Message To Justin Trudeau

I hear you're buying votes.

You're giving me money.

Except it's MY money to begin with.

$400 is peanuts to what your divisive ideological actions have cost Canada.

Shove that money up your ass.

You can't buy me.

I would hope Canadians are a little more principled than that.

To have some bloody dignity.


Pick Up The Lies

How to spot lies with psychopaths and sociopaths. 

They always leave a trail or glimpse into their mindsets. You just have to observe carefully what they say and sometimes what they don't say and always how they say it and which words and turn of phrases they employ.

When messages between Lametti and Mendocino showed two grown men (who wear masks like frightened fluff puffs) talked tough about tanks were revealed during the public hearings, Lametti testified it was a 'joke'.

So he had time to joke?

I thought national security was under threat.

If we really were under threat, I doubt our leaders would have time to 'joke', no?

This is important because I notice the liberal base clings hard to the disinformation their government fed them and calling fellow Canadians 'seditious'.

These are crimes that are punishable by death.

I didn't see any seditious acts or threats. I don't need to listen to three hours of academics and experts (well, I did listen) to tell me this.

The other way to know they're liars is with the latest constant assaults on guns.

This, like Covid restrictions, had little to nothing to do with public health, only serves to punish law-abiding citizens for having the temerity to own guns.

It's about control.

People who support this crap by saying idiotic things like 'this is not America' and 'why would anyone need a gun' are profoundly ignorant and idiotic. On par with wearing a mask. In fact, I'm certain if you poll these people a vast majority wear masks and support lockdowns. But support Chinese protestors.

Unprincipled assclowns in Canada. We're infested with them.

The gun bulls won't stop crime. We know this. Everyone knows this. 

I guess they no longer fear criminals.

Instead, they're turning on citizens.

This is what tyranny looks like.

You shouldn't be supporting this because you don't like guns and believe people shouldn't own them because tyranny eventually comes for us all.


This Jodie Thomas character is a piece of work. She was recently questioned by Larry Brock (Conservative MP) during a public hearing. He asked her about Trudeau lying about not having spewed hate speech against the unvaccinated.

He offered Thomas a quote and asked if what Justin said under oath was a lie.

She said the line of questioning was a 'pejorative' and declined to answer.

Either she was being disingenuous or doesn't know what they word meant.

That was a pejorative. That was an MP directly quoting the PM in his own words and merely asking if his denial was a lie.

We don't need an answer.

We all heard what he said.



The 'Pandemic Preparedness' Lie

There's no such thing as being prepared for a pandemic.

All they have are lockdowns and vaccines.

Each are diametrically opposed and hostile to liberty and agency.

They - the credentialed classes who in case you haven't noticed failed miserably with this planned outbreak - can't protect anyone from a circulating virus.

The only way to ever have a fighting - but ultimately losing - chance is to squash and squish human rights.

Just like in China.

The model the WEF wants adopted for future 'pandemics'.

Are you prepared to send a neighbour to quarantine gulags?

Because that's the next step.

They've already gotten us closer to that dystrophia with passports, mandates and masks.

Next time, it won't be so docile. 

Next time there won't be a 'Small price to pay' or 'small inconvenience' to 'protect granny'.

It's all lies predicated on the plan to control the population.

Are you noticing?

You should be.

That all-inclusive trip to the paradise you hold dear will cost you a helluva lot more than you think.

And for a lie.

They're LYING to you - me. Us.

Did I mention they're lying?


What's Fascism?

What the Democrats and Republicans did to rail workers.

That's fascism.

Not Trump.

Stop being an idiot. 

A Song For McGill And All The Drug Pushers Out There

You know it.

God damn, people.

FUCKING REBEL against the pusher man.

Sign The Petition Against Bill C-11

This is just a step closer to quashing freedom of expression and speech in Canada.

Just like the 'slow step' program, they're doing with guns.

We're at a point where law-abiding citizens with legitimate guns are being targeted.

They will come for your voice too.


On this, we're truly in this together regardless of creed, race or politics. 

Revisiting Jarry

Just a couple more thoughts popped into my head about Jarry's piece.

It's worse than I thought upon light reflection.

For starters, Jarry uses the same techniques as much of modern epidemiology which really is just the art of not looking for what you don't want to find. Hence, they ignore causal links. This is best revealed in the 'Doctors baffled by rise in heart attacks and 'Are perplexed by rises in excess mortality'. Rather than consider the vaccines as a culprit, they move forward and attempt to normalize these sudden medical problems. What you get is 'it's normal for kids to have strokes'.

