Quick Thoughts: Pied Piper Liberals Politicized Intelligence; What Would Happen If The Vaccine Schedule Was Halted?

Fun fact: Canada has not conducted an overall systematic review of its intelligence apparatus since 1945.

More evidence this is an immature country that 'succeeds' in spite of itself.

I've been listening to the experts weigh in at the public hearings. Learning some interesting tidbits about this country's intelligence apparatus and how its holes were basically exploited by ideologues in the Cabinet. 

The biggest takeaway I've take so far is they didn't want to hear intelligence from CSIS or police (since it didn't fit their agenda and narratives) they wanted their own brand of intelligence. They wanted government intelligence tailored for them. 

This government has managed to politicize every facet of Canadian life.


If we were to end the vaccine schedule, what would happen?


Other than pharma losing its unhealthy grip on public health policy, it would probably not result in a doomsday scenario proponents of vaccines warn about. Just like if we do nothing about climate change, we won't die.

Until a proper and apolitical study free of conflict of interests is conducted comparing vaccinated and unvaccinated children, vaccines are not rooted in evidence-based medicine. 

Simple as that.

And we have every right to be skeptical of them now.

That's what happens when you mandate and coerce people into a failed and dangerous medical procedure.

People get angry. They read. They research. They scrutinize. They ask questions.

I don't a fucking rat's ass if 'experts' pull a tantrum. Sit them down and you make them understand.

Do the study. 

Mind you, I personally think they already have and know the truth about vaccines. 

Not as safe and effective and definitely causes disease. 


Rumours going around hospitals are classifying people who 'Die suddenly' as dying because of.... climate change.

Now, do you understand it never was about public health?


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