Pick Up The Lies

How to spot lies with psychopaths and sociopaths. 

They always leave a trail or glimpse into their mindsets. You just have to observe carefully what they say and sometimes what they don't say and always how they say it and which words and turn of phrases they employ.

When messages between Lametti and Mendocino showed two grown men (who wear masks like frightened fluff puffs) talked tough about tanks were revealed during the public hearings, Lametti testified it was a 'joke'.

So he had time to joke?

I thought national security was under threat.

If we really were under threat, I doubt our leaders would have time to 'joke', no?

This is important because I notice the liberal base clings hard to the disinformation their government fed them and calling fellow Canadians 'seditious'.

These are crimes that are punishable by death.

I didn't see any seditious acts or threats. I don't need to listen to three hours of academics and experts (well, I did listen) to tell me this.

The other way to know they're liars is with the latest constant assaults on guns.

This, like Covid restrictions, had little to nothing to do with public health, only serves to punish law-abiding citizens for having the temerity to own guns.

It's about control.

People who support this crap by saying idiotic things like 'this is not America' and 'why would anyone need a gun' are profoundly ignorant and idiotic. On par with wearing a mask. In fact, I'm certain if you poll these people a vast majority wear masks and support lockdowns. But support Chinese protestors.

Unprincipled assclowns in Canada. We're infested with them.

The gun bulls won't stop crime. We know this. Everyone knows this. 

I guess they no longer fear criminals.

Instead, they're turning on citizens.

This is what tyranny looks like.

You shouldn't be supporting this because you don't like guns and believe people shouldn't own them because tyranny eventually comes for us all.


This Jodie Thomas character is a piece of work. She was recently questioned by Larry Brock (Conservative MP) during a public hearing. He asked her about Trudeau lying about not having spewed hate speech against the unvaccinated.

He offered Thomas a quote and asked if what Justin said under oath was a lie.

She said the line of questioning was a 'pejorative' and declined to answer.

Either she was being disingenuous or doesn't know what they word meant.

That was a pejorative. That was an MP directly quoting the PM in his own words and merely asking if his denial was a lie.

We don't need an answer.

We all heard what he said.


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