Time For That Awakening; Take Control Of Your Agency God Gave You

You failed the Covid test. 

You believed they wanted to 'save granny'.

You believed it was only going to be '15 days to flatten the curve'.

You believed masks were a small inconvenience to stop the 'chain of transmission' and that they worked to protect you and others. (Hint: They don't. They really don't.

You believed social distancing made sense. (Hint: It doesn't. It really doesn't.)

You the mRNA gene editing injections would 'stop the pandemic'. You believed they would stop the transmission. You believed they stopped infection. You believed they prevented 'severe disease'. 

You believe the boosters do anything. 

Your belief is robbing you of personal agency and freedom.

At what point do you stop and hear the sound?

You believed the authorities and accepted passports and abandoned informed consent and medical autonomy based on all these utter and profound lies.

You were manipulated by a designed program not seen in human history. 

Two entities played a role in this 'pay-ops'. Behaviorial scientists (who came up with all those opaque and pathetic slogans. Keep 'em short and sassy) and social media )who censored key information questioning the narratives). That's why they're having a meltdown with Musk and Twitter. Twitter was their throne of lies. They need Twitter to suppress the truth. Too much free speech leads to deaths! 

So. You failed. 

You fucked up.

But you want to make good.

You understand there will be no amnesty.

People hurt by all this wanted justice; some revenge. Volglia vendetta!

It will not go away.

That much is certain.

I'm not going to let it go and will support all groups and organizations that will seek out justice. We want accountability. 

What to do? You're a normie. You haven't been paying close attention. You thought it was all going to go away and revert back to a normal state of normiehood.

You just wanted to travel.

You even accepted the 'new normal' of showing proof of anything is acceptable without a care that they did this to you on purpose. A man-made virus that is likely unleashed in order to force vaccinate with an experiment 'vaccine' with you as a lab subject against your will. 

Now you're in deep. You look around and all the walls are the same. You open one door and you see one thing. Open another it's the same information. You're trapped. 

Where to break free? How to know what is real and not? What is dis and what is mis information?

You're nearly three years behind. You have a lot of catching up to do.

They lied to you.

People have died because of their lies. You understand this now.

You see all these celebrities, athletes and Canadian doctors dropping like flies. They're spinning their axels of evil trying to tell you it's all normal. Those excess deaths reported from around the world are nothing to be concerned about.

Suicides are normal now. They're to be celebrated.

Kids dying suddenly or can't concentrate in school after being given a medical intervention they didn't need. Normal.

Myocarditis and strokes? Totes normal.

It's all normal. All these things that come out of the blue are just a 'mystery'. Doctors baffled.

And if doctors are baffled you're definitely double baffled. On their hierarchy of intelligence, doctors sit here and you sit there. Well below.

That's why you can't question them and they want censorship. They rule. And when they rule without accountability when they make mistakes, you get a tighter grip of medical tyranny. 

They will commit you for not obeying.

You're living in a Medieval nightmare where medicine is mostly about money now.

They will blame the unvaccinated for your heart problems.

And many will believe it. Because they are lost. Too lethargic in their minds to see.

But you see, right?

You're beginning to see something is not right.

And you're right. It's not.

What to do?

Start viewing news media reports with skepticism. Immediately go to places like Substack. It takes time to unwind and deprogram. To catch the wave of truth and freedom. You will fall off a number of times.

But keep at it.

Exercise your mind. Your right to be heard. To be free. 

Yu will see now they will attempt to erase and rewrite history. 'We never said Ivermectin was bad'. 'I never ordered lockdowns'. And so on....until we get to 'we never believed the vaccines were going to work".

They know.

And you should know too.

Know the signs of when your being played. For example, catch the jargon. The latest is Google intervening with 'behavioural interventions'. The two entities I mentioned up top have now merged. 

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