Epidemiology in this state should not be influencing public health policy and is just about on par with astrology at this point. It uses statistics to find correlations and increasingly unreliable 'garbage in, garbage our' models as we saw with David Firman's last 'study'. Epidemiologists use computers and rarely see patients. 

Like, well, Fisman, Furness, Jarry and others we often see on TV.

In the previous post, I mentioned one of Jarry's favourite logical fallacy is ad hominem. I neglected to add the appeal to authority. He's credentialed. A credentialed glorified blogger with a McGill bumper sticker.

The other part we need to take seriously is the problem of conflict of interest that is wreaking havoc on the sciences including the cottage industry that has become a monstrosity clime change.

McGill is well-funded by the BMFG. It recently partnered with Moderna which the Canadian and Quebec governments permitted to build a facility in Laval. Moderna is tied to NIH which itself is tied to the Department of Defense. Over 70% of the media's budget comes from Big Pharma.

Are you connecting the damn dots? 

Pfizer and its lobby - which is vastly larger and more powerful than the gun lobby liberals like Jarry keep harping about -  has its tentacles in all schools.

Where do you think Jarry is going to sway in this pond?

Cui bono?

It's not that difficult to see nor is it unreasonable to assert.

McGill is a captured entity of pharma. They all but solidified this with their antics and opinions during Covid-19.

In his latest instalment of misinformation, he gave the impression to his readers 'a Substack journalist' is a euphemism for 'blogger'. This makes no sense because journalists - good investigative ones - use such platforms to get information out. By this infantile quip, does he think excellent journalists like Taibbi, Greenwald, Matter etc. are 'bloggers'?

His fact-checking skills also leave much to be desired. Recall that Fact-checkers are just arms of the state and corporate media funded by the same groups that fund Covid propaganda. They all swim in the same pool. France Soir did an in-depth report on this fact many of us deduced on our own by merely understanding the tricks, twists and ploys of how they construct their 'fact checks'.

One thing that popped in my head was, why didn't he reach out to Dr. Cole?

I mean he's all over the place explaining his findings. Cole is an experienced and respect pathologist and a doctor. He actually sees patients unlike Jarry - who remember, is a 'science communicator. To borrow from him, basically a 'blogger'.

Here's but one tiny example of what's out there:

The other thing the hit piece did was bring me back to when 
Michael Moore was all the rage when he was churning out those films. I bet Jarry was a huge fan despite the gaps of misinformation and sly editing. When people would point them out, the response was, 'it's art and to look at the big picture of the point he's making'. It's the same thing, it can be argued, here with 'Died Suddenly'.

To say the shine off McGill's sterling reputation has come off is an under statement. 

At least institutions like Stanford, Harvard, and Johns Hopkins, despite their 'official' stances on Covid, produced several dissenters like Ioannidis, Bhattachayra, Atlas, Makary, Kulldorf, Risch etc. That tells me the institutions aren't fully captured and maintain world-class independent science thinkers. Would love to see Jarrry disparage these scientists/doctors. Ga'head Jonathan. Make our day. 

McGill on the other hand, I've yet to see one offer a critical assessment of anything. It's "Damn the Torpedoes yo!" with this school. Constantly circulating the same, stale message that has been proven wrong. They just haven't gotten the memo. Which begs the question: Why? Is it the Gates money? Did they just lose their senses? 

Why is that, McGill?

Forgive if this was a little too free-form but I have things to get to and just blasted this off in one take.

Here's another interview with prominent cardiologist Dr. Malhotra.

Again. People aren't 'anti-vcxx' as Jarry insufferably keeps misleading. They're questioning these mRNA shots.

A huge distinction needs to be made but experts conveniently refuse to do so.

Did Jarry and his pals ever educate people of the difference between relative and absolute risk? Of course not. That's because the absolute risk would demolish their claims. What? You expect journalists from The Gazette to ask or even demand an explanation? Bif. Get real.

Not a very good communicator this Jonathan, eh?

Just like good comrade 'communicators' like Jarry doesn't tell you they changed the definition of a vaccine in late 2020 because they knew then it wasn't going to stop transmission or prevent infection. It went from the traditional 'produce immunity' to 'stimulate immune response'.

See the dirty trick they did there?

Again. WHY?

In fact, I'd guess that the 'anti-mandate, question mRNA' movement is probably dominated by vaccinated people. It's a lot more complex than the simplistic narrative people like Jarry peddle. 

If McGill keeps denying the reality that chasing a highly mutating virus with endless treatments with what is basically a failed drug pimped by Big Pharma and their junk trials, their reputation will not only suffer but may even collapse.

Jarry keeps denying the undeniable.

