They say Republicans lack compassion but listening to the responses from talentless creatures like Psaki and Buttegeig on the crisis shows a dark side to how the elite left really see life.

They're more worried about sidewalks and bike lanes.

Like I said. These are unserious people with no inner-core values.

Speaking of bike lanes.

And speed limits.

It occurred to me the cult of security has triumphed. It has gotten a lot harder to zip from Point A to Point B with all the bike lanes, speed limits and general traffic obstacles like speed bumps littering an entire city. While it's a good thing to control dangerous driving, I think we've gone over board.

Too  often I'm stuck behind someone doing 25 in a 30 zone. Which means I'm driving at 20 for 3kms. To give you a sense of how slow this is, a recreational biker cycles at 15. A good one at 25 and strong ones 27 and up.

We're at the point cyclists past cars on road. And this is not safe. 

Slow and over prudent or cautious driving is just as dangerous as aggressive driving.

People doing 60 on the left lane in a 100 zone is nothing new but in the context of contemporary driving, it's a norm now. We've given power to incompetent driving. 

The days of people proceeding on a yellow (which is a warning to clown down and not stop) are long gone. People not only abruptly stop as if it's a red, they also have a bad habit of stopping in the middle of the street where there are no tops to let incoming traffic in. There's no logic of safety anymore. The person waiting to get in will get their chance. Stopping to let them in stops the flow of traffic and this is a key component of good ethical driving: Keep the flow of traffic going.

It's part of that 'I'm a good person' bull shit gripping society. You're so good and compassionate you put other people in danger. 

The problem with a precautionary existence (masks anyone?) is it dulls our ability to react quickly. It bludgeons our quick thinking senses and prevents us from maintaining sharp attentiveness. 

Look at people who drive excessively 'chill'. Often they're young and have a zombie like quality to them. 

Me? I have to hit the accelerator and go around them as they rest their heads on the head rest driving as if they have nowhere to go.

Or exist. 

Fin rant.

Quick Thought On Canada In Ukraine

For a country with a non-threatening military and a freeloader in NATO, Canada sure is shit disturbing in Ukraine.

For 'freedom and democracy'.

What did you expect from a country run by shameless and cynical opportunistic clowns?


Nothing To Celebrate

People were celebrating the end of the mask mandate over the week-end.

Not sure what they're celebrating.

Let's go over it in point form:

1) It lasted an exaggerated and obscene 22 months.

2) The state of emergency remains. Quebec is the only jurisdiction in North America to maintain one.

3) People have been conditioned to believe masks have an impact on transmission and mortality. 

Above all, they're celebrating a mandate that should never bave been imposed and coerced. They're celebrating the government giving "back" freedoms that they had no right to suspend.

People really need to understand what liberty means. 


Justin Trudeau: Shameless

Go fuck yourself Justin you shameless, shallow, vapid, malignant, petulant, lying, hypocritical, vindictive, traitorous, bullying, drama-Queen cretin.
That goes for all you assholes in the Bloc, NDP and Liberal parties who shamelessly keep the retarded mandates in place. 
Shame on every single one of your gutless, anti-science, anti-human cowards.


Weasel Propaganda Phrases From Criminals: Immune Evasive

Dr. Tam, the Duchess of Incompetent Criminality, has a new phrase she wants y'all to slurp down:

Immune evasive.

As in, viruses evade and try to escape the clutches of the human immune system.

As if this is something novel.

That's what viruses do. They evade in order to survive.

But she's using it as a wedge to keep people in fear.

The Canadian government and PHAC are not your friends.

Nor do they give a shit about granny.

Remember that. 

Vaccine Schedule For Kids Criminal

The vaccines do NOT:

Halt transmission. Thus will not result in herd immunity and therefore can't 'save granny'.

Prevent infection. 

Children are NOT:

In danger.

Do not pose a danger.

Why then?



The children are being used as pawns to 'save granny' but more importantly, to increase shareholder value.

That's all this is about.


Not health. 

And for governments like Canada run by traitors, it's about the biomedical security state fetish.

Covid and vaccines are ideologies now. Not science But just part of the political-ideological dynamic. 


Action Not Words Matter

 Justin talks an awful lot about freedom and democracy.

This means he's actively undermining it.

Don't listen to his platitudes and empty rhetoric.

Look at what he does. Hs action.

Justin is ruining Canada as we know it.

And the Liberals and NDP are letting it happen. 

Controlled Demolition

This is all done on purpose.

Brace yourselves. 


Canada Is No More

Canadians need to realize the Trudeau Liberals do NOT serve Canada or Canadians.

They serve DAVOS.

This is not a conspiracy. They flat out tell it to your face. 193 countries and Canada is the one singled out by the WEF to create a bio-medical surveillance state. 

It's worse than you could possibly imagine.

Welcome to Canada: The apartheid state.

There Are No Coincidences

Strange times.

The question being posed is it being done deliberately or is it a series of coincidences?

To the 'coincidenters' it's just that. Coincidences. 

To others, Covid-19, Putin and climate change are to blame. Duh.

Yet another group think it's all deliberate.

Supply chain breakdowns, the refusal to drill, lockdowns, mass vaccination with an experimental vaccine, inflation, rising gas prices....something is amiss it would appear.

Funny how under Trump there was economic prosperity, border control, limited wars and no Constitutional; crisis.

In come the Democrats and POOF.


