Jarry Strikes Again

Everyone's favorite critical thinker McGill's (giggle) science communicator Jonathan Jarry is doing God's work for science.

In between Tweeting support for John Fetterman (I know, but it does make sense he would) and to ideologues like Tim Caufield, Jarry finds time for hit pieces masking - does he wear one when he types alone? - as critical thinking.

That's what his page says. Critical thinking.

Except, from my readings of his work, he's not very good at it.

I'll make this quick since I've already dealt with his work in the past.

His latest instalment is a piece about the movie 'Died Suddenly'.

I haven't watched it - not that crazy about Stew Peters myself - but it has gone viral.

From what I notice, the 'anti-mandate-vaxx' community is sharply divided about it.

But it does shed light on one thing: People are dying suddenly. It's right in your face.

Scientists like Jarry don't notice because they're not looking for it. The way we monitor vaccines can't possibly ever reveal any kind of truth about vaccine-related deaths or injuries.

The book 'Turtles All The Way Down' explains why very well.

It's set up in a way that we don't see.

But we're seeing in realtime explosions in all-cause mortality and excess deaths.

More and more experts are speaking out.

His review of the movie means little to me.

What matters to me is how continues to conflate people who are anti-mandate with the traditional anti-vaccine movement.

What mandates did was create a whole new subset within the anti-vaccine movement. A more nuanced one. People against mandates aren't necessarily against vaccines. Although some have become so. I fall in that category now. I went from mildly indifferent to them (my child has all suggested vaccines) to dead set against mRNA and questioning the existing vaccine roster.

I don't see this as a threat to the human species at all. I see this as healthy.

A real discussion is needed now.

So, you can thank the fools who coerced an experimental mRNA shot that is mediocre against the will of millions.

Good job experts.

And good luck closing that box you opened.

Many in the anti-mandate world were vaccinated with the experimental mRNA gene editing medical injection. 

Many remain pro-vaccine.

Notice how we only hear 'anti-vaccine' but never 'pro-vaccine'. Dogmatic faith has become bedrock science. No need to do so.

This happens whenever the topic turns to education or immigration. They conflate those against illegal immigration with being anti-immigration. The latter is a different group altogether. Brushing people concerned with the law with one stroke is disingenuous.

In education, you can't call for reforms without being anti-education. 

And so it is with the mRNA products. 

It's counter-productive. 

And Jarry should not only know the difference but know better.

But he's not there to give you the full picture.

He's there to keep a scientific narrative going. 

Know what I think?

I think the 'vaccines' are pure garbage. I don't need to be a scientist to put 2 and 2 and 2 together.

And that everyone's an asshole.

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