China Not Making Justin Look Good

Oh, Justin. You despotic and cynical costume extraordinaire hypocrite.

My dear sir, if you were in China, what would you do?

Run and hide like you did from peaceful truckers?

Same I ask your Cabinet. Who turned legitimate protestors into criminals. 

The CCP may be lifting idiotic Zero Covid restrictions. Thus magnifying even further on your unjustified actions. You're the only leader in the world to have breached the right to protest. 

Impressive Justin, take a bow, you coward.

If you all had a shred of dignity and integrity, you'd each tender your resignations. 

However, I don't want to get ahead of myself. The information coming out of China needs to be treated carefully. I'm seeing reports of the CCP rounding up people for quarantine camps - including those not infected. If you're within 10 miles of someone, this is considered a 'close contact'.

It's so preposterous you scarce believe it.

And we're not that far off from this. We already have the population divided and in fear. The Liberals have already demonized the idea of protesting against mandates and Covid. The Liberals are absolutely coming for the guns.

Do the math. 

Tread carefully. 

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