This is one of the all time, I stand by, great travesty of medical malpractice in human history. If they don't course correct soon, Western medicine may never recover. 

End the mRNA program.

It's doing more harm than good. 


Watch those videos. Where do you hear this kind of honest discussion anywhere in Canada? I see it in Europe and the USA but not in Canada.



S.O.S. Canada In Disarray

In 2.5 years I've watched the complete degradation of what I thought was a stable country with values.

Covid-19 shattered what turned out to be a mirage.

A facade.

In this short time frame this country has witnessed:

-The collapse of ethics.

-The triumph of obedience as a value and pseudoscience.

-The eradication of medical autonomy.

-The use of illegal public health mandates to achieve political ends. 

-The erosion of public trust in science and medicine.

-The collapse of a second-rate public health system.

-The destruction of the economy.

-The ideological attacks on truckers and farmers.

-The ideological attack on law-abiding gun owners.

-Bill C-11 and the move to end free speech.

-The complete capitulation and collapse of the university as an institution of the free exchange of ideas.

-The disappearance of the rule of law.

-The rise of state-controlled media.

-The tyranny of the medical establishment.

-The immoral embrace of suicidal death under MAIDS.

And this is just scratching the surface. 

Freeland was 'heartbroken' when a banker told her Canada is a 'banana republic.'

I don't know why.

Her government made it so.

Not the damn truckers.

And if you think that, get your head out of you ass.

People protesting - even if they block roads - don't turn countries into banana republics.

Governments do.

If there's an election come spring, and the Liberals manage to get elected again, prepare to see the Canadian experience degrade itself further and slide into Venezuela territory.

Unless. Unless the Americans get their act together and end this nonsense.

The economic forecast for this country isn't good.

Growth is expected to be among the lowest among major economies for many years.

HSBC bolting from Canada may seem like a nothing burner but:

"HSBC's chief executive Noel Quinn said the decision to sell the business to RBC followed a thorough review on its “strategic fit” within the wider HSBC portfolio. The bank concluded it held a relatively small share of the Canadian market and had greater opportunities for growth in other countries."

Canada is projected to have the lowest growth among major industrial nations. One forecast had it lasting as long as 40 years. That's how poorly managed this country is run under the Liberals. 

It's ironic that one of the reasons why the despots invoked the Emergencies Act was to signal to investors Canada is a safe and stable place to invest. 

Using a heavy hand approach, they in fact damaged our reputation. 

For all their talk of protecting the economy, at the end of the day, they chose political expediency. 

And now you have a banana republic.

The only way out is if the government falls. Not likely since - if Singh is to be trusted and believed having said he doesn't care what Justin does he will keep the alliance going and that the Liberal caucus is simply too neutered and gutless to take Justin down and do the right thing for this country. 

Or, if there's a spring election, Canadians finally come to terms with the fact this country is not in a good place or good track, and vote him out. 

Quote Of The Day

 “A lie can travel around the world and back again while the truth is lacing up its boots.”

—Mark Twain.

Twain is so based. 

Jarry Strikes Again

Everyone's favorite critical thinker McGill's (giggle) science communicator Jonathan Jarry is doing God's work for science.

In between Tweeting support for John Fetterman (I know, but it does make sense he would) and to ideologues like Tim Caufield, Jarry finds time for hit pieces masking - does he wear one when he types alone? - as critical thinking.

That's what his page says. Critical thinking.

Except, from my readings of his work, he's not very good at it.

I'll make this quick since I've already dealt with his work in the past.

His latest instalment is a piece about the movie 'Died Suddenly'.

I haven't watched it - not that crazy about Stew Peters myself - but it has gone viral.

From what I notice, the 'anti-mandate-vaxx' community is sharply divided about it.

But it does shed light on one thing: People are dying suddenly. It's right in your face.

Scientists like Jarry don't notice because they're not looking for it. The way we monitor vaccines can't possibly ever reveal any kind of truth about vaccine-related deaths or injuries.

The book 'Turtles All The Way Down' explains why very well.

It's set up in a way that we don't see.

But we're seeing in realtime explosions in all-cause mortality and excess deaths.

More and more experts are speaking out.

His review of the movie means little to me.

What matters to me is how continues to conflate people who are anti-mandate with the traditional anti-vaccine movement.

What mandates did was create a whole new subset within the anti-vaccine movement. A more nuanced one. People against mandates aren't necessarily against vaccines. Although some have become so. I fall in that category now. I went from mildly indifferent to them (my child has all suggested vaccines) to dead set against mRNA and questioning the existing vaccine roster.

I don't see this as a threat to the human species at all. I see this as healthy.

