Five Eyes And Climate Tyranny: Communism By Other Means

The American-Commonwealth world is slowly morphing into authoritarian hell holes.

We see it happening before our eyes but we can't get 'normies' to see.

People still talk as though it's just politics as usual under Justin, Ardern, Biden et al.

It's not to me.

I don't recall seeing a debate about Digital ID. They just present it as inevitable. Who decided this was necessary?

Are we just going to let ourselves be funnelled into a phone and become barcodes? If that happens while ignoring safeguards and privacy protections (which globalists do not want) under a Digital Constitution (which would only be abused by criminals I reckon), it's the point of no return.

It will be living in a digitized "The Trial" nightmare.

Also, a problem is an insistence on 'combatting online misinformation which is just a cover to silence dissent while creating Orwellian bodies under 'truth' commissars.

It's not a conspiracy. It's happening.

Musk buying Twitter is welcomed. It at least thwarts the trend somewhat but it's going to take much more. Setting up alternative social media sites is also important. We have to keep the lines of free expression open. 

Censorship of any kind, I can't believe it needs to be hammered in the minds of Canadians, is bad.

For everyone. 

The U.K. is taking charge of climate tyranny where Oxford and Canterbury will pilot a climate lockdown project. Basically, from what I can deduce reading the ideological garble, is to restrict mobility.

I'm sure it will apply to the elites as well. Oh. Right. They plan to set up their own Digital ID parallel system.

This is communism by other means is it not?

Let's continue.

The plan is to limit movements between sectors. Something along the lines of 100 times per year. There's even a nugget in their manifesto where they want to, I'm not kidding, limit purchases for clothing to three items per year.

It will be made possible through your 'smart' phones.

Not so smart, eh?

They will monitor every step you make through a network of gates and cameras. Manless Check Point Charlies.

Went passed your limits? Sorry. BLOCKED from the grocery store.

The days of unfettered freedom to live your life as you see fit will be gone.

For the environment.

So they say.

It won't matter if you have an EV. EV's aren't the point of the exercise. The point is to control the population.

Eventually, when this will be shown to fail and not 'save' the planet, they will move on to the 'killing fields' of depopulation.

Laugh. But that's the track we're on. Soylent Green.

The Police sang 'Every breath you take'. The song is due for a remake as 'Every move you make'.

Look up the ARUP report. See for yourself. It's all there.

If you find it hard to believe people would go for it, you're somewhat correct. 92% of Oxford's residence voted against this. But the council ignored it.

Still think this is a democracy or about 'climate change?'

Hello, McFly!

Please examine, I implore, with a critical eye the UN/WEF.

All these hare-brained schemes remind of Mao's 'Great Leap Forward' and Stalin's Five Year-Plan. So impractical, unreasonable and irrational, it ripped to shreds the civil order. Schemes only social scientists and academics can embrace. If it fails, they won't be held accountable after all.

The demands will prove impossible.

Agenda 2030 is no different and is condemned to a similar fate.

The damage will be significant.

Lenin once said something along the lines of 'We will give them (the free West) the rope to which they will hang themselves'

Five Eyes took the rope.

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