That's not a coincidence. That's directly correlated to policy.

The root cause of all this of course is our REACTION to Covid-19.

Lockdowns did this.

Making people fearful did this.

Playing  cynical politics with a virus did this.

It was a chain reaction of folly that followed.

The chaos seems calculated. 

Justin Trudeau has become the face of this alleged Global Reset and quite frankly it does add up.

There are quite possibly traitors within the ranks. Or, to give some benefit of doubt, they have a very distorted view of what constitutes duty to nation and liberty.

Peter Marks at the FDA announced the agency would wave the 50% minimum standard vaccines must meet in order to be approved.

Because emergency.

For the children.

So, 10% will do. For a cohort that's 100% safe.

And you wart to think the fix isn't in?


Well, to save granny and improve shareholder value.

On the back of children.

Meanwhile, now there's a baby formula shortage.

Either Marks et al. are supreme incompetence or evil. Or both. Or they truly mean well. I don't know. From where I sit having observed this sheer stupidity of man for two years, it looks like good old fashioned corruption on a scale never seen before. I've never read or witnessed anything like it.

Everything was summarily ignored or usurped. Constitutions, pandemic handbooks, ethics, common sense, all of it.

As I declared in APRIL OF 2020, we were likely to see the greatest medical hysteria in history. 

Now it has morphed into something more sinister. Political dynamics have set a dangerous trajectory for culture and society. One in which we will not be able to reign in.

The W.H.O. is orchestrating a global medical take over that people are claiming will remove the sovereign right of nations to handle future pandemics as they see fit. Apparently, the only way to fight such plagues is with a top-down approach from a corrupted organism infamous for disorganization and incoherence.

What can go wrong?

I don't expect, obviously, Canada to defend its national interests (because Canada never did), but this is one step too far. In a series of cynical power grabs from Western governments (and let's be clear, it's the so-called scientific West that has largely over reacted - save for the clowns in China), the W.H.O. is coming in with its cries for medical tyranny.

And China and Bill Gates are its biggest funders.

There are no coincidences.


Canada In Ukraine: Chrystia Freeland's War

Watching Canada try and take a leadership role in the 'war' in Ukraine (so dangerous U2 is playing their guitars there) has been one of those special surreal episodes.

This is a stupid war started by stupid people and supported by dumb idiots.

There is no vital interest in Ukraine. 

Nor is this about 'freedom and democracy.'. I want to meet the person who utters this at a party. I may just burst out laughing.

Justin can bend over and make his ass cheeks talk all he wants but he can't escape the obscene hypocrisy he has displayed. He paraded around Ukraine without a mask despite the country's low vaccination rates but dons one the second he sets foot in highly vaccinated dim-witted Canada.

Let's not go over his outrageous illegal and unethical travel bans and invoking of the Emergencies Act. 

Him talking about freedom is on par with Yasser Arafat winning the Novel Peace Prize. 

A joke.

There's a lot going on in Ukraine and Canada's behaviour isn't exactly honourable - among which is the arming of legit Nazis. Who knows what they're really up to but Justin and Zelensky are better suited for roles as hosts for American Idol than power realpolitik. 

Canada is out cronying it up for sure but let's not disregard the Chrystia Freeland angle to this. Freeland is a hard-core Ukrainian nationalist. She's basically #2 in command in Canada (God help us) and so it's not a stretch to believe our ubiquitous presence in Ukraine and photo-ops is to please Freeland.

She's long been knee-deep intricately involved in the affairs of Ukraine.

Let's call this Chrystias Freeland's War.

Quebec: Shameless Violators Of Constitutional Rights And Laws

As if Francois Legault didn't show himself to be a total totalitarian jack ass during Covid, in he comes with the abomination that is Bill 96 language bill. 

A Bill - that will pass because it's Quebec. A place that's long given up any pretences of being a legitimate function; free democracy -  that joins Bill 21 which garnered negative international attention. A Quebec specialty.

The trend under Legault is to bring Quebec under less a province of laws that respect universal laws and rights but a dictatorial and inward-looking one. 

De Santis protests the sanctity of liberty for all. Legault does the exact opposite. And he should be mercilessly and universally mocked for the petty man he is. 

Quebec should be kicked out of Canada the way I see it. They take too much and give back too little and just tarnish the respiration with crap like this.

I look forward to the day I move out of Quebec. The ignorance here is astounding. I thought it would get better but it has gotten worse. The place keeps sinking and sinking into an abyss of tired old nationalist cliches. The world WILL pass Quebec by. Fewer and fewer companies, tourists and immigrants (other than French-speaking places) will want to deal with Quebec. In other words, how in the world will you attract talent? China spends billions on teaching children English. Quebec bans it.

Does this make sense?

This place has no future. 

You can't progress with such a myopic, parochial people.

They're worse than anything in the deep south. The irony is this is a place that hated Donald Trump, but Trump NEVER took punitive action and stripped people of their basic rights. He didn't trample the Constitutions like Quebec violates a myriad of national and international law. No. Francois Legault is a Trump Tower onto himself on the continent. A bona fide tin pot dictator in a place that insists on acting like a banana republic. 

The world spends a lot of money and energy to EXPAND its proficiency in other languages. Only Quebec thinks itself so special it needs to act punitively to protect a language they can't do on their own. 

