On Reputation And National Security

Yet another scandal has emerged from the Trudeau government.

I've lost count at this point. 

This time about how the Canadian government handed out a contract with barely any oversight to a Chinese company. It's bad, even the CBC has to cover it.

A friend put it nicely:

"Trudeau government allowed the sale of a key telecom company, that supplies military and police, Norsat, to a Chinese company, Hytera, without any national security review, simply with Trudeau's assurance that they wouldn't allow it if they thought there was a risk. Period. lol. He sold Canada out to the Chinese once again in what can only be considered a treasonous act, once again, motivated by concerns that should have been subordinate to national security.

Lately, the RCMP bought critical communications scrambling equipment from Sinclair, which is owned by Norsat, which is owned by Hytera, which is ultimately owned by the Chinese government. No security review. No worries. Their assurances are that they have given security clearance to the employees of Sinclair working on this stuff for them. It's naive beyond the imaginable. They live in a pretend, paperwork world, disconnected from reality.

An honest to goodness Canadian company bid on the same contract and would have gotten it, if their price had not been beaten by less than 60,000 dollars. The last line of the article really sums it up nicely:

"Amid rising Sino-Canadian tensions and as Ottawa seeks to distance itself from Beijing, this story again exposes the government to criticism for potentially putting national security at risk for less than 60,000 dollars."

And this is not treason because?

This all ties into the intelligence chaos in this country that led to the unjustified invocation of the act.

We pay heavy civil liberties prices because of this country's general overall naiveté and incompetence.

Ironic given the basic premise of why the government secretly invoked the act was because our reputation was on the line and that there was a national security threat. What reputation? And there was no threat.

It's very hard to explain in how many ways Justin Trudeau has damaged and even ruined in some places this country.

Again. I don't know who is advising South Park, but they nailed us to a tee. This is an unserious country with people with flappy heads.



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