The Mirage Of Ethics

You should... 

Make me.

The funny thing about ethics is everyone talks a mean game about it but few are able to put it into practice.

Humans are very good at putting things down on paper and in fancy charters, documents and constitutions but not very good at applying them.

Or at least, when it serves them, they will try very hard to cleverly manipulate it in their favor.

We're seeing this clearly with Covid, mandates and the Liberal party of Canada.

Indeed, I have a huge bone to pick with this gang.

Politics, in part, is the art and act of exploiting gaps to bend them to your narrative. 

See Justin and how the Cabinet secretly (protected by Cabinet Omertà), cleverly and cynically preyed on the naiveté of our wishy-washy Charter and antiquated intelligence framework set by the CSIS Act and how it related to the Emergencies Act. 

The idea of ethics as a myth was compounded by the division of culture along'Unvaccinated vs. Vaccinated/Essential vs. Non-essential lines.

Justin Trudeau plainly said he would suspend Charter rights for 'public health'. Look it up. You're a big person. The problem is too many of you are lazy or atrophied in your ability to critical think so I'm forcing you to seek that clip or link out. 

The funny thing about ethics is it's only as strong as the next person in line to protect and apply it.

Judging by what we've seen so far, it's weak people all the way down. Medical experts, media, politicians, and even ethicists failed to uphold the ethical standards and codes we agreed upon in the post-war era.

Why bother with the charade if you're just going to ignore them?

Anyone can talk about big ethics. 

Anyone can take reservations. It's 'holding' the hard part as the only Seinfeld joke went.

So in the face of a non-threatening virus, we decided to uproot, dismantle, obliterate and erase all common sense and modes of ethics. 

This is our legacy.

The funny part? The experts are so full of hubris and staked so much of their reputations into this disaster, they can't budge.

They're trapped. Call it 'Ethics Revenge' perhaps?

Intellectually, scientifically, ethically and morally. They bent the knee.

They have to go down with this stinking ship.

I don't know where we go from here. All I know is this can't go on like on this path.

We have to take out the garbage.

The garbage is all people on the take and filled with conflicts of interest. It's removing pharma from being able to lobby and corner advertising. It's banishing all 'experts' who supported masks, lockdowns and passports. They failed. Miserably. 

At NIAID, the person tasked to make sure Fauci acts ethically is his wife. And how did she play it? By reinventing what is ethical. In other words, Fauci is perfectly ethical. 

Makes perfect sense, right?

All of it was garbage. And much of it was lies.

They were able to do it because they ignored ethics. Or 'reimagined' it. Your Arthur Kaplans and Ezekiel Emmanuels of this world have done a good job inverting reality and confusing people's sense of what is good and evil.

They don't. There was an emergency.

Oh, and deny Russians access to medical care. Because Putin. Because we're good people.

Take your fancy ethics and liberty and shove it, killer!

This is what we've been reduced to.

The low expectations of ethics mean we can now move in on children with highly questionable mRNA shots they really don't need. 

Because our health system is stretched.

A rotten, corrupted, backward, public care I wouldn't even put my cat through. 

Stated otherwise, the political ploy of protecting public health killed ethics.

All was funnelled through the lenses of one threat.

What will be the price?

Well, for starters, it came at the cost of morals and ethics. 

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