In Europe, 15 languages are offered. Even tiny states like Andorra, Slovakia, Croatia and Slovenia abide by them. Populations smaller than Quebec in a sea of 800 million fellow Europeans who do not speak their language. Yet, the survive without onerous and noxious language laws. 

Why and how is that? It doesn't say much for the mettle and state of mind of Quebec. 

To tourists. I say stay away. Not worth it. As for Immigrants thinking of another life? Go to other parts of Canada. It's a lot less stressful with far less baggage. They will hound you forever and you won't have the freedom of choice or expression here. There will never be peace of mind.

Unbelievable how Quebec loves low-grade demagogues. 

"We're poor. I wonder why? But at least we can speak in French! Yuk, yuk yuk!"

Let Quebec go.

It's time. 

The Measures Didn't Work

Stop pretending.

Especially masks. 

Here are a few articles to consider.

One from Tablet.

Also from Tablet. 

And City-Journal. 

Key mask resources here.

And here.


Of course, those are just a couple of recent articles. Their positions are backed by hundreds if not thousands of studies pointing to the nonsense of masks. 

Yet, in Quebec, the state, academics and 'experts' continue to defy all logic and facts by still recommending this noxious pseudoscience bull shit. 

This is part of the fight that won't be easy to remedy. 

It's impressive how backward Quebec 'science' is. It also doesn't say much for its population. It's 32 degrees outside. I see one too many people in masks - including children.

This is the face of hysteria. Don't ever forget it. Look straight into it. 

Here's an example of just are absurd it's all become.

"Suite aux nouvelles recommandations de la CNESST, je tiens à vous informer que j'ai pris la décision de maintenir le port du masque dans mon institut au delà du 14 mai. Et ce, autant pour la clientèle que pour moi-même et pour une durée indéterminée.
La CNESST recommande fortement le maintien du port du masque dans toute situation ou le un mètre de distance ne peut être respecté. C'est le cas pour les soins personnels.
Je continue de suivre la situation et si des changements sont apportés dans les prochaines semaines je vous en ferai part."

Does anyone in Quebec actually read the data? 

The. Measures. Didn't. Work. This is just embarrassing at this point. 

So. They await for the world of clueless bureaucrats who refuse to disclose their evidence for pimping masks. The CNESST 'strongly' recommends it and they know better than me! But this is the type of society Canada and Quebec. Completely deferent to authority. And proud of it. Its citizens seem unwilling or incapable to exert any kind of independent thought. 

I've repeatedly contacted and requested such information from Sante Publique and CNESST.  T

Nothing was forthcoming, Not that they have any. They just believe and dictate accordingly.

Do you think Quebec listens to actual experts?

It doesn't appear so.


The Global Covid Summit makes its declaration.  

But the established corrupted medical class takes their stand.

Shallow Compassion

If there's one vice those what we term as being on the left possess is shallow and excessive compassion. 

Not a day goes by where they claim to care about this, that or another group or cause.

In that confusing mix of false virtue comes projection. 

There's a difference between compassion and empathy.  Too much compassion can drain one of their clarity and accept violence as a proper response to a perceived threat. Violence need not be physical. It can be psychological. For example, the vaccine mandates are a form of extortion and threats.

It's accepted because there's a perceived threat and people are irrationally fearful. It matters little if these actions result in the desired result. What matters is something was done and one of its features is compassion.

But we know the restrictions failed. And we know parents failed their kids. I've heard one too many of them allow their kids to decide for themselves to wear a mask. If you still think masks do something, I do question your intelligence. In addition to being unacceptably lazy. If you're just offloading your responsibilities to 'experts', then you're a failure incapable of critical thought at this point. Now we know who the real anti-human, anti-science and anti-logic people are. There is NO justification for continuing to peddle masks. None. 

Despite everything, with all the outrageous over-the-top restrictions, not only does Covid remain (as we knew it would) but it's even potentially morphing into something worse. And that has a lot to do with our response to it. More rooted in arrogance than humility. we're only daring the virus to mutate into stronger forms. I've seen people complain 'it's not fair' this 'far into the game' that they're 'getting sick' despite 'following all the rules'.

THAT'S the problem. The 'experts' led you down a Primerose path. Do this and it will all end in unicorns. 

Some of us never bought the bit but many did. A majority in fact.

To people like this, it's a 'game' with an expected result when in fact, there never was going to be a winner. The response was going to determine how many losers there would be.

And now we have many losers. 

The expert and political classes are the biggest losers. They  lost all credibility. They're on par with any quack protected by a host of corrupted governing bodies and agencies. Their actions led to the ruination of millions. They claim to have saved lives but ignore how many they destroyed. 

A good example of the far left irrational brigade that falls into this category is Elizabeth Warren. In her unhinged tirade about the SCOTUS leak, she worried about the poor. This from someone who supported lockdowns that disproportionately hurt the poor. She couldn't care less about them. Liberals tend to be hypocrites when it comes to the wording class.

We've seen 'philosophers' on Twitter opine if it's ok to kill justices (and not get banned(,  I've heard progressive hosts on Sirius still making fun of Rand Paul getting beaten up, while they continue to doxx people in an effort not to peacefully protest but to destroy as we're seeing with the Supreme Court Justice (to which the White House irresponsibly and stupidly support). One case here we had the epidemiologist grifting hack David Fisman dox Dr. Bridle's parents. 

