Canada Down

This country has sunk to levels I never thought possible.

Where countries are not giving these highly dangerous and useless mRNA shots (that do permanently alter the immune system) to children, Canada (and the USA) are manically forging ahead with this abomination.

It tells you all you need to know about the state of corrupt affairs here.

The warning signals and red flags are everywhere

Instead of course correcting, Canada is busy revealing itself to be one of the most unethical and unjust societies of superstitious peddling and pseudoscientific gibberish.

Have you seen 'Dr.' Tam's disgusting video with 'Mrs. Claus?' spreading absolute 'keep up to date with your vaccinations' horse shit taking dead aim at kids?

These aren't vaccinations. They're treatments.

And they do squat. All risk and no benefit. There is zero proof it saved a single life.

Time for the government to cease and desist from disinformation and start giving us the evidence. 

This government acts more like a production company putting out cringe videos than actually caring for its citizens. Never mind the immoral mess we're mired in with the MAIDS and companies celebrating death. 

The vaccine program, at this point, poses as a national security threat to the health of Canadians.

My how this country has fallen. Or maybe it was always scraping the bottom of the barrel and we didn't notice.

This is a very serious predicament we find ourselves in. We're in complete capture of the pharma. 

Not only is Canada misbehaving and not being honest with the public it has now taken to not reporting excess mortality data to the OECD.

The only country along with Australia to do so.

Why is that? 

Not only are were not transparent with ourselves, but we're also not being honest with our international partners. Other countries are reporting so why aren't we?

Canada is down.

It is indeed broken. 

The only way to fix it is to get rid of those who broke it.


Quick word on "Homme d'affaire" Francois 'McKinsey' Legault.

What do good businessmen do when management fails, Francois?

What do corrupt ones do?

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