Canada: World Leader In Scientism

Take a bow,  Dr. Donald Redelmeier.

In what's been a remarkable showcase of stunning scientism in the past 2.5 years led by quacks, cowards and jerk offs on the take, you my good expert, possibly have taken the lead from David Fisman in this clown clusterfuck Covid-mRNA shit show.

Donny boy did his part by publishing a study claiming the unvaccinated are at a higher risk of getting into car accidents. Uh-huh. Sure. Whatever you say, Mutumbo. 

These people aren't scientists. They're propagandists serving a hand that feeds them. 

Canada seems to be punching above its weight and has become a world leader in scientism. Faucism is finding its highest expression in Canada.

A post-colonial, fragmented country made up of valueless, virtue signalling apathetic individuals with no core inner principles.

It's the perfect environment for superstition to flourish. 

It all makes sense. 

Thanks doctor!

Now go buy that yacht. /wink. 

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