They're also incoherent in their messaging. Ideologues with no inner core values tend to do that. Minister of Families Karina Gould said Americans are welcomed to come and get abortions in Canada. The statement coming from a person who runs a portfolio for families points to the ironic shallowness of it all. However, to any thinking person, the question became: Does it extend to unvaccinated women as well?

The Liberals, being a cruel and vindictive bunch, refuse to answer the question.

On full display, aside from the further erosion of any proper conceptualization of a free, pluralist and democratic society governed by common bonds and values. is the collapse of a society capable of empathy.

Without it, compassion has no guard rails.


Cheap Vaccines: They Won't Stop

 These vaccines are pure crap.

I'm not crazy.

Just look at the massive amount of data and studies that have come in that essentially confirm these vaccines have gone as far as they can go and aren't worth much. Moreover, more and more people are slowly waking up to the fact that they indeed will be harassed - perhaps forced - into endless doses and if a vaccine 'specific to Omicron' is produced by Moderna (good luck with that. It's the proverbial chasing variants - or tails) they could try another round of forced vaccinations.

I never heard of a vaccine so good it doesn't prevent infection or halt transmission. That if you're triple vaccinated and get it, it somehow means you were 'saved'. How do you know or prove that? But there are ways and there are many capable people out there breaking down the data and seeing this is a false narrative. It's all the vaccinators have left. 'You don't want to get it because if you get it it's Russian roulette so we have to keep mandates in place for your own good and to protect our second-rate public health system'. That's it. 

What's equally grating and infuriating is how short people's memories are. The original sell job for the vaccines were that they were going to halt transmission and 'end the pandemic'. That came straight from the idiotic mouths of Justin and Biden. We found out early on that was not gong to be the case. Fast forward about 18 months and we find ourselves nowhere near herd immunity. And there are very good explanations out there as to why. So they switched the script to 'it was never going to achieve herd' and 'no vaccine is 100%' and that it's to 'prevent severe disease.' In other words, like any other medication.

But worse because a) most of us won't get severe disease anyway and b) they come with all risk with elevated serious adverse reactions.

These are not medical products that should be forced in any way. And still the Canadian government maintains its absolutely foul and failed policies and mandates.

I never heard that a key metric like 'prevent severe disease' is the main purpose of coerced 'immunization'.

We vaccinated billion and this thing flopped.

But they won't stop.

Bancel and Bourla control the narrative. Media and TV dinner experts ensure the message of 'vaccine safe and effective' continues to be drilled into the mushed and mashed up minds. Government will be all too glad to be pimps for pharma.

My advice? 

Do NOT take anymore shots past three doses.

Tell Bancel and Justin to go pound sand until you have assurances your rights will no longer be violated and demand actual proof they work.

Have you ever heard of a vaccine so effective you need to take 4 shots (and counting) in 18 months? 

Me either.

Wake up.

Take back your medical autonomy. The quicker we all do, the quicker our lives are properly and fully resorted.

And then we go after the bastards for the lies and bullying.


The Sad Reality

The sad part about the insane depraved behaviour of the lockdowns in several cities in China?

That we can't say, "we're lucky to be in Canada' anymore.

We're on that same track now.

We foolishly and apathetically let this petulant, arrogant, self-serving, superficial, remedial, totalitarian ideologue who wears socks like a child do it.

And the courts and police just smiled and let it all happen. 

Stand on guard for thee my friggin ass.

The WHO And Bill Gates Do Indeed Want Full Control Over Your Health

It's not a conspiracy and don't be fooled by his 'what me? Don't be crazy aw shucks' mannerism. Gates it's all shark and business.

Always was, always will be. 

None of this is over and if you think the last two years were absurd and hard, Gates basically wants an encore 2.0 even harder. 

In order to do this he needs to ramp up his GERM team exercises while the WHO prepares to usurp national sovereignty looking to control public health policies of nations.

Now, do I think countries are stupid enough to sign this protocol, I hope not. It seems 50/50. Most were idiotic enough to sign the Paris Accords but this may be a little trickier for them.

I know Canada is full on stupid so I expect Justin to cede our national interests to the WHO. How this traitor is still leader is beyond me especially his recent despicable outburst apparently saying 'fucking faggot' in the HOUSE OF COMMONS before storming off like the petulant mentally ill drama queen baby that he is.

Gates and the WHO don't care about you or your health.

They care about the power your autonomy brings them. Your body is data and data is oil, diamonds and gold all combined.

Wake up and don't get fooled by any of this anymore. These pandemics are largely fabricated and part of a larger game.

Also. Word of advice. Anyone still peddling masks and vaccines are BARZINI. They're part of the racket. 

Here's a great review of Bill Gates and his book.


Swallow Little Birdies

Yup. .83% effective at preventing death. Sez so right there in the Prizer data.

This alone should force them to pull the plug. BUT they - the criminal profiteers -  knew and know this. That's why they- the gubmint -   got ahead of it and lied saying it's about preventing disease.

Sssssure. For example, triple vaccinated still get it but it doesn't matter because "you can still get it but it won't be bad"? 

Now the FDA is approving Paxlovid even though it's obvious it's another product pimped out by Pfizer proving to be useless. It's ok. Ka-ching, ka-ching, KA-CHING. It's slated to be one of themes profitable pills in history. Do the math. The same doctor who approved the dangerous Remdisivir approved Paxlovid essentially admitting there are side-effects but that doesn't matter. His name is Dr. John Farley. And Canada has many Farlety's on their corrupted band wagon I'm sure. 