A real discussion is needed now.

So, you can thank the fools who coerced an experimental mRNA shot that is mediocre against the will of millions.

Good job experts.

And good luck closing that box you opened.

Many in the anti-mandate world were vaccinated with the experimental mRNA gene editing medical injection. 

Many remain pro-vaccine.

Notice how we only hear 'anti-vaccine' but never 'pro-vaccine'. Dogmatic faith has become bedrock science. No need to do so.

This happens whenever the topic turns to education or immigration. They conflate those against illegal immigration with being anti-immigration. The latter is a different group altogether. Brushing people concerned with the law with one stroke is disingenuous.

In education, you can't call for reforms without being anti-education. 

And so it is with the mRNA products. 

It's counter-productive. 

And Jarry should not only know the difference but know better.

But he's not there to give you the full picture.

He's there to keep a scientific narrative going. 

Know what I think?

I think the 'vaccines' are pure garbage. I don't need to be a scientist to put 2 and 2 and 2 together.

And that everyone's an asshole.

I Don't Have To Respect Your Mask Phobia

There's a kid that lives next door to me. 

For the better parr of two years now, he's been in a mask. 

I see he and his mother walk to school every day. She, also in a mask, drops him off and away he goes to continue his education in superstition. 

We're told to respect people's wishes. 

Did people respect the wishes of the unvaccinated or people who didn't want to wear masks?

Not with mandates they did.

Mandates instantly divide society. They tell one side 'wrong' and they must comply.

Baked in this arrogant position is the presumption they're 'right'.

Which they weren't.

And never will be.

Those who opposed mandates actually respected people.

Those who hid behind the jack boot of state coercion, didn't.

They sure have a funny way of showing their love for people. 

I don't respect a person in a mask.

If I do, it means I enable their phobia.

The boy is a part of the community. His health does matter.

Still parading him in a mask can't be good for his psyche or physical health. 

Masks are superstitious amulets. 

They serve no practical protection against viruses.

I will stay on this side of Rational Road until it's safe to cross.

In the meantime, I don't have to respect these fools for 'social cohesion'. They're ruining it on their own because superstition is regressive. 

I will be kind. I will be patient.

But no respect.

And there will be no amnesty forthcoming. 

Justin's Base


Bill Brady đź‡¨đź‡¦
I want to see more of the Justin Trudeau we saw on Friday. The in charge, well versed, grasp of issues, thoughtful, decisive. The strong voice against the RW Cons who supported those intent on destroying this great country. He is our strength.

Bill is a true believer. In Bill's comment, we see he supports despotic rule. 

I don't know how he came away with that during the hearings. What part of Justin abused the rule of law for a non-threat didn't he get?  Bill doesn't seem all that bright.

Well-versed? You mean coached in spinning a laughable narrative? Decisive? Against actions that were already being settled? 

Prove the intent because literally - other than the government - no one supports the claim. 

It's called evidence, Bill.

You swallowed government propaganda whole like the unthinking obedient commoner you are. You believed that fellow Canadians were committing acts of treason. Not cool, Bill.

'This great country'. Cite needed. 

So I, against my better judgment, checked out Bill's Twitter account. And right there up top reveals his colours. A quote by George Bernard Shaw. One of the most loathsome of the early progressives and a big proponent of eugenics. 

Justin Trudeau, by his actions, didn't show strength.

He showed COWARDICE, Bill.

Sounds like you're all in with cowards. 

They Want mRNA In The Food Supply

Rumours have been swirling that the government and The (Mad) Science TM want to vaccinate animals.

And now plants.


How is any of this legal? Ethical? 

We're now at the point where we can say, 'be worried'. Scientists are doing more harm than good. 

We should be asking ourselves why do they want to put mRNA into us so badly? We know these gene editing injections don't prevent infection or stop transmission. So why are they committed to getting a 'needle in every arm'? Is there something in the 'vaccines' that permanently alters our immune system? What are they not telling us? With evidence coming in pointing to this being a massive human experiment with the U.S. military as the point man and guard, would it surprise anyone? 

I'm sure the shills from McGill will come in and 'splain to us how this is all safe and effective and that Bill Gates now being the largest owner of farmland in the world is nothing to be concerned about. 

Bill Gates. Hm. Big drug-pushing pimp for vaccines. Biggest Farmer Brown in the world. Hm.

The WEF wants people to eat bugs, be poor and happy. 

Gee, I don't understand the connection.

What can he possibly be up to? 

What's 2+2 momma? 

Mother, should I trust the government?

Doctors baffled.

I'm baffled!

Did you hear? They're testing mosquitoes to vaccinate. The little fuckers now represent a double threat!

