Hubris And Folly Of Man

There's quite a bit of talk about "transhumanism" and AI (and microchipping the brain) from the likes of the WEF and other futurists like Elon Musk. 

I don't have much to say about this (for now) except to say we barely know much about the human brain and mind to be messing around with merging robotics with the soul. Indeed, we don't even grasp human nature all that well.

Then we have the whole climate change junk science. It's all just a racket to control people's lives. Restricting mobility rights and taxing people to the point of reducing prosperity will not result in any of their obsessive 2030 targets. Again, our collective knowledge holds nothing against Mother Nature. 

And mark my words, these targets will fail. They will bring a lot of unnecessary economic misery to people. 

The same can be said with the immune system. We don't really know enough about it to be injected with so many vaccines (many of which are completely worthless and some are just flat-out dangerous). Worse, without even securing that they truly are 'safe and effective' we've moved on to the mRNA platform which is even more of a risk to human health. 

What all this tells me is eugenics never died.

And neither did 'Nazism' which looks like it just went underground. Moreover, we're now learning the Anglo-American world played a pivotal and influential world in eugenics and Nazism. 

The hubris and folly of man are astonishingly dangerous.

We only compound the problem with our utter lack of common sense and wisdom.

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