This farce is a crime in process.

These people in government agencies aren't doctors. They're bureaucrats with medical degrees on the take. 

The quicker we understand this, the quicker we get out of this mess. With some small amount of luck, we may even be able to reform and fix our broken system and agencies.

It's all driven by MONEY. 

Not health. 

Stop following the nonsense and know the game.


Question For Luc Boileau

The vaccine narrative is falling apart by virtue of the Pfizer documents released.

So far the government and its lackeys in government and medical class have ignored it but they won't be able to do so forever.

Reality and real-world data will come up and hit them in the face.

Basically, it confirms what we've known all along. The vaccines are not '95% effective' and the data has been ginned up to make it look like it's 'saving lives. A study in The Lancet in 2021 showed the ARR of the vaccines was in the range of 1-3%. Translation: Useless. The dumps show efficacy of .83%. That is, it had a .83% chance of saving lives.

Which explains why we keep seeing 'negative efficacy' data from places like the UK.

Canada is doing its best to hide and manipulate the data (PHAC no longer tracks vaccine deaths. You would think that's important information for people to know) and it's looking like the more you're vaccinated the more deaths. 

But keep throwing gimps like Fisman out there to regale us all about how it's the unvaccinated who threaten scared shitless Canadians. 


And the insurance companies and starting to slowly come out with their own data. 

So my question to Boileau is this: He claimed a couple of weeks ago if it weren't for the vaccines it would be a catastrophe in Quebec. 

Where's the proof for this claim?

Have you all noticed not ONCE have they ever presented you with honest facts? Notice how two years later they tell you deaths have been inflated by 50% to 60%. And still, you do not get angry? Worse, that Legault is expected to win with an even larger majority in October?

Are we all this out to lunch?

As for our kangaroo courts and joke judges, maybe the facts from Pfizer's own data may force them to stop backing the government and actually do their damn jobs and start holding them accountable for this unseemly disaster.

This whole nightmare and narrative have to collapse at some point. 

The vaccines didn't avert a catastrophe.

They created one.

And Now For Our Next Act At The Circus: Health Minister Jean-Yves Duclos

Just in case you've forgotten what a disgrace Canada has become here's a reminder. 

Tam, you failure, you must resign.

Onto Duclos.

Duclos le clown played his fool's errand part today trying to defend the indefensible. He basically said freedom is through vaccines.

Yup. This is still happening in Canada. 

Other than offering a false dichotomy (vaccines or imprisonment), I'm not sure why a health minister is opining about such things. 

This is an absolutely unforgivable shit show.


What Is Blindness?; True Journalism With Eva Bartlett

When your rage is such that you can't keep perspective. 

Donald Trump was a classic example of shooting the messenger and not the message. 

Years of anti-Vladimir Putin and Russia propaganda meant there was not going to be any level-headed discourse about Ukraine.

The same fear and rage drove the Covid hysteria. 

Dare to say Ukraine does have a Nazi problem and do bomb their own people and expect to be called a Putin apologist or get looks of disbelief. 

When you're too invested in one narrative or driven by ideology, you can't see things for what they are.

Same thing happened with the vaccines. Question them and you were censored or worse.

Not a healthy way to be.

This is blindness. 


I came across this interview with Canadian award-winning independent journalist Eva Bartlett. Makes you realize how bad the media really is. In diet, they say to detox yourself. How about deprogramming yourself from years of corporate media junk? 

On one side you have Eva Bartlett bravely seeking truth and on the other, you have David Fisman cowardly promoting lies.

Just a contrast I noticed.

Canadians, as I've written about here,  are supporting legitimate Nazis. It's also worth reminding Canada banned RT News. I doubt it was only because of 'misinformation'. CTV, Global and other networks don't hold much water to this person. They report from afar. Not on location. And when and if they do, it's usually hopelessly biased anyway. 

Here's the truth about Ukraine:

The Cynicism Of Canadian Covid Politics

Let's recount and repeat what just happened. 

It was the same exact scam they pulled with the truckers and the freedom convoy. They got their lapdogs in the media - hello CTV, CBC and Global! - to demonize and dehumanize truckers. Then Justin went before the cameras and further compounded the divisive rhetoric calling them people with 'unacceptable views' and a 'fringe minority.  He then announced his despicable Emergencies Act on Valentine's Day. A tactic he borrowed from Legault announced a lockdown on New Year's Eve. Slime balls are gonna slime ball. And Quebecers will vote Legault back in. OW, sir! May I have another!

We were also treated to hysterical pleas in the House of Commons to the point some MP's likened honking to Nazis. The big oaf Mendancino called them 'rapists'.

Oh. You're an alien reading this for the first time? Oh, it be true. These were elected representatives in a so-called pluralist and free democracy acting like unhinged totalitarians. 

It was a legit, straight-up shit-clown show.

All courtesy of Justin Trudeau aided by his liberal medial pals. 

High fives all around. 

In other words, create the crisis or the story. Use the crisis (OMFG trucks are parked everywhere honking stealing food from the poor and raping people!) and story to keep mandates fairly in place.

And dullard Canadians took the bait. Sigh.

So it is with Fisman's speculative mathematical model and its hate speech content. 

