The WHO Amendments: Know What They're Up To

I've taken the liberty of copy-pasting from Meryl Nass's Substack what the World Health Organization (and Bill Gates0 are trying to do:

1.  Removal of these important words: with full respect for the dignity, human rights and fundamental freedoms of persons

2.  The language has shifted from Recommendations to a Binding Accord, specifying a "Compliance committee."  "Obligations of duty to cooperate."

3.  Surveillance network and bureaucracy to be created, “Strengthen the central role of national health authorities in management and coordination with political, intersectoral, interministerial and multilevel authorities for timely and coordinated surveillance and response"

4.  Other UN agencies may be involved (FAO, OIE, UNEP) which would involve 'One Health' actions and thereby expand the authority of the WHO into everything on the planet (wildlife, plants, oceans, ecosystems, livestock, agriculture in addition to human health).

5.  Sharing genomic data--getting consent from nations but not from individuals whose data may be shared

6.  Expert teams might come to your country to investigate what is happening inside your borders.  How the WHO would respond to the information they generate is unclear.

7.  WHO could impose tests and vaccinations for travel.

8.  It could require vaccine passports with QR codes.

9.  Article 43 threatens to impose on persons measures "that would attain the highest achievable level of health protection."  This might include forced vaccinations, drugs, quarantines, diet or other measures claimed to be for health protection.

10.  WHO would stop countries using drugs or vaccines or other measures during pandemics that WHO deemed "disproportionate or excessive."  Think HCQ, IVM, zinc, Vitamin D.

11.  The WHO blesses the sharing of specimens between nations, giving a rubber stamp to the EcoHealth Alliance model of collecting dangerous pathogens and sending them to other nations to be studied and modified.

12.  Big finances are involved to pay for all this, with $50 billion per year desired by the G20.  https://www.who.int/news/item/19-04-2022-delivering-on-the-g20-leaders-commitment-to-build-an-equitable-and-effective-financial-intermediary-fund-(fif)-for-pandemic-preparedness-and-response-(ppr)

13.  Nations are required to perform surveillance for and to censor misinformation regarding public health events or policies in media, social media, "and other ways of disseminating such information."

Nations will be handing their sovereignty to the WHO. Worse, as the second largest donor to the organization, Bill Gates would have power and influence to dictate national health policy. And we all know his favorite medical procedure: Vaccines. This time, they want to remove any of those pesky medical autonomy and informed consent rules in their way.

Is this what you voted for? 

Be aware.

We have until 2024 to stop this. 

One size fits all global health is tyranny and a very bad idea.

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