The 'Pandemic Preparedness' Lie

There's no such thing as being prepared for a pandemic.

All they have are lockdowns and vaccines.

Each are diametrically opposed and hostile to liberty and agency.

They - the credentialed classes who in case you haven't noticed failed miserably with this planned outbreak - can't protect anyone from a circulating virus.

The only way to ever have a fighting - but ultimately losing - chance is to squash and squish human rights.

Just like in China.

The model the WEF wants adopted for future 'pandemics'.

Are you prepared to send a neighbour to quarantine gulags?

Because that's the next step.

They've already gotten us closer to that dystrophia with passports, mandates and masks.

Next time, it won't be so docile. 

Next time there won't be a 'Small price to pay' or 'small inconvenience' to 'protect granny'.

It's all lies predicated on the plan to control the population.

Are you noticing?

You should be.

That all-inclusive trip to the paradise you hold dear will cost you a helluva lot more than you think.

And for a lie.

They're LYING to you - me. Us.

Did I mention they're lying?

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