"They're like flying syringes" as one mad scientist put it. 

Listen up, normies.

The entire premise the theory of vaccination rests on is a sham. A fraud.

Go read into it. The 'anti-vaxxers' were right.

And it's not 'anti-vaxxers' explaining this. It's scientists and medical professionals.

There's plenty of literature on how the industry has manipulated data and committed fraud to give a false image of their god. The entire presumption vaccines works rest on a lie.

Greatest lie possibly in world history given the situation I reckon.

Step one. READ. There are several books on the subject that explain in detail with HEAVILY SOURCED material 

The time has come to take this war to them.

Putting chemicals and vaccines in our food supply is obviously filled with the dangers of negative unintended consequences. It's like putting Tylenol in everything.

If this doesn't strike concern if not fear in you, you're truly lost. You have no respect for your own body.

Your own sovereign right to live your life as you see fit.

That's not being selfish. That's called agency. God's will.

Selfishness is allowing scientists to arrogantly explore this ghoulish nonsense. 

They want to put that shit in everything. They believe. 

And are wholly out of the minds out of control.

Only we, once engaged, can put a stop to this.

Vaccinating lettuce and spinach to protect us against pathogens is sheer lunacy. 

We survived as a species for thousands upon thousands of years. These diabolical quack serums were only put into mass use in the late 1940s!

How did we survive all those years? Ask yourself.

The marketing of this shit has made us believe we can't live without them.

I'll take that bet.

I bet we can.

Not only that. 

I bet we will become instantly more healthy. 

Break yourself free of this vaccine slavery.

Protect your body, your family, your community and your country.

It's time. 



Please allow me to indulge my inner Alex Jones (who finally met his match with Ye it appears) for a split lipid nanoparticle second.

Bill Gates is a vaccine pimp, correct? He's also the world's biggest Farmer Brown, right? The WEF wants us to eat bugs, to be poor and happy, no? 

Scientists want to use mosquitoes to vaccinate people. 'Flying syringes' as one madman scientist put it. 

Now they want to put that shit in everything including livestock and plants.

They're now assaulting farmers in Holland and Canada. There's talk they want people to 'register' their home gardens. They may even do bad gardening outright - for climate change of course.

My math is decent but this all adds up to: What the hell? 

There's some kind of plan in play and I don't want to play.

Maybe it's too late? The outcry should have happened long ago. The mad scientists are far ahead on this track and well-funded and protected. 

If these mRNA serums wane and don't stop transmission or prevent infection, then why do they want to put a 'needle in every arm' so badly? What's in these things? Is there something in them that permanently alters our immune system? With rumours that the U.S. military is the point guard in all this, would it surprise anyone that there may be more to this story?


Upside's Fake Food Is "Safe For Human Consumption"

Upside - with a (wink) pre-approval stamp from the FDA - says its lab-created chicken is safe to eat.

This is so stupid that I've had enough of this nonsense.

It's bull shit. 

What's going on in the world by our psychopaths in government is they're shutting down farms in order to create a fabricated fake food industry for the environment.

Like the vaccines, these foods are going to be bad for our collective health. 

We've pushed this green crap too far now.

Lives are directly being hurt.

We're at the point we have Nitrogen Ministers like in Holland. What's next? Carbon Ministers? 

This is all just so anti-human stupidity.

Science is not taking us to a better place. It's taking us to a dystopia.

What the Canadian and Dutch governments are doing to the their farmers are crimes. The Dutch are forcing farmers to sell their farms through Mafia-life tactics. 

Like what they've done during the Covid response.

Unconscionable behaviour.

Our governments are doing this for our benefit.

Remember this. 

The Face Of A Fool

Virtue signalling, cynical ignoramus in all his ignoble idiocy.

It's 2022 and still he keeps with the superstitious charade.

Oh. And notice the plastic around his smug mouth.

The same plastic he banned starting in 2023.

There is no end to this ideologues hypocrisy and ludicrous behaviour. 

Justin Trudeau: Despotic Venality Wearing A Crown

Exit Justin Trudeau.

Despotic "venality wearing a crown".

The public inquiry commission came to a merciful end recently and I finally got around to posting about it.

I say mercifully because, if anything came out of this, we were given a glimpse into precisely how this government thinks.

Thinking but not thinking is one way to put it. Or thinking through the lenses of pure cynicism for political expediency.

The government, pretty much, admitted it was political. Like their Covid responses. Which should result in Trudeau never again uttering the phrase accusing others of 'political expediency'. But we know he will. Trudeau adores moments of intimate projection.

