Spending More For Less Prosperity

The two main reasons why Canada (and the USA) is experiencing its worst inflation since the late 70s and early 80s is because of our decision to lockdown and divide our country along 'essential' and 'non-essential' lines and the subsequent grifting spending trying to climb out of the mess. 

That's the source of the inflationary pain.

Exacerbating the problem are the carbon and gas taxes the Federal government has been hammering people with. Now, some provinces are offering relief - Alberta and Ontario (the most indebted sub-sovereign debtor in the world) for example - but Saskatchewan, Manitoba, B.C. and Quebec (naturally), have not done so. 

In Quebec, Legault thinks sending a $400 cheque is sound but that was to buy votes. Whereas, former B.C. Premier John Horgan offered "I don't understand this affordability stuff" before he went back to being 'John from Langford'.

John sounds like he has financial literacy issues.

Also, a problem is the astounding fact MPs gave themselves pay raises during Covid while millions of Canadians struggled. MPs now make close to $190 000 a year while the PM earns $379 000. 

Over 528 000 federal and provincial employees got a pay raise during these tumultuous times. No one took a pay cut.

Like the 'experts' on TV screaming everyone loses their job for not heeding their medical authoritarian orders. 

We're all in this together. Except for the non-essentials of course. 

In Quebec, the government continues to piss away money to the skies handing tax dollars to the ward of the state Bombardier. The most recent is Investissement Quebec giving Airbus (a company that turns profit by the way) a whopping $380 million. The provincial and federal governments have sunk about $2.5 billion in this dud (we know this as the C-Series) since 2008. The best part? Airbus invested $1.1 billion of its own money in the project.

For pride and jobs or something.

And as if this wasn't enough, Ottawa handed Mastercard $49 million to maintain and create jobs.

Last I checked, and I could be wrong, credit cards aren't exactly a struggling business.

Why in the world do we waste money like this?

The more we spend frivolously, the less prosperity for posterity. 

*Source. Canadian Tax Payers Federation. 

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