A putz Olympian - Van Koeverden -  played the fool's errand in Parliament. It was so blatantly obvious what was in play. Like clockwork, the media picked up a silly 'study' written by a grifter and published by the CMA itself filled with questionable ties to pharma,  and the Liberals used it to push their untenable, unscientific and unethical travel ban and masks. The cynicism of it all is grating especially considering it's not necessary and the fact the world is ENDING mandates. Canada, being a laggard, was late to the party. 

This is very serious and tragic what is happening to science. Fisman himself said when he resigned from the Ontario Science Table to keep politics out of science and yet seems to have betrayed his own statement. I'm not very optimistic for the future of science and how it interacts with politics and how this impacts ur communities. I'm gravely concerned because if this is how it's going to be, we're in serious trouble. It's tribal and detrimental to not just our liberties but overall public health. 

Of course, I write to an audience that understands the unvaccinated pose no threat whatsoever to anyone. You have to literally be in the clouds to believe this kind of nonsense being peddled by criminals and hacks. 

The question is why the Canadian government is so intent on keeping this going (Tam has to know by now the true real-world data) even going as far as to fight them hard in court?

Is There Anyone More Mind Numbingly Tiresome And Boring Than The Vapid Bill Gates

Bill Gates found himself a new racket.

Human health. 

And he can't shut up about it.

The man with no expertise in the subject he speaks about - vaccines and pandemics - continues to warn the world of pending doom and the only way out is through his vaccines. 

One of his favorite outlets to spew his puerile "predictions' is Ted Talk. 

They sure love a good manipulative spanking, don't they?

All Gates is doing is setting things up to further increase his power and control. 

Warning the world that another pandemic is coming is to prep them to accept whatever civil liberties authorities will crush to 'protect' people. He's got all his vaccine investments lined up as well as food and farm holdings. He has set up a 'pandemic task force' and basically controls the W.H.O. is the second largest donor.  Bill Gates is his own kingdom

Can you see the game?

In this game, you're the sucker. 

Gates is a poor choice to discuss such matters and is insufferably boring about it. You can tell hie's just doing it to line the commoners up to profit off them.

Gates doesn't care about your health. He doesn't see you as human.

He sees you as a dollar sign. $$$$$$. 

At least if he was charismatic about but not even that he can give.

My advice is we should ignore Bill Gates He has way too much money and power and trust.


Speaking of grating speakers. I submit Chrystia Freeland is the most dangerous person in Canada and perhaps in the West. Listening to her we hear the discomforting passion of an ideologue. Behind her banal passionate pleas lies a totalitarian individual. 

These people do not believe in the concept of freedom and democracy as we've come to understand it.

Listening to her at recent hearings where she has to defend her government's absurdly anti-democratic behaviour leave me unnerved.


Van Koeterden Cites Pseudoscientific Paper in CMAJ

Former Olympian Liberal MP Adam Koeverden padded the 'the unvaccinated threaten the vaccinated' lie in Parliament today. In doing so, he cited Fisman's lately disputed and debunked hate speech passing off as science. 

There are no coincidences. The grifter Fisman was told to produce junk science. He obliged. The CMAJ - whoa are in bed with pharma - published it. This gave the Liberals their 'follow the science' cover. 

It's all a coordinated sham. You have to be a dullard to not see it.

Message to Adam. Aren't the Olympics about bringing humanity together and not dividing them? 

Here are links to CMA's long shady alliance with pharma.




And here are two more them pleasing their paymasters.



Doctors are just as greedy and crooked as anyone.

Canada's Incoherent And Cruel Travel Ban: A First In World History

 “Why you fool, it’s the educated reader who can be gulled. All our difficulty comes with the others. When did you meet a workman who believes the papers? he takes it for granted that they’re all propaganda and skips the leading articles. He buys his paper for the football results and the little paragraphs about girls falling out of windows and corpses found in Mayfair flats. He is our problem. We have to recondition him. But the educated public, the people who read the high-brow weeklies, don’t need reconditioning. They’re all right already. They’ll believe anything.”  Miss Hardcastle (to Mark Studdock). The Space Trilogy: That Hideous Strength. C.S. Lewis  (1944).

Canada is the first country in history to ban tax-paying citizens from boarding planes, trains and ferries.  Australia, New Zealand and Israel each had travel bans but they were blanket bans applied to all citizens, Thus, Canada is the first - and only - country to single out the unvaccinated. Not just during Covid but in world history. 

Quote an achievement on par with the internment of Japanese and Italian Canadians during WWII. Yes, the analogy is appropriate. 

How did we get to such an embarrassing low point?

We can blame Justin Trudeau - and that would be accurate - but he’s low-hanging fruit at this point. In fact, he fell off the branch and is just decomposing on the ground now as a friend put it. Rotten fruit.

We have to look elsewhere. Upon scrutiny and some level of thought, the restriction is nothing but cruel and incoherent gibberish. 

If a majority of countries are open for travel to all travellers regardless of medical status and have not restricted their citizens from domestic travel, this leaves Canada as an outlier and unwitting control group revealing its futility.

That is if the banning of the unvaccinated keeps people safe, then wouldn’t we be seeing major outbreaks around the world from airports? The truth is, outbreaks from airports were always statistically small just like they were in schools - which Canada zealously closed and continues to consider as an option if you can believe it. (1)

Does Canada know something other countries don't know?  Are we biologically different from other countries? Are our genetics unique? If so, the world needs to set up labs in Canada to examine our DNA. 