When I sat to write about Trudeau's testimony, it was with a focus on his body language and responses. 

Trudeau sat smugly through the proceedings, like someone who understands the system is in place to protect him. Questioning from all sides was polite, gentle, academic, and often inconsequential.

It gives the impression the Commission was minimizing the whole event. We'll see if this is accurate in February.

But as I wrote, it left me wanting. It felt like I was matching his superficiality with my own shallowness.

We all knew he was going to go up there and just follow the strategy that was laid down by his Cabinet predecessors. That is, the Act was necessary because a) police were incompetent and needed help b) fear of violence from lone-wolf agitators and "Pop-up" convoys" c) the 'occupation' was illegal and d) the economic well-being of the country was at stake. Those were the principal reasons guiding their decision - so they say but we'll never know since much of the information was either redacted or could not be reached because of Cabinet privilege and solidarity.

'Member when Trudeau said he was going to be more transparent than Harper? I 'member.

Funny guy that Justin.

We even heard how this was a personal vendetta by Trudeau. Given his enormous fragile ego, this is plausible. After all, he was warned a vaccine mandate for truckers would come with consequences.

I also think the government and the country were taken off guard by the sheer intensity and size of the protest.

In any event, these are the mechanics of what went on. He spent the better part of that morning tediously and at times incoherently explaining the subtle differences between the CSIS Act and other acts including the Emergencies Act and how he basically rendered them, well, 'moot' to the point he could mould it in his image. That is to fit his narrative that the truckers posed a national security threat.  I got the impression he crammed the night before learning about them for his presentation.

He then moved on to spread misinformation and disinformation. Standard fare for the Liberals I reckon.

Misinformation that was designed to promulgate his narrative. One way he did this was to claim American foreign money poured in to fund the convoy. Scary. 

Except it's not true. It was established through evidence and confirmed by GoFundMe and FinTrac that 80% of the source of funds came from Canada. 

He claimed he didn't target the unvaccinated with hate-speech. 

Again. False. The attentive world, including this blog, kept receipts. He absolutely did attack the unvaccinated. 

One of the more bizarre claims of misinformation came from the imaginary tales of hypotheticals when he said the truckers were using children as 'human shields'. He was not pressed to expand on or explain this assertion.

This elicited gasps in the room. Who could blame them?

He lied under oath in other words.

Then came the contradictions. "they were very very clear that they wanted an end to mandates" contradicted his own aides who testified they weren't sure what they wanted which in turn contradicted his statement of"they didn't just want to be heard, they wanted to be obeyed". As if this wasn't confusing enough, the PM said the truckers were aiming their ire at the wrong place since the mandates in place were provincial and not federal. This a preposterous claim and an outright lie since the vaccine mandates at borders are in the jurisdiction of the Federal government. So, while there were some provincial mandates contested, the primary one was to protest the vaccine mandates at the border. The Freedom Convoy expanded it to 'end all the mandates'.

Trudeau also contradicted Chrystia Freeland when she said the Americans were 'very, very worried.' But when asked about President Biden's position, Trudeau said he expressed 'concern' but not more than that.

Which itself contradicts reports that it was the Biden administration who ordered Canada to invoke the act.

Nice people in charge all around.

One little nugget that caught my ears was when he strangely referred to the 'checks and balances' in our government. What, 'checks and balances'? One key branch of government that could act as such, the judiciary, completely rolled over and made clear it was not going to intervene. Besides, our system isn't built on 'checks and balances' like it is in the United States.

I think it would be better to read between the lines of what's going on here. 

What began as a hearing about whether the government was justified in invoking the Emergencies Act, morphed into something more after it was clear to an honest and sober mind the government didn't make its case and skating in circles with an incredulous paranoid plot.

Their whole argument rested on hypotheticals and around those hypotheticals came some really bizarre God-complex paternalism.

Say what they want, honking and economic disruptions are not national security threats no matter how hard they try. Let alone having the ignoble audacity to label truckers as 'terrorists' as a bank executive asked to be done and Freeland obliged. 

It led to a secret interpretation of the Act to give itself the power to circulate lists of undesirables opposing government policies to financial institutions thus allowing for their assets to be frozen without due process.

There's nothing 'serene' in this. This should fill those who allowed this to happen to be filled with agitation.

Another moment of realization was this is a government incapable of retrospection or introspection. No one quite grasps the severity of the invoking of the Emergence Act and the mandates that triggered the protests.

This was a moment of outraged singularity to the government remains oblivious to. Indeed, the Ministers and bureaucrats who testified appeared to be, for a lack of a better word, flippant about it all. Cold even. There was too much focus on the mechanics of a policy and not enough on the social impacts and ramifications of how we will be as a free country moving forward.

