How Do Sociopaths Behave?

Let's look at Peter Hotez's latest Tweet for some insights.

"If at times I appeared too militant around vaccines and immunizations, my apologies. With highly transmissible virus pathogens we know vaccines = our most potent public health interventions. My outspokenness was borne out of pure desperation to save lives."

I think this was one of Rogan's best interviews during the Covid era. He did a good job exposing the fraud Sanjay is but his takedown of Hotez was well crafted as he did so in a very benign but devastating manner.

Indeed, chubby scientists who don't take care of their own health and who peddle chemicals as the only solution for health don't hold much of a moral and credible ground.

This is what, I believe, led to this shameless and gutless Tweet.

Hotez clearly has demons and quite frankly he can shove his vaccines up his ass.

But notice what he's doing here.

The tides are turning. People - those who aren't still wallowing in dogmatic fear of a virus stuck in their hyper-partisan hive - are coming to understand and realize they were duped by the likes of people like Peter.

His Tweet is gaslighting of the highest order. 'Oh, you're still upset about me wanting to arrest you? Come on. We were scared! We didn't know! It was for your own good! We meant well! We wanted to save so many damn lives we were willing to sacrifice so many for it!"

This is going to be their excuse once the room heats up.

Don't buy it.

People like Peter are sociopaths. Some are psychopaths.

The second the coast is clear, he will revert to Tweeting nasty and unconscionable things.

For science.

For your health.

For you.

For us.


Here's another example of a sociopath.

Justin Trudeau.

He's going to do everything he can, eh? But first, he'll leave for Jamaica. 

And then come back and do what?

Undo the MAIDS cult he unleashed?

Trudeau is a narcissistic liar.

He lies about the "vaccines' conferring protection as a recent government of Canada propaganda video he posted on his Twitter account showed.

I think Musk should flag and want Justin for spreading disinformation.

If he doesn't stop, suspend him.

A leader of an ostensibly advanced nation should not spread false information about a subject we've known for over one year now to not do what was claimed.

Too many Canadians, astonishingly, still believe the unvaccinated cause variants.

Despite the enormous body of literature that has taken us beyond the stale and misleading government narrative about the 'vaccines' being 'safe and effective'.

We're waaaaaay past this folks.

The latest information out there not only puts this to rest but is actually extremely concerning if not terrifying.

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