Let’s play out a couple of scenarios.

Jane is unvaccinated. She boards a plane to visit a country that has no vaccination requirements. She comes back to Canada. The belief is if she’s unvaccinated she will spread the virus. The only problem with this argument is, as we should all know by now, that the vaccines are ‘leaky’ non-sterilizing vaccines that do not halt transmission.

 This is the key part of the entire equation that every single nation on earth now seems to grasp except for Canada. Worse, Canada insists on wanting to believe it's not the case. 

Jane is unvaccinated. She boards a plane with vaccinated people. The theory of vaccination is if you’re vaccinated, you’re supposed to be protected. Except, we now know, the vaccines are mediocre against infection. The argument has been spun as “well, if you were vaccinated, then the issue of the vaccine providing limited protection wouldn’t matter, now would it?’ This is the so-called ‘the unvaccinated are incubators’ theory.  But this theory meets a cult-de-sac given everyone transmits regardless of vaccination status or viral load. Moreover, the clinical trials were never set up to verify if it saves lives. (2)

Jane is unvaccinated, recovered from infection and has acquired natural immunity. How does she pose danger to a vaccinated individual? (3)

These are just a couple of examples but I ask you to sit and think about what I just wrote because Canadians have shown themselves to be extremely stubborn in not exercising their noggins where critical thinking is concerned.

At this point, before I move on, be wary of the following misleading claim that the mandates are working because no one is getting sick on planes. This belies the fact that outbreaks, as noted and cited, have always been low on all modes of transportation. The vast majority have always been within government (ie hospital and long-term care facilities and nursing homes) institutions, (4) 

In other words, it was a non-starter event from the onset and won't achieve any of the objectives it set. It's a little like saying, 'We have a .03% death rate due to knife violence so we're going to ban knives." Sure, you can ban knives, but the law won't have any significant impact on mortality and the trade-off is people will have less access to a useful tool or item while eroding freedom of choice. I think it's fairly safe to assume the travel ban will have no impact on mortality or transmission just like lockdowns and masks.

Either Canada is right or the rest of the world is wrong.

I think it’s plainly and painfully obvious who is a little off their rocker here. 

So what, you say? 

No, it matters. It matters a lot.

Canada is conditioning people to embrace bad science. The government is signalling superstitious theatrics like masks and travel bans to protect people when in the end they just provide a dangerously false sense of security. Most obtusely, it normalizes the notion the government can attempt to coerce people into medical procedures they would otherwise decline free of duress. They’ve already admitted the travel ban is to force (sorry, "encourage") people into taking the vaccine. There is no ethical framework to justify this dubious tactic. We have to invent one on the fly. A challenge academics have been quick to attempt without much clarity or substance. Their attempts will be poorly judged by history once the fog of confusion, hysteria and fear is lifted I trust. 

It's dangerous because it turns us into an anti-science and anti-human society.

The science part I think is clear that it's on their side. Indeed, it makes a mockery of Canadian science. 

The human part points to the ‘social cohesion. Or lack thereof given a travel ban is cruel and lacks empathy. 

If I need to explain why it's cruel,  then I suggest you have bigger problems beyond the scope of this article.

Bad science and cruelty lead to unethical policies that do nothing but divide humans. 

Which in turn, erodes human liberty. 

The vaccinated who feel they’re entitled to a perk (isn’t the “life-saving” vaccine a reward in itself? Why do people want a Scooby snack for taking a medical procedure that they were ostensibly free to take?) and if this perk comes in the form of medical segregation so be it.

Canadians take freedom - probably more than any in the West - for granted. It’s likely a function, among many factors, of the fact we were given a nation ‘pret-a-porter’ and never had to fight for it. We were given the keys to a brand new shiny Cadillac. Rather than take care of it. We crashed it into a tree and walked away whistling past the graveyard. 

We have no social and cultural bonds united by blood, sweat and tears as we see in several nations of the world. So it’s easy for us to sit back and be apathetic. It leaves us vulnerable to abuse of our rights because our muscles needed to guard against tyranny have atrophied. 

A more pensive and mature society would have realized and asked: ‘Hang on. If they can do this to people for this, who’s to say it can’t happen to me about something I disagree with in the future? Or. ‘Are we free having to show papers within Canada but not abroad? How does this make any sense?”

How has it come to the point where we even have to write about this? Perhaps intuitively, Canadians know something is wrong. If you’re paying any amount of attention to world affairs, how could you not? The opening quote from C.S. Lewis’s Space Trilogy gives one possible reason. Educated people are easy to herd. And not the 'uneducated masses' as we hubristically believe. 

The ‘lap-top’ class can be riled up into a state of frenzy more than the dregs of society - the so-called deplorables - could ever be. The claim that the uneducated are fearful and pose a threat is a projection on the part of the educated class. The Covid hysteria is wholly a phenomenon borne within the educated ranks. Up is down. Down is up. Science is emotion. Fear is rationalism. 

If we can all just step outside of the Covid bubble and begin to ask simple but logical questions - which we have every absolutist right to do - maybe we’d stop being abused and we’d, well, get on with our lives fearlessly and sans exception.

The choice is yours. 

Denmark Stops Promoting Vaccines; Suspends Campaign

In 2021 I predicted a Scandinavia country would nix the vaccines. Lo and behold, Denmark became the first to suspend the program. I wasn't sure which country would do it - I leaned Norway or Sweden - but I was surprised it was Denmark given it was the most restrictive of the Nordic countries and even flirted with mandatory vaccination.