It's my feeling we're much less free in the post-EA era because of the Orwellian paradoxes Covid allowed the government to create.

Justin Trudeau chilled our commitment to protests as a legitimate means of free expression.

Just as he is doing with our rights to bear arms and free speech.

Finally, I observed they referred to silos and the concern for group think.

Which is ironic because in listening to the three 'comrades' - aides to the PM - it appears to me they created their own silos. They don't appear to be very informed at all about the vaccines. Katy Telford at one point spewed the usual 'we follow the science'. 

Well, that 'science' is all but obliterated now.

In the end, the inquiry did do us a favor in that it was indispensable in that it confirmed our worst suspicions about them. They revealed it in front of our eyes and laid it before our feet.

When Abandoning Moderation And Common Sense Drives Public Health

I remember way back in the 1990s warnings about using too many hand sanitizers. Doctors and experts at the time warned that it could become counterproductive as microbes and bacteria are part of the human immune's system ability to combat. It was just plain old common sense advice. Like chicken soup.

People would also warn others how 'useless' it was to use hand sanitizers because we didn't know if it worked or what was in them.

Ah, life seemed so much wiser then.

The Covid came. All and everything had to be suspended. Reality to science.

Because 'novel' and 'we didn't know'. Time to act like hysterical fools and idiots.

I bet those same doctors - from McGill no doubt - sing a different tune now 'because Covid'. As if it's still 'novel'. They've turned people into hypochondriacs or helped to increase OCD. 

'No matter! We've got the pill for what ails you. Pick one!' Level-headed people KNOW and observe the simple but elegant axiom, 'all in moderation'. 

You may recall grocery stores getting in on the act a few years ago only to realize 'the goo' was more a problem than a solution.

You can't mandate good health practices.

The criminal incompetence of it all.

China Not Making Justin Look Good

Oh, Justin. You despotic and cynical costume extraordinaire hypocrite.

My dear sir, if you were in China, what would you do?

Run and hide like you did from peaceful truckers?

Same I ask your Cabinet. Who turned legitimate protestors into criminals. 

The CCP may be lifting idiotic Zero Covid restrictions. Thus magnifying even further on your unjustified actions. You're the only leader in the world to have breached the right to protest. 

Impressive Justin, take a bow, you coward.

If you all had a shred of dignity and integrity, you'd each tender your resignations. 

However, I don't want to get ahead of myself. The information coming out of China needs to be treated carefully. I'm seeing reports of the CCP rounding up people for quarantine camps - including those not infected. If you're within 10 miles of someone, this is considered a 'close contact'.

It's so preposterous you scarce believe it.

And we're not that far off from this. We already have the population divided and in fear. The Liberals have already demonized the idea of protesting against mandates and Covid. The Liberals are absolutely coming for the guns.

Do the math. 

Tread carefully. 

Time For That Awakening; Take Control Of Your Agency God Gave You

You failed the Covid test. 

You believed they wanted to 'save granny'.

You believed it was only going to be '15 days to flatten the curve'.

You believed masks were a small inconvenience to stop the 'chain of transmission' and that they worked to protect you and others. (Hint: They don't. They really don't.

You believed social distancing made sense. (Hint: It doesn't. It really doesn't.)

You the mRNA gene editing injections would 'stop the pandemic'. You believed they would stop the transmission. You believed they stopped infection. You believed they prevented 'severe disease'. 

You believe the boosters do anything. 

Your belief is robbing you of personal agency and freedom.

At what point do you stop and hear the sound?

You believed the authorities and accepted passports and abandoned informed consent and medical autonomy based on all these utter and profound lies.

You were manipulated by a designed program not seen in human history. 

Two entities played a role in this 'pay-ops'. Behaviorial scientists (who came up with all those opaque and pathetic slogans. Keep 'em short and sassy) and social media )who censored key information questioning the narratives). That's why they're having a meltdown with Musk and Twitter. Twitter was their throne of lies. They need Twitter to suppress the truth. Too much free speech leads to deaths! 

So. You failed. 

You fucked up.

But you want to make good.

You understand there will be no amnesty.

People hurt by all this wanted justice; some revenge. Volglia vendetta!

It will not go away.

That much is certain.

I'm not going to let it go and will support all groups and organizations that will seek out justice. We want accountability. 

What to do? You're a normie. You haven't been paying close attention. You thought it was all going to go away and revert back to a normal state of normiehood.

You just wanted to travel.

You even accepted the 'new normal' of showing proof of anything is acceptable without a care that they did this to you on purpose. A man-made virus that is likely unleashed in order to force vaccinate with an experiment 'vaccine' with you as a lab subject against your will. 

Now you're in deep. You look around and all the walls are the same. You open one door and you see one thing. Open another it's the same information. You're trapped. 

Where to break free? How to know what is real and not? What is dis and what is mis information?

You're nearly three years behind. You have a lot of catching up to do.

They lied to you.

People have died because of their lies. You understand this now.

You see all these celebrities, athletes and Canadian doctors dropping like flies. They're spinning their axels of evil trying to tell you it's all normal. Those excess deaths reported from around the world are nothing to be concerned about.

Suicides are normal now. They're to be celebrated.

Kids dying suddenly or can't concentrate in school after being given a medical intervention they didn't need. Normal.

Myocarditis and strokes? Totes normal.

It's all normal. All these things that come out of the blue are just a 'mystery'. Doctors baffled.

And if doctors are baffled you're definitely double baffled. On their hierarchy of intelligence, doctors sit here and you sit there. Well below.

That's why you can't question them and they want censorship. They rule. And when they rule without accountability when they make mistakes, you get a tighter grip of medical tyranny. 

They will commit you for not obeying.

You're living in a Medieval nightmare where medicine is mostly about money now.

They will blame the unvaccinated for your heart problems.

And many will believe it. Because they are lost. Too lethargic in their minds to see.

But you see, right?

You're beginning to see something is not right.

And you're right. It's not.

What to do?

Start viewing news media reports with skepticism. Immediately go to places like Substack. It takes time to unwind and deprogram. To catch the wave of truth and freedom. You will fall off a number of times.

But keep at it.

Exercise your mind. Your right to be heard. To be free. 

Yu will see now they will attempt to erase and rewrite history. 'We never said Ivermectin was bad'. 'I never ordered lockdowns'. And so on....until we get to 'we never believed the vaccines were going to work".

They know.

And you should know too.

Know the signs of when your being played. For example, catch the jargon. The latest is Google intervening with 'behavioural interventions'. The two entities I mentioned up top have now merged. 


Superstition Continues In Canada

MPs masked in Parliament.

Oh, the theatrical stupidity of it all.

You fools. 

Justin Supports Protestors In China

Aaaaaand right on cue.

Justin is some piece of gaslighting work ain't he?

Crush 'em here in Canada though, eh Justin?

Canada: Kill Yourself

Comment from the CBC: "I believe in MAIDS".

Welcome to the death cult. 

With retail company Simon's wanting to open up a 'discussion' by cynically 'celebrating' a person's decision to end their life in their ads, you know Canada has come full circle.

In hell that is.

I was reading a debate between two people where one of them used the term 'assisted suicide' which raised the ire of one of the debaters. It showed 'bias' and the appropriate term now is MAIDS. 

Like a good obedient lackey of the state, you will obey whatever terms we declare.

You will believe

This is what it has come to in Canada. A complete degradation of the intellect and soul.

It's still assisted suicide no matter how you dice it.

I think it's telling Canada is one of only seven counties with loose rules and laws where assisted dying is concerned. 

Already stories are coming forward where medical soldiers of death are offering the option of suicide.

This happens to countries that rapidly descend into a void abyss of nothingness. No values. No morals. No principles. 

There's nothing compassionate or progressive in the promotion of death. 

Indeed, in a cost-centric system that's essentially collapsed (and about to get worse), the possibility of shifting to a patient-centric one is all but lost. The Colleges and Orders that oversee medicine like mafia fiefdoms have no interest in reforming health choosing instead to protect their money flows. 

The shittier your system the more you will accept suicides are a cost-saving measure.

Ironic we've spent 2.5 years trying to avoid death and in that time frame decided to become more permissive of suicidal death (on the rise because of the isolation caused by the futile and grotesque lockdowns) for people who want it. 

Except, that's not what's going to happen. The 'net' will expand into people who can be saved with support. We will become a little aggressive in promoting it. We will, well, 'nudge' people into taking this decision. They want to add 'mature' children to the mix.

It's not a coincidence that a Prime Minister who, to me, suffers from some kind of mental illness has taken us here. A PM who used the word 'serene' to describe his decision to freeze bank accounts.

A strange choice of words for an action that caused trauma, angst and anger?

Serenity now!

Comment: "I know we're not able to provide the care you paid half of your lifetime earnings to pay for. But have you considered just dying instead? It's super easy, we just hook you up and quickly kill you and then you don't have to worry about bills and stuff. It would really relieve a lot of the pressure on us healthcare workers if you did it. Anyway, I'll just leave this pamphlet here on your bedside table."

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