Ominously, it asked people who are unvaccinated to remain so. 

Kudos, to Denmark. True to their Viking roots. I believe this will lead to other countries following suit.

Norway, for its part, refuses to give vaccines to children. 

Not Canada or the USA though.

Canada in particular is too much of a laggard and gripped by its own vicious propaganda to budge. 

Between Denmark and Quebec, we can detect a stark contrast where one suspends its vaccine program, while the other is noncommittal to removing masks. Talk about a gulf in science and courage, eh?

Denmark is firmly keeping up with the facts, while Canada and Quebec have shown no ability to evolve and remain trapped in 2020.

It perhaps can be argued, that one is a far more open society with more honesty, while the other is just too myopic and fearful. 

I shouldn't single out Quebec because Canada is equally delusional in its Covid posture. The country remains committed to stomping out Covid. An impossible task that should have anyone pushing this stale strategy committed. 

It's not just Covid measures Canadians exhibit any lack of intelligence to deal with. It's across the board whether it be how they viewed Trump, Ukraine or the reflective embrace of climate change policies. Think bike lanes. 

You can always count on Canadians to take the standard, bland, manipulated propaganda of corporate news. If it's the current thing, Canadians support it. And you can also bet Canadians will be proud of doing so. We wear apathy as a badge of honour. 

Canada and Quebec project confidence but in reality, both are gripped with general insecurity. More so in Quebec given its position on the continent. 

Their approach to protecting the French language is more punitive than constructive so it's not surprising at all they'd use a punitive approach to "combatting" Covid-19. The same insecurities exhibited with language are seen with Covid. Quebec applied every possible bad measure available. Who could forget the images of Guilbeault in front of armourer police vehicles? The alerts that were sent on phones warning of curfews like it was Beirut in 1982. More examples? Legault announced lockdowns on NYE, threatened a vat-tax, gave police powers without warrants (which still stand),  flirted with banning people from going to grocery stores, blocked off 'non-essential' purchases passports etc. Name the restriction Quebec zealously embraced it with extra spicy relish. 

They did exactly everything wrong. 

It's almost as if they looked for all possible bad ideas on purpose. None of these were original to Quebec of course. Quebec is unoriginal in its mindset but they clearly scoped the world and plucked out the worst approaches. Call it a talent.

A Science And Medical Discussion ALL Canadian Officials Should Watch

Canadian health and public officials claim to 'follow the science'.

Which science is that?

Because it isn't this.

On Justice: Where We're At In Canada

A Bosnia court last month deemed the Covid restrictions unconstitutional. A judge in Sicily did the same.

"Ontario Superior Court Justice Hugh McLean said Hillier and his lawyers had agreed to the conditions and “acknowledged (their) need” when they were originally set.

“Your client, shall we say, has an interesting record of not following the law. He has a record of not listening to laws that were legally passed,” McLean said to Hillier’s lawyer, referencing the fact that Hillier has broken provincial rules related to the COVID-19 pandemic."

Gee, Hugh. Do regale us all with your tales of bias. This guy is some piece of work.

So mandates are law, eh? And notice he's speaking in this manner to an ELECTED official. 

Question Hugh. Does Justin not have an interesting record of not following the law? But you get to choose because...black robe and all that, right?

The justice system is a joke in Canada. A corrupted joke made up of arrogant racquetball judges in the pockets of the parasite class.

Canadian justice is not what we think it was. When a former communist state - Bosnia - and an Italian region known for the Mafia, render better rulings, you know things are bad in Canada.

It's broken.

Canada is an organized and functional banana republic. 


Be Proud Canada


Message To Guilbeault and Trudeau: Make Destroyed The Environment And Human Health

 Hey shittsains in your fucking masks:

"An estimated 1.6 billion disposable masks made their wayinto the oceans in 2020 — that’s more than 4 million per day. By the end of 2021, the world had generated about 8 million tons of COVID-related plastic waste, much of it surgical and N95 masks, with some 26,000 tons ending up in the sea."

Go fuck yourselves you hypocritical totalitarian pieces of shit.

Rotten and stupid to the core the Liberals. 

And for the rest of you ignoramuses who listened to jerk-offs like Justin Trudeau and Francois Legault and every other dip shit TV dinner expert who pushed this useless habit. They directly harmed you.

I hope lawsuits fly to epic levels.

They are criminals as far as I'm concerned and will go to my grave believing this. 

Message To Eric Topol

Cards on the table Eric.

How much are they paying to shill for vaccines like this?

Or at least, fully disclose your ties to all these vaccine industry spooks.

Let's go. Out with it.

And that goes for anyone who pushes hard for these useless products.


Eco-Terrorist Posing As Environment Minister Wants To Fight 'Environmental Racism'

No wonder parody and satire are dead.

It collided with reality. 

Stephane Guibeault, another member of the idiot parade that makes up the Liberal brigade, has this to say in response to Elizabeth May's (another lunatic) act to amend proposal:

"Across Canada, Black, Indigenous and people of colour are feeling the effects of pollution and environmental damage the hardest. Environmental racism is an issue that has gone unaddressed for far too long in this country."

Keep voting for this and believe me, you will pay a price somehow. A big one.

I've got no more words for this government. They're just plain insane and rogue. And proud of it.